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"Did you find out who it was?"

"I did" Mike confirmed "It's a bloke called Mitchell Santos."

Harvey's eyes suddenly widened as he looked up at Mike.


"I said it's a guy called Mitchell Santos"

Harvey stared at him and tightened his jaw.

"I want you to find out everything you can about him – address, job everything and I want it done fast" Harvey walked over to behind his desk and picked up his suit jack sliding it on.

"I'll get it done but Harvey what's going on?"

"I don't have time to explain" He said making his way to the door of his office.

"Where are you going?" Mike asked growing slightly concerned.

"To see Donna" And with that, he left the room.

"Louis where's Donna" Harvey stormed into the other man's office at seeing Donna wasn't at her desk.

"Oh I've given her the week off" Louis said not paying proper attention to Harvey.

"What? Why?" The concern Harvey was feeling was only growing.

"Oh I forgot to tell you I'm going away for a week – to see my parents in Florida. So if I'm not in, she doesn't need to be either"

Harvey didn't say anything; he just turned around and walked back out heading towards the elevators.

He stood on the elevator and ran a hand through his head. Mitchell Santos.

"We should do it more often"

"Well I'm not sure how Mitchell would feel about that"

"Who's Mitchell?"

"He is the man you I've been seeing for the last six weeks"

If Harvey was right, then it was the man Donna was seeing who was abusing her. But Donna would never do that; she would never stay in an abusive relationship. She was a strong woman who knew where she stood and she liked other people to know it too. So there was no way she would be in a relationship like that – unless she didn't have a choice.

He stood outside apartment 206 and knocked on the door.

He waited some time and knocked again. After 5 minutes of knocking he realised she probably wasn't in.

He whipped out his cell phone and dialled her number.

The phone rang a few times before she picked up.

"Harvey?" She asked as she picked up the phone.

"It was Mitchell wasn't it?" His voice was filled with rage but he was trying his hardest to keep it under control.

"What?" She asked and he could hear the surprise in her voice.

"They bastard who's been doing this" He didn't have it in him to say it out loud, so instead he used 'this'.

"Harvey please just let it go"

"Let it go?! You really think I'm gonna let it go?! I'm gonna find this bastard and I'm gonna beat the shit out of him and leave him in a condition so bad that he won't even do as much as look at you" He began to breathe heavier through his nose and he could feel the anger fuming up inside of him.

"No you're not Harvey please just leave it, it's got nothing to do with him" She begged and using a lie to do so.

"Donna how many times do I have to tell you I'm not going to leave it!" He said raising his voice some more "And you're telling me to leave his bastard and what are you going to do carry on with this abusive relationship huh?!"

"Well maybe I don't have a choice!" She yelled, her voice filled with desperation and pain and it wasn't hard to hear she was on the verge of tears. He was about to respond but found he was too late as she had hung up.

Harvey pressed his forehead against the door and pressed his eyes shut. He was going to kill the son of a bitch.

"What have you found?" Harvey said a few hours later, strolling into Mike's office.

Mike stood from his chair and made his way around his desk.

"Well this is him" Mike handed Harvey a picture "Not gonna lie he's quite a handsome man" And Mike was right, he had a muscular build and a beaming smile. He had sharp features and jet black hair that was combed back slightly.

"He's an ex-kick boxer slash MMA fighter, I watched some of his fights they're quite impressive" Mike said earning a glare from Harvey as he passed him another photograph. In this one Mitchell was in a cage wearing fighting gloves and shorts. His muscular build was more obvious in this picture as Harvey could see his six pack and well built arms.

However this caused only more anger to build up inside Harvey. The guy was a kick boxer, a muscular man and he had been hurting Donna. Harvey suppressed the urge to punch the wall and release his rage as Mike flicked through the papers he was holding.

"Oh and you'll never guess what" Harvey looked at him with a look that read get-the-hell-on-with-it-don't-waste-my-time. "He's also a multi-billionaire and he owns a few big companies – Santos Pharmaceuticals and Santos & Co included and we represent them – making this guy our client – and he's not just a small client, he brings us millions a year"

Harvey felt like he had just been punched in the gut. The guy who had been doing this to Donna was their client. He had been abusing Donna and they had been representing him.

And then it clicked. Donna had said she had no choice, she probably feared that snitching on him would mean he would drop Pearson Specter Litt making the firm lose out on big money. Harvey shook his head in frustration.

"Do you have his address?"

