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Chapter 1: The First Porn

"Guy caught his neighbor masturbating"

[ click ]


"Aah…" the red-haired guy, lying on his bed that's beside the window, moaned. He was already nearing his climax.

On the next house, there was a blonde guy fixing up his clothes for his date later. He was swaying his hips, dancing to an invisible tune, because of the excitement he was feeling. However, he abruptly stopped when he realized that he didn't have the vehicle to pick up the girl. Fortunately, he remembered that he is good friends with his red-haired neighbor who happens to have an awesome looking motorbike.

The blonde guy, then, decided to visit his neighbor. To be able to get to his neighbor's front door, he would have to pass by his window. At first, the blonde guy didn't notice this but as he gets closer, he slowly did. His first immediate reaction was of disgust but it was soon replaced with curiosity. What he did, then, was to bend down and hide below the window. But slowly, he inched upwards to take a peek at the sexual scene.

The red-haired guy was already nearing his climax when he suddenly stood up. He, with his raging erection at his hand, faced the window, even with his eyes closed. He continued stroking and stoking until finally, he came. His cum was sprayed all over the see-through window but was looked like it was rather sprayed all over the blonde peeping tom.

When the red-haired guy opened his eyes, he saw a blonde guy with eyes opened wide, splattered with his white secretion. That made him surprised and embarrassed, of course.

However, instead of running away or closing the window, the red-haired guy, slowly, became hard again. The blonde guy stood up, intending to run away but his legs, even his crotch, had other plans. They stared at each other for a while before the blonde guy's body decided to act on its own.

The blonde guy walked to the red-haired guy's front door and knocked. The red-haired guy didn't even bothered to get dresses as he went to open the door. And without a word, they held each other and started kissing.

The angle showed a close up view of their lips sensually locked together. Both of their hands would roam each other's body, beginning from their chests up until the stomach. The red-haired guy suddenly pulled the blonde guy towards him as he slammed the door shut. All that aggressiveness was transferred to the blonde guy as he pinned the red-haired guy onto the wall. The kiss got deeper at the point and then, the camera's focus shifted in the red-haired guy's crotch, showing how hard it is. Rotating the angle a bit, the camera now focused on the blonde's crotch which was being massaged by the red-haired guy. Slowly, the zipper was being unzipped to show a hard dick that was tightly embraced by his underwear.

The red-haired guy immediately removed the restraining pants and underpants to reveal a huge erection underneath. Surprised by its size, the red-haired guy blushed. He kissed the blonde-guy before kneeling down. "H-hey… dude… m-maybe we shouldn't do this…" the blonde suddenly said, suddenly realizing after the loss of the kiss. The red-haired guy just grinned at him and looked at him as if saying, "Oh yeah? I think your cock has other ideas."

Suddenly, the red-haired guy started licking on the erection, making the blonde guy moan. His thighs and legs quivered with the sudden pleasure. The red-haired guy continued licking until the cock was wet enough for him to suck it. Slowly, while measuring the thickness of the cock, he began to wrap the head with his lips. When he can do so with ease, he started bobbing his head up and down to the last inch.

After a few minutes (as instructed by the director), the red-haired guy stood up and he started kissing the blonde guy again. The blonde guy was stroking the other guy's nipples when the other guy started taking his clothes off. When they were both naked, the red-haired guy took the initiative to take them both into his bedroom and onto his bed near the window.

There, they both lied down, the blonde guy on top of the other. The blonde guy's hips were already thrusting in the air, looking pretty much excited. However, the thrusting was so graceful that the blonde guy's body looked as if it was an ocean wave.

Without any more delay, the blonde guy grabbed the red-haired guy's thighs and wrapped them all around his waist. They kept on kissing even when the blonde guy started pushing the head of his cock inside the tight hole of the red-haired guy. Muffled moans and grunts from both men were heard. The red-haired guy's moans became louder as the blonde guy thrust deeper inside him. (Behind the scene: Director: *whispers* say "Your dick is so big.") "Ahh… mmm… your dick… it's so big…" the red-haired guy moaned. Suddenly, the blonde guy grabbed the red-haired guy's dick and started stroking it.

After a while more of that, changing positions halfway through, they both came. The red-haired guy's cum finally landed on the blonde guy physically and not through a window anymore while his ass was filled with the blonde guy's load.

The guys stared at each other for a while, panting and sweating. Then, they switched positions so that the red-haired guy was the one on top of the blonde guy. The red-haired guy rested on the other guy's chest showing basically that they were cuddling. In that position, the blonde guy saw the cum from the window from the red-haired guy's earlier exhibition, making him chuckle. "What are you laughing about?" the red-haired guy asked. "Nothing." The blonde replied. "Well, I don't know why you're laughing but you're still a peeping tom." "I'm not." "Then, what were you doing there, anyways?" "I was supposed to borrow something from you…" Then suddenly, the blonde guy's cellular phone, which was on the back pocket of his pants, rang. "Actually, I have a date later… and that's probably her. But I think… I'd like to cancel that now." The blonde guy said, grinning at the red-haired guy before kissing him in the forehead. After that, he kissed him on the lips.

