In the black bedroom, there was no way for the occupants to tell that dawn had descended on them, but Severus could feel it in his bones. He could extend his senses miles away and hear birds chirping out on the grounds; he could hear rats scurrying through the floorboards.

But none of these trivial sounds were what he focused on. No, there was a different sound that made his eyes finally open (albeit slowly and protesting each millimeter).

Something, or rather someone, was suckling on his neck.

His first instinct was to strain his memory for the happenings of the previous night. Had he been so hungry he lost control and brought some unknowing victim into his chambers? Why hadn't he already finished them off?

He curiously sniffed at the air. No smell. In fact, they weren't making any noise either. If it weren't for the slippery little tongue prodding the skin in his neck, he would have been convinced that no one was there at all.

Which meant one thing. He was in bed with another vampire.

He forced his eyes opened and turned his head. A mop of wild black hair obscured his vision and prevented him from seeing the face of the young man draped over him, suggestively licking at his neck. If he were a younger man, he might have been inclined to enjoy the situation, but he was not young and he was not naïve. Sex with another vampire was amazing, beyond anything a mortal could ever he he'd heard anyway.

But all that was really inconsequential to his present.erm.position. The "attacker" certainly wasn't hurting him, and if not for that adventurous little tongue, he gave the appearance of being asleep. Severus forced himself to remain relaxed. Perhaps he could manage to turn him over and get a good look at his face. That might clear the whole situation up. Obviously he was still dressed, so nothing had happened between them, he just had some mysterious vampire suckling at his throat.

He handled the situation very calmly and rationally until he got a glimpse of scar. Then bright green eyes, clouded with sleep, were looking at him curiously as he carefully shifted their positions. Now he was ensnared in the wayward limbs of Harry Potter, his body loosing what signs of excitement it had begun to show instantly.

Merlin help him, but he screamed.

Harry grinned lazily.

" full, and comfy.all mornings should be this bad dreams last night. I should sleep with someone more often. And he tastes so good.I'm sure he won't mind just a little lick.Merlin help me I'm never going to get out of bed this morning. This has to be the best dream."


Harry bolted up in bed, green eyes shooting open like firecrackers. A mass amount of confusion followed. His bed partner (Oh my god, he was real!) was struggling like a madman to get out of the tangle of sheets and limbs they were in. Harry wasn't helping the situation by wiggling around, so he made himself sit still while the other occupant tumbled out of the bed, landing hard on the floor before he stood up and stared at him with widened black eyes.

Ah. He'd guessed right. It was Severus' bedroom. And he looked hilarious in the morning. His robes were twisted every which way and his hair hung in frizzy tangles and knots. Harry smiled at him, scooting out of the bed. With one finger, he deftly closed Severus' hanging jaw, grabbed his robe off the back of the chair, and left the bedroom.

Severus didn't know what to do with himself. Harry Potter was alive. He wasn't in the clutches of the Dark Lord, nor was he wasn't unconscious in the Forbidden Forest. He was sleeping in his bed, in his manor, most likely hunting around in his kitchen for breakfast by now. Not a scratch on him.

The inconsiderate little BRAT!

In a roar of anger and frustration Severus spun on his heel, all but running up the stairs. He pushed on the bookcase and went stumbling into the study. The most peculiar sight greeted him.

The High Prince, who had never revealed his face to anyone, vampire or victim, sat casually out on his balcony with his trademark obscuring cloak dropped. Harry Potter stood nearby, looking at the High Prince's wineglass of blood with a mixture of distaste and longing on his features. As he usually did, the High Prince beckoned him forward without sparing him so much as a glance. Humbly lowering his eyes, trying valiantly to hide the confusion and anger on his face, he pushed open the glass doors and stepped falteringly onto the balcony.

A new problem arose. He hadn't eaten in a long time, and the sun was rising slowly in the sky, a bloody sword pointing at him accusingly for daring to enter its warmth. A bout of weakness overcame him that he couldn't override. He should have drunk from his reserves last night before facing the High Prince. This little show was unacceptable!

His knees caved and he vainly grabbed at the heavy red draperies, wishing himself to be hidden in their comforting shadows.

