Disclaimer: I don't own digimon. That right belongs to Toei. I only came up with the story. Now for some backstory. A long time ago, I wrote a fan fiction entitled "Digimon Beginnings". It was intended to be a prequel to season 1 detailing the adventures of the original five digidestined. I completed it and was pleased with it. However, I felt that the story could be better and so I decided to rewrite it and make it into a better story. Now since the Digimon franchise is riddled with alternate universes and continuities. This is one of them. Now the original version of the story as I mentioned was a prequel set in the same universe as the first two seasons, but this one is meant to be its own story. However, this universe follows some of the same lore as the first season. So expect to see some familiar locations, but remember that it is its own story. So please read, review, and enjoy.

Her footsteps echoed across the floor. A dark space situated within a cold realm. At one point it had been filled with life, but that was long ago. From beneath her white hood her eyes trailed upward towards the one she held with reverence.

"God is dying." She muttered sadly, her white robe being a bright contrast towards the rest of the realm.

As much as she wanted to disbelieve the reality presented before her, she could not deceive herself. The time was coming, and if she didn't act it would be far too late.

"The five lights must be called."


The daylight was fading. An orange light filled the hallways of the school. Despite the circumstances of her presence, she enjoyed the sunsets. Yes, while the rest of the students had long gone home, one had stayed behind. Standing next to a door, clad within her school uniform (a white and blue sailor fuku) was a young lady. Kodiro Sakura was her name. Long blond hair and green eyes hidden behind thickly lensed glasses fit her profile.

A sigh quickly revealed her exasperation. Frankly, she had planned to leave a long time ago. But plans had changed, particularly in regards towards one.

The door opened with a creak. Turning her head, Sakura readied a chide until she noticed the one who walked out wasn't one she expected to see first.

"The hell you staring at "four eyes"?" Came the rude words of another female student. The girl before Sakura was about an inch taller than her (and one year older to boot). Auburn hair cut short to her neck with a hint of unkempt roughness towards the end strands. Like little spikes, and if you asked the other students, all she was missing were devil horns.

"Oh!" Sakura gasped a bit with embarrassment. She hadn't meant to stare. "I'm sorry!" she blurted.

"Don't bother apologizing to Asuka." A voice spoke behind the girl.

Sakura's face briefly lit up when she saw him: a teenage boy in a black gakuran, sandy colored short hair and blue eyes.

"Shut it Miyamoto." the girl spat. "You got lucky but next time your teeth are hitting the pavement." And with that she was gone. Down the hall and out of view.

The boy smirked to himself. No matter the result, he felt he had come out on top. That train of thought ended as he felt a thud upon his head.

"Ow!" He cried.

"You know fighting with girls is completely unchivalrous." Sakura warned.

Rubbing his head soothingly, Kazuya answered, "Hey someone had to stop her from picking on that nerdy kid."

Sakura adjusted her glasses with eyelids half lowered. "And I suppose detention was worth it?"

"Hey nobody asked you to stay." Kazuya shrugged.

"Well I...ugh" Sakura quickly realized the truth behind that statement. She couldn't even think of a response to counter it.

Kazuya smirked again. Once more he had come out on top. Though it was a half hearted victory. Had it been his detention mate it would have been different. Sakura was a different story.

"Thanks for staying though." His smirk switched to a smile.

Sakura looked to him, but she didn't have to see to know her friend was grinning. "I didn't want you to walk out alone." She replied.

The two stepped felt the outside air as they exited the school. It was a calming breeze, despite the slowly advancing storm clouds that blotted out the orange.

"So will your dad be upset that you're late?" Kazuya asked.

"No," Sakura responded, "He trusts me and Chiisi is pretty much independent."

"Whoa," Kazuya chuckled a bit, "First time I heard you say used the words "independent" and "Chiisi" in the same sentence."

Thunder rumbled in the distance. A storm was coming. Sakura had wished she brought an umbrella, if not for that fifty percent weather accuracy. "Chiisi's turning eleven, he's not a little boy anymore."

"Still a pre-teen." Kazuya reminded.

"I know but..." Sakura trailed off as her own thoughts overtook her. Downcast as the approaching weather.

