Batula's Diary
by Julie Riley

Note: The only characters I own are both Batula's wife, Umana & the vampire, Kanaduske. Everyone else is copyrighted by Sega & Rareware. Plus this diary is told from Batula's POV.

Diary Entry September 2925: (The Day I Became A Vampire)

My real name is Kevin Acorn, a royal twin of my brother at the 'House of Acorn' vith silver hair. He iz king, but I am not. At least, I didn't feel like it right away. I have a vife named Umana, a red haired squirrel and she is going to give birth to our son someday. Oh, you are all probably vondering how I became a vampire in ze first place. Zis is how:

It vas two years after my father's death from ze Kulas, an ancient race of Overlanders who never evolved on Mobius. My mother vas killed by a vampire a month ago & zat's vhy I had become a vampire slayer. Zat night, I vas ready to take on ze leader of all vampires, Kanaduske.

My vife turned to me and said, "Please be careful, Kevin. This is dangerous."

I smiled to her saying, "Don't worry, I'll make sure I don't get bitten or be killed."

I kissed Umana, held on to my cross, and headed inside ze castle. Vhen I went inside, zer vere bats everywhere. I zen saw ze vampire that killed mother, the one that looked like a black bat. He gave me an evil grin & looked at me.

"Well, well," he said, "what do we have here? A boy squirrel with his toys coming to play?"

I held my cross up saying, "Back off, demon!"

He hissed at me and told me, "How dare you try to hurt your own kind!"

"What do you mean my own kind? I'm not like you! My family had been both crusaders and vampire hunters ever since the day the first royal Acorn Family line came!"

"But you did not know what happened to the ones that have come after me after their own child was born. Some of them became slaves of mine," he said vith an evil smile.

I gasped and looked angry at ze vampire. I dashed toward him and tried to put a stake into his heart, but instead, he bit me. I zen realized zat my cross vas no longer vith me. I fell to ze ground, after I felt like I'm no longer myself. I turned around and felt my ears & my teeth growing. I screamed in agony vhile I took a transformation.

Vhen ze pain vas gone, I looked at a mirror, vhere my reflection vas disappearing. I gasped at vhat I saw before ze reflection vas completely gone, my ears looked like zose of a bat, my eyes vere completely yellow & glowing, and my teeth looked like ze vampire's. Vhen my reflection no longer showed, I turned angry at ze one who did it, ze bat zat vas laughing at me.

I told him, "Look vhat you have done to me!? I'm no longer mortal cause of you, and my vife vill freak if she sees zis!"

But zen he stopped laughing and said, "Don't worry, kid. It'll be a phase to go through. By the way, you may call me Kanaduske, your master."

"I vill never call you 'Master'!"

It vas almost dawn & he took my hand. He took me to a dark place vhere vampires like to sleep. He zen told me, "Once ze sun goes down, it vill be time to show you vhat ze mortal vorld vould be like."

He flew up to one of ze rails & hunged upside down as he started to sleep. I looked out and sighed as I shed a tear thinking, 'Umana...'

(Next Chapter: Umana Finds Out)