"Harry, help him inside. The fool hasn't eaten." The High Prince said in an exasperated tone. Then in a kinder one, he addressed Harry who had effortlessly lifted the prone body of his potions master and carried him inside the comfy study. His skin was cool, almost like ice underneath his fingers. The airy voice of his grandfather drifted through the study. "You see Harry, when you go too long without eating, you become weak and powerless. Severus has never fully embraced vampirism. He'd much rather live in the wizard world. He does this, silly boy." His grandfather said. He took the bottle he'd poured his "drink" from and rested it against Severus' lips. The younger man looked exhausted, his eyes unfocused and his muscles lax. Harry worried on his bottom lip as he held Severus' head up, watching the crimson fluid seep through the gap in the papery lips. In an effort to prevent him from choking, Harry gently stroked Severus' vulnerable throat, noticing though his worry the love nibbles. When Snape did come around, Harry was going to make himself scarce.

Finally, when the bottle was empty, Severus began to come around.

The High Prince inwardly sighed, partially in relief and partially in annoyance. Harry was a trusting kid, so that would make the process easier. The High Prince also suspected that Harry already knew that he had the blood of the undead, perhaps that was why he was taking it so calmly. In fact, he seemed more curious over the addition to his family than to his new form. All the same, whether he was taking it well or not, he would have a million questions and a million things to be taught before he faced the rest of the sect.

And Severus. Severus would have a million questions, and most likely a million protests, when he found out he was to be Harry's personal tutor. He wished he could do it himself, but it was against tradition for the High Prince to rear a new vampire, even if he was royalty. Besides, Voldemort was advancing in.

But that wasn't main priority right then. He had to get Severus back to the world of the.well. kind of living.and then he had to get both of them filled in, answer any more questions Harry had, and get back to his castle. Merlin only knows what mischief had gone on in his two week long absence.

Two weeks. It had taken him almost a week and a half to kidnap Harry. Dumbledore had him well protected, but there were holes. There were chinks in his protection that the High Prince was glad he had exploited. Better him than Voldemort.

But there were no chinks in his armor for Harry. For years he had dreamed that things might turn out like this, that he might get Harry as a teenager rather than a twenty something year old man. Now that Harry was awakened, and that ring was on his body, Harry could apparate right into Voldemort's thrown room and he would still have more protection than Dumbledore could have ever offered him.

Dumbledore. Hmph. There wasn't a man alive that the High Prince hated more. It had been a constant dance between the two of them. He had managed to turn his son against him, but not Harry. Harry was his. Let the bastard chew worry about him for a few months. He had gnawed on the fear for years.

But finally, everything was falling into place. Harry was right where he should be, eyes finally opened to his potential. And damn Albus Dumbledore forever denying him of it.

Severus felt the world slam back into focus. A warm hand sliding was sliding gently up and down his throat, and a soft lap was supporting his head. A soft lap that belonged to Harry fucking Potter. He sat up too quickly, and the room lurched again.

"Gently Severus, you'll get nauseous and all that babying we did will be good for nothing." The High Prince chastised lightly. His firm, resolute voice was comforting as it always was, still inspiring a sense of respect and awe in him that no one else could do. Severus forced himself to focus only on the High Prince. He needed more nourishment if he was going to be any good to anyone. "Excellent idea, Severus." The High Prince commented on his thoughts, snapping his fingers elegantly.

A ratty looking house elf blinked into existence, his tiny little shoulders slumping in relief to find the High Prince rather than an irate Severus awaiting him.

"Bring two bottles, little elf." Although it was a command, it was said in a way that made the tiny elf feel as if he'd been asked as an equal. He retrieved it as fast as possible, delighted at the smile he received in gratitude.

The High Prince gave a bottle to Severus, poured himself a second glass, and then poured a glass for Harry. He drank his quickly, beginning to pace with his hands folded behind his back. He stopped pacing long enough to send a grin at Severus.

"You look horrible, Severus." He teased. Severus, meanwhile, was obtusely refusing to look at his face. "Severus, you may look at me. You will not like what you see, but I give you permission to see it."

That meant he had to look.

