Earned It



Chapter 1 – Earned It

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Summary: When Oliver Queen finds himself in a dreadful situation, he needs to do the impossible to protect his family. What is a man capable of doing to save those he loves? How much is he capable of giving up to right his father's mistakes? How far is the willing to go to keep those he loves safe? The answer: Felicity Smoak.

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You make it look like it's magic
Cause I see nobody, nobody
But you
I'm never confused
I'm so used to being used

So I love when you call unexpected
Cause I hate when the moments expected
So I'mma care for you
I'mma care for you, you, you

Cause girl you're perfect
You're always worth it
And you deserve it
The way you work it
'Cause girl you earned it
Girl you earned it

You know our love would be tragic
So you don't pay it, don't pay it
No mind
We live with no lies
You're my favorite kind of night

So I love when you call unexpected
Cause I hate when the moments expected
So Ima care for you
Ima care for you, you, you

Cause girl your perfect
You're always worth it
And you deserve it
The way you work it
Cause girl you earned it
Girl you earned it

On that lonely night
We said It wouldn't be love
But we felt the rush
It made us believe
It was only us
Convinced we were
Broken inside, Inside

Oliver Queen didn´t have an easy life.

He learned from a very young age that he had to work hard to get what he wanted, that he had to earn everything he desired, with blood, sweat and tears.

He had fought every single day of his life. He was a warrior and giving up was not an option. He wasn´t a quitter. He wasn´t like his father. No, Oliver was not a coward.

He was the son of a gambling addicted, a man that he despised, a man that had ruined his childhood and almost destroyed his family. A man that had made him make hard choices, choices that he never thought he would ever had to make.

Choices that changed him.

No, Oliver Queen was not his father. He was going to right his wrongs. No matter what cost.

Even if he had to lose himself.

Oliver should had known that this day was going to come.

He had seen the signs along the way, but he refused to believe that the man that fathered him and his sister would do this. Yet, here he was, bloody and beaten, fallen down at a dark and dirt ally in the middle of the Glades.

He spit the blood from his mouth, feeling the cooper taste fill his tongue, a tanged reminder of a promise. A promise of agony and horror.

He slowly got up on his feet, feeling his ribs aching, his jaw swollen.

He tried to swell the pain, closing his eyes, trying to focus in making his breathing coming back to normal and not in the scoring pain around his entire body.

It had been a clear warning of what was going to happen if he didn´t find a way to fix his father's wrongs. His family was going to pay for another's men sins. They would suffer for the mistakes of a coward that ran away to save himself, leaving his family behind.

But Oliver wouldn´t let this happen. He would protect them, no matter the cost.

Oliver quietly shut down the apartment front door, trying to remain inconspicuous in the shadows.

He moved steeply over the wood floors, trying not to make a sound. He looked over the microwave clock, it was past three in the morning, and he would had to wake up in less than three hours for his day job.

Holding back a grunt, he walked around the fridge, slowly opening it to take an ice pack for his throbbing jaw and swollen lips. He held back a groan, while the coldness numbed the broken flesh. He closed his eyes, holding tightly against the kitchen counter, his body shaking with the adrenalin. He bit down on his broken lip, the blood flowing back on his tongue, while he took a long deep breath.

Yet he remained silent, holding back a grumble of pain when he took a deep breathe, his ribs aching. The last thing he needed was to wake his poor mother. She didn´t need to see him like that. Not after everything that they had been through in the past year.

Moira Queen had been the rock that kept this family in place. The fifth year old, had worked in three jobs as a nurse for as long as Oliver could remember to keep the family feed and clothed. She did her best while her gambling husband would go out and lose everything that they had. They had lost their house eleven months before, after finding out that Robert Queen had lost the money of the mortgage in bets.

His father was a selfish bastard, a man filled with range, frustration and delusions of grandeur. He hated the simple life he led, and he desired for a different life. Yet, Robert Queen didn´t believe in hard work; he liked to think that the Heavens would make up for the ordinary life he had, so instead of focusing on working hard to achieve his desires, he loved to bet on luck. However, luck was not at Robert favor, and bet-by-bet, he lost all the family savings with it.

