Chapter 1: Prelude to Anger and Later Departure

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Jaune Arc is upset. The reason for this is that everything is frustrating him. Jaune is mostly frustrated with the people around him, but he is such a nice guy that he never gets really mad. Jaune was now trying to find not only his team but also Team RWBY as well to hang out before their next class. Jaune found them and he saw them talking about something. When he got close enough to hear, what was said broke his heart and his trust.

"Hey guys do you know where Jaune is" Pyrrha asked the group.

"Why would we know where that piece of shit is" Weiss said coldly.

"Hey Ice Queen we know Jaune sucks but that's kinda harsh" Yang replied to that harsh answer.

"Hey don't just blame me we all are thinking the same thing" Weiss replied.

"Yeah but it's not like we will say it to his face he is too sweet for that" Ruby said.

"Hey let's not say that if he overhears he might cry" Yang said harshly

"C'mon let's head to Goodwitch's class before we get on her bad side, and I bet Jaune is already there, the poor fool" Pyrrha said to the group as they begin to leave.

All of them agreed and headed to class. Jaune came out from his hiding spot. All the words that they had said led his heart to be broken. The words were still stuck in his head his supposed friends and teammate's words hurt him like a knife pushing his sanity to the brink.

Time skip: Combat Class around the middle of class

Jaune sat by himself not wanting to sit next to his so called friends.

"Now we will begin the next match of the day" Professor Goodwitch said to the crowd.

"The next match will be Jaune Arc vs Cardin Winchester" Goodwitch called out.

Jaune went down to change into clothes and before he went out he heard a voice he didn't want to hear.

"Why do you still trust them" said the Voice

"Because are my teammates" Jaune replied to the voice.

"Friends huh, the same friends that talk about you behind your back" said the voice.

"Shut up I have a match fight" Jaune said walking out to the stage. When he went out he saw Cardin there standing mockingly. Goodwitch then called out the sign to begin.

( Anarchy Reigns Ost "Testin' Me)

Cardin wen in for the first strike a overhead attack. Jaune stopped the attcked with his shield and then swung his word which only scrapped the surface of Cardin's armor.

"What's wrong Jauney Boy" Cardin asked with a sneer "You giving up already".

"No I won't give up to a jerk like you" Jaune replied as he went for another strike.

"Face it Jauney Boy you're a failure and everyone here thinks so" Cardin said as he swung down his mace.

Time seemed to slow down for Jaune as the mace came down. The dark voice came again and spoke through Jaune's head.

"You know he is right, so why do you lie to your self and you even heard your friends say it to" said the voice.

"No I" Jaune begin to say.

"That's it let me out, let me take over, and give in to your anger, and unleash me" The voice cried out. As soon as he said this Jaune let a scream that resembled the sound of a monster. Then a twister of aura sorrouned Jaune as it seems to give off heat. Even the ground couldn't take the power as some of it seem to burned off. (A/N: Think of Killia from Disgaea 5 game episode 12: Unbriled Killia)

(Ost change: Bleach OST- Cometh The Hour)

When the twister of power had settled everyone gasp as Jaune took a change in appearance. Jaune's skin had darken giving him a deep dark tan his hair had turned flushed white, his clothes and armor had become darker, and his eyes had changed from his calm blue eyes to a menacing blood red.

"J-Just because you changed doesn't mean your different" Cardin stuttered out as he swung his mace again.

Once again the crowd was shocked as this "Dark Jaune" caught the mace with one hand.

"Is that all, you bore me now DIE" Dark Jaune said as he punched Cardin in his chestplate.

From the crowd's point of view it din't seem much, but it actually had the power of a jackhammer sending Cardin to the wall on the other side of the arena knocking him out. Jaune then walk towards Cardin with a massive killing intent, but before he could reach him Goodwitch put Jaune in the air with her semblance. However it proved to be useless as Jaune got free and continued to Card. Before Jaune could deal the final death blow someone appeared behind him and hit him in the back of his head. The person the Beacon's headmaster Ozpin himself.

"Take both Mr. Winchester and Mr. Arc to the infirmary now" Ozpin said with a serious look.

Goodwitch nod as she called the medic team to take them away. The crowd itself was scared at the display of power of JAUNE, who was to believed to be the biggest wimp of the school had nearly killed Cardin. Some think it was time to teach the bully a lesson, but the way Jaune did was too far.

To Be Continued...

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