Honey Pot

Chapter 11- Hot Mix

It was a cool morning in the city of Middleton. The sun was still rising as more clouds filled the sky. One could see darker and darker clouds being pushed along with a damp wind as thunder, lightning, and rain could be heard in the distance. Clearly another storm was coming to sweep over the city of Middleton.

Down below in the humble neighborhood, in the fully renovated Stoppable home, its current single occupant was in his newly refurbished red and blue room. Sleeping in his newly bought folding style bed, drooling out the side of his mouth. Suddenly, the millionaire sidekick was disturbed by the catchy and upbeat ringing coming from his phone on the lamp table next to him. Tired beyond reason, Ron could barely notice. Simply pulling his newly bought blankets over his head. The ringing soon stopped fallowed by the phone's voicemail and a loud beep.

"Rufus. Oh Rufus? I know you there." Knowing who that voice belonged too, the tiny intelligent rodent popped his head out of his cage. "I got Bueno Nacho with me. Its all yours. Just gotta wake Ron up."

Of course before the heroine could even finish, the little guy was already across the room, bouncing and jumping on his master's head jabbering nonsense. Soon enough, Ron woke. Pushing off his blankets, staring at his animal companion with one eye open as Rufus pointed at the phone like a hunting dog. Ron looked at it, reading the text on the screen and groaned. Sighing, the millionaire side-kick got up and walked down.

"Kiiiimmm?" Ron opened the door, yawning and rubbing one eye.

"Hey Ron I-" The heroine began but was interrupted by the hairless rodent in Ron's stripped pajama breast pocket excitedly jabbering to her.

"Yeeeaaahhh... Come on in."

Ron opened the door, patting his little buddy's head. The heroine handed the to-go breakfast bag to her old friend as she walked in. Standing in the doorway, the millionaire caught his eye on the heroine's turtlenecked turquoise mini-sweater as it reached down to her thighs, hugging the girl tight, leaving little to the imagination. Kim's hair was tied back into a ponytail instead of her usual style. The millionaire stared at his friend as she continued to admire his home.

"Ron? Oh Ron, you there?" Ron shook his head at her question, to wake himself up. But Ron quickly became distracted again when he saw his partner's face. The heroine's makeup was perfectly applied and her hair in perfect form as it was tilted to the side. Emphasizing the cheerleader's beautiful emerald eyes and pink lips, leaving the millionaire side-kick starstruck. "Hello?"

"Huh, yeah." Ron answered but soon looked down where Kim was pointing at. Ron could feel Rufus running around inside of the paper bag he was holding before suddenly the little pink Rodent's head popped out, covered in cheese. The animal companion burped at them before falling back into the bag.

"We really should have seen that coming." Kim joked. "Anything still in there?"

"The little guy's stomach defies description." Ron answered as he walked into his room and over to the kitchen. Leaving the to-go bag sitting on the counter. "I'm actually surprised there's even a bag left."

"I'll get two bags next time."

"Don't worry about it. I'll make us some cereal." Ron answered, setting out two bowls on the counter next to the bag before pulling out a large box and some milk. "So, you gonna tell me why you're here? Its not a mission since you're not in gear or coming in through my window. Oh and B-T- Dubs, I'm running out of Vacah days and I haven't slept in any of' em. Can't a man enjoy his days off?"

"I'm sorry, Barkin sent me over here to get you to sign on his class action law suit. He doesn't think It'll work without your help. What with your money and decent lawyers. The mummy-in-training even said don't come back until I get an answer out of you."

"Yeah, about that." Ron sighed as he poured in the milk before handing a bowl to Kim and both heading to the couch. "According to my lawyer, the school ain't doing do hot. It can barely afford to keep going. If the lawsuit thing did work, the best I'd do is shut down the school... maybe pay for Barkin's medical bills but that's it. And that's a big maybe. I'm guessing Barkin already knows that. Good news, I got my own plan. We ask important people we've saved to donate."

"Wait, what?" Kim asked, taking the first spoonful. "Ron, I'm not sure about that. The only thing we've ever asked of people is transport to help more people."

"Kim, the school is so run down people got hurt. Maybe fatally somewhere down the line. Even you. Its only luck that Barkin just got scratched up. The school needs more funds and fast. Asking rich people we helped is are only real play here." Ron explained before taking his own bite. As he chewed, the side-kick could see the lingering reluctance and discomfort on his partner's face. "Think of it this way, anyone pouring in money to help a national icon's school is a PR gold mine. Win-win."

"I dunno. Still feels kinda dirty."

"Dirtier than an army of roaches, spiders and rats? Oh wait, how about that sludge that come out of the sink I'd use to make cakes instead of water. I'm sure that would taste fantastic."