"Hey you alright?" Kazuya asked.

Sakura didn't respond right away, nor at all. In fact it was about a minute when Kazuya realized he wasn't getting an answer. Sakura didn't answer out of rudeness, quite the contrary. He had known her since kindergarten and when she didn't want to talk about something, she didn't answer. No, she would have found it too "rude" to say "I don't want to talk about it".

"You know?" Kazuya changed the subject, "It's a good thing that my parents aren't home, otherwise I'd be grounded for a month." It was a lame joke, but Kazuya wasn't trying to be entirely funny.

"Especially after they find out you fought with a girl." Sakura noted.

Reality fully set in. And Sakura's earlier words about chivalry now held more merit. "Ugh," Kazuya groaned. "I suppose deleting the message the school sent would be unchivalrous as well huh?"

Sakura didn't nod, didn't respond, they just continued to talk until they reached the crosswalk. Their paths had intertwined and now it was time to part.

"So tomorrow?" Kazuya asked of their usual plans.

Sakura smiled, "You bet."

And so the two friends went their separate ways: Kazuya through the crosswalk, and Sakura down the street.


"I'm home." Kazuya greeted; to nobody of course. The apartment was empty and it had been for the past week. His parents had gone for an excursion. Second honeymoon, a vacation, it didn't matter. All that did matter for him was that he was home alone. At least after he convinced his parents that he was responsible enough to leave him on his own. It was that or have a baby sitter, and he was too old for that.

Though after today, his parents opinion on his maturity might come into question. He knew getting into a fight with Asuka Jun was stupid. Nobody ever fought her, mainly because they didn't want their noses broken, or half their teeth missing (though that bit was a gross exaggeration). But he had to play the hero, ever since he was little. Throughout the middle class apartment, filled with simple appliances and and electronics, he strode into the kitchen and opened the fridge. As the lighting hit him, he felt a small wince of pain. Picking out some food: a hodgepodge of unbalanced food groups, he shoved it into the microwave and set it for several minutes.

A sharp flash hit startled him, filling the room with a strange illumination. Soon enough, the a series of patters hit the windowsill.

"Rain?" He muttered as he looked outside watching as the torrential downpour fill the streets. "Least something new finally happened." He muttered before slinking onto the couch, remote in hand.

Life had been boring as of late. Well, more like a while. Flipping through the channels, Kazuya caught a flash of sound as an action oriented program lit up the screen, countering the lightning storm's. Least television could be entertaining, and a hot meal would hit the spot right about now. There was still the matter of the answering machine. He could just picture that blinking red light of death.

"Mr. and Mrs. Miyamoto" It would begin and then add "Your son was in a fight ect ect, we do not tolerate violence at our school yadda yadda." There would probably be a mention of him fighting with a girl specifically. Then again, he could just delete it. One simple push of the button would be all it takes, and bingo! No paternal verbal lashing.

"That wouldn't be the heroic thing to do." That's what his conscience and Sakura (mostly Sakura), would tell him. And he did love playing the hero as previously stated.

If only being the hero was as glamorous as the media made it seem. Yet that was life and he just had to enjoy the moments he could becau-and then the tv went black.

"What the!?" Kazuya exclaimed with confusion, and not just from the narrator's sudden abrupt change in sentence structure.

Pushing as many buttons as he could, Kazuya found it fruitless. But the tv was the least of his problems. Running into the kitchen, he was met with an irritating sight: The microwave was dead, and his food remained half heated. Correction; lukewarm. Lukewarm was never good. The oven! He thought with realization, but that plan was thwarted the moment he threw upon the oven door. It too was electric.

Whoever said every dark cloud had a silver lining didn't know the weather.

"Crap." He uttered.

So far this day was just hitting him with bad surprises. First detention, and now this. "Thank you." Kazuya sarcastically spoke the the one above, and he wasn't referring to the neighbors above.

Two choices presented itself: either eating his food cold, or roughing it outside to the convenience store, or the nearest fast food place. Frankly he wasn't looking forward to either. The former because of taste and the latter because, well frankly he didn't want to run around in the rain, umbrella and coat aside.

