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Harry was curled up in a ball at the feet of the man that had kidnapped him months ago. Len was part a group called 'The Claimers'. Their leader Joe had named their group this because if they came across something the wanted, the first person who yelled "claimed" got the goods. Len was the first man of the group who had yelled claimed when they spotted him, and now he belonged to Len.

As bad as Len was, it could have been Dan who had claimed him. Dan was a vile, disgusting man that reminded him a lot of Wormtail in looks. The man reeked of sweat, blood, piss, shit and Merlin knew what else. He was positive that Dan hadn't washed himself or changed his clothes once since the world went to hell over a year ago.

Luckily for him Len hated Dan with a passion. Len had no problems sharing him with the five other men in the group, especially if they had something good to trade. Unfortunately for him, Joe the leader and the most brutal, had given Len a bundle of arrows for him for the evening. Joe always left him a broken and bloody mess.

At first he had fought the men, but one could only take so many beatings and broken bones before just giving up. He hated himself for it, but now he just did as Len ordered. He still got smacked around just for the fun of it, but at least he wasn't left bloody and unconscious multiple times a day.

Harry could no longer hold his tears back. He couldn't believe that this was his life now, a sex toy for the lowlife and degenerates who were too evil to die in this new horrible world. A year ago his life had finally turned around. He had defeated Voldemort during the battle at Ministry and he was finally free to live his life...or so he thought. Both his godfathers, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, had died during the battle, both falling into the Veil together. He had begged Dumbledore to let him live with Ron and his family, but since he was still a minor, Dumbledore had returned him to his aunt and uncle. He thought he would only have to stay with them until his birthday, but he had never counted on the world going to hell and the dead walking and eating people.

Two weeks into his summer vacation, his uncle had forced him to write to Dumbledore. He had to go to America for a business convention and he had wanted his freak of a nephew to get picked up early. He didn't want to have to take him and fear that he would do something freaky around good, upstanding normal people. Dumbledore, his ever wise and knowing Headmaster, showed up two days later with a smile on his face and magic dampening cuffs. He didn't want Harry to miss out on the chance of a lifetime to visit America. After much bellowing and complaining, Vernon had given in and let Dumbledore place the cuffs on him so he could safely take him with his family to America...Atlanta Georgia to be exact.

Having his magic cut off was like having his lungs ripped out. It had been physically painful at first, but now it just felt like there was a gaping hole in his chest that constantly ached and throbbed. Despite the cuffs, his magic still tried to defend and help him when he needed it, especially now with the whole zombie thing that was going on. When that happened, the pain was almost unbearable and it left him unable to breath until his magic settled back down again.

He had tried countless times to remove the cuffs, but Dumbledore had spelled them so only he could remove them. They would eventually come off on their own, but not until he became a legal adult in whichever world he was living in, which was seventeen in the magical world, or eighteen in the muggle world. Unfortunately, he was currently in the muggle world and only turning seventeen in a few months. He still had an entire year to go before he could access his magic and he feared that he wouldn't make it that long. Honestly, he was at the point where he didn't even want to.

He was thankful that the Headmaster had at least spelled the cuffs so only he could see them. He would have had a hard time explaining pure gold wrist cuffs with Celtic designs that couldn't be removed from his wrists. Some low life scum would have probably cut his hands off in an attempt to get them.

Harry was wrenched out of his thoughts when Len gave him a swift kick in his side. "I think Joe is ready for you, boy.'

Trembling, Harry looked to Joe who was smirking at him as he slowly unbuckled his Harley Davidson belt buckle. As much as he despised Len, he would much rather him than Joe. Joe like to cause pain. It was going to be a long and painful night with the man. He would be lucky if he could move come morning.

Dan watched excitedly as Joe played with the boy. Oh how he wished that he could get a turn. He wanted the boy so damn bad that it had become physically painful for him. The boy was such a pretty little thing, and now that Len had broken him to his hand, he was the perfect submissive.

"Let's give Danny boy a show," Joe whispered in his ear.

Harry tried not to scream, but he knew if he didn't that Joe would only go harder on him.

"I would watch screaming if I were you," Joe panted. "You don't want the pretty little mouth open near Dan."

"Please," Dan pleaded, leaning forward and closer to the pretty boy.

Harry tried to free his head, the stench rolling off Dan was making him gag. How could anyone stand to smell so bad?

Joe howled with laughter as the boy fought to free his head. "He really doesn't you want near him, Danny boy."

Sweat was pouring down Dan's face as he inched closer to the boy. He was so damn close.

Bringing his hand up, Harry tried to push Dan away from him. If he had eaten anything in the last few days, it would have been in a puddle on the ground between his hands. Not only did he smell bad, but the man was filthy.

For the first time since being kidnapped and claimed by Len, he looked pleadingly at the man for help. He would promise him anything if he didn't let Dan near him.

Reaching into his backpack, Len pulled out a slingshot and loaded it with a rock. Smirking, he aimed and fired, shooting Dan between the eyes and knocking him out. "You owe me now, boy."

Crying, Harry nodded his head. He knew that he had just made a deal with the devil, but it was worth it. He was surprised that Len had come to his rescue, but the man did consider him a possession. Len also hated Dan, and he enjoyed taunting him with him whenever he could.

Closing his eyes, Harry prayed that Joe would hurry up so he could get some rest. Without his magic, he couldn't heal himself overnight. Everyday they walked for hours scavenging whatever they could find and killing the dead. It wasn't easy keeping up with them on no sleep, no food, and covered in bruises and blood. If he lagged behind, Len would get angry and start punching on him.


