The Secret Chapter 8

Previously: "You have to believe me when I say that he isn't dangerous, he is everything Mikey said he is and more. Please, just put your weapons away and you'll seeā€¦just put them away." Donnie said kindly, he wanted his brothers to see that Wolfe was protecting him, but they needed to put their weapons away in order to see it, because right now all they sure was Wolfe, they weren't taking in the way his arm was out in front of Donnie to keep him back from what Wolfe sure as danger.

Leo and Raph didn't look like they were going to stand down, so Donnie put his hand on Mikey's arm that was still stretched out in front of him and Mikey stopped growling as he looks at Donnie for a split second before focusing on Leo and Raph. Leo and Raph on the other hand, were know looking at him, but his arm and the wat he was stance. He was protecting their brother. They looking into Wolfe's eyes and sure that he didn't want to hurt them, so they very slowly and carefully put away their weapons. They moment they did Wolfe's silted pupils rounded out and Raph knew he sure a light shade of blue flash across his eyes. Wolfe lowered his arm and turned to Donnie. "Thank you Donatello, for everything." He smiled before leaving the lair with a smile.

"Why did he thank you Donnie?" Leo asks his brother with curiosity.

"Because Donnie finally understands." They all turn their heads to see a smiling Mikey coming down the stairs. "I'm glad you understand bro." Mikey hugs Donnie when h reaches them.

"Ok, well I'm glad you ok Donnie. I'm going to go inform Sensei that Wolfe was here." Leo told his brothers with a small smile, then walks away.

"I'm going to go work on the lairs surveillance." Donnie states as he enters his lab again.

"I'm going to start dinner." Mikey announced and walked into the kitchen. Raph decided to follow his little brother.

"Hay Mike, can I ask ya somethin'?" Raph asks the smaller turtle.

"You just did." Mikey said making Raph chuckle. "Sure." Mikey replies as he turns to face his brother.

"Why didn' ya tell me?" Raph asks with a frown.

Mikey looks at his hot-headed brother with confusion. "Tell you what?"

Raph looks his brother in the eyes and gently replies. "Tell me tha' your Wolfe."

To Be Continued

Sorry it's so short, but I wanted to leave it on a really good cliff-hanger. If you want to know how Raph found out Mikey is Wolfe, then look out for chapter 9, because the answers will be there. Will Raph still love Mikey, knowing that he's a werewolf? Wait and see.