But those were his choices. Either that or dig out whatever snack-foods were in the pantry, and he doubted his mother would appreciate him forgoing her love prepped meals with junk food. All this coupled with making Kazuya realize one fact: This day is starting to suck.

But then to his luck, a choice was made for him. A sudden Crriack sound filled the otherwise dark apartment. The flash had come from the living room.


Walking into the room, Kazuya noted something eerie: the tv was on. But that wasn't the eerie part; no it was the fact it was on some kind of strange channel. A blue glow emanated from the machine, one that held a slight iridescent quality to it. It hummed and resonated in brightness.

Kazuya wasn't quite sure how to react to such a situation. Frankly nothing interesting ever happened around here, so it was fairly new. The rational part of his mind told him to "Get the frick out of the house and make a run for it!", and then there was the teenage curiosity. Oh how the teenage curiosity had gotten him into trouble. However, looking back on this day as an adult, Kazuya was glad he made the decision. What decision? Why poking the glass screen.

Immediately, Kazuya let out a yell as he fell back upon the coffee table. Yet, there was no pain. When he didn't feel the sharp bend of his spine, he felt nothing. That was the best way to describe it. Looking around him, he saw something frightening. Like a virus the light from the television spread all over the room and into the back and if he guessed, the entire apartment. Before Kazuya could question anything, he was hit by another bright light. A red flash cast an angry glow around the paranormal blue. The light quieted down, shrinking into a palm sized ball. All of this was happening too fast for Kazuya to really comprehend the details.

"Take it!"

The command was immediate and he obeyed. Did it come from his mind? The ball? He didn't know, but again, teenage curiosity overruled logic and reason.

The moment he snatched the light, he had expected it to fade through his hand. Instead it felt hard, almost like plastic, but then there was a metallic hardness. As he opened his hand, he heard a small electronic beep! His right palm now held a strange device. Just like the light, it was palm sized, not too small to be overtaken by the fist. The device itself looked reminiscent of a wristwatch, minus the wrist part of course. A square screen lay in its center. Nothing shone upon it except a blank screen and surrounding it was a circular series of strange symbols. The rest of the device held a metallic red colorization with two gray buttons on its left and one larger one on its left; his left to be precise. On it's upper right (again, his left) side was an antenna, oddly poking out at an oblong angle.

Kazuya gaped at the strange toylike machine silently, but his mind was ablaze. Rapid thoughts churning like a cauldron. Yet among all those thoughts, Kazuya had to ask himself "What is this?"

Little did he know, he was about to receive his answer, but not in the usual way.

A series of beeps sounded off from the machine. The screen flashed in accordance with the beeps in terms of repetition. Following the flash came a bright light, so bright that Kazuya was forced to shield his eyes with his free arm. The light continued to grow and grow and grow until it spread over the entire room. Kazuya stood in the center of it all. The shock of everything kept him frozen in place as the light show overtook him. Soon the flash brushed over the window, quickly enough toe be seen, but quickly enough so that nobody noticed. Most people were too bust rushing indoors to notice anyway.

When the flash dissipated, it left only an empty apartment. Kazuya Miyamoto had vanished.


Have you ever had the feeling of being rudely awoken by a hard impact? That's exactly like Kazuya felt. His body was racked with a sharp pain that jolted his mind awake. The speed of it came so swiftly that it was confusing. Falling off of the bed would have been a good comparison, but it wasn't something that commonly happened; least not for Kazuya.

"Ow." That was the understatement of how he felt.

The ache spread to his legs and all above. A minor throb that intensified with each pulse. As the pulse spread, the more he winced. But perhaps that wasn't from the pain? His eyes were closed tightly, but amidst the blackness, he could see an orangish red. That could only mean sunlight. Immediately he opened his eyes and was hit by a glare.


His ears caught a noise.

"Get der hicfgh off!"

There it came again. A muffled voice coming from somewhere. Where was here would be more precise. As Kazuya looked around him, he could see nothing but junk. His thoughts on the matter were put on hold as he felt something underneath. After waking up, he had found himself sitting up. Preoccupied with his surroundings, he hadn't found an answer to where he was, but what was going on below him brought swift attention. Something was wriggling underneath, something soft yet it had enough power to add some force to its moves.