Harry stumbled behind Len clutching his possibly broken arm. The previous night Len had left him to hunt, and while he was gone, Dan had tried to rape him. Had it been Joe, or one of the other guys, he would have taken it, but not Dan. Luckily the other guys knew not to touch him without Len's permission, some kind of fucked up Claimers' law that Joe had come up with. You weren't to touch another's claim without their permission.

Despite the law, the other guys crowded around hooping and hollering as he tried to fight off Dan. Dan outweighed him by damn near two hundred pounds and he was a hell of a lot stronger than him. Len was only feeding him enough to keep him just barely alive. He wanted him too weak to be able to fight or run away.

Despite his weakness, he fought Dan with everything he had in him. He was covered in bruises, bite marks and an arm that felt broken, but he managed to keep Dan off of him until Len returned only thirty minutes later. Lucky, he had stumbled across a rabbit and was able to quickly kill it and return before Dan managed to rape him. It had been close, Dan had him pinned with his clothes tore off and was only seconds away from entering him. Len had been outraged and had beat the shit out of the bastard for it. He had never been so happy to see Len before and he had been sticking close to him ever since.

Joe stopped out in front of a large white house. "I say we stop here for the night, boys."

Len turned to Harry. "Looks like we get a bed tonight. If you're lucky, we'll be able to find you some new clothes."

Without lifting his head, Harry nodded. A bed and new clothes sounded great, but Len wouldn't just give them to him without him having to work for them. He was so beat down and broken that he didn't care anymore. He didn't think that there was anything out there that Len could do to him that he hadn't already done before.

Len had to physically drag the boy up the stairs. He couldn't remember the last time he fed him, and it showed with how weak he was. He had come to almost care for him, so after his nap, he planned to feed him enough so he wouldn't drop dead on him. It had been months since they had stumbled across another survivor, the boy may be his last hope for some ass so he was going to keep him around.

"Claimed!" Len bellowed loudly when he saw the comfortable queen size bed in the master bedroom. Pulling a length of rope out, he tied one end around his waist and the other around the boy's. You would think after all these months he would know his name, but he honestly didn't give a fuck.

"On your knees." Len ordered. "I need a stress reliever before sleeping."

As if on autopilot, Harry dropped to his knees and unbuckled Len's belt. He wasted no time pulling out the man's cock and getting to work on it.

"That's a good boy," Len moaned, lazily thrusting into the boy's mouth. "You finish me good and I will feed you tonight. Do you like the sound of that?"

Harry nodded his head. He hadn't had a mouthful of food in over four days. He knew his malnourished and dehydrated body would give out soon, and he was kind of looking forward to it. He was ready to die.

Len ran his fingers through the boy's greasy long hair. The kid really was pretty, he could almost pass a girl. "Look at you broken like a good little bitch to my hand. Isn't it much nicer to do as you're told instead fighting and getting you ass beat for it? Your mine boy. Remember that."

They had stumbled across the boy as he was coming out of an abandoned house a few months back. Not expecting to run into a young kid, the others had just stared at him. Quick as lightning he had yelled 'claimed' before the others could come to their senses and claim him for themselves. He didn't know how old the boy was, but he looked to only be in his early teens. He had never fucked another male before, but the boy was petite, pretty, had long hair, and the most amazing emerald eyes he had ever seen. He never regretted claiming him, no pussy had ever been as tight as his boy's ass.

Harry could feel the cock in his mouth swell so he knew that Len was seconds from coming. Taking a deep breath, he swallowed him down his throat so he wouldn't have to taste him. He despised doing this, but it beat getting one of Len's punishments. He fought plenty in the beginning, but now he just didn't have the strength anymore.

"Fuck, yeah," Len panted, releasing his load down the boy's throat. Exhausted, he collapsed onto the bed without even pulling his pants up. "Get comfortable on the floor. The bed is mine."

The bed would have been nice, but Harry was content on the floor and away from Len. All he wanted was to close his eyes and never wake up again. Laying onto his side beside the bed, he almost screamed when he came face to face with a man hiding under it.

Out of all the houses in the neighborhood, Rick couldn't believe that the gang chose this one to hold up in. He didn't need to be a cop to know that these men were very bad news. If he had needed proof though, listening as that bastard forced that poor kid to give him a blow job would have been plenty. His cop instincts had been screaming at him to help, but he was too weak and sore after the major beating he had taken from the Governor just two days before. He would have ended up dead had he tried, and he couldn't risk it with his son out wandering the neighborhood with Michonne. He had to get out of here without being seen and get to them before they returned.

Biting his tongue to keep from screaming, Harry stared at the man. He knew if he said anything to Len, the bastard would instantly kill the man. Whoever he was, he looked as though he had already been trampled by a herd of very pissed off centaurs.

Rick stared wide eyed into the most mesmerizing eyes he had ever seen. They were a stunning emerald green, but sadly filled with pain and fear. He had never seen such a dead look in a kid before, it sent shivers down his spine. He wished that he could save him, but it would be impossible.

With a trembling hand, Harry brought his finger to his lips and signed for the man to be quiet. The man may be filthy and beat, but there was a kindness in his eyes lurking behind all the pain and hardness. He didn't know why, but he didn't want to see this man killed.

Rick nodded his head, still staring into those hauntingly beautiful eyes. It was clear to see that he wasn't with the gang by choice. The boy was covered in bruises, bite marks and his clothes were hanging off of him in shreds. The boy looked to only be a few years older than his son and his heart went out to him. If there was a way, he would take him with him.