Not long after it, he left the family with another woman, leaving a path of destruction behind. Moira had kept it together the best she could. She felt guilty for not seeing it, for trying to believe that Robert would change, for seeing hope where there was none. She was broken for being left by the man she loved, but above all, for putting her two kids in that situation.

Oliver had been on his last year at MIT at the time. He had different plans for his future. Plans that didn´t include coming back to Starling City and a life he wanted to leave behind. He was about to accept a job at Wayne Enterprise and move to Gotham along with his longtime girlfriend. But the moment his mother had called him and told him the mess his father had left behind, he didn´t think twice before leaving all his hopes and expectations behind. His family needed him and nothing else mattered.

He accepted a position at the IT department at Smoak Inc. and a week later, he was by his family side. His younger sister Thea had just started college at Coast City, and while Oliver had been on a scholarship at MIT, his sister wasn´t that lucky. Thea feared that the college debt would be too much along with the amount of debt that they already had, and while she hated it, she was ready to leave college.

But Oliver wouldn´t let his little sister future be jeopardized by Robert's mistakes. He promised Thea that she wouldn´t have to let it go of her dreams and expectations. No matter what, they would figure out a way to make it work. She wouldn´t have to give up on her future because of Robert coldness and stupidity. Oliver had made a promise, and he unlike his father, he always kept his.

His father had left more than a year ago.

Oliver and his mother did the best they could to provide for their family, focusing on paying all the debts that Robert had left them and to keep Thea at college.

While Oliver knew it wasn´t going to be easy, it ended up being harder than they thought it would be.

They had to sell the little they had only to pay the loans. The bank gave them no extra credit nor time. And even now, one year later, they were still deep in debt. His mother tried to keep a strong face, wanting to look like she wasn´t despaired, but Oliver knew better. He could hear his mother crying in the middle of the night when she thought no one would hear her. He could see in the way the dark bags formed under her eyes, on how she lost the spark that made her Moira Queen.

Oliver saw his mother fading in front of his own eyes, day by day, one debt at the time.

Which was probably why Oliver didn´t want her to find out about tonight.

No, if his mother found out his father had made a gigantic debt with the Bratva, she wouldn´t survive it. It would be too much for her. She didn´t deserve to know that the men she once loved had gone that low. That he had put at risk his own family for his selfish desires.

Tonight it had been too close. For a second he had feared he would never see his mother and little sister again. And Anatoly men had made sure that he understood it. If he didn´t pay it, not only would he suffer the consequences, but his family would also. The Russians weren´t the patient type and they weren´t the kind to be crossed over.

There was no option for them. Anatoly had make clear of it. Oliver had until the end of the month to pay for Robert's debt, or he and his entire family would pay the price.

Working at Smoak Inc. had been a saving grace for Oliver.

While it wasn´t his dream job, it was enough to pay the bills and make sure that Thea could stay at college.

The IT department was far cry from what Oliver knew that his job at the Engineering Department at Wayne Enterprise would be. He was worked as a low IT technician, and while he had graduated as a Electronic Engineer at the School of Engineering at MIT, his boss only saw him as someone to fix every imaginable broken electronic device. His boss was a pain in his ass that didn´t valued his experience or knowledge, and Oliver knew that if it were up to Noel Stein, he would never leave the basement of Smoak Inc.

He was bored with fixing broken computer screens, installing programs and cleaning computer virus from men that insisted in watching porn at work. But no matter what, Oliver was thankful every day for it.

Yet, he remained hopeful that one day he would be able to work at the Advanced Science and Technology Department at Smoak Inc. He knew that it would be a long way, but if he had one single shot, he would prove himself. All he needed was a change to put in good use all the things that he had learned at his time at MIT.

Oliver loved to build things. He always had. Growing up, his father always saw his love for technology as a waste of time, saying that men from the Glades would never be nothing but working bees for the powerful men of Starling City that Oliver would never be anything but another one to clean after the rich and powerful. His mother on the other hand, always pushed him to believe in himself and follow his dreams. While growing up at the Glades wasn´t easy, Oliver had overcome all the odds and had succeed academically.

He was the first member of the Glades to ever attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

On the other hand, he wasn´t the only member of the Glades to lose himself in a dangerous path.

Growing up in the Glades was not easy. The poor and long forgotten part of Starling City was filled with darkness and despair. It was a place that didn´t tolerate any weakness, a place that would eat a young Oliver Queen alive if was not for his best friend coming into his life.

