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Tell me would you kill to save a life?

Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?

Crash, crash, burn, let it all burn

This hurricane's chasing us all underground.

-Hurricane, 30 Seconds to Mars

Prologue: Would You Kill To Save A Life?

Date: July 18th, 1993

Dear Harry and Ron,

I doubt you will ever read this, but if I ever find a way to send this to you I want you to know what really happened to me. I'm sure by now word has reached you of what happened: that my family and I were killed while we were on our cruise to France when the ship sunk in the storm. Well, for the most part, that is true. I don't think anyone else made it off that ship- other than myself, that is, as I am currently alive writing this letter.

Dad made sure I got to the life boat; he went back to look for Mum. I never saw him again. The waves nearly took my boat down a number of times, but somehow it stayed upright until the storm passed. After that, I was left drifting for what seemed like ages. The small supply of water I had ran out after the first week. Did you know that you can live for nearly a month without food? It seemed a rather fascinating fact when I first read it, but in reality starvation is painful and not something I would wish on even Malfoy on one of his more nasty days.

The periodic rain showers helped with keeping me hydrated, but it also made the nights freezing and all the more miserable. At first I had nothing but water, but eventually food became easier to come by. My boat had started to grow algae along the bottom and began to attract fish. I ended up making a net out of the bottom half of my jeans; the fish weren't too bad, but I think if I ever get home, I will never go near sushi again.

I might have been more fascinated by having my own personal little ecosystem right under my feet, had the fish not also attracted sharks- who were also bent on eating me! I could feel them hitting the boat at times, trying to knock me out.

I was stuck there for about six weeks before I landed on this island. It doesn't appear to have any people on it but I haven't moved far from where my boat washed up yet, haven't quite gotten used to the ground not rocking from under me.

If you had not noticed, I am currently writing this letter in a journal I brought with me from the ship. I hadn't been able to write before but now I have a bit of charred wood; which is even harder to write with than a quill. I made a fire here on the beach using some drift wood and a shoelace. The TV makes it look so much easier than it is in real life. Harry will explain the TV to you, Ron, I'm too tired to write it all out and too comfortably warm for the first night since I left home.

Tomorrow I will explore more of the island, maybe there is a port or a village around here where I can get a ride home or call for help.

Still Alive,

Hermione Granger

Date: July 25th, 1993

Dear Harry and Ron,

It has been nearly a week since my last letter and a lot of things have happened. I suppose I should start at the beginning.

I started out exploring the island and came across a rather scenic river; it was a rather perfect place for a swim. That was until the largest fish I have ever seen pulled a whole deer right in- right in front of me!

I steered clear of the rivers after that, and was on my way back to camp when I wandered into some sort of trap. One moment I was walking along a path looking for the shore and the next I was ten feet in the air hanging from a net. I don't know how many hours I was stuck there but it was nearly dark when someone finally found me.

He didn't speak, no matter how much I yelled or begged. He just drew his bow (a thought that made me wonder, who still uses bows?) and shot the rope holding me in the air. I think the fall might have broken something, because the combination of hitting the ground and pain in my arm caused me to pass out.

When I woke up next I was in a dark cave, and the man who had shot me down was sitting by a fire, stitching a hole in this worn old hooded poncho. He had splinted my arm while I was unconscious, but it still hurt painfully. By the looks of things, I doubt he has any painkillers.

He said his name was Halt, no last name. I think he's German; he has a bit of an accent when he does decide to speak, but he doesn't seem to like talking. Most of what he says tends to be curses and German phrases. Then again, the German phrases are mostly likely even more curses.

I am still with Halt now, even a week later. He won't let me leave the cave, but he doesn't toss me back in when I wander to the entrance, like he did when I first got here. Apparently this island used to be a prison before it was abandoned and was then taken over by a Russian military organization, or maybe they're mercenaries. I'll have to try to find out more on that later.

When the military moved in and took over the place. A few were hired into their group, the rest were round up to be used in some sort of experiments, I think. Halt wasn't very clear on that. Apparently the military don't like outsiders knowing about them, which is why Halt won't let me out. He says I make too much noise ('like a bull in a china shop') and if they find me, I'll wish I had died in my boat.