Kazuya stood up immediately, and the moment he did, he gaped at what lay below him. A round ball was its easiest description; a pale gray furry ball. The ball shuddered about, waving its bunny ear like appendages. Sputtered coughs spat forth from the ball as it bounced about. Kazuya watched it in amazement but the amazement ended when it turned to him and looked at him. A pair of yellow eyes sat between red irises, all laying within sly looking eye sockets. A moment of silence followed as it finished spitting out the dirt it had eaten.


And the silence was broken.

Kazuya stood aback. It could talk? Then again, that was a silly question considering what he had heard earlier. The creature's lips parted away into a growl, revealing a row of teeth.

"You think you can just get the jump on me huh?" The creature's voice held a high tone to it, masculine but with an immature pitch to it. "Heh, you don't look so tough ya red goober."

"Excuse me?" Kazuya responded to the "red" comment. Looking down at himself he got his answer.

Kazuya found his school uniform completely replaced by a bright red jacket with silver lining and a blue undershirt. The long pants followed the same color scheme: blue with red horizontal strips on the side. A pair of silver colored boots with red straps nearly completely the ensemble, but the topper was the red device that now hung upon his belt via a strap.

Despite the oddity of it all Kazuya had to admit this outfit was cool.

"Well you gonna say something or what?" The creature demanded.


"What? You one of those feral digimon?"

"Digiwhat?" Kazuya repeated, minus the "mon" part.

The creature smirked. "So you can talk eh? Well that don't mean a thing cause I got the skill." the creature used its ears as makeshift arms thrusting them like a boxer practicing his punches.

Taking this moment of confusion, Kazuya looked around himself to garner his surroundings: a junkyard. Least thats what it looked to be. Huge piles of trash: broken appliances, random junk, all scattered about in random locations. The junk provided a, array of dull colors, the brownness of the ground served as the primary hue. Trashy as it was, the sky above was a bright blue with a shining sun, just like home.

"All right!" the creature piped bringing Kazuya back to attention. "So what kind of digimon are ya?"

Kazuya still didn't know what to make of that question.

"Judging from your size I would guess a Rookie, but you could be one of those Champions that look like Rookies." The creature held its right ear to its nonexistent chin in contemplation, "That Gatomon made it clear...cute tail though."

"Look...buddy...thing," Kazuya formed a clear sentence, "I don't know what the heck you're talking about. I don't know what a digiwhatever is, and I don't know where the heck I am!"

"Don't play dumb! I know why you're here!" the creature shot an accusatory ear towards the teenager. "Well you can't have the digimental! It's mine you hear!?"

This was starting to grate on Kazuya's nerves. "I told you I don't know what you're talking about!" Kazuya continued.

"Blah blah like I believe your lies you..." the creature halted in its speech before it began again, "What kind of digimon are you?"

Kazuya groaned, "Look! I'm human! "H-U-M-A-N!"

The creature blinked, clearly not expecting the answer. "Human? You man is in a human being?" He asked.

Kazuya nodded.

The creature began to twitch; first his mouth then his ears and lastly his whole body. Then he began to laugh. "Human!? Yeah right! Humans are just myths! Made up stuff for babies."

"Well I am." Kazuya crossed his arms.

The small creature didn't seem convinced, that or he didn't care. "Well whatever, all I can tell ya is that digimental is going to this Pagumon right here!"

Pagumon? So at least Kazuya knew the creature's (or digimon as earlier implied) name. Not that it did any good at the moment. "Okay...Pa...gu...mon?" Kazuya still tasted the foreign word as if he were cashier dealing with an out of country customer. "Where exactly am I?"

"The Junk Bin. Biggest junkyard in the Digital World." Pagumon answered.

"Junk Bin? Digital World?" Kazuya repeated.

"Yep, we've established that. You slow or something?" Pagumon rudely asked.

Kazuya understood one thing: He wasn't in Japan anymore. He just needed a dog and a tornado and he could make a full on movie reference. A rabbit thing didn't count as a pet. Not that he would want one as a pet anyway. Frankly something about Pagumon rubbed him the wrong way.