Oliver was six years old when Tommy Merlyn walked into his life.

He could still picture that day more than twenty years ago perfectly. He was fallen in the floor, his glasses broken and his face bloody, while an older Billy Summers punched him for refusing to give him his lunch money. Tommy had come to his rescue, jumping into a fight to save a stranger boy that he had never met before.

Tommy had a sense of justice, and while he had no reason to get into a fight to help a stranger, he simply thought it was wrong to pick on someone half of your size. They became inseparable after that day, getting through tick a thin, growing up together.

Oliver was there when Tommy ran away from home, bloody and scared, after his drunk father had beaten him.

Tommy was there when Oliver found out his father would sneak from his job at the docks to see his mistress.

Oliver was there when Tommy's father was arrested for killing his mother, Rebeca.

Tommy was there when Oliver found out that his father had lost his family savings gambling.

Oliver had been there when Tommy had been arrested for kicking the ass of a rich kid and losing his dream of a chance to attend Starling City Police Department.

But they had also been there for the good. For when Oliver had been accepted into MIT; when Malcom Merlyn had got a life sentence for killing Tommy' mom; for when Oliver got his dream job offer at Gotham City; for when Tommy found out he was a father of a little girl.

They always had been there for each other. For the good and the bad.

They were family, and family means you are never alone, no matter what.

While Smoak Inc. paid enough for the small two bedroom apartment that Oliver and his mom lived at the Glades and for Thea college tuition, it didn´t left much for anything else. Which was why when Tommy asked him if he didn´t want to make some extra cash working with him at Verdant, he didn´t think twice.

The club was one of the hottest spots at town, always alive with the heavy beat of electronic music and the dancing bodies. The owner of the nightclub was the elusive and mysterious Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of one of the most powerful men of Starling City. The club was a kwon spot of the Starling City elite, and while Oliver appreciated the extra cash and the opportunity to spend more time with his best friend, he hated to know that he had become exactly what his father always said he would: someone to serve the rich of Starling City.

Tommy on the other hand, fit perfectly there. He had started as a maintained boy right after he had been released from juvenile, and he had slowly moved from it and now was one of the many bartenders of the club. While Oliver thought that attending college would be the answer to all of his problems, Tommy never had a chance for it.

When Tommy found out that he was the father of a baby girl with one of his one-night stands, his life took a turn. For the first time in a very long time, he had to think about someone besides himself. He had to think about a little girl with dark hair and big blue eyes that had been abandoned by her mother. He had to think about that small human being that depended on him. Lily had only him left, and Tommy would be dammed if he would let his daughter suffer as he had.

Lily had become Tommy's whole world. He worked hard, stayed out of trouble, while raising her by himself. He would work at Verdant during part of the day while she was at school, and during his night shifts, she would stay with their neighbor, fifth year old Mrs. Stevenson, that took care of Lily like she was his own.

And while Tommy had become a far cry for the reckless teen he had been, being a father didn´t change his womanizer ways. He never settle down. He liked to say that Lily was the only woman he wanted to stick on his life, and he had no interest in finding someone to play 'happy family' with them.

Tommy enjoyed all the benefits to being a bartender at Verdant, his easy personality and charming smile all guaranteed a long line of women coming and going from his life. But Oliver made sure to stay away from the female population. After the way he and Isabel ended up their two years relationship, Oliver wanted to get as far away from women as he could. Not that he didn´t enjoy a random date or another, but getting involved with someone was the last thing he needed at that moment of his life. He had not the desire, time or energy to do it. Not to mention that to get involved with someone, was to bring another person on the mess that was his life, and he couldn´t be responsible for that. No, he rather be alone than to risk someone's life just for being with him.

That was his choice and he was at peace with it.

But that didn´t mean that Tommy understood it.

"I am just saying… Carrie has been hitting on you for weeks. She is gorgeous and she is clearly into you." Tommy said, as they carried drink bottles towards the bar to refill it before the night shift started. "I don´t know why you don´t want to even think about the possibility"

"I don´t like mixing business with pleasure" Oliver said with a shrug, putting another box on top of the bar.

