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Harry didn't like how a few of the group were looking at him...mainly the giant red head. He had seemed nice enough before, but ever since learning the truth about him being a wizard, he had been looking at him strangely, openly staring at him.

"I still can't believe that magic is real," Tara said excitedly. "My niece would have loved to have met you," she said sadly. She tried not to think about her family, it hurt too much. Meghan had been at the age where she was obsessed with unicorns, magic and princesses.

Harry just gave the woman a small smile. She seemed nice and she hadn't freaked out when Daryl and Rick told the group the truth about him. Eugene was another that was having trouble with him being wizard, but that was only because he was a man of science and magic went against everything he ever believed in. He was still being nice to him though, unlike Abraham who he caught glaring at him a few times.

Looking to the corner of the room, Harry blushed when he saw his mates sitting with Glenn discussing something. It had been four hours since Daryl had kissed him, but he could still feel his face heat up when thinking about it. Everything about Daryl was rough, even his voice, but his lips had been surprisingly soft and gentle. He couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to kiss Rick.

Feeling a tugging on his pants, Harry looked down to see baby Judith with a handful of his jeans trying to pull herself up. "Look who's awake," he said softly, bending down to scoop her up. "Did you have a good nap?" He chuckled when the little one stuffed her fist into her mouth and laid her head on his shoulder.

"You're good with her," Maggie said, handing the boy a bottle. "Do you have a lot of experience with kids?"

Harry awkwardly shifted the baby in his arms and held the bottle out to her. "None actually, she is the first baby I have ever been around. What...what happened to her mother?" He didn't want to be nosey, but he was curious on how she came to be and what happened to her mother.

"Died in child birth," Maggie answered sadly. "I had to cut her open to remove Judith. Carl shot her after to keep her from turning. It damn near destroyed Rick. He went off the deep end there for a while."

Harry looked back to his mate who was now watching him with an unreadable expression on his face. Blushing, he turned and looked back at Maggie. "Daryl said that its your sister that we are looking for?"

Smirking, Maggie nudged the boy with her elbow. "You and Daryl seem pretty close. I have never seen him so protective of anyone before. For a while there I thought that Carol and him were going to hook up, but now I'm thinking that he likes you."

"I...I..." Harry stuttered, not sure how to answer her. She had taken the news about him being magical really well, but he didn't want to press his luck by going into soul mates. It sounded far fetched even to him. "Your sister?" he asked again.

Sighing, Maggie nodded her head. "She was with Daryl when she was taken by someone with a car. They got attacked by walkers and got separated."

"I'm sorry," Harry said sincerely. He prayed that Maggie's sister was safe and not with someone like Len or any of the other Claimers. It was sad that the humans were more of a threat than the dead.

Clearing his throat, Rick stood up. "We will camp here for one more night than head back towards Atlanta. Daryl said that there was a cross on the car that took Beth that reminded him of a hospital cross."

"We got to go to Washington," Abraham boomed loudly. "It is imperative that we get Eugene there. I'm sorry about the missing girl, but Eugene is our number one priority. The girl's more than likely dead anyway."

Harry reached out and took Maggie's hand when he heard her gasp. "Shut your face!" Daryl snarled. "You and the mullet can go to Washington, we're looking for Beth. We take care of our own."

Harry blushed when Daryl looked to him. He may not be ready for anything sexual, but right now he wanted to snog the hell out of him. His mate was sexy as hell.

"Daryl's right," Rick agreed. "Your group can go on to Washington, but we're not moving on until we find Beth."

Snarling, Abraham stormed out of the house.


Harry could feel himself lagging, but gritting his teeth, he pushed himself on. They had been walking since sunup and it was late afternoon now. His back was healing nicely, but it still hurt like a bitch and he was still weak from months of starvation. It didn't help that he had been plagued with nightmares last night and had hardly gotten any sleep.

"What about time travel?"

Sighing, Harry looked to Eugene. The man had been asking him questions for hours. "We can travel back in time, but only for an hour or so. We use a device called a Time Turner, but it's heavily regulated by the Ministry. You can't just go out and buy one."

