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"I'm ollllld~!"

The whiny voice caught Kagome's attention and she glanced over to the blond male sitting beside her in the waiting room of the hospital, "Shouldn't you be happy?" She pointed out with a raised brow.

"Of course I'm happy!" Minato pouted at his wife, "It's just hard to wrap my head around the fact I'm a grandpa now!"

"Well," Kagome sighed with exasperation, but grinned at the former Hokage, "If it makes you feel any better, you don't look like a grandfather." She glanced down the hall and hoped that Hinata's labour was going well.

If Minato was this worked up, she could only imagine how Naruto was doing...

"Kagome," Minato sniffled, and much to her surprise, was suddenly hugging her so tightly that she almost fell over to her other side from the unexpected weight, "You definitely don't look like a grandmother at all!"

"Eh," The Miko shrugged as best as she could in her position, "I don't really care what I look like. I only care if the baby is born healthy."

"I wonder who the baby will take after more – Naruto or Hinata?" Minato wondered, "Will they be able to use the Byakugan? Will the Kyuubi influence the baby in some way?" He began to rattle off more and more possibilities until Kagome began to laugh, "What?" He asked defensively.

"The baby will grow up to be strong," Kagome reassured the Yellow Flash, "Just one look at Naruto and Hinata should be able to tell you that much."

"The kid has killer grandparents after all," Minato nodded excitedly, pulling Kagome closer to his side, "I can't wait anym–!"

He was interrupted when the door burst open and Naruto stood there, panting heavily though there was a wide smile on his face as his father and stepmother looked at him with eager, anxious eyes, waiting for any sort of news.

"It's a boy!"