"Look I'm sorry to bug you and all, but I really need to know the way out of here." Kazuya cut to the point.

"No way! You just want to find that digimental!" Pagumon accused.

Kazuya's face shifted to annoyance. "For the last time! I don't want that stupid whatever it is!"

"Digimentals aren't stupid! Their my ticket to digivolution!" Pagumon defended.

"Digivolution? You mean evolution right?"

"Yep! And when I get that digimental I'm going to show everyone I'm the strongest mon around! Babes and glory. Heck yeah!"

This was going no where. The creature...this digimon was obviously obsessed with this so called digimental. And it seemed there would be no convincing him of anything otherwise. So much had happened within this short amount of time. And it all started with that strange device. Speaking of which, where was it? Throughout it all, Kazuya had noticed something was in his pocket. He hadn't paid it much mind but now it was the only thing he could think if. Anything to take his mind off the Pagumon stress. Reaching inside, he pulled it out, red and metallic as ever.

"Hey! That's a digimental!" Pagumon suddenly shouted, eyes blazing with desire.

"Huh?" Kazuya muttered. "This thing?"

Pagumon's look of want changed to that of fury. "I knew you were holding out on me you little sneak!"

"What?" Kazuya voiced in confusion.

"I mean, it's not what I expected but that's got to be it!" Pagumon spoke confidently.

"Wait! So you don't know, you're just assuming its the digimental." Kazuya realized.

Pagumon dropped his guard for a brief moment, seeming to realize his slight foolishness. "Yeah so?"

Kazuya crossed his arms, looking over the rabbit ball with slight amusement. "That's not very smart if you ask me."

Immediately Pagumon's face flushed with embarrassment. "Shut up! I know a digimental when I see one! So hand it over!" The gloves were off, and Pagumon knew what he wanted. The digimon leapt forward, teeth bared and ears outstretched. Kazuya didn't need glasses to see the end result. So therefore he did the most sensible thing: he moved.

Jumping to the right side, the little gray ball missed and slammed smack dab into the trash pile. Pagumon stuck there for a few seconds before sliding down and unsticking before falling flat on his back with a dazed expression upon his face.

"Are you alright?" Kazuya asked. Despite what had transpired, he couldn't help but feel sorry for the creature.

Such a simple act could lead to such a big domino effect. If only Pagumon had paid better attention to his surroundings, he would have noticed the strange egg like object upon the junk pile. A strange egg that began to topple and shudder. Finally, it gave out and completely collapsed into a heaping pile. Kazuya watched as it did, thankful it fell opposite of himself. The last to fall was the digimental, and although Kazuya and Pagumon didn't see it, they got a hint when they noticed a bright flash emanating from the pile. Before either could say a word, the flash ended as soon as it sprang. And then the pile exploded.

"Watch out!" Kazuya cried. He ran up towards Pagumon and grabbed the little fuzz ball before something flattened him. For the record, it was a sink.

A sharp roar called out, and Kazuya looked back to see a monstrosity rising from the trash pile. The creature was huge to say the least, a living pile of sludge at first appearance. That's the best way Kazuya could describe it. Indeed it was, a gray mass that strangely held two fat arms, with equally large legs in the back. There were no legs, just simple an extension of the sludge body. Tubes jutted outward from the back, as if pieces of junk were actually stuck within its body. And who's to say it wasn't? The creature indeed held a face, a gaping maw with rows of crooked teeth. Right above it were two metal plates and sticking outward were blank eyes.

"What the heck is that thing?!" Kazuya asked the obvious question.

"It's a Raremon!" Pagumon answered.

"Raremon? You mean it's another digimon?" Came another obvious question.

"Dang! There must have been a digimental in that pile. I was so close!"

Raremon shifted it's misplaced eyes towards the pair. Wit ha hissing roar, it opened its maw and right away, a cast stench washed over Kazuya. The poor boy held his nose tight but it did little to block out the smell.

"Get down!"

Suddenly, Kazuya felt a push against his chest and he felt the sky turning upward. That very sight was then blotted out by a thick green cloud. For the brief moment, he unplugged his nose only to have a horrid smell invade his orifice.

