The couple couldn't fall asleep this night. It was about 2 in the morning, the news they'd gotten couldn't be forgotten. No, I didn't mean for that to rhyme. I don't do poetry. Anyways, they laid in bed next to each other

"Wow... I never would've thought THIS would happen." Sasha said. She had a hand on her stomach and rested her other arm next to her. Rhys had his arms behind his head. He was smiling uncontrollably.

"So what are we naming him?" He turned his head to look at her. She still held her gaze upwards.

"'Him'? I want to name 'her' Sharliene." She said back.

"Pfft yeah. If it IS a her. But since it's gonna be a him, I'm going with Rhys, the legendary name will live on, I say."

"Hey. Are you carrying the kid? No. I should name the thing."

"But you just called the kid a thing! That's not mom like! I'm more of the better parent right now." He said as he nudged her side.

"You could have just killed the baby! How dare you! At least I didn't attempt murder." She said with a fake look of shock on her face.

"So they said you were how far along?" Rhys tried to stay on a serious manner for this one time.

"Um... two.. months?" She replied. Sasha had now turned her head towards him.

"Just us... being parents. It's so weird. I-I know we got engaged and all. But it feels like it's gone so fast."

"That's okay. It's the same here. I don't think I'm ready, neither of us are. Are we gonna be okay?" She asked. Rhys moved closer towards her and answered.

"Of course we will! I believe in you, and I know you believe in me.. riight?" She started to laugh when she said this.

"..Okay so you don't believe in me. T-That's fine you know. I open up and this happens." She rolled her eyes and agreed.

"Yes.. you'll be an -okay- dad. And I'll be the best mom obviously."

"Whaaat.. of course you'll be the best 'MOM'. I don't want to be the best mom, of course. I'm gonna be the best dad. So ha!"

"Boy am I glad I'm not that." She concluded. They sat there until about 3 in the morning and finally drifted to sleep.

[About 6 months later...]

"Hey Rhyyyys! Come here!" Sasha called from their bedroom. He was in their soon to be child's room, now rushing towards their room.

"Yeah?" Rhys said, peeking in at the doorway. She was standing by her mirror.

"How do I look?" She turned and showed off her outfit.

"You look nice as usual. Like I said before, your belly doesn't matter." He crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway. She took pleasure in his compliment.

"Thanks.. Ah, my back's killing me... When are we leaving?"

"Few minutes. You sure you don't want to just stay here? Y-You know. The luxury of a comfy bed."

"No Rhys. I'm due any day now. I need to be next to equipment in case things go bad. Things do go bad, you know. If I stay here for the birth... Where's the help if it goes wrong?" He looked down and replied.

"At the.. hospital?"

"At the hospital. We have to go to the hospital."

"But remember what happened the LAST time we went to a hospital?"

"Yeah. That is definitely valid... But this one's different. A better neighborhood where people don't get stabbed by Psychos. We did move away from there." After this, the 2 were silent for a few minutes. Then, Sasha fell backwards onto the bed and covered her eyes with her hands.

"I'm scared.. I've been reading.. and this is supposed to hurt, like so bad when it finally happens. As if all the puking and aches weren't enough. Is it gonna be worth it?" She asked. Rhys began to approach her slowly, and laid next to her.

"It will! I'm going to be here, hon. I'll always be, and just think about it. Our own kid... Think about it! You're strong. You have been through all of this, and I'm proud. You can't give up now, it's almost over. You've gotten through it up to now, you can do this." Rhys said, encouraging her.

"I guess we should go then. You gonna stay with me?"

"Of course."

"Thanks." She said with a smile. They got in their car and drove to the hospital.

[Yes. Another time skip. 2 weeks later...]

It was about 1 in the morning when Rhys woke up to a sharp pinch in his side. He turned and saw a distressed Sasha, her eyes wide open.

"Rhys. Water. Broke. Please help." She mumbled while now wincing. He began to panick.

"Oh shit... I'm gonna press the call button. I can't believe this is happenin-"

"Shut up and DO IT." She said sharply. He pushed the button and spoke quickly.

"Hey. So funny thing.. we have a woman giving birth up here an-" He was interrupted by her screams of pain. The office sent doctors. Rhys returned to her side.

"They are coming.. what can I d-"

"Give me something to fucking punch I DON'T KNOW!"

"Okay... okay. Um... Everything in here is valuable so.."

"Book. That book over there." Rhys looked at the dictionary. He picked it up and returned.

"Okay.. go." His mistake was how he held the book in front of his head. When Sasha hit it, the book sort of clocked him in the face. He fell back into the chair and was gripping his bloody nose.

"I'm soooOORRYYYY!"

"It's fine. It's fine... God dammit where the hell are the doctors." He declared as he switched on the light.

"You may have to do this..."



"A-are you sure? Because I think you're supposed to do all of the work anyways. Would anyone else really-"

"RHYS NOW IS NOT THE TIME DAMN IT!" She screamed. He unwillingly approached.

"Okay... I officially now hate hospital care." Just as he started to reach for her leggings, the doctors came, rushing through the door.

"Ohhh thank God. You guys could not ha-"


"Okay.. I'll just sit right here, then." He was a bit relieved now that he didn't have to do the whole procedure.

"I think that's for the best." One of the doctors said. Before Rhys could mouth a word, Sasha grabbed his arm.

"Don't. Say. Anything." She glared directly at him. He didn't know what terrified him more: the baby coming or the soon to be mother in labor with said baby. He reached his hand out and had to join it with his other hand as soon as she applied pressure.

After about 6 hours, the baby girl was diagnosed healthy, and so was Sasha. Rhys had a sprained wrist, not surprisingly. He denied any care. All he wanted right now was to be with his family. He took a seat next to Sasha and the baby on her bed.

"Whew. That.. was exhausting. I mean it did hurt. It hurt a shit ton. But now it doesn't. Weird."

"I won't complain. You turn into a damned monster when in pain."

"Hah. Yeah. I guess I do."

"Like a little tank. Heh."

"Stop talking." She said while in a mixture of blushing and giggling. Now came the 2nd hardest part.

"What are we naming hi- her. Her?" He asked.

"We can.. decide later. For helping, you can hold her I guess. Maybe you can get her to stop crying." He sat and laid down next to Sasha, now taking the baby from her

"Well hello there... If you can hear me. I have like a splitting headache... could you maybe shut up or something?"

"Hey.. that's not how it works. And I think I have a worse one than yours."

"Fine. Hey, why not look at my weird face? It's all weird and stuff." The baby started to calm down as Rhys made different facial expressions.

"There you go.. I think they gotta take her back for now." He wasn't focused right now, so he didn't hear her the first time.

"I think the nice doctors standing in front of you want to make sure our baby is not dying, Rhys." He looked up and saw the men in front of him.

"Oh." He reluctantly handed the baby off. They were both very tired now, after all of the excitement.

"Never thought I would fall asleep this... early? Late? I don't know."

"You're too goofy, Rhys. Goodni-Good morning..."

"See? What did I say?"

"I don't know. You have me there. Good one..." The size of the bed allowed Rhys to sleep by Sasha's side. Like he promised.