"Come one, are you saying you refuse to have sex with her because she is a waitress?" Tommy said, with a mocking tone. "I didn´t know you were an elitist Oliver"

"This is not about it and you know it," Oliver said, rolling his eyes at Tommy's attempts to get him laid.

"Then it must be about Isabel." Tommy said with aversion, not hiding his displeasure about Oliver ex-girlfriend. "I can´t believe you are still hung up on that chick. Not after everything she put you through."

"This is not about her." Oliver said annoyed. He had been done with Isabel for a long time. If she couldn´t understand why he had to make the choices he did, then she was not the kind of woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. "It's been more than a year, she has move on and so did I. It was better this way, trust me."

"How can this be better? As far as I know you had been celibate for the past year" Tommy groaned, exasperated.

"Since when did you became the watcher of my sex life?" Oliver hissed.

"Since you clearly stopped having one."

"Trust me Tommy, I am fine like this." Oliver said, removing the bottles from the box and stacking them up in the mirror shelf on top of the bar.

"No one its fine after having blue balls for a year, Oliver." Tommy said incredulous. "Do you even remember how it feels like it? To feel the body of a woman pressed against yours? I bet you don´t," Tommy teased.

"Tommy" Oliver groaned, frustrated that he wouldn´t let it go.

"Not to mention that you would feel so much better." Tommy said, only to receive an angry look from Oliver. " I just can´t stand seeing you with this pained and broodier look anymore. You just need some crazy animal sex to let some steam go. Then you would feel much better."

"Not everyone it's a serial womanizer like you, buddy"

"You hurt my feelings like this, Ollie."

"And here was I thinking you didn´t have any" Oliver said with a smirk.

"Going point" Tommy said with a laugh. Tommy was the last person on earth that wanted to get involved romantically with someone. At least he was man enough to admit that he enjoyed having female companion. "You know that I already found the love of my life."

"I think its cute how you like to say that your six years old daughter is the love of your life."

"Hey, my kid is awesome. No woman can fill my heart like my Lily-bug"

"At least one of the endless women in your life gets your full attention and devotion."

"The only woman in my life you mean" Tommy said with a large smile, thinking about his only daughter, his reason to live. "But don´t try to deviate the subject. I know you, Oliver. Something is bothering you."

"I am fine." Oliver said, pushing another box on top of the bar with more force than necessary, making all bottle shake.

Tommy arched an eyebrow at Oliver's, both of them knowing that Oliver Queen was full of bulshit.

"Ollie, come on man." Tommy said, trying to make Oliver open up.

"How many times will I have to tell you I am fine?" Oliver hissed, running his hand over his short-cropped blonde hair.

"Enough times until you make me believe in you." Tommy said annoyed, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Just let it go, Tommy. Please" Oliver begged, distressed.

"Something is been up with you. It has been for months. At first, I thought it was frustration with you having to stick around Starling City instead of being in Gotham. Then I thought you might be missing Isabel. But clearly it's something else. You are hiding something from me. I know you are" Tommy pushed.

"Tommy, leave it alone." Oliver shouted, irritated.

"I am your best friend. We never hided anything from each other before! We were always there one to the other, Ollie! If you can´t trust in me, who are you going to trust?" Tommy asked him exasperated.

"I don´t want to talk about it" Oliver said in a harsh tone, holding tight on the dark bar counter, looking away from Tommy. "It's better if you don´t get involved in this"

"I know you Oliver. I know that you think you have to make things right. That you have to clean all the shit your father left behind. That you are responsible for your family," Tommy said, making Oliver turn and look at him, his eyes filled with defeat and agony.

"I am the king of Daddy issues, you know that. But you don´t have to carry all of the weight of the world on your shoulders." Tommy said. "Please, let me help you."

"I wish it was that simple." Oliver said, removing his glasses and pushing them away from his face.

"I am sure we can figure something out. That's what bets friends are for right?"



Oliver stood in silence for a few moments, his breathing heavy, his head filled with endless reasons to why he shouldn´t let Tommy know about his problems. But he was so tired. So tired to have to face everything alone. So tired to have to hide this endless nightmare from the people he loved.

"Ok" Oliver said, his voice low, his postured defeated. He moved to sit down on the stool behind the bar, pushing a hand over his tired eyes. "But I need you to promise me to not tell a soul about it."