"That is a shame. We could have went back and warned our past selves. Prepared something for our survival."

Harry was too exhausted to explain all the time travel rules, especially the one about not being seen by your past self. He just wanted to find a comfortable spot to lay down and sleep for twelve hours."

"You ok, cuz?" Dudley asked, noticing how pale and sickly Harry was looking.

Harry didn't know what to make of his cousin. He would have given anything when he was little for Dudley to call him cuz or cousin or even to just treat him nice. It was hard to just put aside sixteen years of name calling and abuse and pretend as if it never happened. "I'll be fine, Dudley," he answered stiffly.

"Harry, I'm just worried..."

Stopping, Harry turned and glared at his cousin. "Don't say that you are worried about me! Where was that worry when your father was beating the shit out me or when your mother was starving me? Where was that worry when you were beating me? I know that times have changed, but I just can't forget about sixteen years of abuse. You don't have to suck up to me, Big D, I'll take you with me when we use the portkey. Unlike you, I wouldn't leave a person behind." Wiping at his eyes, he quickly walked away.

"Leave him alone, prick!" Daryl snarled, stepping in front of the cannibal and blocking his path. "You have hurt him enough."

"Me?" Dudley spat. "I saw you kissing him. My cousin isn't your plaything. You're disgusting to use him like that after what he has been through."

Snarling, Daryl grabbed the boy by the front of his shirt and slammed him hard against a tree. "I could kill you right now and not even break a sweat. I could kill you right now and not a single person in this group would give a shit or miss you...except maybe Harry. That boy has a soft heart. You don't deserve to call him cousin. You're nothing but a leech."

"Stay away from my cousin," Dudley huffed, trying to break out of the man's grip. He knew that he was no match for the archer, but he also wasn't one to back down. He may have been a bastard to his cousin when they were little, but Harry was all that he had left and he wasn't going to allow anyone to use or hurt him. He had picked up enough tidbits of information to know what happened to Harry after they left him and he didn't want to see his little cousin hurt even more.

Leaning in, Daryl got right in the cannibal's face. "And what are you going to do if I don't?"

Dudley opened and closed his mouth a few times. "Just leave him alone." he weakly threatened.

Smirking, Daryl shoved the boy harshly away from him. "Come and see me when you grow a pair." he growled, chuckling when the boy landed hard on his backside in the dirt.

Rick watched the confrontation but didn't interfere. The brat needed to be put in his place, but for Harry's sake he didn't want Daryl to kill the boy. "We need to talk about Harry," he said softly to his friend.

Daryl didn't say anything, he just continued to walk besides Rick, eyes constantly scanning the area. He knew that they both had feelings for the boy, but strangely it didn't bother him. It felt right having Rick part of whatever was going on with Harry. "We need to stop," he grunted, pointing to where Harry had stumbled for the fifth time. "He needs a break."

"As soon as we find a safe place," Rick agreed. He hated pushing the kid, especially with him still in so much pain and weak, but they couldn't stop out in the open.


Harry tried to hide his pain as he was finally able to lower his exhausted body to the ground, but with the way Daryl was looking at him, he knew that he had failed miserably. He wasn't going to complain though, they had to see that he was tough enough to be in this group. He didn't want to be on his own again. Even though he now had a portkey back to the Wizarding World, he couldn't leave his mates behind.

"Let me look at your back, Harry," Maggie said kindly, kneeling next to the exhausted boy.

Grimacing, Harry reluctantly cracked his eyes open. "I'm fine, Maggie. I just need to rest some." The last thing he wanted to do was move so he could take off his shirt. He didn't even think that he was physically capable of moving.

"Let me give you a hand," Rick offered, helping Harry to sit forward then removing his shirt for him.

"There are still a couple lashes that aren't healing as fast as the others," Maggie frowned. Looking to Rick, she held out the pill bottle. "There's only two antibiotic pills left. We're going to have to find some more."