Fat tears fell from Harry's eyes onto the hardwood floor as he continued to stare at the stranger under the bed. He wanted to plead with the man to save him, but he knew that there was no way that he could. Seven against one were impossible odds. This had been the first man other than the Claimers that he had seen in a long time.

Rick wanted to reach out to the broken boy, but he didn't. It would be cruel to offer him comfort only to leave him in the end at the hands of these bastards. He had no doubt that the boy had been raped and beat countless times by them. If he had been in better condition, he would have found a way to help him. As it was, he knew that he had a few broken ribs and probably a fractured ankle.

Harry tensed when Tony came stumbling into the room. "Get the fuck up, Len. I claim this bed."

"The fuck!" Len snarled angrily. "I already claimed this bed. Go find another."

"I want this one," Tony snapped. "The others are too small."

Harry shimmied farther under the bed when Len and Tony started fighting. His fear of getting trampled had brought him almost flush against the stranger. For someone so dirty, he smelled surprisingly good. For months he had been stuck with these degenerates and their constant stench.

Rick tensed when the other man hit the ground staring right at him. The newcomer tried to get Len's attention to alert him of his presence, but Len didn't release his choke hold until Tony had passed out. "Fucker!" Len grumbled falling back onto the bed. Within seconds he was snoring loudly.

Tears still falling, Harry continued to stare into the stranger's eyes. He remained there almost an hour pressed against the man before whispering, "go". At first he didn't think the man heard him because he didn't move. He knew his voice was weak and scratchy from lack of use and from his throat constantly getting battered, but he was afraid to talk louder. Len was a very light sleeper.

Harry had to stifle a loud sob when the man gave him a resigned nod and started to shimmy out from under the bed. He could tell from the look in the man's eyes that he wanted to help him, but he was incapable of doing so. When the man looked like he was going to say something, he quickly shook his head no.

Rick knew that he had done a lot of horrible things since the apocalypse, including murdering his best friend, but leaving that boy crying under the bed was the worst yet. He could see the desperate longing in those emerald eyes, but also resignation and understanding. He wanted to whisper a thank you to him, but the kid shook his head no.

Harry continued to lay there as he cried harder than what he had in months. He had been so close to being free of Len and his gang of murderers and rapists. He knew he was going to get it when Tony told Len about the man under the bed. If he was lucky it would only be Len punishing him, but he had a feeling that Joe would step in on this punishment.

Rick looked back at the house, his heart clenching painfully in his chest. He was leaving that poor boy behind to be beat and raped. It hurt worse knowing that they wouldn't go easy on him when they found out that he knew about him being under the bed. There was no way he would have made it out with the boy though, he had hardly made out it by himself. He ended up killing one of the bastards in the bathroom during his escape, but there was no way he could have taken them all on. Oh well, that was one less rapist that could hurt the boy.

"Rick, are you alright?" Michonne asked in concern.

Rick shook his head. "No. Let's just get out of here."


"Well lookie what we have here boys," Joe chuckled, walking around the man that was just sitting in the middle of the dirt road like a dumb ass.

"That's a nice vest. I like the wings," Len sneered, standing behind the lone man. "I claim it after we kill him."

Joe looked thoughtfully down at the stranger. "I don't know, Len, he looks like one of us. What do you say stranger, want to join our little group?"

Daryl was exhausted. He had been tracking the car that had abducted Beth for hours and now the trail was cold. Unable to go on, he just sat down in the middle of the road. He didn't even have the energy to get up when he saw the group of scraggly, questionable men approaching.

When the stranger didn't answer, Joe knelt down until he was eye level with him. "A person on their own can't survive out here. I'm offering you a place in our group, I'm offering you protection."

When the silver haired man went to reach for his bow, Daryl lunged forward and punched him in the face. Quick as lightning he had his bow in his hands and pointed at the man's face. He awasn't surprised when he was surround by the rest of the group all pointing their weapons at him.

Harry protectively wrapped his arms around himself and backed away from the confrontation . It felt good watching someone knock Joe's arrogant ass down, he wished that he could get five minutes with the bastard without his magic dampening cuffs.

Flat on his ass and bleeding from the nose, Joe started laughing. "You pull that trigger, these boys are going to drop you several times over. Is that what you want?"

Daryl glared unblinkingly at the man, never lowering his bow. He may get killed, but he was taking old silver head with him.

Joe grinned cockily at the man. "Come on fellow, suicide is stupid. Why hurt yourself, when you can hurt other people?" Joe could see that the man was wavering despite still having his bow pointed at him. "The name is Joe."

Reluctantly Daryl lowered his bow. "Daryl," he grunted. He didn't want to join this group, but Joe had a point. A person on their own wouldn't survive very long, and a group of bastards was better than no group at all. Maybe if he was lucky, he would find others from the prison.

"Welcome to the group, Daryl," Joe grinned.

Daryl looked around sizing each man up. He didn't know what these men may have been like before the walkers, but now they were a group of men who would rather slit your throat than give you the time of day. His eyes froze on a young boy that had his head down and his arms wrapped protectively around himself. He wasn't sure how old he was, but he didn't look much older than Carl.

"He's claimed," Len growled. "He's mine!"

Tensing, Harry knew that Len was talking about him. The new guy was more muscular and fit than the other guys in the group and he was terrified that Len would share him with him.

"Claimed?" Daryl asked, still looking at the small boy.

"In order to keep peace in our small group and everything stress free, I laid down a few rules." Joe explained. "All you have to do is claim. That's how you mark your territory, your prey, your bed at night. One word...claimed. Len claimed the boy a few months ago, so he's his."

