(A.N.: Hey, everyone! I always like to start the new year off with a bang, and what better way to do that than with the return of the Hendersons! Prepare yourselves for more action and suspense than ever before. I have a feeling Courage is going to get himself into some new and bizarre situations, so don't expect me to say I told you so.)

(More exciting news: Congratulations to Darkest Moon, Gareth Paul Barsby, and Chris Gammon! You three have been submitted into my story! You'll be playing the parts of mysterious secret agents from Washington sent out to Nowhere to investigate the strange events going on over there. Also, a fourth secret agent, modeled after myself, will be tagging along and...well, I'll be making it up as I go along, so expect a few surprises. Thank you.)

Prologue: Dark Dealings in Washington

Deep inside the Capitol building there is a room. A room almost no one knows about. Inside the room there is a desk. Sitting at the desk is a man. His identity is covered in shadows. The only ID on this man is his FBI badge on his uniform. On the desk is an intercom. The man pushes the button on the intercom.

"Montgomery," says the man in a gruff voice. "Send in Agent Gammon."

"Yessir," says Montgomery. After a brief pause, the door opens. In walks Agent Gammon, a tall man with greased hair. He wears a pair of sunglasses. All agents do, for some reason.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" asks Gammon.

"Agent Chris Gammon," says the mysterious figure. "My department has received some...unusual disturbances occurring recently in the town of Nowhere, Kansas. I'm sending you and three other agents out there to investigate. I want a detailed report about any past and present happenings out there and I'm ordering you to catalog them. An officer will provide you with the appropriate equipment."

"Yes, sir," answers Gammon. He turns around to leave, but the shadowy man stops him.

"Agent Gammon, a fellow agent has informed me that you are writing 'stories' on your office computer. They've been taking up valuable hard drive space, so I ordered the stories downloaded to a disk and deleted from the computer." The man pulls out a disk from the desk and tosses it to Agent Gammon. "Now, try and keep your mind on your work instead of in these fantasies of yours, and stop wasting time on them."

Gammon frowns. These "fantasies" were the only opportunities to exercise his creative mind. The man continues. "You leave tomorrow at six in the morning. Dismissed."

Agent Gammon mumbles out a "Thank you" before leaving the room.

The mysterious man pushes the intercom button again. "Montgomery, send in Agent Barsby."

After a moment, the door opens, and Barsby steps into the room. He looks similar in appearance to the previous agent, except his hair is styled differently, and he has an accent. "Yes?" he asks.

The man pulls out a portfolio from his desk. "Agent Gareth Paul Barsby. You used to work in forensics, correct?"

"Yes, sir. In Britain. Before I was reassigned."

The man puts the portfolio away. "I have an assignment for you. You and three other agents are to be dispatched to Nowhere, Kansas to investigate some paranormal activity. Given your expertise in gathering information, I want you to collect names, places, fingerprints, and any other useful info and give them to Agent Gammon to catalog."

Agent Barsby is rather baffled by this sudden request, but he accepts it. "I've always wanted to go to Kansas! I've heard the..."

"This isn't a sightseeing trip, Barsby. This is a top secret government investigation! Can I trust you to take this assignment seriously?"

"Oh, yes, sir," mumbles Barsby, as he calms down.

"Very well. Your gear will be issued to you in your quarters. You leave tomorrow at 6 A.M. Dismissed."

Agent Barsby turns and leaves the room.

The man immediately takes another portfolio out from his desk. He observes the name, but is unsure of how to say it to Montgomery. Finally, he says to the intercom, "Monty, send in Agent D.M."

The door soon opens and a young female agent walks up to the desk. Her uniform appears normal. Unknown to anyone, however, she has several Sailor Moon items in her pockets. (Key chain, pencil, etc.)

The man looks at the portfolio again. "Greetings, Agent..."

"Um, I go by my 'code name' only," interrupts the young girl.

"I see, uh, Agent Darkest Moon. May I call you D.M. for short?"

"If you must," answers D.M.

"How long have you worked in this department?"

"Two months, sir. I have yet to receive my first major assignment."

"Well! Your in luck, D.M. I happen to be assigning you one right now."

"Now?" asks D.M. excitedly.

"Yes," answers the man. "You see, you and some fellow agents are going to Nowhere, Kansas on a little 'investigation'. I understand you're very good with a camera, so I want you to take photos of the area and any 'peculiarities' that may arise."

Agent Darkest Moon obviously wants specifics to these broad instructions, but she has been taught never to ask that to a higher-ranking agent (especially to this one), so she eagerly agrees to the assignment.

"Very well. You leave tomorrow at six. Your equipment is in your quarters. Dismissed."

D.M. leaves the room very excited, yet also puzzled. This is her first big assignment, but she wonders why she didn't receive any details.

When the shadowed man is alone again, he leans into the intercom and says in a chilling voice, "Get me...Agent Jonathan R."

Soon, the door opens and a tall, young agent steps into the room. His brown hair is greased and he wears shades, just like the other agents. However, he looks as though he has a strange, unnatural personality inside him. What's ironic is that Agent R is really just a shy, average agent, but looks really menacing and evil.

"You wished to see me?" he asks in a deep voice.

The man behind the desk motions to him and he whispers something in the agent's ear. All we hear him say is, "Make sure nothing goes wrong," at the very end.

"Very well," responds Agent R. He turns around to leave. When he gets to the door, the strange man calls out his name. Agent R turns around to face the man.

"I want you back alive, OK, Jonathan?"

"Hey, you know me. I always come back some way or another. See you later, Dad," he says and exits the room.

"Bye, son," says the man behind the desk. He sits back in his chair. "I love the family business," he says to himself.

(Hope you all like it so far. I'll get to the Henderson's return to Nowhere very soon!)