"I'll be fine," Harry reassured tiredly. "Eventually my magic will heal it, it always does."

"I'll go," Daryl offered.

"I'll go with you you," Carol offered too. She wasn't sure what to make of the new kid, but she was a little jealous over how much time Daryl spent with him. Daryl usually didn't pay anyone much attention, but he was always watching the boy and guarding him...he even slept close to him. It wasn't like Darly to act that way. She had always had a crush on the man, she never hid the fact, but he never acted interested so she never pursued him. Maybe he was gay. Maybe that was why he never acted interested in her.

"Please don't go," Harry whimpered, struggling to sit up. "I'm fine, honest." He wouldn't admit it, but he was jealous. He was sure that there had been something between his mate a Carol.

Rick placed a firm hand on Harry's shoulder and gently pushed him back down. "Just sleep, Harry. Daryl knows what he's doing. You need antibiotics."

Daryl wished that he could kiss his boy's pouty lips, but he wasn't one for public displays of affection and he wasn't ready for everyone to know his business. Harry had been through hell and back, he didn't need any of the group ragging on him because there was something going on between the two of them. It wasn't any of their damn business anyway.

"Be careful," Harry whispered, giving in and laying back down. He was so tired and sore, he just wanted to sleep for a year.


"They should have been back by now," Glenn said worriedly, taking another peek out the window of the abandoned house they were holed up in for the night. Carol and Daryl had left over six hours ago to look for antibiotics and they had yet to return.

Rick looked to Harry who was still blessedly sleeping. He knew the boy would be going out of his mind with worry right now and blaming himself for Daryl and Carol's disappearance. "They both can take care of themselves. They'll return when they can. Until then, we stay here as long as it's safe."

"No! We ain't just gonna be sitting around doing nothing when we need to get Eugene to Washington," Abraham declared hotly. "If we don't get him to Washington, then a cure will never be developed."

"I don't see anyone stopping you," Rick hissed dangerously. "We're not leaving here until all our people have returned."

"Fine!" Abraham snarled. "Give me Glenn, Maggie, Tara and the boy and the rest of you can catch up when your strays return."

Rick narrowed his eyes at the large redhead. He wasn't going to break up his group, and he sure as hell wasn't going to allow him to take Harry. He would slit the man's throat first. "No," he answered flatly.

"Now see here..."

"No, now you see here," Rick hissed lowly, not wanting to wake Harry or any of the others who were asleep . "These are my people...my family. We have been together since the beginning and we're going to stick together."

"The boy has only been with you for a week tops," Abraham pointed out. "Let me take him off your hands. He's only slowing you down."

"If he's such a burden, then why the hell do you want him?" Rick snapped back.

Abraham looked at the boy then back at Rick. "You have seen the shit that he can do. If anyone can get us to Washington, it's that boy."

"I'll go with you with Harry," Dudley volunteered. He wanted to get Harry far away from that damn hillbilly. He wasn't good for his cousin.

"Harry. Isn't. Going. Anywhere." Rick snarled, his hand fingering his gun. "You can go," he said, turning his hard eyes on the cannibal. "Harry stays."

"Harry is my cousin, my..."

"Shut up, Dudley," Harry moaned, carefully sitting up. His body was stiff and still paining him. He had caught the end of the conversation and he figured out pretty easily what was going on. "I'm not leaving the group," he said, looking to the large ginger. "I'm not leaving Rick and Daryl," he added softly.

"We are talking about the survival of man kind!" Abraham roared. "Are you going to let the human race be wiped out just because you're a pansy ass, little bitch who's afraid of his own shadow?"

Harry put his hands behind his back to hide his trembling. Thanks to Len and the Claimers, he was terrified of confrontation. Still, despite what he has suffered through, he was still a reckless, and sometimes stupid Gryffindor. "Yes!" he answered simply, sounding far braver than what he felt. "You have managed this far without me, I'm sure that you can manage the rest of the way just fine. Honestly, how do you even know if Eugene speaks the truth? Your head is too thick to comprehend even a quarter of what the man says."