"Of course, Ollie. Who would I tell?"

"I am serious, Tommy!"

"When you say things like this it makes me wonder if you are dying or something" Tommy said with a small laugh, before realizing that it could be exactly that. Oliver dead serious stare only filed his worries. "You are not dying, are you Oliver?"

"No. I am not dying Tommy." Oliver said with a sigh.

"Oh thank God" Tommy whispered relived, moving his hand on top of his heart, clearly disturbed by the thought of it. "You got me scared for a second here, buddy"

"I am not dying. But this is a matter of life or death" Oliver said, his tone heavy.

"Seriously Oliver, just get it over with it." Tommy said anxiously.

"It's about my father…"

"What did that asshole did now? Is he back in town? Cause I swear I will kill him for…"

"No. He is not back. He will never be back."

"That seems pretty decisive."

"He knows he can´t come back to Starling City."

"And why is that? Besides being a fucking asshole that lost all his family savings with betting?"

"My father did a lot more than just lose all of my family savings. He did much more than lose our house because he used the mortgage money to feed his gambling addiction. He did much more than to spend the little my mom had saved for Thea college fund." Oliver said, his voice getting harder with each word he said. "It's so much worse than that, Tommy"

"Ok, now you are starting to freak me out." Tommy said nervously.

"My father lost 300 thousand dollars to Anatoly Knyazev. He bored money from the mob, and lost it in a fucking fight ring."

"Holy fuck" Tommy roared, shocked.

"That's why he ran." Oliver said with disgust. "He knew he had gotten into too deep. He knew there was no way he would be able to pay the Russians back."

"That fucking stupid miserable asshole" Tommy shouted, outraged.

"He just didn´t give a fuck to what would happen to his family. He just ran away with his mistress. Leaving all this shit for us to deal with it." Oliver mumbled angrily. "He knew what Anatoly was going to do. He just didn´t give a fuck about it. So no, Tommy, this is not some Daddy issues. If I don´t get that cash until the end of the month, Anatoly will come after me, my mom and my sister."

"Oliver" Tommy said shocked, unsure what to do. What can you say to something like that? "I am so sorry" Tommy said, shaken.

"Yeah" Oliver said, trying to hold himself back. He had so much furry inside of him, that he was afraid of what would happen if he let it out.

"What are you going to do? You know how those things work" Tommy said, scared for his best friend. "Anatoly won´t let this go."

"I had been working extra to pay the debt. But my time is coming up and I only gotten ten grand. Anatoly said he already waited too long to have his money back. I have until the end of the month to pay him what my dad owned him."

"Fuck" Tommy shouted, moving his hands behind his neck, while pacing. "I can´t believe this shit"

"I don´t know what to do Tommy. I thought I would be able to gather some money working and maybe the bank would approve a new loan. But I got nothing. Now, I have a month to get it. A fucking month" Oliver said, a pained gasp leaving his lips, when finally he let sink for fucked up he was.

"Then you better get your mom and sister in a car and disappear. I got some money saved. I started a college fund for Lily, it's not much, but I must be enough for you guys to go to Canada or something. I can give it to you. The three of you can disappear."


"No! That is a brilliant plan! How did I not think about this before?"

"I won´t take Lily's money from you"

"She doesn't need it for the next 12 years. I am sure you will be able to pay me back by the time she has to go to college."

"You know my mom would never accept it. To take your kid's money? To ran away like cowards and spent the rest of our lives hiding? She wouldn´t want to live like this."

"It's better than being dead. That I am sure of it!" Tommy said, rolling his eyes at Oliver argument.

"Don´t you think I didn´t thought about it already?" Oliver said frustrated. "Trust me, it's the only thing I have been thinking for the past few months. How to get away from this mess that my father left us. But we both know that the moment Anatoly suspected we were about to run he would come for us."

"We will do it quickly then"

"It's the Russian mob, Tommy. It is the Bratva. They are everywhere." Oliver said the desperation clear on his voice.

"I won´t accept this." Tommy shouted, closing his eyes. "There has to be another way."

"There isn´t." Oliver said defeated. "My only hope is to find a way to convince Anatoly to extend that deadline."

"You want to try to negotiate with the leader of the Russian mob?" Tommy said incredulously. "You got to be kidding."