Mike held out a piece of paper and Harvey took it.

"I'm gonna beat the shit out of him" Harvey muttered as he walked out of Mike's office.

He raced down the corridor and into the elevator only to find Mike had followed him.

"Harvey can you please tell me what the hell is going on now?" Mike turned to him demanding answers.

Harvey didn't answer, he just stared into space a look of anger and seriousness on his face.

"Look Harvey whatever it is I don't think you beating him up is going to help" Harvey suddenly turned to him "I know you box and you can throw a punch but this guy was an MMA fighter we're talking cage fighting Harvey there's no way you can go a round against him without serious damage"

"I wouldn't give a shit even if he was Muhammad Ali because once I'm done with him, this guy's going down for domestic abuse" Harvey said just before the elevator doors opened leaving Mike standing speechless.

If he was being charged with domestic abuse ... then that meant it was Donna he had been abusing. No he thought to himself It couldn't be. But then he realised that it probably was – why else would Harvey be this pissed?

He quickly ran after the older lawyer who was making his way outside.

"Harvey!" He called out.

"Are you sure it was him?"

Harvey suddenly spun on his feet to face Mike. The truth was he wasn't sure, yes Donna had denied it but then later she had also claimed that she didn't have a choice when he asked her about the abusive relationship.

"You're not are you?"

"Yes I am"

"Have you asked Donna?"

"I did and she denied it" Harvey shook his head and ran a hand through his hair.

"Well maybe you should talk to her properly before doing anything" The last thing he wanted was for Harvey to get into a fight when he wasn't even sure the man was the culprit.

Harvey stopped for a second and stared hard at Mike. As much as he hated to accept it, Mike was right, he wasn't 100% sure it was Mitchell and the truth was, he should be.

He nodded at the younger lawyer before stepping into the car.

He pulled out his cell phone and dialled Donna's number once again. It was when he received no answer that he grew slightly anxious. He tried again twice but there was nothing. So then he found himself standing outside apartment 206 once again.

He knocked on the door and waited. He frowned to himself when there was no answer. It had been quite some time since Harvey came here earlier surely she should be home.

He tried her cell phone once again. It was on his third call when the phone was picked up.

"Hello" He said hoping for a reply "Donna?" But there was just rustling on the other side and a few seconds later, the line was cut.

Something was wrong. He just knew it. And now there was only one place he could think of to go.

He drove to the address and pulled up outside the tall building. It was a nice building and it was clear just by looking at the exterior that it was one only a rich person could afford.

"I'm happy for you"

That's what he said when Donna had told him about Mitchell. He shook his head in frustration and he climbed out of his car. He took off his suit jacket and threw it onto the backseat. He rolled his shirt sleeves up and made his way towards the building.

He looked down at the small bit of paper Mike had given him to confirm it was the right apartment as he approached the door that read 27.

He took a step back and knocked hard on the door more than a few times.

He didn't have to wait till long before the door was swung open and he was met by a man around his age that looked exactly like the picture Mike had shown him.

He was wearing a plain white t-shirt which was tight around his biceps and a pair of expensive looking jeans.

It was only when Harvey's peered behind him when he saw her. She was sitting on the sofa and seemed to be adjusting the dress she was wearing. She looked up and their eyes met. His face suddenly hardened as he saw the tear tracks running down her face and the slight bruising on her face.

He looked back at Mitchell and never in his life had he been this angry.

"You son of a bitch" He spat out before pushing the man extremely hard causing him to stumble backwards.

Harvey walked further into his apartment towards Donna.

The closer he got to her, the angrier he became.

The bruising was now more visible and despite her trying to cover them up with the straps of her dress, he could see the extensive ones on her upper body mainly around the shoulders. These were new, he remembered the ones from last time and these ones were darker and more brutal.

"Donna get out of here" He said through gritted teeth his voice shaking with rage.

"Harvey please don't do this" Fresh tears were building up in her eyes as she pleaded him.

"Donna. Go." He pointed towards the door, his hand shaking as he breathed hard.

"She's not going anywhere it's you who's leaving" Harvey turned around towards Mitchell who was now walked over to them.

"You're gonna stay the hell away from her and we're gonna settle this one on one – I think it's about time you pick on someone your own size" He spoke firmly glaring at him.

"So you're Harvey Specter"

And then suddenly Mitchell leapt forwards towards Donna and violently grabbed her arm before using his other hand to grip her hair.