Mustache twitching and eyes flaring, Abraham was on boy in the blink of an eye. "What did you say?" He hissed, raising his large, meaty fist.

Crying out, Harry covered his head with his arms and fell to the ground whimpering. Flashes of his time with the Claimers overriding everything else. He was reliving each hit, punch, kick and lashing.

Blind with rage at seeing the boy he had come to care a great deal for cowering on the ground in fear, Rick literally picked up the larger man and sent him flying across the room. Grabbing his gun, he aimed it at Abraham. "Tell me why I shouldn't put a bullet between your eyes. Do you get off on hurting those that aren't even half your size?"

"I wouldn't have hit him," Abraham protested, looking sadly to where the boy was crying, now being held and comforted by Michonne. He didn't know what came over him, he knew that the kid had it bad. He just needed to succeed in this mission, it was the only thing keeping him going. He had been ready to end it all before Eugene came across him begging for help and claiming to know the cure. He needed to believe in this.

"I want you gone!" Rick growled, gun still pointed at Abraham.

"The kid's right," Eugene admitted, looking fearfully to Abraham.

"Eugene, what are you saying?" Rosita asked, eyes wide in disbelief.

"I do not now, nor have I ever known, the cure," Eugene said shamefully. The guilt of his lie had been eating at him for a while. He liked this group, he didn't want Abraham to get them tossed out.

With tears in her eyes, Rosita shook her head no. "That's not true. You said..."

"I lied," Eugene cut her off.

"Why?" Rosita asked brokenly. "We lost so many good people getting you this far."

Eugene looked around the room noticing that all eyes were on him, even the little wizards. "Look at me," he defended. "I am not a fighter, I have zero survival skills. I was scared and didn't want to die. I may not be a fighter, but I am far smarter than the average person. I knew that the only safe place would be in Washington and so I lied to get myself there. I do not regret it. I did what I had to do in order to survive."

"No," Abraham mumbled, looking to Eugene but not really seeing him. "No, I don't believe you."

Eugene wearily approached the man who had managed to keep him alive all this time. "It's true. I am sorry that I lied, but..."

Eyes finally focusing, Abraham cocked his fist back and punched the man in the face, easily knocking him out cold. Everyone was too stunned to do anything. All they could do was silently watch as Abraham stormed out of the house.

Lowering his gun, Rick turned to check on Harry. "Are you alright?" he asked, waving Michonne away.

Feeling stupid, Harry nodded his head. "I'm sorry about that. I don't know what came over..."

Rick placed a finger over the boy's lips stopping him from apologizing. "You have nothing to apologize for, Harry, you did nothing wrong. For someone who has been through hell and back, you are handling everything remarkably well. I know first hand what it's like to break under the weight of everything...and you haven't broken. You're are incredibly strong."

Nodding his head and fighting back his tears, Harry leaned into Rick's hand when he cupped his face. "I wanted to break," he admitted shamefully. "When I was with the Claimers, but Daryl wouldn't let me. I just want to die. I wanted it to end."

"And now?" Rick asked softly.

"And now I have you, Daryl and the group." Frowning, Harry looked around, noticing for the first time that Daryl and Carol were missing. "Where's Daryl?"

"Everything is fine, Harry," Rick quickly reassured when he saw the fear and worry in Harry's eyes.

"Have they returned? How long have I been sleeping?"

Rick reached out to comfort Harry but snatched his hand back when he felt an electrical shock. "Harry, you need to calm down," he said soothingly, rubbing at his stingy hand. "What's going on?"

Rubbing his chest, Harry looked wide eyed at Rick. "It's my magic reacting to my emotions. I need to get out of here, I don't want to hurt anyone, especially Judith."

"Go," Glenn said to Rick, having overheard everything. "I'll watch over everything here."

Taking a risk, Rick took Harry's hand, sighing in relief when he only felt a mild, warm shock. "Let's go."

