Note: This last part of the story is kinda confusing cause I don't remember all the lines from the Count Batula stage in Spooky. After the Count finishes his story, the last piece will be in script format. This is also a BatulaxRouge chapter, so please be nice.

March 3236 From Batula's POV: (I Love You, Rouge; Conker's Arrival)

If you are vondering vhy I'm not writing in zis part, it's cause it's from vhat I had experience instead of my writing.

About 2 months had passed since Gregg came to my mansion, and I had forgotten about ze prophacy. It vas already sunset vhen I left ze castle. I zen saw a figure lying on ze ground like he or she hadn't eaten for hours. It vas Rouge, but she looked alot older. I quickly took her back to ze castle and headed towards my room. Unfortunately for me, it vas ze servants' night off, so I had to give her something manually. I remembered having a bowl of blood from ze previous night. I quickly got it from ze grinder room and vent back into ze room she vas in.

I had just placed ze bowel into her mouth vhen she awakened. She zen stepped back away from me like she had never seen me before.

I think it's cause something happened to her when she vas younger.

She looked at me and asked, "Who are you, and where am I? And you better not say it's none of your business!"

I bowed down to her and said, "Prey, accept my apoligies, madame. I did not know zat you vere only faking your starvation."

I vould have to pretend to make sure she didn't know me until ze time vas right to reveal what had happened all zis time.

Anyway, she questioned, "Faking? I wasn't faking, I was trying to look for someone."

"Really? Like who?"

I bowed again saying, "Forgive me, I'm afraid ve haven't introduced ourselves. My name is Batula, Count Batula."

She looked at me weirdly. I zen realized zat she vas looking at my ear trying to stick out of my hair. I tried to hide it vhile fixing it back up. She got a little close to me, but I protested, "Don't come closer, girl! I don't vant you to see vhat is underneath."

"You mean your ears, right? If it is your ears, they can't possibly be that bad."

I looked sad at her and slowly undid my hair as I pulled one pin out at a time. She looked at me weirdly like she had never seen my ears before. It vas zen zat I realized zat Rouge really did lose her memory of me.

I looked down saying to her, "Now do you see vhy I hide my ears? It is my shame from ze village zat cursed me to zis domain! I'm afraid you too vould consider me vhat I am, a freak!"

She zen said, calming me down, "You're not a freak. It's just that you're different, that's all. And I'm sorry for yelling at you like that."

Ve stared at each other for a long moment until I did something I haven't done in 300 years. I kissed another girl on ze lips. Ze one I took care of for three years and I actually kissed her.

Vas I really falling in love with her after all zis time? If it is true, zen could she be a recarnation of...oh, shit!

I zen heard a knock on ze door. I broke ze kiss softly and looked out ze vindow. A red squirrel wearing a blue jacket, new type of shoes, and vhite gloves vas outside ze castle.

I looked at her and said, "I'm afraid ve vill have to do zis some other time. I have a new guest to attend to. But I vill never forget about you, white bat."

"By the way, just call me Rouge if you like, Batula!" she told me as I vas heading out ze door.

I gave her a smile and closed ze door. Before I vent towards ze door, I made sure my hair vas back to its proper position. After zat, ze doors opened as I valked towards ze red squirrel, who I think his name vas Conker.

As I vent towards him, I said, "Ah, velcome to my house. Please, enter at your own free vill, and bring vith you some of ze happiness zat is so evident in your face. And so lacking in my own."

I thought I heard him saying, "He's not kidding there."

I vould've tooken zat as a sarcastic remark, since he looked like ze sarcastic one.

Anyvay, he stepped lightly on ze carpet as he said, "I'll just cross this threshold here." Zen stepped towards me continuing, "Hmm, I'm sure there is some significance here, but I can't think of what it is."

He looked at my hair saying, "Anyway, nice hairdo."

"Vhat?" I said confusingly.

I had never been asked about my hair before, but zis vas ze first, so I just let it slide.

Ze squirrel zen said, "Nothing."

I zen told him, "So, ve seldomly had visitor out here. Vhat not, for being out here in ze middle of nowhere, on such a cold and gloomy night. Prey, follow me."

Ze door behind him closed vhile Conker followed as I continued, "You look as if you are in need of some circumstances. I have many things to eat and drink. Prey follow."

