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Chapter 1:  Screwed up Potions

Swirling colours, purples, reds, blues, greens, yellows, even a touch of white.  The colours swirled, faster and faster, gaining speed, as a picture began to form.  A picture of a non-descript room, white walls, wood floor, old bed, a wardrobe in the corner, a desk, and a broom.   It was tidy, no clothes strewed all over the floor, no posters, no signs of life.  As far as it looked, no one lived in the room.  The bed was perfectly made, without a crease.  The floor was perfectly swept, rug perfectly placed.  The shelves were ordered, the books were on one corner, a broken television sat on the other side.

It was a disgrace to think that this could be the room of a fifteen year-old boy.  Fifteen year-old boys were supposed to be messy.  They weren't supposed to make a bed, especially as perfect as that one was made.  They weren't suposed to sweep the floor with out pleading to do something else, and then, when forced, it was a hapahazard job.  She had witnessed it her self.  Though she had never been a fifteen year-old boy, half of her friends had been, and she had witnessed how one must threaten, plead, wish, and finally torture a fifteen year-old boy to make his bed.  That is, a normal fifteen year-old boy.

It was quite obvious that this fifteen year old boy was not normal.  Now, as everyone who reads this knows, this particular fifteen year-old boy was not normal.  He was the saviour of the wizarding world, he lived with abusive muggles, and he had been tortured by and had duelled Lord Voldemort, had come away alive from it.  This, and many other things of the boy made him not normal.  But of course, the woman did not know that.

To tell the truth, she knew nothing of the boy.  She did not even know his name, though she sensed that he was fifteen years-old, and had a connection to her.  In truth, she had no idea what she had just done.  She had tried to make a potion for her husband's cold.  He rarely got sick, but he had somehow recieved a Frog Throat, and had turned into a giant baby.

She shook her head, staring at the potion.  She rather thought she had put in the wrong amount of toad eyes, or she had put in the unicorn hair too early.  She did not have the potion receipe, and was going by memory.  And now she had made some potion she had never heard of, nor seen.  She'd probably poison her husband.

"Dear?  Is somethung wrong?"  Her husband squeaked out, as he staggard in the kitchen.  "You're taking quite a while for a simple potion."  He was tall, dressed in his blue and green wide plaid pyjamas, with his blue flannel robe wrapped around him.  He was shivering, though it August. 

She turned around, and sighed.  "I'm really not sure.  I mean, I think I might have discovered a new potion."  She motioned towards the cauldron.

"A new potion?  Sounds interesting.  I thought you actually paid attention in potions though."  He raised his eyebrows.  As far as he knew, his wife was one of the few people who actually had paid attention in potions class with Professor Aegerson.  She had actually been fascinated at it.  He shook his head.  "Ah well, I suppose you can tell our dear old favourite potions Master that you discovered a new potion.  That might put a happier twist on his sorry life."

He grabbed his stomach as his wife punched him.  "Must you always be so critical of him? I know you don't like him, but you *could* be more understanding of his position, especially in these dark times.  He's lost more than we have and-"

"Lost more than we have?  Are you joking?  We lost our son, our goddamned only son, and you say he's lost more than we have?  How-"  His hand swung out, catching the potions ingredients that were on the counter, knocking them on the floor. 

"What in the world?"  The woman stared at the jars on the floor.  "You know, I might have figured out what I did..."

The conversation, or should I say argument from before was forgotten as the man joined the woman on the floor.  "What is it, H on?"    He picked up a broken jar.  "Looks like something broke..."

"That's percisely the problem.  Put it down, you wouldn't want to cut yourself."  She knocked the glass out of his hands.  "The jar that broke, it was labelled Sien." 

"Sien?  What is that?"  The man asked, adjusting his glasses, illness forgotten. 

"I have no idea how you got to be Head Boy.  Honestly, it would have also been nice if you ever paid attention in Potions.  Sien is a combination of mugwarts and boomslang skin, used in various medical potions.  But as the glass broke, I realised it wasn't Sien in the jar, but something quite different.  Sien is a fine black powder, this podwer was yellow, and not as fine."

The man shrugged.  "I've never seen it before.  Let's just try out the potion.  It looks intersting"  He looked at the unchanging room.  "I wonder where it is?"

The woman sighed.  "I have no idea.  I mean, there are just things I know about it, like that it belongs to an unnormal fifteen year-old boy."

"Unnormal?  Is that even a word?  And why do you say that?"

"Because any fifteen year-ld boy who keeps his room spotless is not normal.  Remeber how your mother always had to prod at you to get you to do anything?"  She eyed the potion suspiciously.  "You know, I wonder if anything's wrong."

