Homeworld was in turmoil. Everyone had just a short amount of time to prepare themselves. After The Diamond Authority's grand announcement to invade Earth, all quadrants were in overdrive. Extensive research was being done to make sure plans would be carried out effectively, and as smoothly as possible. The recent attacks on Homeworld sent the Diamonds into a frenzy. They needed strength, they needed troops. And that was exactly what they were going to get; more power, more huge, abled Gem warriors to conquer and destroy. And yet, Homeworld was running low on resources- supply could not meet demand, especially when they were being threatened galaxy-wide. Creatures from every corner of the cosmos heard of Homeworld's strength, power, and resources, and they wanted it as their own. Power play ensued, and even if Homeworld rose victorious every time, the health of the planet itself took the worst hits. Not enough Gems could be produced or trained in time to form a more-than-adequate defense and offense. The soil on the planet was growing weak and more or less resembled ash. Its very core would soon have to be explored, and even then, it would only last for so long before the planet totally disintegrated.

Which meant the current warriors were being trained harder than ever in preparation for Homeworld defense while the invasion of a new planet was sought out. The planet had recently been discovered by an over-excited peridot about 400 orbits ago, where she found something that looked simply like a glob of water being supported by a chunk of ovular rock . From research, it seemed to be abundant in rich mineral resources that could create possibly bigger, better, and stronger warriors. The Authority almost immediately called an invasion into action, but they only had 730 sun orbits left of the new planet to put their plan into action- any more would give other beings a chance to explore it before they did, any less and they risked being unprepared. As far as they knew, they were the only species to have discovered it first.

Pink Diamond had volunteered to scout the planet and begin building the Injectors. There she would spend another 730 orbits while overlooking the progress of the new gems. Once she gained a sufficient amount, White Diamond would join her and they would begin training these new warriors and regular gem production. If everything went well, a second Homeworld would come to fruition, and Gems would rise as the dominant race.

And of course, who better than to train harder in preparation than Jasper herself?

Jasper was a force. In every single invasion of Homeworld, she was the one who lead her squadron head-on into battle under Yellow's insignia. It was she who stood victorious, not having retreated into her Gem once in the past thousands of orbits. In every battle she fought, the remains of her fallen soldiers laid in glittering shards around her, she herself not having blinked an eye. Why should she when her enemy's remains were in the mix? She could handle anything, and Yellow Diamond knew this. It was Jasper, her strongest leader, that she had plans for in the invasion of this new planet.

Now, Jasper respected Yellow Diamond to the utmost level. Everything was a mission to be completed to Jasper, but this newest one went above and beyond her expectations. Yellow had called Jasper into her quarters, where she assigned her the mission of training Pink Diamond's troops. This appalled Jasper at first; Pink was soft. At the meeting where the Diamonds discussed the invasion of the new planet, Pink was the only one to have an objection, believing the whole act to be "barbaric." She was overruled, of course, but nonetheless, the other Diamonds took careful note of this subtle but significant shift in her behavior. She was also known to bring defective gems under her quadrant when the other self-respecting Diamonds would just poof the wretched things and crush their gems under their heel. Jasper dared not speak out of turn in front of her leader, but her hesitation could not be hidden.

"Is there a problem, Jasper?" Thin yellow eyes stared down at Jasper. Jasper stared back, showing no signs of weakness even in her hesitation.

"With all due respect, Yellow Diamond," Jasper said huskily. "I think I'd be better suited training the ranks of Blue, or White Diamond's troops. Maybe even stay in your quadrant."

A smirked crossed the taller woman's lips. "You think Pink is weak."

Jasper did not break eye contact, but said nothing. Yellow chuckled and stood up, crossing her arms imposingly and walking past her. "Rise, Jasper. I have very important information to relay to you."

Jasper did as she was told, and followed her leader to the window that overlooked Quadrant Y. It was abound with research gems collecting materials from the useless ground, and troops training tirelessly. Far off one could see the labs connected to a large stretch of crumbling rock wall, where more gems were attempting to be manufactured. Homeworld looked like nothing more than a desolate rocky wasteland

"Homeworld is dying, Jasper." Yellow said evenly. "We need more resources if we want to continue to be strongest beings in the galaxy. I understand that you think Pink is weak, and this is why I send you to train her troops."

"I… I don't understand." Jasper said, looking at her leader. "Just look at who she commands, Yellow Diamond. I don't think I need to remind you of who she took in over two-hundred thousand-"

"I'm aware, Jasper." Her leader said firmly. The very memory pained Yellow. Those two pebbles were an embarrassment to the Authority, the "problems" no one really liked to talk about. They didn't even want to enhance their appearance, for Gems' sake. Pink's protection and fondness for them were the only reasons they weren't glittering blue and red dust floating in space somewhere.

"You see Jasper, the Authority grows weak. We need fighters, we must protect ourselves. We cannot allow weakness to crumble our foundation. We must weed out weakness. And, based on your previous hesitation, you can guess who we've been suspecting."

Yellow tapped a few buttons on her panel board, and an image of Pink Diamond emerged on the window screen. Jasper studied her, examining her large stature and dark eyes. Those eyes were not like the other Diamond's- they held gentleness.

"You know of her practices, of how she coddles Gem runts and has the weakest troops in the Authority. She is threatening our strength. I need you to go to her Quadrant as a spy. Train her troops, but gain intel. Find out if she intends to carry out the invasion fully. Go with her."

"What?" Jasper blurted before she could stop herself. Yellow glanced at her sideways with disdain. "My apologies." She growled. The new planet was the last place she would ever dream of going. It looked like a waste of her time.

Another smirk crossed the bigger gem's lips. "You'll be fine. And if it turns out that our suspicions were correct, and she strays from her mission-" Yellow faced Jasper, arms crossed behind her back, gaze piercing into her deeply. "Crush her gem, and carry on the mission yourself."

Jasper's eyes widened. She could barely believe what she had just been ordered to do. Spy on a Diamond, and destroy her should she stray on an assumption? This was betrayal to Pink no matter how anyone looked at it. Every other mission Jasper had been asked to perform seemed to dwarf in comparison to this.

"You will be rewarded handsomely." Yellow continued. "You will be revered as a hero should she rebel. Every being from galaxies around will know your name."

Jasper stared down at her feet a moment before sinking to one knee and bowing before her leader.

"I'll do it."