"Raremon's breath is the smelliest around! You don't want to get caught in it!" Pagumon said hopping atop Kazuya's chest. Kazuya was at a loss for words. The little bunny ball had just... "We need to move now!" Pagumon urged.

The stink cloud had faded allowing them a moment to rise up. And it was in that moment that they took the time to rise.

"You just saved my life!" Kazuya managed to say.

"Yeah yeah!" Pagumon said, brushing off the gratitude.

The pair prepared to run nut just as they had gotten a few feet in, a pile of sludge landed smack dab in the middle of their path.

"Woah!" Kazuya exclaimed. Unlike the cloud, the sludge was black in color, but it stank all the same. They looked to their left and another sludge pile blocked their way, to the right again, and to the left, and back and forth. Before either knew it, they were jumping and dodging tall the while.

"What's this guy's problem!?" Kazuya said as he dodged another sludge loogie.

"Us apparently!" piped Pagumon.

Raremon rasped again, as if it's breathing was impeded. Spitting out all that junk couldn't have been good for it.

"Well that's it, I aint letting this stand!" Pagumon proclaimed. The little ball of boldness hopped forward and opened his maw. "Bubble Blast!" he cried. A trail of bubbled flowed out and right into Raremon.

This was like something out of a cartoon series. Monsters fighting against one another. The bubbles danced in midair, floating as the light shined down upon them. Kazuya caught a glimpse of a reflection within them, but maybe he just imagined it? He was too far anyway. Impressive as they were, they didn't last as they popped against the putrid digimon, and did nothing.

Pagumon stood there with an annoyed look of disappointment upon his round mug. Raremon didn't even look impressed, and now that Kaziua thought about it, it wasn't that impressive.

"Now what?" Kazuya asked, more deadpan than anything.

"I'm thinking on it!" Pagumon replied.

Beep beep...beep beep... beep...beep.

The sound came suddenly, right at his hip. Kazuya moved his arm down, stopping upon the strange device he had gained. Fingering it, he plucked it, holding it up.

"Why's it making that noise?" Kazuya said to himself.

Beep beep...beep beep...beep beep...beep.

The sound came again and Kazuya stared deep into its screen.

"The power is growing. Soon the bond will show."

"Huh? What?" Kazuya put a hand to his forehead. Had that voice just spoken to him? Where had it come from?

"Hey kid?"

A strange feeling began to wash over him, very similar to how he had felt earlier. Back in the apartment. All around he could feel everything stopping, turning gray and lifeless.

"This is where you choose? Do you wait to see what happens? Or do you turn around and leave?" the voice asked again.

A choice? Kazuya had a choice? The question came so suddenly he didn't have time to really think about it. The option just jumped at him. Mostly he looked at Pagumon. If he left, then the little guy would be done for. Or at least be in need of an immediate bath. But did he really owe Pagumon anything? Ever since he had gotten here, the little ball hadn't exactly established himself as the most gracious host. Then again, that little ball had saved him. He didn't need to, but he did.

"Kazuya help!"

The memories of "that" day played back to him. A memory he had tried very hard to push out of his mind. He could see a helpless little boy, a river, and...no! He wouldn't run this time! Time began to increase, the images starting to move, and the colors brightening.

"I," Kazuya gritted himself down, readied his body and his mind reached a decision. "I choose to stay!"

And then everything went forward. It was as if someone had pressed play on a VCR. Raremon heaved back and out spat another glob of slime.

"Kid get down!" Pagumon turned around calling out with what seemed like concern. Kazuya stood there, frozen. He had made his decision to stay and stay he would. He would face this head on, not running away, and... "Kid!" Pagumon leapt forward, but that wasn't what Kazuya's mind focused upon. No, it was the beeping of the device. It was here that time slowed again. The only thing Kazuya could hear was the device and only it.

Beep beep...beep beep...beep beep...BEEP!

The sound grew more furious at the end. A loud ring that was accompanied by a strange glow coming right from the screen. And Kazuya's eyes drew to it and he stared wide.

"You've chosen wisely." the strange voice complimented. "Let the light of the digivice shine."

And although Kazuya didn't notice, the strange light enveloped Pagumon. Pagumon's mind remained focused, but he was aware of what was happening about him. A feeling swelled up inside him. And he felt compelled to speak.

