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Harvey walked down the corridor of Pearson Specter Litt feeling particularly proud of himself after such a big win. He had just come out of Jessica's office after throwing it in her face that he had completely wiped the floor with the prosecution in the big case that nobody (including Jessica) thought was winnable. He had a smirk on his face as he passed Donna's desk only to find she wasn't there - which brought a very small frown to his face - but nevertheless, he continued to stride down to his office unable to hide the satisfaction on his face. Looking around, he caught sight of Donna entering the firm. He glanced down at his watch - it was 10am and it wasn't at all normal for Donna to walk in to work late - she was always in before him when she worked for him. He shrugged it off thinking that maybe she wanted to spend less time working for Louis which is why she was turning up late - he realised his win was more important as he approached her and his smile grew.

"Hey" he spoke in the tone of voice he only saved for Donna. She looked up at him slightly startled at his approach which Harvey thought was strange as she should have seen him coming it's not like he crept up at her (but again he shrugged it off remembering he had more important things to tell her).

"Oh Harvey hi"

"Are you ... Okay?" She was still slightly bewildered (not a good sign)

"Yeah I'm fine" she said conjuring up a smile.

"Well you know the Redwood case?" Donna frowned "you know the case even Louis didn't want to steal from me cos he was so sure it was un-winnable?" Donna nodded slightly "well guess who thrashed them at trial today?" Harvey's smirk grew into a large Cheshire cat grin as he looked at Donna with excited eyes.

"Harvey look ... I urm ... I'm already running late can we talk later maybe" she brushed passed him and hurried off to her desk leaving Harvey standing there mouth slightly ajar feeling extremely perplexed.

There was something wrong. In fact anyone who knew Donna would have guessed that something was going on but Harvey didn't just know her; he really knew her, he had known her for 12 amazing years and he knew there was something seriously wrong if Donna was acting up like this. He made his way back to his office, his previously triumphing expression now just a frown. He had expected a reaction from Donna.

He sat in his office for a further hour his mind still wandering off to Donna. Biting the tip of his over-expensive parker pen, he glanced out of his office as he saw a figure - which then realised was Donna - walk towards where Gretchen was sat. Damn she looked good in blue. He watched for a while as she spoke to his secretary before turning and walking back down the corridor without even turning her head to glance at Harvey. He frowned slightly and looked up as Gretchen strolled tall into his office.

"Mr. Specter, Mr. Litt sent down some files" He took the files she handed him and turned to walk out but stopped as she approached the door "Not that it's any of my business but there's something ... off about Donna. I just thought you would be the right person to speak to her"

"Thanks Gretchen" Harvey nodded at her and she nodded back leaving the room.

Harvey fiddled with his pen and began to look through the files when he suddenly realised something. Donna was wearing blue. A blue dress. The same midnight blue dress she had been wearing the day before when he first realised how good she made the colour look. Donna never wore the same dress and wearing the same dress on over two consecutive days would horrify her. And then he realised he had to do something. He couldn't sit here and act like everything was normal and it most certainly was not. There was something very wrong and he wasn't going to sit down and let it pass – he was going to get to the bottom of it.

Donna sat at her desk trying her best to concentrate at the task at hand but it was just so hard. You can do this Donna she kept telling herself over and over again in her head trying her hardest to concentrate. She was having to reschedule some of Louis's court hearings which would usually have been no problem but was really proving to be a challenge right now. She just couldn't think straight and her mind was just wandering off all over the place. All of a sudden she was interrupted by a hurried Mike who was at her desk staring down at her.

"Donna, I would do this myself but I'm in a massive hurry I'm meeting Rachel's mum for lunch and I'm running late so will you please put these on Harvey's desk. Thanks – you're the best" And with that he was off before Donna had time to say another word. She sighed pushing back her chair and slowly stood up taking a deep breath. She took the files that Mike had thrown onto her desk and made her way down the corridor.

She got to Gretchen's desk only to find Harvey's secretary wasn't there. And then in suddenly clicked. Harvey had set this up. Gretchen was always at her desk – she never took pee breaks – Donna envied the woman's stubborn bladder. And Mike was coming from the direction of Harvey's office, he could have dropped them off himself and he had mentioned he was supposed to be meeting his future mother-in-law on Wednesday – today was Tuesday. She sighed but nevertheless walked into her former boss's office.