"My apologies, High Prince. I. I am just confused." He said shakily, tearing his eyes away from the figure that could easily pass for Harry in forty or so years. What did it possibly mean?

"Don't be. It doesn't suit you. I don't like what you're thinking though Severus, so please restrain your thoughts." The High Prince could not hide the anger in his voice. How dare Severus think such horrible things about his grandson? The boy had no ill feelings towards Severus.

Harry looked at them wearily.

"Would you two like some privacy for a few moments? I can.sit on the balcony for awhile." He offered, looking uncomfortable. The High Prince's eyes snapped to him in surprise.

"Harry, never feel as though you are not welcome in my presence. You are intelligent enough to understand anything I may wish to say to Severus. There will be no more secrets kept from you." He said in that gentle tone he always used with Harry. Harry nodded, an embarrassed flush in his cheeks. He stared into his glass, a small frown on his lips. He hadn't drunk from it. The High Prince steeled himself for what would come next.

"Now Severus. As you can plainly see, I am a Potter. Harry is of my direct bloodline, and has gone through his awakening. He is now Prince of the Camrille sect. I don't know why you harbor dislike for him, and frankly I don't care. You will get over it, because you will be his personal tutor from now on. I will inform Dumbledore of the cause of your absence, and if I'm in a particularly good mood, I might even explain Harry's awakening. Of course, all this is dependent on whether or not Harry finds you worthy to teach him. Harry?" The High Prince asked. Harry glanced shyly at Severus nodding his head under a mop of wild black hair. Harry quickly realized that his Grandfather had two very different personalities. Part of him wished he would show more respect to Severus. It was embarrassing (if not a little amusing) to see his teacher bossed around so imperiously by his Grandfather. Obviously Severus was a little unused to the harsh tone of command either, because he looked just as embarrassed as Harry did.

Then again, that flush could be from anger.

"Good then. You will teach him everything he needs to know as a Prince and as a vampire. You are both under my protection, and may go anywhere that you deem necessary in his training. Every three weeks you will bring him home so I can oversee his progress. I would prefer it if he never went to Hogwarts again, but if it's absolutely necessary, I will tolerate a visit or two." The High Prince winked at his grandson, as if to say, "you can visit your friends if you really want to".

"Keep in mind Severus, that you are his teacher but no longer his superior. In the end, his command goes above yours. You will take the blood oath to him, and if he is killed in a situation where your life could have been given to prevent it, may the Gods help your damned soul, because I will personally remove whatever is left of it from your body with my.bare.hands." He threatened very clearly; pinning Severus with a warning glare so fierce that Harry was convinced that if he became half as strong as his Grandfather was, Voldemort had a snowball's chance in hell. He seriously hoped that wrath would never be turned on him.

"You may speak your mind, Severus. I'm finished with my instructions." The High Prince commanded in a more gentle tone, resuming his pacing. Harry watched Severus turn his head away from both of them to glare out at the rising sun instead. He looked as though he'd been condemned to die.

Harry really had to stop making such corny puns in his head. He sighed. It was disappointing though, that Severus could be so against the position. Did he hate him that much? Harry thought the animosity had faded out over the years past, but maybe he had just been hiding it better. Severus opened his mouth as though to speak, shook his head once, and closed it deftly before he opened it again.

"I am too weak to give a blood oath." Was what he finally said, his elegant fingers clutching the empty bottle like a mousetrap does its prey.

"No, you are too protective of what little of your privacy you still have. I know it is a great strain to give more than one blood oath in a lifetime, especially from a person such as yourself, but you will do it." The High Prince stared at his slightly slumped form on the ripped couch; his greasy black hair hiding the pain his sentence had caused. Perhaps he was being a bit harsh on the boy. It could not be helped. The blood oath was key to Harry's protection. In a softer tone, he added, "You will do it after I leave." Severus flinched at the words, looking completely dejected and hurt. The High Prince steeled his resolve and walked to the door.

"Harry, Severus will answer your questions from now on until I see you again in three weeks. You have my love and protection, child." He said with a kind smile, extending his hand in a small wave goodbye before he exited the room and was gone from the castle.

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