He zen talked to himself again, saying, "Oh food, okay. I was getting a bit sick of chocolate anyway."

"Zis vay," I said to him as I lead him towards ze dining room.

Ve entered ze room as I told him, "As you can see, ze place is in somevhat some state of repair."

I pointed to ze hole on ze floor from ze Robotnik incident zat night vhen I sent Rouge away to live in Weaselopolis (if you vant to know vhere it is, it's in a place called Vindy). I forgot about zat until now.

I continued, "Ve are having a few refurbishments due at the moment. I vas gonna have zis knocked through to make one big, uh..."

I had forgotten vhat I vas gonna do vith ze room. I zen remembered zat it vas suppose to be a ceremony for ze wedding of ze vampires. If I vould've told him zat, zen I vould be in big trouble.

I quickly changed the subject saying, "But anyway, ve'll just stick to ze conservatory for ze present."

Ve zen saw ze big dining table as I said, "Ah, my dining room."

Conker zen sat down on ze table as I brought him ze food. He ate ze chicken and drank ze vine like he hadn't had anything decent all day.

I asked him as I held ze vine bottle, "More vine."

"Don't mind if I do."

I poured some into his cup. As he finished I disappeared from Conker's left side vith ze vine bottle and reappeared at his right.

He zen asked as he looked ze wrong way, "You sure you're not drinking then?"

"No, I never drink...vine. He-he-he."

He looked at ze picture of my forefather as he asked, "So, who's this guy? He looks like you?"

Correct, he did look like me, except vithout ze silver hair.

I told him, " forefather. He vas a crusader in a var long ago, vhen ve vere allies vith ze squirrels and ze panthers. Zat union, alas, vas not successful."

"Yeah, and he stupid teeth as well! Didn't they have dentists back then?"

Vhy did he question such a stupid question like zat? And I had no idea vhy I felt angry at him. Probably cause Conker vas annoying ze whole vampire colony as vell as ze royal Acorn family.

Anyvay, I got angrily at ze squirrel, saying, "Enough! Who are you to criticize me or my ancestors, who's blood runs in zese veins?! You are not a noble birth, and never vill be!"

I panted as I had finished. I zen backed avay from him quickly before I overeacted.

I said to him, more calmly, "Prey, accept my apoligies. Vhenever I talk about my ancestors, I get...somevhat, touchy."

Conker nodded as he said, "Ah, that's all right. I know how it is, families. So, you've been here long?"

"Hmmm...about 300 years."

"Quite a big family."

"No, it's just me."

D'oh! How could've I been so stupid to say zat?!

Conker zen heard ze howling noises saying, "What's that noise?"

I listened in passion, remembering my kiss vith Rouge.

"Ah, ze children of the night. Vhat sweet music zey make," I said as I listened.

"Music? They're howling!" he told me, trying to correct me.

I zen heard something else saying, "Vhat is zat noise?"

It vas ze villagers. I quickly disappeared from vhere I vas and reappeared behind Conker again.

"Sounds like someone's braying on the door. Kind of take it they don't like you either."

I placed my hands on my head as I cursed, "Oh, shit! Ze villagers again. Sounds like zer is more of zem zis time."

I zen smirked saying, "Zis could be your lucky night, Conker. I vas going to kill you and drink your blood, but now it looks as though I may be needing your help. Prey come here."

Conker looked a little confused at not only knowing his name, but also on vhat I vas gonna do.

He zen said, "Uh, can we just go back a little? The drinking blood bit, what's all that abou-"

"I said, Come here!"

I zen bit Conker on ze neck, took him to ze grinder room in my bat form, and hunged upside down at my safety rope as Conker slowly began to turn into a vampire bat.

As I tasted ze blood, I said to him, "Delicious, and familiar. I think you are my great, great, great...great, great grandson, Conker."

Seven generations apart? Crap, I have been gone zat long since my son left Mobitransylvania.

I zen chuckled, "Velcome to ze family, he-he-he. Velcome indeed. I have a little task for you. Zese little villagers ocassionally pop up into my mansion to have a little fun, to see if zey could kill me. It's never worked yet. As you can see, I have made...some alterations to ze house. Ve have ze grinder, he-he, and ve have ze pumps, and some other bits and pieces. It is your duty, your errand, indeed ze whole point of your existance as of zis day, is fetch me ze villagers. Put zem in ze grinder, and let me feed. You may feed too if you vish, but only later. Vell?"

