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Sighing, I slide next to my brother as we both look upon the padawan.

"Which... method would you prefer?" the Inquisitor, Rancor, sneers. I squint, something in the boy's force signature catching my eye. A small halo of red envelopes his core, fear and anger threatening to swallow him as it has to so many with a dark past. Ezra is strong, though; a slight cast of blue brightened his signature, and a tiny glimmer peeked from his most inner parts. "PHOENIX!"

Drawing my slightly pointed ears back, I turn my attention back to Rancor. He winces under my stare, but steels himself quickly. "He has potential. You will wipe him, Baedryn will teach him the basics, and I'll choose his path from there."

Golden eyes narrowing to silts, he hisses, "I am in charge of the force-sensitive recruits. I was merely asking out of courtesy."

"Don't make me pull rank on you." I imprint my seal and instructions on the door to Ezra's cell so everyone who passes will know he was mine. Huffing, Rancor slams into me as he re-enters the boy's room. I sigh, At least the boy is unconscious. No one should have to go through the memory wipe while awake. I shudder, remembering when I was first brought here.

I start to go to lunch at the mess hall when my pager buzzes. Curious, I accept the call from Master, bowing my head in respect. "The boy is taken care of? Good. Another rebellion is rising on Billa. Take care of it."

Knowing Master's timeline and temper, I opt for a protein block from my cloak. Within the hour, I depart with a small fleet.