"Len's generous though," Tony said, leering at the boy. "If you have something he wants, he'll share a few hours with the boy as a trade. Believe me, a few hours with that tight ass is worth it."

Daryl shoved his hands in his pockets to hide his fists. He may be a total bastard, but he would never force himself on someone. Hell, even his bastard of a brother drew the line at rape.

"Let's go boys," Joe ordered. "It's going to be dark soon and we need a safe place to bunk down."

Harry whimpered when Len harshly grabbed the back of his neck and pushed him forward. Joe had punished him last night for the incident with the stranger under the bed and there wasn't a spot on his body that didn't hurt. Since he had broken one of Joe's rules, he had pulled rank over Len and whipped his back to shreds before fucking him. He had another punishment to look forward to that night. He never thought that there would come a time where he would rather be back with his aunt and uncle...until now. Sure, Uncle Vernon liked to smack him around, but at least he didn't leave him a broken mess wishing for death.

He wondered what had happened to his family. They had managed to get out of Atlanta when the dead took over, but then they skipped out on him during the middle of the night, taking all their supplies and the car. He honestly couldn't see Vernon and Petunia surviving this long. Dudley maybe, but even that was a slim chance. He had been managing on his own for a few months, despite a lot of close calls, but then he ran into Joe and his gang. Now he wished that the dead would have killed him early on.

Daryl cringed when he got his first look at the boy's face and saw all the black, red, yellow and green bruises. The boy's face was also skeletal, along with the rest of him. The group in general looked healthy so obviously they weren't feeding him.

"We'll stop here for the night," Joe called out, spotting an abandoned warehouse right off of the railroad tracks they were following.

Harry started trembling. He knew as soon as Joe was done eating he was going to punish him again. His sentence for holding out on them and getting Lou killed was to be punished however Joe saw fit every night for five days. This was only day two.

Daryl had food in his bag but he couldn't bring himself to eat anything. Everyone else was pigging out on whatever they managed to kill, while the boy was just sitting there with his head down looking at his trembling hands. They had more than enough food to share with him, but not one man was offering.

Joe wiped his dirty hands off on his jeans and stood up. "Well, boy, it's time for your punishment."

"Get up there!" Len snarled, smacking the boy on the head.

Harry swallowed his tears, he hated showing weakness. He knew by the end of the punishment he would be a blubbering mess, but he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of hearing him beg and plead before he even got started...not that it would do him any good.

Joe walked around the trembling boy, smirking. "Boy, why are you being punished?"

Harry very seldom talked anymore, not wanting to draw anymore attention to himself then what he already had. Len also didn't like it when he talked and got violent with him when he did. "I didn't warn my claimer about the man hiding under the bed, sir," he answered in a weak voice. "Because of that, sir, Lou got killed and turned into a walker."

Joe unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops of his jeans. "Do you feel that you deserve to be punished?"

Harry had to bite his tongue to keep from saying what was really on his mind. His delay cost him though, Joe swung his belt and hit him in the face with it. The pain was so bad that it dropped him to his knees with a strangled cry.

"I asked you a question, boy," Joe bellowed. "Do you feel that you deserve to be punished?"

"Yes, sir," Harry choked out.

Joe bent down a petted the boy on his head. "Now was that so hard?"

Harry lifted his head, his emerald eyes swimming in tears. He could feel blood trickling down his neck from the gash now on his face. "No, sir."

Joe patted him on his head. "That's my boy. Now stand up and take your shirt off."

It was hard with how weak he was and how bad his legs were trembling, but Harry managed to stand up and remove his shirt. He gasped loudly when the shirt pulled off some scabs from last nights whipping.

Joe whistled loudly. "Damn, boy! That has got to hurt."

Disgusted, Daryl got up and headed for the door. He wasn't going to sit there and watch as they tortured that boy...or what was left of him anyway. That boy was nothing more than a walking skeleton with the skin on his back shredded off. He had seen walkers in better condition than him.

"Now where are you going, Daryl?" Joe called.

"Out," Daryl answered flatly.

"Just wait. I have an idea," Joe chuckled darkly. "I was going to offer the boy to Dan tonight since he finds him so repulsive, but as the new guy, I give you first dibs on him."

"I ain't your fucking entertainment," Daryl snarled.

Dan excitedly jumped to his feet. "Finally, I get a turn with that ass and mouth. I'm going to make you pay, bitch, for denying me for so long."

Daryl wrinkled his nose up at the fat pig. He could smell his funk from across the room.

Harry turned to Daryl, eyes desperately pleading. "Please not him," he cried, tears falling faster.

Dan was already stripping out of his clothes, showing off his brown and yellow boxers. Boxers that had originally been white. "I'm going to make you bleed."

"Fuck!" Daryl growled, storming up to the boy and grabbing his wrist. "I'll take him, but not here. How do you expect me to get it up with his stench fucking up the air?"

Joe threw his head back howling with laughter. "It's sad, but you'll get use to it."

"I don't fuck in front of others?" Daryl growled.

"You got a small cock?" Len taunted. "I never gave you permission to fuck my claim anyway." Getting to his feet, he grabbed the boy's other wrist and roughly tugged him forward, grinning when he screamed in pain. He suspected that he had a broken arm.

"Now hold up," Joe snapped. "You may not have given him permission, but he's mine tonight to punish how I see fit. The boy can't take another lashing without killing him, so he either gets fucked by Dan, or fucked by Daryl."

Daryl was shocked when the boy grabbed him with more strength then what he expected his small body to have. "Please," Harry whispered.

Snarling, Daryl yanked the boy out of Len's hold. "He's fucking mine tonight, but I'm not a show for you fuckers to masturbate to."

