Roses are red, violets are blue

Sugar is sweet, and perhaps you were too

But the roses have wilted, the violets are dead

The sugar bowl's empty, your gun to your head

The sun isn't shining, the sky isn't clear

There's no silver lining because you're not here

Rain keeps on pouring, there's no end in sight

You're lying there frozen, so far from the light

Your beauty's unreal, your smile the sun

But time can't be turned nor your actions undone

The words that you wrote that only I read,

"I love you so much; please don't cry when I'm dead."

A bond that we formed, a love that ran deep

A pain that we shared, a friend I could keep

I wanted to hold you, wipe tears from your eyes;

To be there the moment you said your goodbye

I want to forget, but most times I don't

I want to let go, but I know that I won't

Tears on my face, memories burned in my head

The roses have wilted, the roses are dead.

-Unknown Author

"Alexander?" The Queen called, rapping her knuckles on the Crown Prince's bedroom door. She held a stack of paperwork cradled in her left arm and knocked with her right. There was no answer from within. Strange, but not a completely unusual occurrence. Prince Alex was often so lost in thought that he didn't hear his mother knock.

She entered the door, expecting to find her brown haired son staring at the wall or reading a book. She didn't expect the gun on the bed or the note on the desk. She didn't expect the red stain on the bed. And she didn't expect the hole in his head.

The Queen screamed and screamed, and ran to his side. But it was too late for him. As she called his name over and over, he was moving farther and farther into the sky. He was gone from the world, which he had despised. Alex had never shared with her the fear that was inside.

Now he was gone, with one pull of a trigger. The maid that had heard the Queen rushed to her side and fainted. The butler who had been walking down the hall, showed more self restraint. He searched the room for any signs of a struggle or a rebel. But of course, there was none. Alex had simply chosen his time. It had been a willing death.

The couriers had taken the body away when they found the note that Alex had left for them. The Queen's fingers trembled as she read what he'd wrote.

It was only a sentence. Just one phrase, nothing more.

"I couldn't hold on anymore."

From the outside of the palace, from someone looking in, there might not have appeared to be any change. The weather was growing colder and colder as they approached the Autumn months, and rain was starting to drizzle down onto the perfectly kept lawn. The same, ornate, golden gates were locked to keep out potential threats of rebels or terrorists. The sun rose and fell, just as it always had, and each night the moon and stars revealed themselves, shining brightly in case people had forgotten their existence in the twelve hours they had vanished in.

But, if one were to enter the palace, to pass through the gates that kept the prestige and honor of the Royal family in tact, one would find that time seemed to be stopped. Frozen in fear, as if the death had rendered its job impossible as well. And although the clocks ticked off seconds of each day, the members of the palace ignored it. To them, it was like the death had killed them all. That the palace was no longer filled with oxygen, but water, and that they were slowly drowning in the weight of their grief.

The rain that fell down matched the mood inside the palace. All the staff worked with red eyes, and it was not infrequent to pass someone wiping away tears into his or her handkerchief. The mood was dismal. The halls that once were full of laughter now housed only pain and despair.

The playroom seemed an odd place to seek solace in these difficult times, but all 5 remaining Royal children were inside, silently mourning the loss of their brother in black. The two older girls had veils over their faces, as if they were trying to block out the pain. There was no sound in the room. Even the youngest, who was only 5, knew better not to speak. They were all lost in thoughts and all four of the older children, even though the King and Queen had tried to hide it, knew the truth.

They knew how there had been no rebel attack, like the Report had said. They knew that Alex had taken his own life, not someone taking it for him. Most of all, they knew he was gone, and he was never coming back.

The four of them had tried their best to hide it from Courtney, the youngest. They didn't know if she knew or not, but they didn't want to be the ones to tell her.

The child, however, was the first one to speak. "Per-y?" She asked her second-oldest, and now oldest, sibling in an innocent voice.

Percy, who hadn't spoken to anyone in the day and a half after he'd found out about his twin's death, looked at his baby sister, with her fluffy, golden curls plastered against her face. In the faint light in the dark room, she looked like and angel. She held out her arms and he lifted her into his lap, holding her against his chest. Her blue eyes met his brown ones. "What, baby?" he asked, voice hoarse from the lack of talking and the amount of his tears.

