Any French not immediately translated or hinted at is due to the character whose point of view it is not understanding. All translations featured at the end of the chapter. Mature scene at the beginning. Enjoy and review, my loves!

When Kol had first begun his relationship with Bea, he had at times doubted what he had ever done to deserve her. When she'd further revealed her sharp edges, hidden anger, and her passion for everything life could bring her, he'd realized that she was even better than he'd thought. An angel hadn't been delivered to his blood-soaked doorstep; instead it was a magnificent woman who would dance amongst chaos beside him with a smile on her face.

Kol couldn't actually see Bea's face at the moment, seeing as it was pressed against the pillow she was clutching, her lips tightly closed to prevent herself from making noise. Normally Kol would have coaxed more sounds from her, he would have wanted to hear the pleasure he could bring her body with his own.

But with his siblings downstairs having already likely heard their escapades twenty minutes ago when Kol had licked at her until she orgasmed, he now felt a similar desire to the one she had to keep quiet. To keep this moment private between them.

Fuck, he would never get over this. Years of sex with Bea had passed but every time he was inside of her it felt like absolution. The two of them had begun speaking in French to one another after the first time she came and they'd softly conversed for a few minutes until Bea was no longer oversensitive and wanted to have sex. This time there hadn't been the urgency Kol had first felt to make Bea orgasm. Now it was a slow, smooth glide and the impossibly good feeling of Bea all around him.

Bea was on her stomach with her hips only slightly lifted off of the bed. Kol held himself up with his forearms bracketing her head, occasionally brushing strands of her hair over her shoulder so he could press his lips to the soft, sweaty curls at the nape of her neck. At the end of each thrust Kol would pause for half a second before grinding even deeper into her. This was where he belonged. After each stroke he draped himself over her back, pressing his entire body against her and reveling in the feeling of their skin-on-skin contact and the sweat between them.

When it was slow like this, everything seemed magnified. Rough fucking was fantastic and not at all emotionless– it wasn't as though when she was bent in half and covered with cum she wasn't still Bea – but when they had slow sex it felt like they were joined together on a deeper level, becoming KolandBea.

She was so warm and wet around him. Every time she shivered he had to hold his breath and steel himself to keep from finishing. When Bea lifted her head and turned it to the side slightly it was only to murmur breathlessly, "tellement bon, je t'aime tellement."

Kol let more of his weight press down on her back as he leaned down to press light kisses up and down her neck, finally letting his lips trail against the shell of her ear when he whispered back, "Je t'aime, cheri. Je t'aime, Beatrix Mikaelson."

Bea let out a whimper and her breath hitched. Kol stopped his movements, his cock buried inside her while Bea shook.

"Est-ce que tu vas bien?"

Kol knew that Bea could get overwhelmed during sex and feel out of control. While it could be fantastic, other times she also got nervous. However, Bea's immediate nod in response to his question let him know that she was alright and wanted to keep going.

When Kol didn't immediately start moving, Bea's impatience showed in the backwards movements of her own hips fucking herself on him.

Kol, however, pulled out before turning over so he sat up against the headboard. Of course Bea immediately understood and climbed into his lap, spreading her legs on either side of his thighs and letting out a low sigh as she lowered herself onto him, leaning against him so her back was pressed to his chest. From this position Kol could lean his head down and over her shoulder, giving him a gorgeous view of her body.

Kol trailed his hands up and down her arms and stomach, letting his fingers wander lightly and paying close attention to her scarred, sensitive shoulder. They continued slowly moving against each other, but after Bea had rubbed at her own clit for a few minutes and evidently come to the conclusion that she wouldn't orgasm again, she let her head fall back completely against Kol, turning her head and bearing her neck to him.

"Vous pouvez laisser aller."

After getting permission from his wife, Kol wrapped both arms tightly around Bea just below her ribs and began thrusting up harshly into her, chasing his own peak at the same moment that he let his fangs pierce her skin shallowly. The combination of Bea pliant against him and letting him do what he wanted and the taste of her blood quickly sent him over the edge.

After releasing her neck, Kol gently licked over the wound, watching as it closed, leaving behind only smooth skin. Bea hummed and slowly lifted herself up a few inches, letting him slip out of her before once more sitting down on him and breathing deeply to catch her breath.

Kol knew he was uncharacteristically sweet after sex, but it was Bea, so he wasn't embarrassed in the slightest as he pulled her even closer to him and kissed up and down her neck languidly. After a minute he removed one of his arms from her torso and held it in front of her so the skin of his wrist was only a centimeter from her lips.

Bea bit into him as gently as she could and took a few long pulls of his blood before pulling back and moving his arm so her could lace their fingers together.

All was quiet in the bedroom, and Kol had a fleeting desire to run away with her. To leave all of this behind and buy a house, live as a vampire with Bea, and simply start the life they should have had.

But that couldn't happen. They had things to do and people to kill.

Rebekah had never felt so annoyed by her lack of knowledge regarding French than she did now.

Kol had strode into the kitchen wearing only his pants, smelling strongly of sex but having no concern or decency. After he had filled up two glasses of water without even glancing at her, Rebekah heard Bea shout down from the room upstairs she and Kol had just spent the last hour in.

