Maiden Dreams

Prologue: Determination

Fujin's POV

I wondered silently through the empty streets of the town, friendless and alone, only having myself for company. The dark blue night sky above lay across the world like a blanket, shadowing the world from the harms and dangers lurking in the unknown. I sat down on the dew damp grass and cast my head up to look at the beautiful stars.

'There are so many…each one twinkles so brightly…' I thought as I looked up to the tiny white gems sparkling in the sea of dark blue. I laid my head down to look better at the familiar constellations that my…papa…had taught me.

I felt a tear slide down my cheek as I thought of my father. I missed him so much, but…I couldn't see him ever again. I was all alone now…nobody to look after me…

My tears began to fall quicker as I thought back to my family. I didn't want to think about them, because I knew it would make me sad. I had to look after myself now, and that was all that there was to it. I would prove that I could be strong. I would prove to my mother that I could be the great and brilliant child that she wanted…

'No! I mustn't think about it…I've got to take care of myself now. I will take care of myself. I will I will I will!'

But in response my stomach growled, telling me that four days without food was making me hungry. I would give anything for some food. But I hated the idea of stealing. That wouldn't make my mother happy, and if I did, I knew what she would do to me…

My weary legs had been walking all day, travelling plain after plain to the next town. I had little money for transport, and I knew that my little savings of 20 gil would have to last me a long time. I relaxed against the soft grass of this unfamiliar town. I needed sleep because I would again be walking again all day tomorrow until I reached my destination of nowhere.

I didn't know where I was going. All I knew was that I was going a far away as I could from home. I had to prove myself! I had to prove to my mother that I could do the things he could do and more!

As I thought more and more about my challenge, my eye became heavier and heavier, and I finally gave into sleep under the tree of this ghost town.


"Hey! Get off our garden you brat!" an angry male voice shouted.

I woke to the shouts of people running through my ears. I suddenly realised where I was and quickly scrambled onto my feet.

"I said…" the stranger began again, but he stopped and fear was spelt all across his face. I knew what he was looking at. I hated it when people stared. It was as if I were some kind of freak!

"Go! Go away you demon!" his voice was full of anxiety as he begged me to flee. I felt my heart beginning to tear as a deep hole inside me began to open up. I couldn't let anyone see my weakness. Nobody at all. I run as fast as I could, never once looking back, out of the town leaving the curses behind me.

I had forgotten everything about the fact that I woken up in someone's garden by accident. That was put straight to the back of my mind. What was worrying me now, was the fear I had seen on their faces.

I hated when people stared at me. I feel so vulnerable and weak in front of their eyes. My silver hair and red eyes usually made people take a second glance at me, making me even more aware of my albino nature. I didn't want to be weak anymore. I had been weak and feeble long enough. But…

The fear on their faces! Their mouths were hung open, gazing at me as if I was a monster. Their eyes were so wide I thought they might pop out. Their bodies had frozen and paralysed at the very sight of me. Time seemed to slow down that very moment, making me suffer the pain and embarrassment again and again as they stared at me with their zombie eyes and stiff bodies. It made me want to feel sick. I wanted to cower away, and hide behind the strength of someone else. I didn't want to fight my own battles. I was too scared when people even looked at me.

As I kept running further and further away from the disaster area, it suddenly hit me why my mother acted the way she did. I knew what I had to do. I had to face my fears and stand up for myself…Although saying that was a lot easier than doing it.

I slowed my steps and stopped to wipe away my tears from my one red eye. I couldn't remember how I only had one eye…I just woke up in the local doctors with a bandage over my eye…I couldn't remember anything at all. But I had grazes on my knee and my back…All I could come down to was that I lost it in a battle…that I don't even remember!

I sat down on the grass of the empty field and gently rubbed my eye dry. The wind blew quietly through the long blades of green, which brushed against my arms. The feeling was so relaxing and so…pleasant that I lost myself. I lay down in the long grass invisible to anybody, and let the grass brush against my worn and tired body.

As I listened to the wind and the grass rustle together, making their music of nature, I suddenly heard the footsteps of something in the grass. I sat up quietly and grabbed my pinwheel that was strapped across my back. I knew the ways of the wind through my father. I could tell just by feeling the direction of the air how hard, and where to throw my pinwheel to make a direct hit. As I unlatched my pinwheel my wind magic awoke within me. I could hear the breath of the creature breathe in and out. It didn't sound like a field monster. If anything it sounded human…But my poor child abilities weren't very refined.

'I guess I'll have to attack…' I thought as I peeped over the grass to look at my enemy. My pinwheel was clutched in my small hand and was ready to fly…