As he spoke, his oldest sister, Callie, looked at him with eyes wet with tears. Aria, who was fourtrem, was asleep on her lap, eyes red and swollen. His younger brother, Aiden, was gazing determinedly out the window, attempting to lose himself from the conversation that was starting.

"When's Alex coming back?" Courtney asked, staring up at her older brother intently. Callie turned away, unable to bare it anymore. Percy, for his part, worked hard to keep the tears out of his eyes.

He rocked her back and forth in his lap, slowly. "He's not, baby. He's gone."

That was not a good enough answer for her, apparently. She and Alex had been close, though not as close as she was with his twin, Percy. "But, Per-y." she asked again. "Where's he gone to? Is he on a vacation?"

"No, Court. He's not on a vacation. He's just gone, and he's never coming back." Percy blinked hard. He didn't want to show his other siblings weakness. He was the oldest, now, anyway.

"Why'd he go, Per-y? Why'd Alex go?" she asked, her blue eyes big and wide.

He could see tears falling out of Callie's face streaked with tears as he answered. "Honey, I don't know. Sometimes people just leave you, and you don't know why." At this, a tear slipped down his cheek.

Courtney started to cry, because she say her two older siblings crying. "Why'd he leave, Per-y. Didn't he love me?"

Percy held her tighter and stroked her hair. "Of course he loved you, sweetheart. Baby, listen he me." he cupped her chin with her hand. "I guess Heaven just needed a hero, ok, and Alex was the right man to do the job. But I promise you, every day he's watching you and seeing you grow."

She sniffed and put her thumb in her mouth, but she stopped crying. "Who's gonna play dollies with me or read me stories at bedtime?"

"I will," Percy told her. "Or Callie or Aria or Aiden."

On the other side of the room, Aiden snorted and turned his head even farther away. Callie turned and glared at him, startling Aria awake. "What's wrong?" the younger sister asked, blinking sleep away from her brown eyes.

Callie didn't stop glaring at her younger brother. "Aiden, being his normal self."

Aiden turned and glared back around. "At least I'm concerned about my actual brother being dead! He left us! He committed suicide! And no one here thinks that's selfish of him."

"Adien!" Percy chided, hugging Courtney closer as she started to cry again at the shouting. "Control yourself."

The boy leaped to his feet and flew over to Percy. "NO! I won't! All my life I've been told, look up to Alexander. Be more like Alex. Alex never did this or that. And now look. Look who couldn't tough it out and take it like a man. Look who's gone. Look who shot himself in the head and couldn't handle life's problems." He took a deep breath and stared down Percy. "And I'm still here."

Aria stood up and ran over to him, pushing Aiden down to the ground and punching him in the eye. "You know that's a lie! It's all a lie! He did love us. He did." She sat on his chest and started pulling his collar, pulling his shirt tighter and tighter while beneath her, Aiden's face turned blue.

"Stop it, stop it, stop it!" Courtney screamed, putting her hands over her ears to block out the yelling. Aiden knocked Aria off himself and grabbed the child on Percy's lap, picking her up and shaking her.

"You don't care he's gone. You just care about who's going to play with you, you spoiled little brat!" Aiden screamed, dropping Courtney to the ground and kicking out at her, thankfully missing her head by an inch.

Percy pushed Aiden across the room as Courtney grabbed onto his knee and continued to sob. "Aiden, she's just a child. She doesn't even know what happened."

The younger boy leered at his siblings. "Well, she's going to find out soon enough. She's going to need to know that the 'perfect' child blew his brains out all over the floor. That he was too much of a coward to even say goodbye."

Courtney was screaming and yelling harder now, crying big, huge tears all over the floor. Aiden was screaming too, profanity and insults about his brother before Aria tackled him again and socked him in the mouth, knocking out one of his teeth. Percy tried desperately to break the two of them up, but it was no use. After that, he picked up his baby sister and carried her back to her room, stroking her hair and reading to her until she fell asleep for her nap. Callie fled from the room, shortly after, eyes as wide as a dear's caught in a headlight.