"No!" Dan roared. "You said that he would be mine for the night."

Joe narrowed his eyes at Daryl. "Alright, I'll let you take the boy out for the night, but your bow stays here. You can take one blanket, your bag, a knife and some food. He better be limping in the morning."

Dragging the half naked boy with him, Daryl grabbed what supplies he was allowed and stormed out of the building. He continued to drag him until he was deep into the woods about a mile away from the others. Without saying a word, he tossed his blanket down on the ground and pushed the boy onto it.

"Don't move," Daryl warned before storming back off again.

Shivering from both the chill in the air and his fear, Harry huddled in on himself. He didn't know anything about this man, but he was a far cry better than Dan, not to mention that he didn't smell that bad. He couldn't believe that he was getting away without another lashing, he had been dreading it all day.

Daryl angrily stormed back, and without looking at the boy or saying anything to him, he got to work building a fire then skinning two rabbits.

Harry stomach cramped painfully at the smell of the rabbits roasting. He tried not to look at them, at their juices dripping into the flames, but they were like a magnet to his eyes.

Daryl finally approached the boy, hovering threateningly over him. "On your stomach."

Wiping at his eyes, Harry quickly obeyed. "Thank you for saving me from Dan. I would rather have my throat slit than be touched by him," he said softly.

Daryl grimaced at the mess the boy's back was. There was at least thirty lashes criss-crossing his back, most of them bleeding or oozing puss. Walking all day in the Georgia heat and sweating without them being properly treated had caused some of the lashes to start festering already.

Whimpering, Harry jumped when Daryl touched his back. The thought of being fucked again, especially with his ass still bleeding from his time with Joe the night before, had him wanting to vomit.

"I ain't gonna fuck you," Daryl snapped in disgust. "I ain't like them fuckers."

Shocked, Harry looked hopefully over his shoulder, wincing when it caused the skin on his back to bunch up.

"Don't move," Daryl growled. "I'm going to clean this up as best as I can, but it's going to hurt like a bitch."

Harry dropped his head and braced himself for the pain. He couldn't believe that this man wasn't going to hurt him like the others had. Not only was he not going to hurt him, but he was actually going to help him.

Daryl tried to work quickly at cleaning the boy's back with some heated bottled water and some antibotic cream, but the damage was extensive. He could see that the boy was trying to be tough, but the tears fell anyway.

"What's your name?" Daryl asked, hoping to distract the boy from his pain.

Harry shyly looked at the man. "You are the first to ask me my name." He answered softly. "It's been so long since I heard it that I'm surprised I even remember it. Harry...Harry Potter."

"Daryl Dixon," Daryl grunted. "How old are you and how long have you been with those degenerates?"

"I don't know exactly how long I have been with them, but I'm guessing it's been at least four to six month. Time is a blur anymore when you don't have a watch or a calendar. I don't even know the month or date. I'll be turning seventeen the end of July...whenever that is."

Daryl snorted. "Neither do I." He couldn't believe that the boy was sixteen, he sure as hell didn't look it. "So, you're being punished?"

Harry gasped when Daryl pushed down on a very deep cut in order to clean it. "Y-Yeah. Yesterday when raiding a house, I spotted a man hiding under the bed. He was in real bad shape, someone had beat him good. I knew if the gang found out about him they would kill him, so I didn't say anything. He was able to escape, but not before killing one of the Claimers."

"Wha'd he look like?" Daryl got up, helping the boy to sit up too.

"Late thirties, early forties maybe. He had dark brown wavy hair that came to just above his shoulders with a shaggy beard. His eyes were blue, hard, but kind at the same time. He had been roughed up bad, his face was a mess and his nose looked broken."

Daryl tried not to get his hopes up, but the boy's description sounded a lot like Rick. "Did you see anyone else?"

"No," Harry answered, wrapping his arms around his bare chest and arms. He didn't understand why he was so cold, it had to be in the mid seventies out. "But, Joe has been tracking him and he said that he met up with two other people, one possibly a kid going by the footprints."

"Damn," Daryl mumbled, it had to be Rick and Carl. He didn't need to ask why Joe was tracking them, it was obvious that he planned to kill them. Looking at the broken boy in front of him, he knew that Carl would end up just like him if they got their vile hands on him. This boy had been raped and beaten for months.

Digging through his bag, Daryl grabbed a small bottle of Advil. "Here," he said, handing him two. "You're running a fever."

Harry gratefully took the Advil and swallowed them without any water. The fever explained why he was so cold. "Thank you for helping me, your the first since this started. The guy under the bed looked like he wanted to, but he was too beat up and outnumbered."

Taking the rabbits off of the fire, Daryl handed one to the boy. "When was the last you ate?"

Harry tore into the rabbit like a starved animal. "Days!" He said around a mouthful of food. "Len only feeds me twice a week. Oh my god, this is so good," he moaned in embarrassment.

Daryl had to find a way to get the boy away from the gang. He just didn't know how to do that without getting himself killed. For now, he was going to have to stick with them and pretend that he was one of them. He also needed to get to Rick and Carl before Joe did.

"We need to get some sleep, but one last question? Why the fuck are you wearing two gold bracelets with funny designs on them?"

"What?" Harry stared at Daryl, wide eyes. "You...you can see them?" That shouldn't happen, Daryl shouldn't be able to see the magic dampening cuffs. The only two people in the world who should be able to see them were Headmaster Dumbledore and himself. Not even another witch of wizards could see them, not that Daryl was a wizard. He could sense magic in others, and Daryl had no magic.