"Pagumon! Digivolve to!" the light remained even as he rammed into Kazuya again. The boy was pushed back with even more force than before. And it was here that Kazuya at last noticed the light around Pagumon. As he fell, he could see Pagumon's round shape shifting, growing larger and thinner. Arms, legs, extending outward. Something long popped out from behind waving slightly as if it were a rope. And then the light exploded, and Pagumon let out one final word. "Gazimon!"

No longer was he a small ball, but instead he had transformed. In Pagumon's place stood a creature with scruffy gray fur. Gray but with a white underbelly. The two bunny like ears remained, only less rounded and more firm. Black claws stuck out from the arms and legs and a feline like face greeted the goggle headed boy. Staring down at him with yellowish eyes with red irises. A long ropey tail lay behind, attributing to the feline features. A trio of black belt like bands wrapped at the tip, with just a jagged tuft of fur jutting out.

"What the!" both boys exclaimed, equally surprised at the sudden turn of events. Both were perplexed and shocked at the sudden turn of events concerning the change. Though Gazimon held another emotion in regards to it.

"Fricking awesome!" The little digimon cheered. "I'm a rookie level now!" the digimon hopped up and down not caring or noticing it was causing Kazuya some discomfort. Then he stopped, stared down at Kazuya and said, "Just leave this to me!" Hopping down from Kazuya, Gazimon knelt down on all fours. "All right ya walking pile of digital sludge! This is where you get yours!" Gazimon opened his maw and shouted, "Electric Stun Blast!" On cue, a strange cloud wafted from the digimon's maw and flowed right toward Raremon. Yet as it flowed, sparks and crackles of electricity could be seen, almost like a storm cloud. The cloud hit Raremon who reacted with mild discomfort "What? Don't like that? Well there's more where that came from buddy!"

Gazimon began to dart around going in a zigzag fashion as he prepped more Electric Stun Blasts. Kazuya rose to his feet staring down at the small device, the digivice in his hand. "Did this thing cause this?" he asked himself

"Electric Stun Blast!" Gazimon's cries brought Kazuya's attention to a new source. The little digimon was still going at it, attacking away while Raremon attempted to shrug them off. Kazuya watched with an impressed eye. Apparently this was a step up from the bubbles.

"The little guy is actually doing it." Kazuya said to himself.

Gazimon held the same sentiments. His attacks were doing something, but now it was the finisher. "Deal with this! Pitfall!" Gazimon leapt up, claws upward and then moving down in a digging motion, right into Raremon's flesh. And then it came to a stop. "What? Uh oh!" Gazimon wriggled and squirmed, but could not free himself from the sludgy mess. "Uh heh," Gazimon chuckled nervously. "You're not going to take it personally right buddy?"

Raremon's response was a swift fling of its head and sending Gazimon flying from its body, and towards a trash pile. The rabbit mon hit the pile sending him sliding down. "Ow." he muttered.

"Gazimon!" Kazuya called out with concern. Gazimon had the moves now, but he wouldn't be able to tangle with something like this for long. He needed something, an edge. But what? Kazuya scanned his surroundings, searching for anything that might tip the scales. Then out of the corner of his eye he spotted something. Sticking right in the middle of a metallic mess was an antennae. A thought raced within Kazuya's head and upon instinct, he pulled it out. He moved out of the way to avoid the eventual fall of the foundation. One step down, and now for the next. "Hey you!" he called. Raremon directed himself to Kazuya's direction, just as planned for the boy. Then Kazuya did what nobody would expect him to do. He ran. Ran right towards Raremon. Gym class had to pay off, and all those years being forced to play soccer by his parents had to contribute to something. With great speed Kazuya ran and when he got into the right distance, he leapt. Raremon opened its maw, preparing to snack on succulent human flesh. It lowered its head to properly indicate where Kazuya was heading. It failed to notice the position of the boy's hands.

And in that moment of carelessness, Kazuya found his target.

The antennae found it's place with a wet smack! Right into Raremon's head. Least right in the center of its face.

"Gazimon!" Kazuya cried.