She let out a scream and that was all it took for Harvey to rush forward and throw a vicious punch across the man's face. The punch sent Mitchell stumbling once again but he stood up once again and came at Harvey with a huge blow.

"Harvey!" Donna screamed at watching him stagger backwards.

"Donna get out of here now!" He yelled getting back onto his feet.

"I'm not going Harvey" She said shaking her head as a tear slipped down her face.

"DONNA I SAID GET OUT!" And she swore she had never seen him this angry before. As much as she didn't want to, she realised there wasn't much choice that she had and she walked out of the apartment and when she got outside, she sank to the floor sobbing.

The second she left, Harvey pounced at Mitchell landing a massive blow across his face, hard enough to break his nose. They were soon having a full on brawl and Harvey realised what Mike had meant when he said that Harvey couldn't get out of it without serious damage.

Mitchell soon had Harvey pinned against the wall and was throwing punches at his face. Harvey spat out the blood as it reached his mouth from his nose.

The same strength Mitchell was now using against Harvey, he had previously been using against Donna.

And it was that thought that caused Harvey to shove him hard into the glass table.

Mitchell fell onto the piece of furniture causing it to smash into small pieces and he lay there wincing for a few seconds. Harvey crouched down beside him and began to throw punches at his face.

But it didn't last as there was a counter attack from Mitchell and Harvey was on the floor being attacked.

He suddenly felt extremely dizzy after the repeated head punches. Mitchell had him in what Harvey thought was a move used by MMA fighters as Harvey wasn't able to get out.

He was going to pass out. Mitchell drew back his arm to land another punch and Harvey took a deep breath knowing he wouldn't last long but he was also pleased with the damage he had done to the man.

He saw the fist approach his face and screwed his eyes shut expecting the contact to be made with his face but there was none. He opened his eyes and saw Mike hovering over him, a baseball bat in his hand and Mitchell was on the floor unconscious.

"You okay?" Mike asked sounding clearly concerned and panicked.

"Yeah" Harvey breathed out a long breath.

Mike extended out his arm and Harvey took it rising to his feet.

He stumbled slightly and Mike grabbed on to his elbow quickly.

He saw some movement from the corner of his eye and turned around to see a badly beaten Mitchell moving slightly.

Harvey approached him and his eyes began fluttering.

He knelt down beside him.

"If you even so much as dare look at her again, I won't just beat the shit out of you, I'll kill you." He spoke quietly but his voice filled with threat.

He stood up and turned around. He heard a small chuckle from behind him and he suddenly turned back around and kicked him hard in the stomach.

"Thanks" He said turning back to Mike "Urm ... how did you know?"

"I told him" He turned his head around to see Donna standing at the doorway. "The police are on their way"

He nodded at her and she walked towards him.

Mike decided the moment wasn't for him to be listening on in.

"I'm gonna go see if the cops are here" He said and made his way over to the door.

She looked up at his battered face and her eyes filled up with tears. She brought her hand up to touch his face and he winced slightly.

"You shouldn't have I-"

"Donna you should know by now I would do anything and everything to protect you"

"I know" She whispered "Which is why I didn't want to tell you. I knew it would lead to this" She said gesturing towards his face.

"You should've told someone" He said looking hard at her.

She shook her head.

"He's a client"

"I know" He replied not taking his eyes off her.

"He would have dropped the firm"

"I know" He said once again.

"We would have lost millions – well we already have" She whispered looking down.

"I know" He said taking her hands into his.

"But Harvey-" She frowned slightly at the fact Harvey was treating the issue as if it was nothing.

"Donna if you think any amount of money is worth more than you than you're wrong." Her eyes met his and she swallowed hard "I would give up every client at the firm if it meant keeping you safe"

She nodded and tried to swallow the lump that was forming in her throat.

"But Jessica-"

"You think Jessica will more about him than about you? And plus, he's gonna be ending up inside a cell I don't think he's going to be owning any of his businesses anymore"

They suddenly heard the sound of sirens outside and before they knew it, a handful of police officers and paramedics came rushing in.

One of the cops went over to Mitchell – who was now gaining consciousness – and handcuffed him. Harvey glared at him while he was taken out of the building.

A paramedic came over to him with a first aid kit in her hand.

"Sir would you like to sit down so I can have a look at your injuries?" She asked him.

"I'm fine I don't need looking at"

"Sir your –"

"I'll do it" Donna said and reached out for the first aid kit and Harvey didn't argue.


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