"D'fuck! Of course I can see them. Just seems odd to be wearing gaudy gold bracelets like then in a zombie apocalypse."

"Family heirloom," Harry mumbled distractedly. How the hell was it that Daryl could see the cuffs?


"How was your night?" Joe smirked.

Daryl watched in disgust as Harry limped to Len, head down and hands trembling. He felt like the biggest ass that morning when he told the boy that they had to return to the group. He tried to hide it, but he didn't miss how is eyes teared up.

"He's tight, that's all that matters," Daryl muttered in self loathing. He didn't even like pretending that he raped Harry.

Joe patted him on the back. "I'm sure Len will let you taste him again. For the right price, of course."

Len back handed the boy as soon as he got within arms reach. "You filthy cunt, spreading it for the new guy." He was furious that he had to share his claim with the new guy. There was something about the guy that rubbed him the wrong way. He didn't like him, and he didn't like the fact that he fucked his boy.

Blood flooded Harry's mouth as he fell to the ground. "M'sorry," he whimpered.

Len was on him, tearing at his clothes. "I'll show you who you belong to, you disgusting cum dump."

"Don't," Joe warned, clamping his hand firmly on Daryl's shoulder. "He's Len's claim, he's allowed to do what he wants. Come, walk with me outside."

Daryl hated leaving the boy to Len, but there was nothing he could do, not without getting himself killed. Without looking back, he followed Joe out the door, but not before he heard Len tell Harry that not only was he going to fuck him, but as punishment, so was Tony, Billy and Harley.

"Look, Daryl," Joe said, addressing the younger man once they were outside. "You're a good man and I respect you for that. But in this new world, good will get you killed. I knew that you wouldn't rape that boy last night which is why I tricked you into taking him. I'm not a completely evil man, that boy is weeks away from dying. Len wants him weak and unable to run away so he doesn't feed him. I didn't want to have to punish him for what he did, but I couldn't let him get away with it. If I lose the respect and fear that my men have for me, then one night they will slit my throat in my sleep. My men and I also need an outlet for our stress, and that boy is a damn fine outlet."

"Len doesn't see that boy as a human, but he is his rightful claimer and I can only interfere so much. I had planned on whipping him again last night until I saw his infected back. I couldn't be seen as weak by cleaning him up, but I had a feeling that you would. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a selfish man. I don't care for that boy as a human, only for what he can do for me and my men. People are rare anymore, especially those pretty enough to want to fuck, and that boy is very pretty...and very fuckible."

"You need to stop seeing that boy, or anyone else we run into, as people. It comes down to survival of the fittest, kill or be killed. Men like you and I were meant for this world, we are survivors. We know what needs to be done and we do it. You're a good fit for my group, you just need to follow my rules. If you don't like how we treat that boy, close your eyes and don't watch."

Daryl wanted to rip the man's throat out, but all he did was nod his head. He was going to save Harry from these monsters, and kill them all in the process. It wasn't fair that good people like Hershel, Dale, T-Bone, Lori and Andrea died, while scum of the earth like these fuckers were still alive to torture what good people were left.

Daryl waited outside while Joe went back inside. He knew that the bastard was going to join his men in raping Harry. It killed him knowing what was happening and being helpless to do anything. He didn't know Harry, but he seemed like a good kid. Even if he was a little shit, he didn't deserve to be treated like that. He just hoped that they didn't let Dan rape Harry, the man was vile, and being raped by him could probably send Harry over the edge. It was a miracle that the boy had lasted this long without just giving up.

An hour later the six men came out, all looking happy and satisfied...except for Dan. Dan was glaring at Len looking like he wanted to put a bullet in his head. A few minutes later Harry literally came stumbling out, eyes red and swollen, clothes torn, blood dripping from his nose , left eye and bottom lip busted open. He could barely walk and he was dragging his left leg instead of fully picking it up.


Harry slowly shuffled behind the group. He had been trying to keep up, but he was in just too much pain. The five men had been brutal on him this last time and he just couldn't take it any longer. Hearing the brush next to him rustle, he stopped and watched as a walker came stumbling out. He chuckled sadly when he noticed that he was walking exactly like the zombie.

Harry watched as the walker got closer. His first instinct was to run, but he was done. He would rather be eaten by the walker then continue to be abused and raped by these men. Taking a deep breath, he relaxed his body and closed his eyes. He knew that it would hurt, but he had been living in constant pain for months now. He could suffer through a few minutes of intense pain before it would be gone for good.

Harry smiled when he felt the walkers breath on his neck and his hands grabbing at his arms. He went to lean in to greet death, but then the walker was gone. Snapping his eyes open, he stared in horror at the dead walker at his feet. He had been so close.

"What d'fuck!" Daryl snarled, wrenching his knife out of the walkers skull.

Harry started gasping for air, tears pouring down his face. "Why did you kill it? Didn't you see, it was saving me?"

"Fuck that shit!" Daryl snarled, getting into the boy's face. His heart damn near stopped beating when he saw Harry just stand there and wait for the walker to get him. The broken kid had even looked happy about it. He understood the boy's reasoning, but that didn't stop him from being pissed. There was something about the boy that made him feel overly protective of him.

"Please kill me," Harry whispered, looking fearfully to where Len was standing with the rest of the group laughing.

"No," Daryl growled, shaking his head.

"Please," Harry sobbed. "Please put me out of my misery."

Daryl grabbed the back of the boy's head and brought his face close to his. "I will save you from them," he whispered so the others couldn't hear. "Just give me a few days."

"Promise," Harry choked. "Promise me that if you can't save me in a few days that you will kill me. Put an arrow in my heart or a bullet between my eyes, just please put me down."

