Mr. Weasley, CDE (Cool Dad Extrordinare)

A/N: A shining example of Mr. Weasley's coolness. Think of all the stuff he's had to put up with: Charlie's wild animals, the twins...everything, Percy's anti-social tendencies, Ron's neuroses, Ginny's 'girl problems,' Bill's hair and sense of fashion, keeping all the kids stocked with clothes, school supplies, books, brooms, toys, food, and he has never said anything bad about Mrs. Weasley. Ever. He rocks.

Just in time for New Years, a short one about...well, you'll see. Prospero ano y felicidad!

Mr. Weasley surveyed the wreckage around him. And he'd thought the Denver's New Year's party had been a little out of control...

Bill was in his room, sprawled out on the floor. Parvati and Padma were snuggled up next to him. All of them were fully clothed, thank God, but there were empty beer bottles scattered all around the room. A trail of ants were making their way over Bill's foot and into an overturned waste basket. He didn't feel like finding out what they were collecting.

Charlie was downstairs, in front of the fireplace, wearing what looked like a tube top. A few feet down, there was a girl Mr. Weasley couldn't believe was Hermione wearing a suspiciously familiar looking National Quidditch Association sweat shirt.

Percy was wearing no shirt at all, and he had to pull his head out from under the sink to see if it was really Percy. It was. Mr. Weasley took one of the jackets from the dining room table and made a pillow for Percy, making sure he was right-side up.

Fred and George were wearing matching shirts that read, "Give Blood Play Rugby." There were several wine glasses around them, some empty, some not, that read "Happy New Year from the Denvers!" So that was what Don was talking about when he said something was missing...

Ron was sitting passed out in an easy chair in the front room, Harry sitting on his lap. He made a mental note to talk with Ron later, and quietly moved on.

Ginny was lying on the couch between Dean and Seamus. He felt a surge of fatherly 'kick any boy's ass who dares touch my little princess' adrenaline, but relaxed slightly when he saw Seamus was lying on a very wrinkled soccer jersey with 'Dean' stiched across the back.

He heard a car honk outside. He quietly picked up his hat and headed back out the door.

Leaning in the car window, Mr. Weasley cleared his throat.

"Well?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"The kids said they'd be fine staying alone for a couple more hours." Mr. Weasley calmly looked his wife straight in the eye. "We can go get breakfast. I've got an idea. How about we go to that nifty little place we knew in Hogsmeade? And we'll take the old way. No Floo powder or apparation or anything."

As he re-entered the car, Mrs. Weasley leaned over and pecked his cheek. "You're the best husband in the world, and a great father."

Don't I know it? He thought to himself, pulling out of the driveway.