"Okay, I hear what you're saying." Kim admittedly nodded as she finished her bowl before setting it down on the coffee table. Sighing, the heroine stood up off the couch and headed toward the door. "I'll go tell Barkin the news."

"Wow, hold on. I never technically gave you an answer." Ron smiled. "Just reasons why his plan wouldn't work. Sooo... hooky in the morning? You'll get back just before lunch gets out."

"Ha, sure." Kim smiled, sitting back down next to the PJ covered side-kick. "Honestly, I can't thank you enough. Since the incident, the only thing Barkin cares about are the floats. Even though all that's left is the painting part, it still smells horrible throughout school."

"Oh yeah, I completely forgot about the MD thing." Ron shrugged as he finished his bowl. "Is that why you're looking so great today, somebody ask you out?"

"Nope." Kim rolled her eyes. "Its just that every year during the festival, Nanna sends me some new clothes. Usually they're wool sweaters or sun dresses. But when we went to got see her that summer I finally told her I didn't like'em. So she finally sent me something good and I'm wearing it."

"Oh yeah, forgot about those. Remember when she sent you a two-fer wool sweater and cuffed pantaloons?" Ron laughed. "Still though, wearing a knockout like that to school with only a few days to the festival and dance? Coinkydink."

"Whaaat? No, I am not wearing this to get some-hopefully cute, guy to ask me out. I also didn't save up for two months to buy it or get up really early to spend hours putting on make up and making my hair look perfect so I'd look super pretty. Yeah, nope. I didn't do any of that so I won't go alone to the Middleton day's dance again... nope. Not at all."

"...Uh, okay. I-I so buy that. No reason to get further into it... you okay?" Ron asked his friend, who only bit her lip and adjusted her hair as she couldn't look him in the eye. "Okay then, well if it means anything, I'm still rich and no girl's asked me out."

"Well, you have been gone all week."

"Enough people know where I live. My number's your site. Then there's my profile... not a peep."

"Well, maybe they think you and Bonnie are still a thing?" Kim suggested. "Yeah, everyone knows why you two were together but hey, still a couple."

"I don't think so." Ron shrugged. "O'l Bon-Bon made sure I knew we weren't a couple anymore."

"Yeah, she made sure you knew that. Everyone will see for themselves when you get back next week. You'll probably have a new girl before first period."

"Kim," The millionaire side-kick raised his eyebrow at her. "its been a few weeks since we broke up. They have seen me and her."


"Yeah, besides after all that time with Bonnie I think I'll take a break from relationships." Ron shrugged. "Just concentrate on my essential Ron-ness."

"Uh-huh." Kim laughed in disbelief. "Right."

"Ignoring that, whats new?"

"Okay, fine." The heroine turned on her side toward the millionaire, her emerald eyes matching his brown. "Lets talk about this newfound initiative you got. I talked to Monique. The patents. The teaching. Now the donation thing. Whats going on with you?"

"What is there to tell?" Ron turned away, shrugging. "After losing half my money, I decided to put, some ah- focus in my life."

"Ron, come on."

"Fine." The millionaire sighed back into the couch. "I got a new business partner. That's where all the ideas are coming from. I just handle the food and recipes part."

"Wow, you're not gonna stop there are you?"

"Its my dad. We've been skyping and e-mailing back and forth since he and mom discovered I almost lost the money."

"Okay, I'm surprised by all of this but, why didn't you tell me till now?" The heroine asked. "I could have helped."

"Well," Ron bit his lip, embarrassed. "I didn't want to. I wanted to do this on my own. Without you."

"Wha-what do you mean?" Kim asked, worried confusion in her voice.

"Kim, none of this is your fault, but have you looked back?" Ron asked, frustration deep in his chest. "Whenever I did something on my own or what I liked, I always had to put it on hold or drop it all together. One reason or another. I don't want that to happen again. Not when I had so much to lose this time."

"No-no, I get it." Kim nodded. "I remember. The bueno nacho thing. The restaurant you ran out of the school. The fearless ferret thing. That's just three of them. You did great each time. I never meant for any of that to happen."

"I know Kim, and like I said its not your fault." Ron nodded back. "But remember during the first week, how you kept telling me that 'money can't buy happiness'?"

"Ron, that's true."

"Kim, I didn't inherit my money. I earned it with my own idea. How many other people can say they got rich off of something they made?" Ron asked, his frustration returning. "Can't I take some pride in that?"

"I-I didn't think about it like that." The heroine looked down, guilt in her eyes. "I'm sorry."

"Well if we're apologizing, I might as well do it for not helping out on missions as much as I should these days."

