Quiet Moment

Aside from the crackle of the fireplace and an occasional book page turning, a peaceful quiet lingered in the room. Curled into the corner of her chaise, the Queen of Arendelle enjoyed the quiet moment.

Bare feet poked out from beneath her nightgown, but her skin did not feel the chill of the autumn night air. She absently reached for the teacup perched on the table, at her side. Not taking her eyes from the story playing out on the page, she took a sip. Half tasting the lukewarm tea, before returning the cup to its saucer.

She did not look up as the door eased opened. A lone figure paused in the doorway, staring at the empty bed. Teal eyes swept over the room. As they settled on Elsa, the figure entered, closing the door. With a blanket in tow, Anna shuffled to the chaise.

Without a word she crawled onto the chaise and draped herself across Elsa.

Elsa switched the book to one hand, raising the other so Anna could wrap around her. "Trouble sleeping?"

Something between a growl and a grunt answered her.

"Want to talk about it?"

Elsa took the answering grunt as a no.

Anna settled in, tucking her head under Elsa's chin.

Without taking her eyes from the book, Elsa placed a kiss atop her sister's head. Anna let out a soft sigh, relaxing against her.

Elsa absently stroked copper colored hair as she continued to read. A short time later Anna's soft breathing joined the peaceful quiet of the room. Curled against her sister, the Queen of Arendelle enjoyed the quiet moment.

Author Note - I see this as a routine that has developed between the sisters. Both suffer from the past and they have shared their fears and concerns with each other. They don't need to talk about as much, each just needs to know the other is there.