"I don´t have any other choice" Oliver whispered, defeated.

"Maybe not…"

"What do you mean?"

"What if I told you that I might find a way for you to earn those three hundred thousand dollars…"

"In a month? It's impossible."

"Trust me, Ollie. It's not." Tommy said, biting his lower lip, deep in thought. "Not with the right help."

"Unless you are about to win in the lottery, I don´t see how that would be possible."

" It all depends on what are you willing to do to get it…"

"Tommy, what the hell are you talking about?"

"I think I just might know a way for you to get away from this mess. But I don´t think you are going to like it"

Oliver didn´t know what to think about Tommy's plan. It seemed absurd, something from an alternative universe, because there was no way that, it could be real.

He had always wondered how Tommy could support himself and Lily with a simple bartender salary. He lived in a relatively nice two bedroom apartment in a better area of the Glades. He paid for Mrs. Stevenson to watch over Lily almost every night, he had his own car and he made sure that nothing was missing in his daughters life.

Oliver often wondered how Tommy could do it all. He knew that his best friend had a side job, one that should be responsible for providing some extra cash, but he never thought that Tommy would go down this path.

And now, Tommy wanted him to earn his three hundred thousand dollars just like that.

Like it was the most simple thing in the world.

"Penny for your thoughts" Oliver heard a husky voice ask him, from the other side of the bar.

He knew that voice very well.

Helena Bertinelli had been a drunk mistake that he had done along the way, before he had left Starling City for MIT.

She had been on a break from her boyfriend of the time, now fiancé, and he was into a wild phase. He had a big fight with his dad that night, which lead to him and Tommy hitting the bars around the city pretty hard. He was too drunk to remember the details, but he remember seeing Helena in the middle of the bar, looking like she owned the place. She was an exotic beauty; her pale skin contrasting with her ice blue eyes and her raven hair, her lips pained blood red. She had been irresistible, and Oliver was too drunk to care to know who she was before she had been moaning his name. She was as insane as she was gorgeous; an explosive combination that he knew was dangerous. At the time he didn´t care, but the moment it was over, he knew it had been a mistake.

He had moved to Boston a few days later and he never expected to see Helena Bertinelli ever again.

When he accepted the bartender position at Verdant, he didn´t know who owned the place, as it belonged to a large conglomerate that also owned half of the Glades. So he was surprised to find out that she was the one that owned and managed the place.

At the time he thought that she was way too drunk to remember their quick hook up five years ago, but the moment her eyes found his, he knew she remember it. The way she looked at him sent shivers down at his spine, and left a bad taste on his mouth. She had been the kind of mistake that you only make once in your life.

But Oliver made sure to remain professional at all times. She was his boss and he needed the job. Now, more than ever.

"What, the cat got your tongue, Oliver?" She asked him, her leather boots echoing in the empty nightclub, breaking him away from his thoughts.

"Sorry, Ms. Bertinelli. I was just distracted," Oliver said, finishing drying a glass cup that he was working when she interrupt his thoughts.

"I think we both know that is time you stop called me Ms. Bertinelli, don´t you think Oliver?" She teased, pushing her hands against the dark bar countertop, her blood red fingernails tapping against the cold stone.

"Can I get you something, Ms. Bertinelli?" Oliver asked.

"Scotch. Neat" She said, her velvet voice dancing around the room. "And its, Helena." She said, moving to sit down on the bar stool, crossing her long legs, one at top of the other.

Oliver moved smoothly, grabbing the best scotch bottle of the house, and pouring two fingers on a crystal glass. He handed it to her with a napkin, and she softly took the crystal glass to her lips. She moaned as the taste danced on her tongue, enjoying the flavor. It only made Oliver feel even more uncomfortable with the situation. She always made him feel uneasy.

"1964, what a year." Helena said with a small smile, looking down at the amber liquid, enjoying the small nuances of the flavor.

The few seconds of silence that followed were enough to make Oliver feel like he could barely breathe under her gaze.

"What can I help you tonight, Helena?" Oliver asked politely.

"I heard that you might want to get to a side business." She whispered, softly moving the golden liquid inside of the crystal glass.

"What?" He asked shocked.