I vaited for ze answer, but he only squeaked like a mouse.

"Oh yes, I forgot. You could only speak like vhat you are...a vampire bat.* Right, chop chop, fetch me ze villagers. I am hungry."

Conker had left and did vhat he ordered. I vaited until he vould show up again, but zen a familiar scream caught my ears. I turned to see my grandson carrying someone zat I have known. It vas Rouge!

I gasped and angrily shouted, "You fool! I didn't mean everyone in ze house! Now drop Rouge to a safe place now!"

I realized I had spoken vhere Rouge was. Rouge looked at my face and gasped.

She zen shouted, "Put me down, you stupid excuse for a bat!"

Conker did just zat and left to find ze other villagers as Rouge looked angrily at me.

"Why did you keep this from me? You never told me you were a vampire!" Rouge said angrily at me.

I sighed as I told her, "Ze truth vould hurt if I told you zat."

"It hurts no matter what! I found out, so now I'm upset with you!"

"Rouge, accept my apoligies. I'm afraid I got carried away vith me being a vampire. But I had to survive, zat iz ze rule of ze vampires. Anyway, do you not realize vhy you never eat or drink anything except zat vhich is made of blood?"

"But the soup-"

I interupted her continuing, "It's made of blood, vhich you drank. And ze truth iz zis, you're a vampire bat."

She gasped at vhat I had said to her and started to make a disgusting look. She back avay a little, but kept her eye on me.

"Tell me, am I really a vampire bat?"

I saw ze blood on her fangs, realizing she had drunk ze blood I gave to her.

I nodded as I answered, "Yes, I'm afraid you are."

Rouge vas shocked as Conker came in vith a screaming a villager. He zen dropped him into ze grinder, vhich Rouge couldn't see.

She asked, "Who is that bat? Another servant of yours?"

"Actually, he's my great, great, great, great, great grandson, Conker."

Crap! Another slip up! Vhy did I had to tell her zat?

"Grandson?" she questioned.

She shook her head and vas concerned yelling, "You never told me you had a grandson! What kind of girl do you think I am?!"

"Rouge, you don't understand! I found out vhen ze villagers came to my mansion and I realized I still have a family."

I had explained to her all zat I had written to you readers out zer vhile Conker got more villagers to me to feed. Although I had to make a vhite lie about erasing her memory since her real memory loss vas sometime when she vas younger. I may be a vampire, but I don't have power like zat!

Anyvay, Rouge zen asked me gently, "If this is all true, then...I really am a vampire bat!"

She shed a tear a little about ze truth. She looked at me as I looked at her. She flew into my winged armed and hugged me. As ze last villager vas dropped into ze grinder, she kissed me in ze cheek.

I zen told her, "Go, Rouge. Ze villagers vill come looking for you any minute now."

"But what about you?"

"I vill be fine. Just go now!"

I gave her one last kiss on her cheek as she started to fly away. I zen drank ze last of the villager's blood. Right now, I just saw ze rope break and I'm not quick enough to get out. Please, someone...if I don't come through alive, please let zem know about my story...please...and tell Rouge no matter vhat happens, I vill always love her...Sayonara, everyone....


A while after Conker got out of the castle, Gregg came in and looked at the diary Batula left behind.

Gregg: Aw, bloody hell! Why did that sodding Bat Squirrel leave this anyway? It's completely ridiculous and purely fictional! (to the reader) Don't believe what you just read, mates! I think he's a liar, especially the part of loving a certain white bat from what I've heard from the "Powers that Be"!

The reaper then left the room, leaving the diary behind with a painted picture of kid Rouge, kid Nack and Batula behind. As he was outside, he heard somewhat a familiar voice.

Voice: Ridiculous, is it?

He turned to an angry Rouge the Bat with her arms crossed.

Gregg: (slaps his forehead) This just isn't my bloody day!

The last thing that was heard as it faded to black was the sound of Rouge fighting the Grim Reaper.**

The End

*I think Batula said Vampire Bat to Conker in the game.

**There was a bit of part that I forgot to add in Friend In Need (Rouge's POV), so I added it here.