"I'll save you and I won't have to put you down."

"Hey!" Len yelled, angrily stalking to the pair. "Get your filthy hands off my claim."

Daryl stepped back away from Harry. "Next time protect your claim instead expecting everyone else to do it."

Len balled his hand into a fist. "Why you..."

"Enough," Joe snarled. "Why you guys fuck around, our pray is getting farther away. Now let's get going."

"I don't want to see you anywhere near him," Len warned. "He's mine."

Baring his teeth, Daryl turned and stormed away. He was going to take pleasure in putting an arrow between that fucker's eye. Maybe he would shove one up his ass first, see how he likes it.


Joe dropped his bags down on the railroad tracks. "Guess we'll make camp here tonight boys. It's dark and I can no longer see the trail."

Feeling dizzy, Harry collapsed right where he was standing. They had been walking for over twelve hours and he was exhausted. They had always moved a lot, but not normally that much in one day. It didn't help that he was in excruciating pain before they even started.

"Daryl," Joe called. "Why don't you see if you can hunt up some dinner, I'll share some spices with you if you do."

Daryl looked to Harry but the boy was already asleep. He didn't like leaving him, but he hadn't eaten all day and he had nothing left in his stash. With a nod, he grabbed his crossbow and slipped off into the night.

Joe watched him go until he was out of sight and hearing. "Alright boys, the fucker who killed Lou is about two miles up the road. I spotted his camp when I went scouting ahead. I got rid of Dixon because he's soft and not ready for one of our raids. Wake the boy and let's get going."

Smirking, Len gave the boy a swift kick in his side. "Get up you lazy ass. We're moving."

Groaning, Harry got up and stumbled after Len. Looking around, he noticed that Daryl wasn't anywhere in sight. He hoped that nothing happened to him, he was counting on him ending his misery.

Joe strode confidently into the campsite, he wasn't worried about a beat up man, a girl and a kid. "Look like it's party time boys."

"I claim the boy," Dan cried excitedly, leering at the kid that looked even younger than the boy that they already had. He wasn't as pretty as the other boy, but an ass was an ass. He didn't need to look at the face in order the fuck the ass.

Rick went for his gun but he wasn't fast enough. "I don't think so partner," Joe chuckled, pointing his gun at the man's temple. "You killed one of ours, now it's time for payback. First we'll take the boy while you watch, then the girl. Your death will be slow and very painful, but you'll dying knowing that you couldn't save them from the fate of being our fuck toys."

"Let me go!" Carl screamed, voice cracking.

Dan threw the kid on the ground and started tearing at his pants. He had spent months watching as all the others got to fuck the pretty little boy, he wasn't waiting another minute to tear into this kid's ass. This young one was feisty, like the pretty one was in the beginning. He couldn't wait to break him like Len broke his claim.

"Looks like I'm going to get me some dark chocolate," Tony said, licking his lips at the woman he had at gunpoint. "It's been a long time since I had a pussy. You won't be as tight as the boy, but you'll still make a good cock sleeve."

"Leave him alone!" Rick roared, dying inside because he was helpless to save his son. He knew these men from the house and he knew what they were capable of.

"Get off of him," Harry cried, pushing at Dan. He couldn't let Dan rape the boy, he was even younger than him.

Grinning, Dan back handed the pretty boy and sent him flying. "Jealous, bitch?"

Harry got to his feet, spitting a mouthful of blood out on the dirt. "Take me," he offered, pulling off his shirt and unbuttoning his pants. "You have wanted me for months, now is your chance. I won't even fight you."

Rick watched as the fat bastard climbed off his son and advanced on the boy with the haunting eyes. Seeing as the man with the gun was watching what was going on with the boys and not paying attention to him, he flung his head back and thrust it as hard as he could in the man's gut.

Harry tried not to vomit when Dan grabbed him, spun him around and pushed his groin into his ass. For months he had done everything in his power to keep this man off of him, and now, here he was freely offering himself up.

Dan had no trouble pushing the pretty boy's pants down, not with how skinny he was. Quickly fumbling with his own pants, he pulled out his cock and pushed the boy forward and onto his hands and knees.

Tony turned to cheer Dan on, never expecting the woman to be trouble. He was shocked when she kicked his arm, not only causing him to drop his gun, but also breaking his arm.

Len took a step forward to help Joe, when someone steeped into his path. He opened his mouth to yell at the new guy when he punched him in the face, dropping him to his knees.

Harry started sobbing when he felt Dan's cock nudging at his hole. Right when he felt the bastard start to push in, a whistling sound went past his ear and Dan fell to his side next to him. Scrambling to his feet and pulling up his pants, Harry looked up in time to see Daryl lowering his bow. Wide eyed, he looked down at his feet where Dan lay with an arrow sticking out of the back of his head.

Joe grabbed the man that killed Lou in a tight bear hug. "What are you going to do now?" he growled.

Seeing red, Rick lunged forward, sinking his teeth into the man's neck and tearing out a huge chunk. Spitting it out, he watched as the man started choking on his own blood. Grabbing his gun, he shot the man, then turned and shot the man that was fighting with Michonne.

Michonne grabbed her gun and shot the man that was getting ready to shoot Daryl. She was getting ready to shoot the man with long dark hair when Daryl yelled. "No! He's mine."

Rick rushed to his son who was sitting on the ground with his legs drawn up to his chest. "Are you alright?"

Carl nodded his head. "Yeah, dad, that other boy saved me."

Rick looked around until his eyes fell on a small form huddled up against the tree. "You sure you're not hurt?" he asked his son one more time, eyes still glued in the small boy under the tree.