"A little birdy told me that you are in need to some extra cash." Helena said slowly, almost as if she was worried that Oliver would leave as soon as the words left her mouth. "Some fast and easy earning money"

"Who told you that?" Oliver asked her, not sure how to react. The last thing he needed right now was to be fired. If someone heard what Tommy wanted him to do, he would pay the price and he couldn´t risk it.

"We both know who that was," She whispered, taking another sip of her drink.

"Look. I don´t know what you think you heard…"

"I think the words that matter the most were 300 thousand dollars in a month"

"Damm you, Tommy" Oliver cursed under his breath.

"That is a real high amount of money, Oliver." Helena whispered, her hand moving against the countertop, the lights of the empty club shinning against her enormous diamond engagement ring. "Who did you pissed of exactly?"

"Ms. Bertinelli, I am sorry this got to your ears. I promise you my financial problems won´t affect my job at Verdant. You have my word on this." Oliver said nervously. The situation was getting out of hand way too fast.

"I know you won't." Helena said with a small smile. While her smile seemed honest, it was the coldness in her eyes that made Oliver nervous. "I want to help you."

"Help me? Why?" Oliver asked her, his trembling voice filled with confusion.

"Well, I can´t exactly lose one of my best employers just because he owns someone money." She whispered, but the tone on her voice showed her that she was there on business and not on the kindness of her heart. "I have a proposition for you, Oliver."

"What kind of proposition?" Oliver asked her, pushing his hands against the counter.

"We both know you have certain….talents," She said, shameless eyeing his body. "Talents that I could use."

"Helena… I don´t know what Tommy told you…" Oliver rambled.

"Please, Oliver." She said, slowly moving in the stool, her long raven hair falling elegantly across her shoulders. "I am not hitting on you, if that is what you are so worried about."

"I didn´t mean to imply…"

"We both know what you are capable to do in bed. You have the body, the brain and the dick. Not to mention you know how to be polite and how to follow orders. I could use a man like that."

"Excuse me?" Oliver asked her, shocked.

"I want you to work for me, Oliver." Helena said, looking him up and down with appreciation. "I have a very exclusive business. I like to think that I am the best in what I do, because I know exactly what I need to do to please my clients. And I have many clients that would be really pleased with you."


"Before you say no, I want you to really think about my proposition. It is a very lucrative business: one that counts on discretion and a high quality service. Tommy has been with me for a few years, and he pointed out that this might be a good way for you to work on your predicament." Helena explained enjoying the situation, as a shocked Oliver stood frozen. " I personally… know how well qualified you are to this job." She whispered, with a malicious tone.


"I really want you to think about this, Oliver. To let go of this fake sense of morality, of right and wrong. I am offering you a gold opportunity. The kind of opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. One that I wouldn´t offer easily, one that won´t stay here forever. I want you think about your other options; about what are you going to do as soon as the month ends. I want you to think about what is going to happen to you and your family if you don´t pay your debt. I want you to think real well, Oliver." She whispered, moving her fingertips against her lips, her eyes cold and detached. She didn´t care about helping him, to her, this was just another business transition.

She finished her drink in one single gulp, putting the crystal glass on top of the dark counter, her blood red lipstick leaving a stain on it.

"Think about it." She whispered, smoothly moving up from the stool and standing in front of him. "You have until tomorrow. Then I will want a final answer for you."

Helena walked away from him and towards the club exit, the sounds of her high heels echoing in the room as she left.

"Fuck" Oliver whispered, moving his hands over his face, his hands trembling.

Helena was the head of the escort business that Tommy was a part of.

And now she wanted him to joy her in her dark path. To be part of her List.

The sex business was the last thing he expected to get involved at this point of his life. He always proud himself to have stayed in the right path, to worked hard to achieve his goals, to earn everything he desired.

But now, he found himself in an impossible situation. He couldn´t sell himself, he had more dignity than that. He simply couldn´t do it. It wasn´t even an option. He had his pride and he wouldn´t let it go, not for money. What kind of men would that make him if he accepted Helena proposal?

Yet, she had been right. He was responsible for what would happen to his family. His decision would set the fate of all of them.

Could he do it? Could he do the unthinkable to protect the ones he loved? Could he lose himself so he could find a way save them? How far would he allow himself to go?

But most of all, what other choice did he had?

To be honest, there were no choice to make.

Not anymore.

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