Harvey looked up upon seeing Donna stroll into his office. He looked her up and down eyeing the blue dress and realising that the only thing different about today's outfit from yesterdays was that she was wearing a white cardigan on top.

"Harvey, Mike told me to give these to you" She walked forward and placed them on his desk.

She tried to ignore his big brown eyes looking up at her filled with concern and turned to leave after placing the files on his desk.

"Donna" Harvey called out after her causing her to stop and turn around slowly.

"Yes Harvey" She answered hoping he would end this quickly and let her go.

"Why don't you sit down?"

"And why would I need to do that?"

"Well ... we haven't really talked in a while" Harvey spoke cautiously "And I figured you could do with this" He reached out from near his desk and pulled out a cup of coffee.

Donna pursed her lips thinking about protesting but instead nodded – he was right; she could really do with that coffee. She took the cup out of his hand and sat down on the couch which Harvey gestured towards. Harvey pushed his chair back and made his way out from behind his desk to join Donna on the couch. He sat next to her and fixed his eyes on her face as she looked down and refused to make eye contact. It was only then when he saw how different her face appeared. The light mascara and lipstick she usually wore was absent from her angelic face and instead her eyes were slightly puffy and there were red marks along her neck and jaw line. He frowned in concern and his frown grew when he saw her hair that was usually perfect with not one strand out of place was slightly dishevelled and looked as if it hadn't been brushed.

"Donna what's going on?" She flinched slightly at his delicate words but refused to look up at him.

"Donna" He repeated his voice filling up with concern.

"It's nothing Harvey" She took a sip of the heavenly hot drink and tried her hardest to conjure up a smile as she placed the cup onto the coffee table.

"You think after 12 years you're the only one who got to know me?" Harvey raised an eyebrow at her. "It's alright Donna. Whatever it is, you can tell me"

"I'm fine Harvey" She whispered. This time it was different from before – her eyes were slightly filling up and she began to fidget with her hands.

Harvey leant forward and took her trembling hand in his. She froze at the gesture and finally met his eyes.

"Donna" He whispered "It's okay" He slowly smoothed a thumb over her soft hand.

She looked away from him again as her eyes began to fill up even more. His hand was warm on hers and although the touch felt incredibly nice, it didn't stop her from feeling uncomfortable. She reached out for her coffee, finding it was the only way to remove her hand from his without making the situation more awkward than it already was. He removed his hand and watched as she reached out for the cup with a trembling hand. She picked up the cup and suddenly gasped as it slipped out of her grip and the hot beverage spilt everywhere – landing mostly on Donna herself.


Harvey jumped back in shock but then quickly grabbed a tissue from the box that was on the coffee table and placed it onto the puddle which had formed on the glass table. He looked at Donna only to see her previously white cardigan now had a large patch of brown on it.

"Are you okay?" He questioned in concern - the coffee was hot.

Her horror-struck expression caused Harvey to let out a sympathetic sigh as he reached for the box of tissues and offered it to her. She took a few tissues and began dabbing at her cardigan.

"Harvey I'm so so sorry" Donna said frantically well repeatedly dabbing at her cardigan.

"It's fine Donna"

"I really didn't mean to I'm so sor-"

"Donna" Harvey said in a stern voice "It's okay"

She looked up at him and nodded slowly still dabbing at her white garment.

"I think you should take that off" He said gesturing towards the cardigan that was clearly stained and attempting to clean it with a tissue really wouldn't make a difference.

"Oh I uh-" Donna stuttered unsure of what to do.

Harvey reached forward slightly perplexed and placed a hand on the cardigan. Donna suddenly flinched away from his touch and Harvey sat back startled. His hand had still been on the cardigan causing it to slip off slightly.

"Donna-" He looked at Donna's bare shoulder and his eyes widened in shock. He had only seconds to register what he saw before Donna quickly pulled the cardigan back up.

"Donna" Harvey swallowed hard "Take that cardigan off." Harvey's voice was serious and any other person would have been intimidated and followed his instruction straight away but Donna just shook her head.

"Donna please." His voice was desperate now as he spoke through gritted teeth "Take. It. Off"

Donna blinked and her bottom lip wobbled as she slowly peeled the cardigan off of her shaking body. A tear slipped down her cheek and she bit hard onto her lip.

Harvey stared hard with wide eyes filled with horror at the sight before him. There in front of him, was Donna's delicate torso covered with dark bruises.

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