This was the first JAFF I've ever written. I had 2 chapters and then my head jumped to other plot bunnies and this one was forgotten. After a very demanding chapter on my next PIP, I decided to take a little break and found myself finishing this baby. It's fluffy and fun, for me anyway, I hope you'd feel the same. It's a short story, 6 chapters and barely 4000 words in whole.

A huge HUGE thank you to Lisa my superhero with the amazing beta powers. You are the best!

Blurb: A fluffy modern P&P retelling, from a unique POV.


Chapter 1

From the first moment I saw him I knew, without a doubt, that he was The One. I still remember the exact moment he entered our home. His handsome face, his dark hair, and his smell, oh, his smell, was the most intoxicating smell I had ever had the fortune to sniff. Sweet and spicy and manly. He had such a presence, it was impossible to ignore him. You either loved him or you hated him. I fell in love instantly.

He was mostly silent, usually he just stared, but when he spoke he had a deep, resonant and very commanding voice. I couldn't help but come to him as he stood near the window, and I followed him around the room too, much to the dismay of the orange crow who tried to follow him as well.

I should probably start at the beginning. My name is Kitty and I am the owner of Elizabeth Bennet, or she is my owner, I'm never sure which is which. My Lizzy saved me from some gang on the streets who were trying to burn my tail when I was two months old. She cares for me and, in return, I care for her. I'm five years old now and take up the whole sofa. Ever since I was small and terrified in My Lizzy's arms, I've made it my goal in life to make her happy. I'm a dog, by the way, a Great Dane. My Lizzy thinks it's funny that I (a huge, slobbery dog) am called Kitty.

My Lizzy has had a few boyfriends over the years but nothing that has lasted too long. I usually hate them and My Lizzy always realizes eventually that I am right and leaves their sorry asses. I've been waiting for her knight in shining armor, and now I've found him.

He's so tall and big and he has long fingers that know just where to scratch and pet and…

back to the story. Focus!

So, I live with My Lizzy and her sister Jane. Jane is a lovely woman, truly, pretty and kind and smelling of cookies. How can anyone not love the smell of cookies? A while ago, Cookie met Pup. His name is Charles but I call him Pup, 'cause, well, he bounds around like a little pup whenever he sees Cookie. Pup is Cookie's soul mate. I know it. His smell blends with hers so nicely, and he looks at her the way I look at My Lizzy. Pup also sneaks me food under the table when no one's watching. How can you not love someone who gives you bacon?

Mmmm… Bacon…

So, Cookie loves Pup. And that brings us to the beginning of my story. Cookie cooks a wonderful meal (Cookie cooks ha-ha!). I can smell roast beef, my favorite. I see more plates on the table and gather from the conversation around me that Pup is bringing his sister and his best friend.

My Lizzy doesn't seem pleased.

"I don't understand why Darcy has to come. He can't stand me and he looks down on us anyway."

Can't stand My Lizzy? I'm inclined to hate him, really. How can anyone not adore my dear sweet Lizzy?

"Oh, Lizzy, I'm sure that's not true. Charles said Darcy seemed pleased to be invited."

Trust Cookie to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

There's a knock on the door. Cookie blushes and hurries over to open it. In bounds Pup with all his smiles. He pets me on the head and walks over to kiss My Lizzy on the cheek. I've never understood why humans do this, why not just smell her butt and be done with it?

I look back at the door to see a very unpleasant looking woman. She must be Pup's sister because they look alike, but they are as different as sausage and poop. First of all, her smell is completely off. Secondly, she has this sneer on her face that I have the urge to wipe off. I growl at her and she jumps. Good.

Then the orange crow moves and I see him.

Oh. My. God.

I find myself going to him, as if in a trance. He offers his hand for me to smell, I sniff and then I know. He's the alpha of my pack. I lick his hand and look over to my Lizzy with a happy smile, but she doesn't seem happy at all. I'm confused, but then he pets me on the head and walks over to the window and I can't help but follow him. From the humans I find out he is Darcy. My Lizzy said Darcy can't stand her, but I see him look at her with longing. Not like Pup looks at Cookie. It's much more intense, passionate.

Alpha, as that's who he will always be to me, doesn't seem to mind that I'm there. His hand rests casually on my head, his fingers rub my ear. I could stay like this forever. The Orange Crow tries to grab his arm but I bark and she screams like the crow that she is and runs to the other side of the room. From the corner of my eye I can see Alpha's lips twitch, I'm not even trying to hide the wide grin on my face, my tongue dangling out and drooling all over the white floor.

"I don't get it."

"Get what?"

"Kitty, she's all over him. What happened to my knight in shining armor, waiting to save me from the hairy beasts? She's never been nice to any man before."

"She likes Charles."

"Oh, everybody likes Charles. Besides, he bribes her with bacon under the table."

"Well, so what if Kitty likes Darcy? I don't understand why it bothers you so much."

"He's bewitched her."

"Lizzy, don't be ridiculous."

"Fine, but do you have any other explanation?"

"She likes him. Unlike you, she sees his worth."