Nothing had changed. And yet it had. There was a new glint to his eyes, a perpetual wariness that shone through, and small things that were easy enough to pretend meant nothing. Like the desk drawer stocked with ginger ales. Or the peppermint tea he'd pretend was coffee. They didn't really speak about it, but suddenly he was checking she ate throughout the day, stocking mouth-wash in the squad car. But nothing really changed; there was no new hesitance in trusting her ability, no new doubting her judgement. The team existed the same as always, and if his hand occasionally fell towards her lower back, no one noticed.

It was harder than she'd expected, going home every night to a cold and empty apartment and wondering how a little human could ever fit into her world. But no one pushed her for answers, and the occasional "you got this" from Finn and "we're here, for whatever" from Carisi were almost enough to allay her fears.