Walking toward the throne room Sofia could hear her sister fussing. "But Daddy how can I choose just one Prince! I danced with so many charming Princes I simply cannot choose in one night!"

"Now Amber, I really want to see you settled down and secure before…" King Roland was saying. James opened the throne room door wider.

"I found her, she was star gazing in the observatory, Cedric was *ahem* watching out for her."

"Oh good, thank you Cedric. Sofia did you enjoy the banquet tonight, though we missed you at dinner. Prince Khalid seemed especially cross." The King smiled at her. "So have you decided on a Prince to marry?"

"Well Dad I would actually like to talk to you about that." Sofia looked up at her dad and mom sitting on their thrones, then at her brother happily engaged and sister silently arguing with herself on which Prince to choose. Finally to Cedric standing alone close to the doors. "Dad, I have not chosen a Prince…"

"No wait Sofia." Cedric interrupted as he came to stand beside her. "Your majesty. I love Sofia. I know I do not always do the right thing. But know I have always and will always do the right thing by her."

Everyone froze, surprised by Cedric's confession.

"Cedric, do you know what you're saying?" King Roland questioned.

"Dad, I love him back and no Prince could bring me joy like he does." Sofia answered.

"Sofia, are you sure about this?" Amber asked.

"Yes Amber. Dad, Mom, I am sure. After all mom was a cobbler when she married a King." Sofia said.

"I know I am not royalty your Majesty. I cannot give her a kingdom, but I will do everything in my power, which is quite a lot, to give her a happy life." Cedric promised.

King Roland pondered for a moment, then looked at his Queen and three grown children in front of him. "I am sorry… none of you understand. With James leaving the kingdom to continue his Knighthood and Amber moving to the Kingdom of her respected husband… that leaves Sofia. You see…" King Roland continued. "I was so insistent on the girls settling down because… I am dying."

"Oh Daddy!" Both girls gasped. James looked down feeling he knew for a while.

King Roland held up his hand. "Cedric, do you truly love my daughter?"

"Yes sir I do." Cedric straightened up.

"Then Cedric you realize that will make you King when I pass." King Roland finished.

"Who me?" Cedric stumbled back.

"Cedric?" Sofia held his arm. Cedric laughed to himself, it figures when he finally gave up taking the crown. When he realized he had feelings for Sofia and confessed them to the entire Royal family. He Cedric, when he married Sofia would be King, legitimately! The potion vial weighted heavy in his pocket. He felt like all this time on evil schemes was wasted. He looked over Sofia, the one who's always seen the best in him and always called it out. Remembering how lonely and dreary life without her the past five years were. He could not imagine how terrible the rest of his life would be if he messed this up.

"Yes your highness, I will not let you down, with a Queen as fantastic as your daughter by my side, my shining diamond, this Kingdom will prosper." For once Cedric told the whole truth confident in his words.

Well there it is! My one shot. Short and sweet!

I really do hope you've enjoyed!