"Its cool." Kim smiled. "Monique's filling in and she's doing great."

"You know that Mon hates the job right?"

"Y-yeah," The heroine admitted. "she's decent but its not the same."

"You know, you could always ask Felix?" Ron jokingly suggested. "With his cyber-robotic chair he'd probably be a better side-kick than me."

"Ron, come on. Get serious. There's no better side-kick than you." Kim jokingly smacked Ron's shoulder. "I couldn't ask for a better partner. Besides, I don't think it'll come to that. If the room is saved or not, and if your plan works, you'll still go on missions with me. Tell me the school's not interested in us saving the world from baddies? Maybe you could give some private lessons to Monique. Give her your cook book or whatever and let her sub for you when we go on missions."

"Well Mon is a manager at club banana."

"I just don't know if Monique will go for it."

"Ha. She'll probably run for it. I'll ask her and her dad later." Ron nodded, smiling as he remembered Monique's goofy father. "Speaking of Mon, she taking anyone to the dance?"

"Why? Are you interested?" Kim smirked. "That's kinda cute. My BFF's and side-kicks hooking up."

"Ha-ha." The millionaire laughed. "I'm just curious. Mon's my friend."

"I know, besides she's dating someone." Kim explained. "But I don't know who or how long it'll last. So if you ever change your mind you might get lucky at the dance...That came out wrong."

"Still funny." Ron laughed. "But I won't give my hopes up. Just another year of going single... or being your wingman again. How's Josh the monkeyboy doing these days?"

"Yeaaahhh, I'm kinda over him." Kim shrugged as Ron smiled. "Besides, he's dating Tara now. Sorry Ron."

"Why are you sorry?"

"Well, ever since you saved us all from Gill freshmen year... Tara's had a crush on you." Kim explained. "You kinda lost your chance."

"You're kidding me?" Ron groaned. "No one told me that!"

"Ron, it was obvious to everyone." The heroine awkwardly back peddled. "... you really don't know how girls work do you?"

"Oh man. I hope a mission does come up, just so I have something else to think about." Ron groaned, sinking back again into the couch. Turning back to his friend, Ron saw Kim's body suddenly flinch straight on the couch before her eyes flashed neon. "Ohhh that can't be good."


Hundreds if not thousands of miles away in parts unknown was a bright blue sky over an uncharted island. At the south end of the island a large complex stood in the baking sun. The monstrous tower was well past its glory. Its antennas, signs, and defense turrets were burnt, bent and shot to ruins. Full holes blown on its sides with an entire chunk of a wall missing with nothing but scorch marks in their place.

Inside the main room, its stone walls and granite floor are just as battle scarred as the exterior would lead anyone to believe. With crispy and scorched stone and equipment scattered throughout the space. Inside what remained of the main room was two sections, the makeshift lab filled with the best working gear any mad scientist could tape together in one end, the other an ash covered gym.

Inside the makeshift lab was none other than the sapphire mad genius himself Dr. Drakken bent over one of the new standing desks, tool in hand, goggles on his face as he tinkered into a half melted machine. Across from him, inside the ash covered gym was his contractually labeled 'side-kick' Shego, dumbbell in each hand.

One by one, the villainess pumped a dumbbell with each arm, staring at herself in the half-cracked and scorched mirror in front of her. But as the curls go by, the super criminal grew more and more frustrated as she heard her contractually labeled 'boss' humming to himself as he worked. The green mercenary took a deep breath to calm herself, but felt nothing but the mountain in her chest build and build. After another off key note flew out of Drakken's lips, Shego's eyes burst open with her mouth not far behind with a couple of lungs full of anger. But Shego stopped herself when she saw her partner's reflection.

Through the scorches and cracks, on top of the glass covered silver, Shego saw Drakken take off his half melted lab coat and reveal to her his ash and sweat covered navy under shirt. Shego bit her lips as she saw the mad scientists' unnatural and modified muscles stretch the cheap cotton, his sweat glistening off his body. Shego's natural green eyes flashed neon pink, giggling at the busted mirror before she licking her lips. The villain shook her head to snap herself out of it before she sighed, returning to lifting the dumbbells.

Turning her head to the side wall, Shego looked at the half charred calendar. Shego bit her lip again as she counted the days crossed out with a green X. The days since they discovered the small miserable emoji inducer on her neck.

'I'm gonna kill somebody.'

Shego thought before looking straight again, straight at the charred and sweaty yet unnaturally muscular blue man through the mirror as he continued to tinker away. Biting her lip again, Shego felt that mountain in her chest build up as she crunched the dumbbells even harder, and harder. Until suddenly the villain couldn't take it anymore and her hands ignited. Melting the hard plastic covering the cold metal before moving onto the iron. Turning red hot, bits and bits melted before falling onto the floor and her feet. Burning her shoes.