Harry followed Rick, body trembling from holding his magic in. This had never happened to him before. Yes he had inflated Aunt Marge like a hot air balloon last time his emotions got away from him, but this time it felt like he was burning up on the inside.

"Deep, calming breaths," Rick coached, leading Harry away from the house and into the woods. "What is going on?"

"Is Daryl dead?" Harry blurted out, tears finally falling. He couldn't lose Daryl, he couldn't lose one of his mates. He couldn't survive this without him and he didn't want to."

"No!" Rick said forcefully, grabbing Harry's fragile shoulders. He inwardly cringed when he felt all the bones protruding. How the hell had the boy survived so long with those sick bastards.

"Then where is he?" Harry cried, looking around as if he was expecting to see his mate step out from behind a tree.

"He...he hasn't returned yet," Rick answered awkwardly. He wouldn't admit it, but he was worried about his friend too.

"Then how do you know that he's not dead?" Harry sobbed.

"Because he's Daryl," Rick pointed out with a smirk. "Daryl Dixon is the toughest son of a bitch that I have ever met. If he hasn't returned yet then he has a damn good reason...and it's not because he's dead."

Nodding his head, Harry tried to take comfort in Rick's words. He was scared though. He just wanted to go home where him and his mates would be safe behind wards. Hopefully they will find Maggie's sister soon.

"How's your magic?" Rick asked wearily. He wanted to hold the boy, but he was still leery of his magic.

Still trembling, Harry looked down at his hands. The burning throughout his body was getting better, but he still had to release the excess magic. Pointing to a large boulder, he mumbled, "Wingardium Leviosa."

"Incredible," Rick gasped as the boulder lifted off the ground. He didn't think he would ever get use to seeing magic.

Harry kept the boulder hovering in the air until the burning stopped and he could feel himself breaking out into a sweat. Slowly lowering his hand, he returned the boulder to its original spot. "That felt good," he painted, grinning up at Rick.

Unable to resist, Rick gently grabbed the back of Harry's head and brought his lips down onto his. He had been expecting the boy to recoil back in disgust, not lean into him, kissing him back.

Kissing Rick was very different than kissing Daryl. Daryl's kisses felt more wild and more possessive, while Rick's was gentle, more careful. Both were equally amazing, though Rick's was definitely more prickly thanks to his shaggy beard.

"Did I go too far?" Rick panted, lips still brushing Harry's.

"No," Harry sighed. "I'm not ready for more, don't know if I ever will be, but kissing is nice."

"I'll never ask for more than what you're willing to give," Rick reassured, not wanting to scare him. Harry had been brutally raped for months, his fear of having sex was totally justifiable. "Why do I feel so strongly about you? I know that there is something going on between you and Daryl, but me being involved feels right. I don't understand."

Harry had been dreading this. He was scared if he told them about them being his mates that they would think that he had them under some magical spell or something. "Do you remember the day when I was telling Carl about mates?"

Thinking back, Rick nodded his head. "That was the day that you told him werewolves and unicorns were real. Carl couldn't stop asking you questions."

"Rick, there was a reason why only you and Daryl could see those cuffs that I had been wearing."

"The ones that prevented you from using your magic?" Rick asked.

"Those," Harry growled, remembering how horrible it felt to have his magic sealed. "You and Daryl could see them because the two of you are my mates. Everyone, even nonmagical people have soul mates. You and Daryl are mine. That's why you could see the bracelets and that's why you could remove them."

Taking a step back, Rick scratched at his beard. "So what you're saying is, you, me and Daryl are supposed to be together...sexually? But I don't have those kind of feelings for Daryl, just you."

"That's because I'm your soul mate, not Daryl."

Rick was having a hard time wrapping his head around what Harry was saying. He wanted to believe him, the boy had been honest with him so far, but what he was saying just didn't make sense. "So you need two mates? Is that normal?"

Harry was relaxing a bit seeing as Rick wasn't accusing him of bewitching him. "I didn't pay much attention to this stuff when we were leaning this, but from what I remember, if a witch or wizard is above average magical power wise, then they would require two mates."