"Yeah, he...he didn't..."

Rick grabbed his son and pulled him into a tight hug. "Will you be alright while I check on the other boy?"

"Is he one of them?" Carl asked, still clinging to his father. He wasn't stupid, he was fourteen years old and he knew exactly what the man was going to do to him.

"No, son, I don't believe so. I think they have been holding him captive."

"Alright, just be careful." Carl got up and walked to Michonne, who also pulled him into a hug.

Len looked around, his entire group was dead. The only one left was the boy. Turning to run, he froze when the cold tip of an arrow poked him between the eyes.

"I am going to take great pleasure in killing you." Daryl snarled. "I wish that I could make you suffer the way you made Harry suffer, but I don't want to look at your fucking ugly face any longer than what I have to."

Rick slowly approached the boy, he looked like a terrified animal ready to bolt. "Thank you for saving my son." he said softly and calmly.

Harry didn't know what to do. His first instinct was to run now that everyone but

Len was dead, but he was too scared and weak. He didn't know if Daryl and the other guy were anything like Joe and his group, but he didn't want to stick around to find out. He was trying to will his body to move, but it seemed that it had completely given out on him.

"Please don't hurt me," Harry whimpered when the man from under the bed approached him.

Rick knelt down in front of the boy and shook his head no. "No one here will hurt you. I promise. My name is Rick Grimes, my son is Carl and the woman over there is Michonne. I take it you know Daryl?"

Harry looked over the man's shoulder to where Daryl was standing with an arrow to Len's head. "He promised that he would save me from them," he answered softly.

Rick scratched at his beard, grimacing when his hand came away covered in blood...Joe's blood "Daryl is a good guy. He may look a little scary and come off as grouchy and uncaring, but he has a big heart and will do anything for those he cares about."

"But he doesn't know me. Why would he offer to help me when he didn't even know me?"

"Why did you help me when I was hiding under the bed?" Rick asked. "You didn't know me, and yet you still helped me."

Harry looked back at Rick, relaxing a little when he saw the gentleness in his eyes. "They would have killed you."

"I thank you for not telling on me. I have a son about your age and it makes me sick thinking about what could have happened to him and Michonne if they would have returned to the house while they were still there."

Harry dropped his head in shame, he didn't have to imagine it, he had been living it for months.

"Do you have a group somewhere? Anyone that you were with?"

Wiping his eyes, Harry shook his head no. "I was on my own when they found me."

Rick slowly held his hand out. "You welcome to join us...as one of us. We'll take care of you and help protect you. You won't be beat, raped or starved, I promise."

Harry looked at the man's hand, and despite it being covered in cuts and blood, he reached out with a trembling hand and took it. Biting his lip, he couldn't hold back the sobs that wracked his frail body. This man was offering him safety and companionship, something he hadn't had in close to two years. Technically ever if you counted his life with his relatives and all the shit at Hogwarts and with Voldemort.

After the world went to hell and he had to flee Atlanta with his relatives, he had expected Dumbledore or someone from the Order to come and get him. He knew that the outbreak was worldwide, but he figured that wizards had ways of warding to keep the zombies away. Everyday he waited for someone or for an owl from Ron or Hermione...but nothing. He hadn't heard a peep from the wizarding world and that both angered and scared him. What if they were all dead? Then again, what if they just didn't care enough about him to come looking for him?

Rick gently pulled the boy into his chest, stopping and giving him time to relax when he felt him tense. "I promise that I won't hurt you."

Harry laid his head against Rick's chest as he cried. It confused him, but for some reason he trusted this man. He didn't know if it was his eyes or his voice, but something about Rick drew him in like a moth to a flame. It was the same with Daryl. For some reason his instincts were screaming that Rick and Daryl were safe.

Rick held the boy as he cried himself to sleep. He cringed as he rubbed his back and felt every bone protruding. There was nothing to the kid, nothing but bones and skin. For the past few days he couldn't stop thinking about him, hating himself for leaving him there in that house with those disgusting men. He couldn't believe that he was here now with him, both him and Daryl.

Michonne approached with a blanket and carefully laid it over the boy. "Is he alright?"

"No," Rick answered sadly. "It's going to be a long time before he is alright."

"He was willing to let that pig rape him in order to save Carl from being raped," Michonne spat in disgust.

"He's the kid that I was telling you about from the house." Rick explained. "He didn't tell them that I was hiding under the bed and I'm sure they punished him for that."

"They did," Daryl growled, dragging Len to them by his hair. "What do I do with this fucker? I want to put an arrow between his eyes, but didn't know if I should wait to give Harry the opportunity to do it."

"Harry," Rick murmured, finally learning the boy's name. "I don't think Harry needs to wake up and see him still here. I vote just kill him."

"Hey, just wait a minute," Len protested. "Let me join your group. I'm a good a shot and the only way to survive is in a group."

Daryl watched how Harry started whimpering and twitching in his sleep when he heard Len's voice. He would have liked to have given Harry the choice to get his revenge on the fucker, but Rick was right. Harry needed to start healing, not wake to that bastard leering at him."

Rick placed a comforting hand on the back of Harry's head. Turning to Daryl with fire in his eyes, he growled, "do it!"

Daryl shoved Len as hard as he could, knocking him onto his ass. Before he could recover, Daryl aimed and fired, shooting him directly between the eyes. Without saying anything, he bent down and grabbed him by the back of his leather jacket and drug him out of the campsite. He was exhausted, but he was going to remove every trace of the Claimers so Harry wouldn't have to see them again when he woke.