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-Chapter Five-

* * * *

'By a route obscure and lonely,

Haunted by ill angels only,

Where an Eidolon, named Night,

On a black throne reigns upright,

I have reached these lands but newly

From an ultimate dim Thule -

From a wild weird clime that lieth, sublime,

Out of Space - out of Time.'

Edgar Allan Poe "Dream-land"

* * * *

We travelled together for six years. Over mountain and over plains we walked. Aestus was surprisingly fit and able to keep up with my pace most of the time. We tracked down those who had done us wrong, his former tribe, and I killed them all one by one.

It took another year before I met the first of my kind. By then my reputation had gone faster than me and I was known as the Black Avenger for some reason. The vampire - younger than me, perhaps only a month old - stared at me in surprise and fear before running for his life. The same happened to the others we met over the years. Aestus just grinned every time before continuing. I really was beginning to hate the boy. I know I said that I liked him, but after six years with him and his know-it-all attitude you kind of get sick of him.

In the end we entered into Egypt hunting for the last of the cannibalistic tribe. Aestus left me as soon as he saw the pyramids of those times in the distance, and I knew I wouldn't miss him. It was just the way it was. So I continued on my own. Every night the pyramids came closer, every night I fed upon the blood of the people living by the river side. The Egyptian blood was warm as the climate, but it was dry like the sand. Not the best I've ever tasted, I must admit.

I watched as slaves struggled to build a pyramid for the current pharaoh. Poor blighters. I shook my head and was about to continue on my way to the town not too far away, when I found a spear pointed at my heart. The man holding it was one of the guards that watched over the slaves.

"What are you doing here, slave?!" he demanded. "Trying to get away from the work, eh?"

"Excuse me, but I am no slave. Nor am I ever going to be." I replied. "So if you'd be so kind to let me pass?" I stepped to the right but he followed. I had just stood up and I was hungry, and when I'm hungry I easily get annoyed. I growled and stepped to the left, but once again he followed.

"You are not going anywhere but back to the pyramid, slave." He added the last word to mock me.

"No I am not, I am going into town." Once again I tried to step past him, but he wouldn't budge and poked me hard with the spear. Only the fact that my vampire skin was tougher than human skin saved me from loosing the little blood that I had in my body. "You really don't want to make me angry mate."

"Oh? Really? Slave!" he poked me again.

I saw red. You would've too had you met him Harry, so don't even think of making a comment on that one. So I did what I do best, I attacked him. The man hadn't expected this and I had him pinned to the ground easily. With a growl I pit his throat and sucked on the life-giving blood. He tried to scream but I put my hand over his mouth. I stopped right before he would've passed out and looked down at him.

"I told you that you wouldn't want to piss me off." He stared at me in horror. "Did you know that you people from the Nile taste very dry. You need to move somewhere with more water and less sand. Thanks for the meal." I left him there on the ground to bleed. He would be dead before the hour was up.

Continuing on I entered the city. I walked around the surprisingly busy streets and took in the sights. Cairo in the old days was really something, Harry. Just imagine Egypt in its prime; the paintings on the walls, the cats and dogs roaming the streets, the priests walking around, the people, the colours. It was quite the sight to behold.

The priests amused me greatly. Each and every one of them - no matter what god they served - knew what I was. When they saw me their eyes would get comically big and they would either start praying or run off screaming bloody murder.

And then I felt it. The presence of another vampire.

I was currently standing on one side of a great market place. I looked around, and my eyes locked on the amber ones belonging to our dearest Ramsis.


Athan smiled fondly at the memory and Harry grinned. Athan was by far the most interesting creature he had ever met, and he included Dumbledore and The Voice in that as well.

Pig hooted and pecked the bars of Hedwig's cage. Hedwig rolled her eyes before going straight back to slumber. Harry shook his head and opened the door to the cage. Pig shot out and flew towards the window.

"You'll have to hide for a minute Athan," the green-eyed wizard told the vampire. "I'm going to let Pig out."

"Are you sure that I can't eat him?" Athan asked hopefully.

"Quite sure." Harry smiled as he watched the vampire, grumbling and complaining, get into his closet. "There you go Pig."