The man shrugged.  "No clue, but I do have an idea." 

The woman eyed him carefully.  "What are you thinking?  I hate it when you get that sparkling look in your eyes...almost as if you and Dumbledore are related..."

The man shrugged, asmile on his face.  "Oh nothing.  It's just..."  And he reached out as the woman noticed it too late.

"No!  Don't touch the potion!  Don't-"  But it was too late, as his hand touched the potion and he and the woman were sucked into it. 

It swirled around them, as they landed hard on the ground of the spotless room.  The woman groaned, as the man had landed ontop of her.  "Do you have to weigh so much?"  She shoved the man off of her, getting to her feet.  In truth, the man was actually very thin, but he was about two metres tall, and weighed more than his petite wife.

"I don't.  I wonder where we are... it didn't seem like a transportation potion, but like something else.  It was too long to transport us, and the swirls of colours..." He trailed off when he saw his wife staring at him, open-mouthed.  "What?"

"Oh, nothing.  I was just surprised you were actually saying something intelligent."  She sighed, and moved towards the desk.  "Now our problem is to figure out where we are.  Wizard or muggle too.  I'd hate to apparate in a muggle house."

The man shrugged.  "Let the muggles have a fright.  Not to mention the Minisrty-"

"Oh you idiot, the Ministry is what we're trying to avoid.  I mean, our names do have *some* standing, but even Fudge is going to be a bit-"

"I still wonder how that idiot ever made it to  Minister."  He interrupted.

"Because it was either him, Lucius Malfoy, or Dumbledore, who got nominated, even though he didn't want to run.  Now, most people would have picked Dumbledore, but he didn't want it, and then it was left to Fudge or a Death Eater and-" She opened a desk drawer.

"And you're doing it again.  Why don't you sit down, catch your breath, and think things through.  You know how it is when you go off on a tangent-"

"No, be quiet.  Look what I found."  In her hands was a piece of parchment.  It was an ordinary piece of parchment, a bit old, but other than that in fine condition.  It had some writing on it, but the man wasn't close enough to read it.

"What?  It just proves we're in a wizard's house.  Perfect, let's go down stairs, or at least apparate out."  He started towards the door.

"Wait!"  The woman hissed, grabbing his bath robe.  "Did you see what was  *written* on the parchment?"

The man shrugged.  "Umm, no.  I didn't.  Suppose I need a new pair again, or mine are dirty, or that *supposed* best friend of mine enchanted them again.  Remember when he enchanted them to see through clothing?  God, that was embarressing, I mean Minerva McGonagall in her underwear."  He shuddered.  "I should kill him for that."

"No.  You already enchanted his robes to be see through for a week, *all* of his robes.  And muggle clothes too.  And that's not the point."  She pointed to the words on the parchment.  "*This* is what's important."  And she shoved the paper right under the man's nose.

"*Mr Potter,

A slight reminder that when Professor Dumbledore says he wishes that you stay with your muggle relatives for the summer, he means it.  I was not very happy this morning when your owl upset my tea this morning, as Professor Dumbledore was not there to receive it.  So, Mr Potter, please refrain from constantly asking the Headmaster to let you stay with Mr Weasley.

-Professor M. McGonagall*"    The man stared at it.  He read it over a few more times.  Then he met his wife's eyes.  "All right, Lil, what *is* this?"

The woman sighed as she shook her head.  "I don't know, James, I really don't know."

Okay, how was it?  Now, take into account this was just from the top of my head, and it was written in about an hour.  Also take in account I have no spell-  okay, I'm rambling.  I tend to ramble sometimes....

Umm yes, now about the chapter.  First of all, Lily and James didn't use their names before then because, when you know someone that well, do you really constantly use their name?  I once watched it between ny brother and I, and I didn't use his name for about a day.  It was clear who I was talking to, and I didn't feel like it.

And about the situation they're in, you'll have to wait till the next chapter.  To tell the truth, I want to make this dark, though my beginning certainly doesn't set that up.  But I *will* try.  And if anyone hates Snape, then you might as well go.  I'm not making Snape Harry's father, or anything like that, heavens no, but he *was* friends with Lily.  Not dating, but friends.  And I'll probably also make this a H/H.  Not really sure at the moment, but it seems like I will.

But anyway, as I said before, I want a beta reader.  Or perhaps two, or three.  I don't really care how many, but I'd really like one.  I got 750 Verbal on my SAT, but I don't write like I did for my SAT on my stories.  I also type quickly, so yeah, I miss a lot.  And I'm also American, so I'd like a bit of help english-ising it. 

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