"Oh come on!" Shego's rolled her eyes annoyed as they flashed neon red. "DRAKKEN, what's taking so long?"

"Shego? Shego, calm down." Drakken half whispered, looking up at Shego as she dropped the half melted dumbbells. "The lair's in bad enough shape as it is. Half of my stuff is melted or smashed because of your last tantrum."

"It was your fault." Shego spat. "What kind of genius jumps to the angry red setting or whatever?"

"I am almost done."

"You've been saying that for days now." Shego breathed, her hand flames sizzling out into smoke. "I'm running out of patience and I want this thing off my neck."

"I'm sorry but I need more time."

Ughhh!" Shego screamed. "Can't we just go back to our room for a bit so we can both work off some steam? I'm bouncing off the walls here."

"I'll admit that does sound good." Drakken nodded admittedly. The mad scientist looked at his partner, enjoying her figure in the tight spandex neon green leggings and her matching sports bra. Both with a black stripe on the side. "But the last time we did that, you almost did as much damage as your tantrum."

"Ha." Shego laughed. "The lair gets destroyed almost every time we deal with Kim and whatever side-kick she's using."

"I'm not made of money." Drakken scoffed. "I'm just asking for more time so i can safely remove the darn thing. You really wanna worry how that thing might mess up your mind more than it already has? Because I don't."

"That's almost sweet coming from you." Shego half laughed. "Ya know, if you weren't the first one stupid enough to try it."

"Ha-ha. Sorry. But I just need more time." Drakken awkwardly laughed as he bent back down and continued his work. Humming to himself like before. But within seconds, the tool he was using blew. Sending a stream of sparks behind him as the power-cord attached to it ignited. Pulling out a soot covered fire extinguisher from under the desk and blew out the flames. "Damn it. It'll cost me another day just to fix that."

"What?" Shego asked, her eye twitching and shining red with rage, before suddenly she reached behind her neck and pulled the device from her body. Her eyes returning to their natural cosmic green. Shego sighed in relief as she showed her prize to the mad genius. "HA!"

"What?" Drakken asked as he walked over to her, gadgets in hand. "I don't believe it."

"I've been telling you for days that just pulling it off would work."

"I knew it could be removed. I just had no idea what pulling it off would do to you. Its been hooked up to your brain for days. I still don't."

Drakken answered as he looked at the small blank screen of the device in Shego's hand before running back to the most intact part of his lab. As Drakken tossed out half charred tools, Shego silently walked over to him, a confused but happy smile on her face.

"What are you doing?" The green villain asked as her blue partner pulled out more gadgets from his desk. Shego stood there in surprise as Drakken walked over and stuck two pads on her temples.

"Don't move. I have to make sure the device didn't do any permanent damage to your brain when you pulled it off." Drakken ordered as he looked down at his scanner. The super mercenary was taken back at the mad scientists concern. "From what I can tell, it didn't cause any real change. But I'm getting a lot of useful data about your powers and how your brain works. Maybe I can use this for a weapon. Upgrade the henchman's energy staves or a ray to blow up a science center or something."

"Okay, started cute then it got creepy." Shego rolled her eyes. "How did I lose my virginity to you?"

"Wait, what?" Drakken asked, looking up from his screen. Drakken's surprised sapphire eyes matching Shego's daring emeralds. The villainess grabbed Drakken by his burnt belt, pulled him close, and kissed him. Hard. In all honestly the mad doctor greatly enjoyed the hungry kiss, but he had a little something on his mind. "She-she-hmmm."

"Talk later." Shego pulled his head back, with one thing on her mind. "Fun time now."

The villainess kissed Drakken again even more heated than before and the mad scientist quickly melted into it. Shego roared a hunger filled moan as she pressed her chest into Drakken's own. Drakken felt Shego's soft flesh through the sports bra against him through the thin cotton of his shirt. As Drakken kisses back he reaches around and grabs Shego's large and firm behind with his small hands. Shego moaned again as their tongues wrestle for dominance.

While the would be world conqueror gave off the appearance of a determined scientist, the last few days had been almost as hard on him as it was for Shego. Every time Drakken hummed as he worked it was to keep him from bouncing off the walls. Because to Drakken, his contractually labeled side-kick was quite possibly the most beautiful woman in all of super villainy. A villainess who groaned, posed, and grunted oiled up in sweat half naked in front of him the whole time he worked that week.