Pig hooted, nipped his hand and glared at the closet before flying out of the window. He tried to imitate Hedwig for a while but quickly went back to his crazy way of flying all over the place, zooming here and there and nearly crashing with trees and lampposts.

Harry shook his head again and sighed as he closed the window. "You can come out now."

Athan jumped out at once. "Finally. It was getting boring in there."

"You were there for a total of three seconds."

"So? I'm a hyperactive vampire, accept it and move on."

"Believe me I have. You're right up there with Dumbledore, are you sure you don't eat Sherbet Lemons?"

"Nope." Athan grinned.

The green-eyed wizard snorted. "I swear, those sweets should be banned."


"They make Dumbledore way too cheerful - and at the most impropriate times as well."

"Like when?"

"Bright and early in the morning when anyone with half a brain shouldn't be awake yet."

Athan shrugged. "People are weird. That is a fact that I have accepted. You change topics far too often."

"What happened next?" Harry asked in jest.

"See, there you prove my point! Ha! I was right about something!"

"You scare me." Harry deadpanned.

"Well, honey, I am a vampire." Athan seated himself upside down on the ceiling. "Now, for the rest of it."


We stared at each other for a long while. Then Ramsis smiled and motioned for me to follow him, which I did. He led me through the streets to a house on the edge of the town. It wasn't big, it wasn't fancy, it was simply Ramsis if you know what I mean. Scrolls of papyrus lined the shelves and jars of ink stood around on the tables.

I was wary and didn't sit down though Ramsis did. He regarded me with interest for a long while before talking. In that time I got slightly nervous. Sure I had met other vampires before, but they were all younger than me. Ramsis is 100 years older, and it wasn't a knowledge I liked. I knew that to him I was just a Fledgling still, and I didn't know his way of thinking well enough yet to go into full battle with him.

"Calm down, Athan," he said suddenly. "I will not hurt you. Why don't you sit down?" he mentioned to the seat opposite himself.

"I'll stand." I replied.

"As you wish." He looked at me for another while before continuing. "Your reputation has reached us long before you came in person. There used to be ten vampires in this city, and now there are only three left; the knowledge that you were headed this way has scared them off."

I got curious, a trait that I yet have to learn how to master. "Who are you?"

"I am Ramsis the Half-Vampire."

"Ramsis the WHAT?! Is that even possible?!" I know my eyes were wide and my finely-schooled cold demeanour dropped.

He chuckled. "Of course it is possible. The one who made you couldn't have known much. Oh, he knew the basics of course, but that is instinctual. Yes, I am a half-vampire, and yes it is possible for a vampire to mate with a mortal human."

"How's that possible?" I asked as I sat down. I had a feeling that I was going to stay here for a couple of days.

"Ever heard of soulmates?" I nodded. That was a topic that our Shaman had talked about constantly. "Every vampire has a soulmate waiting for him or here somewhere out there. And once you find your soulmate you will be bound to him or her for eternity. Nothing except death can tear you apart, nothing can stand in your way. We call it the Bonding."

"Will I meet my soulmate?" I asked.

"Perhaps, it is a large world out there." Ramsis smiled at me. "How about you stay here with me for a couple of days?" he suggested. "There are a lot of things that you need to know that your teachers couldn't teach you. I am willing to let you become my apprentice for a while until you have learned what you need, and I crave the company."

"Crave my company?"

"Another thing with vampires. We are loners by nature, but yet we crave the company of our own kind now and then. It gets depressing after a while to only mingle with mortals who die so quickly; and when this gets too depressing we seek out our own kind to boost up our ego, if you understand what I mean."

"Yes, I do. My Maker said almost the same thing." I replied.

"He wasn't as stupid as most vampires are, then. You see, Athan, knowledge is power. If you know many things, you will be able to easier defeat your enemies. But the best thing is to let them underestimate you, the surprise they get when you show what you really are made of will buy you a few precious moments to escape. Especially when you're dealing with the Slayer Organisation."

Yes, Ramsis was more violent in those days. Compared to what he is normally today, back then he was a devil.

"You speak from personal experience?"

"More or less." The half-vampire smiled. "Stay with me Athan and I'll teach you everything I know."

I didn't take long to think over the proposition. "I'll stay."


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