"So you're a powerful little wizard?" Rick grinned, taking a step forward, grabbing Harry's hand then slowly pulling him towards him. He could tell that Harry had been worried that he would freak out over the whole mate thing, but being with Harry felt right and he wasn't going to question it too much. He had lost so much in the last year and a half, he wasn't going to lose anything else. Harry was his...end of story.

Harry went willingly to Rick, resting his cheek on his strong, muscular chest. This was nice, he liked being close to his mates. He wasn't scared that they would push him for more before he was ready, if he was ever ready, he just knew that they would never hurt him. He didn't know if it was his magic or what, but instinctually he knew that they were safe.

"Daryl and Carol will be alright, Harry," Rick reassured again. "They may have found out something about Beth."

Wrapping his arms around Rick's waist, Harry nodded his head. If Daryl was dead, he was pretty sure that his magic would let him know. He was scared, terrified for Daryl, but he didn't feel as if his mate was dead or in mortal danger.

"Are you alright with going back now?"

Harry reluctantly stepped out of Rick's warm embrace. "Yeah, my magic is under control now. Thank you for getting me out of there."

Taking his hand, Rick started to lead his mate back to the house. How crazy was that? Mate! Harry was his mate. He was going to have to learn more about this mate business.

Harry stopped when he felt a tugging on his magic. Looking around, he spotted a tree towering over a hundred feet tall. It was separate from the rest of the trees, sitting in a small open field soaking up all the sun. Reclaiming his hand from Rick's, he slowly made his way towards the tree, eyes scanning the area for any walkers.

"Harry?" Rick questioned, following after the small, young man.

The tugging on Harry's magic became greater the closer he got to the tree. With a slightly trembling hand, he reached out and placed his hand on it. Gasping loudly, he grinned up at the tree in amazement when magic soared through him. It almost reminded him of the first time he held his wand. "Rick, what type of tree is this?"

"Black Walnut," Rick answered. He could have sworn that he had seen Harry's hair blow in the nonexistent breeze when he touched the Walnut tree.

With a grin on his face, Harry walked around the old tree, his hand never leaving it. Frowning when he saw that all the branches were too high for him to reach, he walked back to his mate. "Can you please reach one of the branches for me and break me off a piece about sixteen inches long?"

"A little short are we?" Rick joked as he easily reached a branch and broke a piece off. "What are you going to do with a stick?"

"I'm going to make a wand," Harry said excitedly, holding the stick in his hand while savoring the feel of his magic connecting with it. He couldn't use it yet, he still needed a core, but it was a start.

"You can just pick up any old stick and make a wand?"

"No, there has to be a connection. The wand always chooses the wizard," Harry explained. "We don't learn about wand lore in school, but I felt the tree calling to me. As soon as I touched it I knew that it would make a perfect wand."

"So that's it? You now have a fully functioning wand?" Rick asked curiously.

"I wish," Harry sighed. "The wand still needs a core, and even if I find a core, I have no idea how to make a wand."

"Core?" Rick asked, feeling lost and confused. Still, learning about all this was very interesting.

"The core is normally a piece of magical creature that is placed inside the wand. Most common cores are Phoenix feathers, unicorn hairs and dragon heartstrings. I have no clue where I would find a core here, or how the hell to put it in the wood."

"I'm sure you will figure it out," Rick said confidently. "There was a reason why that tree called to you. The first wand makers didn't have anyone teaching them. Maybe your magic will help you?"

Yeah," Harry grinned. He wasn't use to someone having so much confidence in him. It felt really good. "I'll really be able to help once I have full use of my magic." He hated feeling like a burden.

"Worry about healing yourself first. Let Daryl and I handle the rest for now."

"I hope Daryl is back," Harry said anxiously, reaching out and grasping Rick's hand.

Rick silently agreed. The group needed Daryl, he was their strongest member. He didn't think he could hold the group together without him. "If not, he will return. Daryl always comes back."