Apparently they don't like him much either, and I can't say I like him much myself. He rather reminds me of Professor Snape; everything I do seems to irritate him even if I'm doing exactly what he told me to. Of all the things to happen, I wind up stuck on an island with a Professor Snape double who tosses me around like a little kitten!

Though, while Halt can be a bit difficult, he has yet to throw me out to fend for myself with the soldiers- or assign me detention-, so he can't be too bad. Maybe he's just been alone so long, he's just forgotten how to be nice. I can't say the same for Professor Snape.

I hope you are doing well and ready to start the new school year. Be sure to keep up with your studies till I can get there to make sure you're getting your work done. I don't want to come back to find you two fooling around!

Still Alive

Hermione Granger

Date: December 17th, 1993

Dear Harry and Ron,

I need help! Please... (the remainder of the sentence has been made illegible by water marks)

I'm all alone. I can't do this. I don't want to be alone.

(The rest of the letter is smudged beyond legibility)

Date: January 8th, 1994

Dear Harry and Ron,

I'm still alive, and I'm going to see you two again. I don't know how and I don't know when, but I am getting off this island and I am going home. I can't give up now, not when I know my friends are out there waiting on me.

Still Alive,

Hermione Granger

Date: May 2nd, 1997

Dear Harry and Ron,

I'm coming home.

See you soon.

Hermione Granger


Date: November 26th, 1997

Dear Harry and Ron,

This is not the way it was supposed to be. I thought I left the battle field behind me on that island only to find myself in another one. Everything that has kept me going these last three years is gone.

People who I thought were indestructible are dead. Friends I remember with smiling faces now carry the scars of war. This can't be the way things were supposed to be. It can't be!

I have a plan, and if it works, then none of this would have happened. Ron, you wouldn't be hurt- not like that. And Harry, you wouldn't have... you wouldn't have...

It's not going to happen again anyways, or I will die trying.

Hermione Granger

April 1993- Department of Mysteries

The veil fluttered on an unfelt wind in the quiet stillness of its chamber. Suddenly, a golden crackle of power shot across the veil, snapping the fabric to attention. Its surface became smooth as glass and no light seemed to penetrate the darkness within as voices began to filter through.

"Come on, it's ready!" said a female voice.



The sound of spells impacting on stone and flesh could be heard as the sounds of fighting and the enraged screams of 'traitor' echoed throughout the empty chamber.

"Come on, Sir, we need to go now! Expulso!"

"Go, Granger!"



The sounds of battle grew louder- as did the voices- like there was only the thin surface of the veil separating them from sight. "No one else can be allowed to get through, or everything we have planned will be lost. Now stow that Gryffindor stubbornness and go!"


"GO," a male voice roared. "CONFRIGO!"

The glass surface of the veil shattered as a body burst through; the shards fractured and faded from sight before they could hit the stone floor of the chamber. A ground shaking explosion of flames burst out of the veil behind the figure, who was saved from the flames and flying debris by a hastily conjured shield before the figure rolled across the ground into a defensive crouch.

The flames of the explosion died and the chamber was once again plunged into a deafening silence. The quiet was suddenly broken by an audible crack as a large fissure appeared in the frame of the veil. More cracks began to spread from the first as it continued to fracture, and then began to fall to pieces.

As the last piece hit the ground with a clatter of finality, the figure stood, revealing it to be a woman of about eighteen, her corkscrew curly hair framing her face as hard brown eyes stared at the broken veil.

"Thank you," she said softly as the sound of feet could be heard coming to the doorway of the chamber. Fading into the shadows, she made quick work of exiting the Ministry of Magic.

Hermione Granger had things she had to do.

Things she had to set right.

Author's Note- Here is my new story inspired by the Youtube video, 'Hermione/Snape: Would You Kill' and mildly by the TV Series 'Arrow'. This story is planned out to the end. For information on how new chapters are progressing and spoilers if you so desire, message me or check out my forum 'Time Is An Ever Changing River'. The first few chapters will contain a section from Hermione's past on the Island and be followed by a section of current events. This will go on until Chapter 6 when we will be switching fully to the current timeline for a while.

Next Chapter 1: I Will Never Regret- Young Hermione gets her first taste of death on the Island and Older Hermione attempts to come to terms with her Past and Present views of the world as she reenters the Wizarding world of 1993.


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