The rookie shook himself off, slapping his face to wake his head up and get him back into the game. "Yeah!?"

"Use another one of those blasts there!" Kazuya pointed to the antennae.

Gazimon didn't quite understand, but somehow he felt compelled to listen. Something inside him told him to.

"Electric Stun Blast!" The electric cloud flowed and found its place right in the antennae. Right away, the electricity went to work, conducting and surging through the next source, Raremon's body. Or rather inside it.

"Again!" Kazuya urged, running a great deal of distance away from Raremon.

Gazimon did so once more, and again, and again, until Raremon was turning into a full conduit. Raremon roared in pain as it sparked and crackled. There was only so much one being could take. And Raremon was at that limit. With puffs of smoke rising from it's body, Raremon gave a defeated sigh and collapsed to the ground, beaten.

Kazuya and Gazimon stood there dumbfounded for a moment, unbelieving that such a digimon could be rendered unconscious. The seconds didn't last long for the duo at last realized the truth.

"We won!" both boys cheered hopping into the air. Running towards each other, both of them sported huge smiles upon their face. "We did it!" they cheered again, bumping one another upon the chest.

"Dude you were so awesome!" Kazuya complimented.

"Yeah I was wasn't I?" Gazimon boasted proudly Proud as he was, Gazimon still had to wonder. "But just how did I digivolve?"

Kazuya was briefly at a loss, but then it dawned upon him. "I think it was this thing. I think it's called a digivice." Least that's what the voice called it.

"Digivice?" Gazimon repeated. "You mean digimental!" The rabbit digimon leapt up, grabbing hold of Kazuya's arm. "So how does this thing work anyway? Do you have to push the buttons or something or shake it or-"

"Hey knock it off!" Kazuya protested. "I don't know how it works it just started to glow when that monster spat at me."

Raremon still stood unconscious, but they both knew it wouldn't last that way forever.

"We should get out of here before big, bad, and slimy wakes up" the rabbit said hopping down. "Come on man hurry up!" Gazimon urged. "I'll show you the way out."

Kazuya was surprised at the digimon's suddden change in demeanor. Earlier he had seemed greedy and only caring about making himself stronger. But now? It was like he was a whole different person. Or monster. Kazuya had no choice but to follow, but as he did, he began to play around with the buttons upon the digivice. The screen flashed going by various images before coming to a stop. It was a map of sorts, and upon it at different locations were five colored lights. Yellow and black together, followed by blue and white together, and lastly red by itself. Red, just like the machine in his hand.

"Hey keep up! Don't want to get lost do ya?" Gazimon called from ahead. Kazuya quickened the pace, not wanting to be left behind.

"Sorry. Oh by the way thanks." said Kazuya.

"For what?" Gazimon asked.

"For saving me, twice."

"Eh don't mention it. I was just doing what any one would have done in that situation." Gazimon smiled and nodded, then turned ahead and continued to walk. "Besides, got to keep my evolution ticket safe no don't I?" Gazimon thought to himself. With this new revelation, Gazimon felt a new determination in his heart. Digivolution was the key to strength in this world, and only the strongest made it. He would make it and he would grow stronger. He couldn't find a digimental, but he had the next best thing. That little device was the key, and he would stick by the kid until he digivolved to the strongest he could possibly be And when that day come, the glory, the ladies, the renown. It would come, and it would be glorious.

Kazuya held different thoughts on the other hand. "Geeze, this day sure turned out weird."

"So kid do ya have a name?" Gazimon suddenly asked.

"Yeah, it's Kazuya." Kazuya answered.

And little did he know, it was going to get weirder.


"The first of the five lights has bonded with their destined partner."

The realm was continuing to grow dim, a lifeless husk.

"Yet God still continues to whither."

The Digital World was still in danger, so long as evil continued its grip. Time was pressing forward, and within that time, hopefully the five lights will have gathered.

All she could do was hope.

A/N: Finally got this chapter down. A good first start if I do say so myself. And so the first chapter itself is done and one difference I made from the original is not having Gazimon digivolve into his Champion form yet. Gotta wait a bit for that. Well anyway I hope you all have enjoyed this as I enjoyed writing it, and may the rest of this series go smoothly.