Her thigh rubbing against Drakken's, Shego could feel how hard Drakken was through his pants. Still moaning into their kiss, Shego slid her hands from the belt buckle to the ends of his waist before tugging with all her might. The burnt, worn and tired work pants easily ripped apart. Leaving Drakken in nothing but his scorched undershirt and boots.

Drakken barely noticed or cared and only smiled as he saw Shego drop his ripped up clothes before reaching up and grabbing the top of her sports bra. Drakken didn't just stand here, he bent down and yanked Shego's leggings down to her ankles before hoisting the now naked Shego up into the air.

"Wooooo!" Shego cheered, waving her sports bra like a victory flag.

Shego tossed her sports bra away and wrapped her legs around Drakken's waist as he let her back down, kissing him again as he charged forward. Drakken blindly ran into a large chunk of the former ceiling half buried into the floor. Neither villain even noticed as Shego gripped the stone tight, her fingers digging into it like burning steel nails. Shego gritted her teeth and her hands ignited in green flames as Drakken rammed into her.

Standing up, Drakken looked down at the green super human, her washboard stomach, her thin but muscular arms, her pretty moaning face. Most of all her large green tits bouncing and jiggling in front of him. Her light green nipples staring right back at him. Years and years of science and super villainy. All kinds of projects ranging from diamond powered lazes to hypnotizing agents. Glorious machines of death and life. This right here. The woman in front of him, sweat glistening off her body as he plowed into her, was by far the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.

Drakken's strong if small hands still groping her ass, held up Shego as he rammed into her. Drakken started hard and fast, but Shego had other ideas. Her strong legs wrapped around his waist, tightened and pulled him in at the rate and speed she wanted. So Drakken went in deep and slow with Shego all but screaming all the while.

"Yes, oh god yes." Shego groaned, biting her lip. "Just like that. Jesus, I've missed this."

Drakken was getting tired. Day after day of almost not stop work and putting out fires was doing him no favors. But he would not be denied. Shifting Shego a bit with his hands so she was sitting and he was no longer holding her up, Drakken let go of Shego's ass and grabbed her green melons. Drakken could feel his fingers sink into the doughy skin, almost like he was being absorbed into the super human's colossal breasts.

"Ohhhhhh, I've missed this too." Drakken groaned himself, ramming as hard as he could into her with all his might. "Missed this so much."

Shego tossed her head back and closed her eyes, letting her climax wash over her body as Drakken made one final thrust, holding on to her breasts ike they were handles. Which Shego found she liked. The two stood there for a moment, just enjoying the feeling before Shego unwrapped her legs around Drakken and lazily slid to the ground. Shego's hands fizzled out as she let go of the chunk of former ceiling and just sat there on the rock.

Drakken kept on groping and feeling up Shego's breasts, his eyes practically glued to her bright green nipples. Shego smiled back at him, tracing lines on his chest, sizzling smoke burning off her fingers as she cut through Drakken's cheap shirt. While painful, Drakken found that he liked it, and thrusted into his woman again.

"Ahhh!" Shego barked out in surprise and pleasure. Licking her lips, Shego pushed against the rock with her other hand and knocking them both to the ground. Shego landed on top, her hand on his chest to keep her up. But Shego's hand was still hot, ignited or otherwise, burning through the shirt and into Drakken's altered skin. Drakken winced in pain as he pumped into her, bouncing Shego into the air with his hands still on her tits.

"Oh...my... god." Shego shrieked with each thrust, her hands now off of Drakken and into piles of ash and gravel on the ground. Keeping her hands from igniting. Drakken let go of her right breast to hold himself up as he reached up and licked the same boob with his mouth. His unnaturally long tongue licking around the nipple. Shego tossed her head back again as she reached another climax. "Everyday! We're doing this everyday!"

"I'm not arguing." Drakken agreed as he bounced her on top of him. But Drakken's back was starting to hurt from the position. So Drakken flipped Shego on to her back with him on top of her. Grabbing her leg, Drakken hoisted it over his shoulder and pulled her against him as he continued ramming into her.

Shego's eyes looked like they were made of glass and blank looking in no real direction. Her mouth open into a bit of a smile as her tongue slid out on the side. Shego's body spasms from Drakken's thrusts.

But unbeknownst to the two lovers, back under Drakken's desk, the dark green remote was activated and helpless. Above it was the remains of Drakken's desk barely holding together. Above that was the heavily damaged ceiling that was slowly getting weaker and weaker. Not enough for a cave in or collapse, but enough for bits and pieces to fall. Another pebble fell from one of the many holes. It fell that long distance and landed smack dab on the moodulator. Not hard enough to break it, but the image on the screen changed. From a bright and yellow smiley face... to something else.