The screen started to fade into black.

[ scrolls down ]

"Write your comment here…"

[ type type ]

"Awesome! Dat was soooo hoooot! They luk so natural! Cute bottom tho!"

[ enter ]

+on the other side of the planet+

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Are you fucking serious, Roy?" Mello, a currently famous gay porn star, shouted. "You've gotta be kidding me." He added. "No, I'm serious. Look at the comments… 'They look so natural' I mean, that sounds good, right?" Roy, a porn director, replied to the raging blonde porn star. Apparently, their recent porn short film about a guy catching his neighbor masturbating was a big hit. But, it wasn't the idea that was selling, it was the actors—the stars.

It was their first time collaborating—Mello and Matt (the leading porn stars in the previous scene), that is. Mello is usually known for stripper roles because he is usually the one with the appeal. Matt is more the innocent looking type which makes him a bottom, most of the times. That made a good match, contributing to the success of "I caught my neighbor then we fucked". Also, there may be something with the mixture of blonde and red, moving sexually in a single bed. Perhaps the colors sparks unknown passion within the audience. Or maybe it's the fact that their names both start with the same letter. But of course, Mello and Matt are just screen names. But if people knew that even their real names kinda match—Mihael Keehl and Mail Jeevas—I think they'll go wild.

"No, it does not! WHERE THE HELL IS NATURAL IN THAT? I'm just a very good actor." Mello replied, still angry. "Natural or good acting, doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that it's selling. And it's because of you guys. We are doing the porn series, okay? I mean, you can back out, hopefully not though, but you'll risk a really large profit." Roy said, putting a fat cigar in his mouth after. Mello bit his lip. According to statistics, in line with the ratings of their first porn, doing a pornographic series does sound like a profit maker.

"What does the loser say about it?" Mello asked. "Haven't asked him yet. Pretty sure he'll react just like you. You guys are as angry as your cocks when together." Roy laughed. "I can't even believe I managed to get you two in the same room together."

Mello and Matt 's first meeting didn't go well. Their prior knowledge of each other were not good as well. Mello heard that Matt was gamer freak who usually locks himself up in his room if he doesn't have any work. Matt heard that Mello is a chocolate addict. Matt hates sweets. Anyways, when they met, Mello almost freaked out when he saw Matt oddly wearing goggles. Matt hated Mello the first time he saw him acting like that. With those simple matters, they started hating each other.

"Btw, Mattie boy will be coming this afternoon. We will be discussing your schedules already. So, don't you dare leave." Roy said. "But I haven't agreed on it yet!" Mello replied. "Oh, I'm sure you will. Your school will probably send you a notice soon, about your unpaid tuition." Roy grinned before sucking on his fat cigar. "Anyways, you stay in the hall for a while later, alright? I need to brief and force Matt into this as well."

The hall is just the space outside the room where they do the meetings and stuff. It's a narrow space that causes strangers to rub chests and crotches when, coincidentally, they happen to pass by at the same time.

A while later, Matt arrived. He was wearing the goggles Mello hated so much again, along with his striped shirt. "Hello, blondie-locks. I see you're in your chocolate costume again." Matt greeted the blonde who was standing in the hall. They fucking hated it whenever they get to meet in the hall. "This is leather, you idiot. It has class, unlike your geeky goggles." Mello replied. "Whatever." Matt rolled his eyes but Mello didn't see it because of his goggles. Awkwardly, Matt passed through, trying as hard as possible to avoid any form of physical contact with his co-porn star who he just fucked a month ago. The blonde did the same.

When Matt came in, Roy immediately greeted him with the same news about the porn series. Matt, as predicted by Roy, had the same reaction Mello had. "That idiot? What is this? You're trying to make us a love team or something? A PORNOGRAPHIC DRAMA SERIES?" Matt said, disbelievingly. "Well, yes. I think it's a great idea. Surprisingly, romance in porn seems to be popular. (A/N: I know nothing. I don't know if this is true or not.) So, like, why not make a primetime type of porn?" "You. Are. Crazy." Matt replied before storming out of the room. However, Mello was there and he didn't really want to pass through so he just went back inside. "Shit." He rubbed his forehead. "I really don't have a choice, do I?" he asked. "You do. You always have a choice. But… I'm pretty sure you're not stupid. You know that this is a great idea." Roy replies.

Matt took one of Roy's cigar and started smoking. "Dammit."

And then, the decision to make "Mine, and mine alone", the upcoming pornographic drama series, was finalized.


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