"Savez-vous de quelle pièce s'agit-il? Puis-je voler une chemise?"

God, this was irritating. Of course Rebekah couldn't show that she was bothered – Kol would no doubt never speak English in front of her again, and she had a feeling that Bea would go along with Kol's stupidity.

Kol obviously hadn't noted Rebekah's ire and took a long sip from his glass before shouting back up, "C'est bien. Niklaus vous doit plus qu'une chemise, en tout cas."

So they were discussing Nik now? Rebekah felt a spike of wariness at that. She knew the truce between her brothers was still tenuous, and if Bea and Kol were planning something – well, there was nothing she could do without the details.

"Bleu ou vert?"

Kol now sounded annoyed but somewhat entertained – never a good thing – before he yelled, "Dépend, voulez-vous faire ressortir vos yeux ou votre blush baisée?"

Bea let out a huff loud enough to be heard from the kitchen, but a minute later she wandered in wearing a pair of boxers – no doubt Kol's – and a green t shirt.

Striding over to Kol, she flicked his temple lightly before saying in what Rebekah was fairly sure was an insulting tone, "Je déteste ton accent Canadien. Surtout quand vous êtes ennuyeux."

Kol snickered in response and wrapped his arms around Bea from behind. Rebekah felt a pang of envy. Yes, she was happy for Kol and she really liked Bea, but – they loved each other so obviously. Well, sometimes it seemed like they annoyed the hell out of each other, but their marriage was so bloody... devoted might be the right word. And Rebekah had never had something like that.

Bea stifled a yawn into the crook of her elbow and Rebekah suddenly remembered that Bea had likely not slept at all last night. Already somehow her capture seemed like a thing of the past. Nik and Elijah had left the house half an hour ago to consult with some witches about a tracking spell for the local teenagers and Rebekah had mostly lazed about watching television after Rigby and Katerina had also left to presumably return to the apartment she and Bea shared.

Suddenly Rebekah saw her sister-in-law swivel her head to look at her, smiling shyly before she said, "Désolé pour le bruit, charmant."

Before she could respond, Rebekah watched as Kol lightly squeezed Bea before murmuring, "English, darling."

Bea looked a little bit embarrassed when she said, "Sorry, we go back and forth."

She shrugged off the apology and responded in a glib voice, "For the best, I think. I'm quite sure I don't want to understand much of what you two say."

Kol untangled his arms from around Bea and turned to look at his wife, lifting his eyebrows up and down and looking ridiculous when he said, "Oh no you don't. Quite filthy. Bea was just saying some positively lascivious things."

Rebekah choked on the tea she'd just lifted to her lips, but Bea's reaction changed her shock to amusement. The woman's mouth dropped open in offense and she began sputtering before she finally let out an angry sound and smacked Kol's shoulder as he burst into laughter.

"Oh my god! I did not, you complete ponce!"

However instead of responding, Kol simply passed Bea the glass of water he'd poured for her and her anger seemed to disappear entirely. Pecking Kol quickly with a murmured, "Thanks, babe," she began taking large gulps.

Both of them seemed to grow serious at the same moment, leveling Rebekah suddenly with nearly-identical stares. Bea put down her water and spoke first with her face changing to an anticipatory smile.

"So, what's the plan so far? I'm practically itching for some carnage and dismemberment."

Rebekah suppressed a wince. She had grown used to Kol's bloodthirsty and at times twisted behavior, but it was… strange to see it matched by the woman who looked like the peak of propriety and reeked of refinement. At least it affirmed how well-matched they were. Briefly she wondered at what Bea must have been like as a human. Surely not a serial killer, but the anger and callousness enhanced by vampirism had to have already existed.

"Elijah and Nik called in a few witches who are particularly proficient in tracking and location spells. Within the day we'll know where the teenagers are."

Kol nodded and Rebekah watched Bea's expression become distant as she murmured, "I did, too, actually. Had to let her go, unfortunately."

Rebekah was nearly positive the witch Bea spoke of was no longer breathing.

Elijah and Klaus had remained entirely composed. That was until the witch in front of them suddenly sucked in a harsh breath.

"Wait. Bea? As in Beatrix Mikaelson? Was Eleanor Morris with her?"

Both Elijah and Klaus stiffened at that, and Elijah saw that a small snarl had covered Klaus's face. Asking for a tracking spell from this witch in order to find where the Mystic Falls group were was a delicate situation already, and any complications could delay their revenge.

"What concern is it of yours?"

The witch in front of them smiled – much too serenely for her following statement – as she said, "I went over to the house of some uppity bitch my now-ex-husband slept with. She was dead and my identification spell saw their names as the last in the witch's apartment. Honestly, I am more than willing to help those girls out."

Elijah saw Klaus turn towards him, and quickly returned the satisfied smirk.

Do you know whose room this is? Can I steal a shirt?

It's fine. Niklaus owes you more than a shirt, anyway.

Blue or green?

Depends, do you want to bring out your eyes or your fucked-out blush?

I detest your Canadian accent. Especially when you're being annoying.

Sorry about the noise, lovely.