No one came to break up Aria and Aiden's fighting until eventually Aiden got free and ran. No one saw Aria chasing after him, pounding on his locked bedroom door and yelling that if he wanted to prove himself better than Alex, he'd come out and fight. No one saw Aiden take a permanent marker and write all sorts of creative cuss words describing his siblings in big letters on the walls of his room. No one saw Callie take the knife she held up and slice another gash into the scars already on her wrists. No one saw Percy crying in his room, shouting his brother's name over and over again.

For the Queen had locked herself in her room, and the King was in another meeting about the Selection, which would now be Percy's to undertake.

And because of this, no one saw anything at all.

Hi everyone! I'm Sora. Sorry, that was kind of a dismal beginning, but I had the idea and my imagination just ran with it.

So, in this chapter, there's kind of a lot of hinted at themes that I didn't really want to make super apparent or gruesome in the writing. Basically, the Crown Prince Alexander, Percy's twin brother, committed suicide unexpectedly. This has never happened to the Royal Family before, so it's very hushed up.

However, as was mentioned in the chapter, the Selection forms for Alexander were already sent out. This was kind of a major problem for the Royal family, on top of everything else. Obviously, Alex can't have a Selection because he's dead. But, luckily, he has a twin brother who, because of the death, takes over Alex's spot as Crown Prince, meaning, he takes over the Selection too.

So, instead of being able to grieve normally, Percy has to deal with 21 freaking girls coming to woo him. I decided to narrow it down to only 21 girls to honor Alex, who died 7 days after his and Alex's 21st birthday.

In this chapter, you see a lot of the Royal kids' views on suicide. It's kind of split. This was done on purpose. As the story progresses, we're going to see a lot of the time that even though he was really the quiet one of the family, Alex was the peacekeeper, too.

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Prince Alexander (21/Deceased)- Percy's older twin and used to be the Crown Prince, before he committed suicide 7 days after his and Percy's 21st birthday. He was the quieter twin, but all of his family and IlleĆ” loved him. He would have been the perfect King. He was the peacekeeper between all of the six Royal children, as well as being the oldest. His death is what starts everything on a downhill slope.

Prince Perseus (21)- Alex's younger twin, and the one most affected by his twin's death. Although a sweet, caring person, Percy has no idea how to be king or how to deal with the 21 girls that are going to invade his home. Although he was close with his twin brother as an identical twin, he is closest with his youngest sister, Courtney.

Princess Callisa (17)- Callisa, or Callie as she prefers, is the studious one. She's very sweet and thoughtful, but also very shy. She doesn't really like attention, and she's definitely scared of the spotlight. She speaks fluent French, German, and Spanish, and she's engaged to the Crown Prince of France, who is 5 years older than her. She and Aria are very close. She's also very depressed inside, though she hides it well, and she feels as if nothing she does matters.

Princess Aria (14)- Aria is the loud, boisterous one. However, she sinks into herself after the death of her brother. She was always the closest with Alex, out of his female sisters, and she blames herself for not being able to stop his death. The more she thinks about it, the more she herself spirals into a depression, and she locks herself up more and more from the real world and starts to believe in a fantasy world she makes up in her head.

Prince Aiden (10)- Despite only being 10, Aiden is extremely bright. He has a knack for finding out things he shouldn't. However, he's also the rebel and the troublemaker. He's often the one who starts arguments, and he gets along with least of all of his siblings.

Princess Courtney (5, almost 6)- The baby of the family, often dubbed "The Baby Angel". She's extremely innocent and loving, and despite her age, doesn't often throw tantrums. She loves to be read to and considers everyone her friends and family. She doesn't really understand why her older brother is gone, but she can feel the change in atmosphere along the palace.

King Stephen and Queen Amanda- Both the Queen and King were devastated over their son's death, but they have a country to rule and life must go on. The Queen locked herself in her room, and refuses to come out or even open the windows. The King goes on ruling the country, but he gets grayer and more exhausted, and doesn't see his kids as much as he used to.

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