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Chapter 6

I love flowers. I think every dog likes flowers. They are fresh and fragrant and oh so tasty! And you know what? It's just my luck that the house is full of flowers.

We are in the country now. Alpha has a house in Derbyshire, and when I say house I mean a bloody mansion. It is huge and the garden is bigger than any park that London has to offer. We come here a lot for the "fresh country air". When I say we, I mean Alpha, My Lizzy, Cuddles, Gingey, and yours truly. I always go to the garden as soon as we get here and I stay till nightfall, while my little feline friend roams the house in peace. I eat the flowers and grass to my heart's content and then puke somewhere during the night. My favorite place to puke is in the bathroom, while Gingey likes to vomit next to the bed on the fine rug. Alpha and My Lizzy always get upset for some reason, but it's for their own good. Gingey thinks that it's better that they find the yucky stuff as soon as possible, while I think that the bathroom is the perfect place since all the detergents are stored there. Really, we are just trying to be helpful.

Anyway, this time it's not just a spontaneous trip north. Today My Lizzy is marrying Alpha. Yes, you heard me right. We are going to be a family!

The whole house is decorated with spring flowers. Outside, the garden looks like a setting from a fairytale. The sun is shining. In short, it is absolutely perfect. And I'm not even mentioning the wonderful smell that is drifting through the house from the kitchen. I am banned from the kitchen, by the way, for some unknown reason. But God gave me a few strips of bacon so I'm content for now.

Many people are here so I get lots of pets from friends and family. And children! I love children! They ride me and pet me and pinch me and give me food. How I love children! I wander around, mingling with the guests, or more correctly, I stand near the buffet with a sad face and hope the guests give me food. I'm having loads of fun.

Then everyone leaves to sit in the rows of chairs next to the beautiful folly, that's where the ceremony is going to happen.

Pup comes to get me because I have a very important role to play in the ceremony. He gives me bacon to entice me to come. I would come anyway, silly human, but I'm not going to give up a slice of bacon, am I? So, I'm standing near the folly, next to Alpha and Pup, and then My Lizzy appears at the end of the aisle. She is so beautiful. I think Alpha has stopped breathing. My Lizzy comes forward with her father. There's a bloke in a dress that talks for hours while I skip from one leg to another waiting anxiously for my turn… finally. I move forward and Alpha takes the rings attached to my neck. I am over the moon when they finally kiss and jump and bark in excitement.

I am so happy!

And then there's more food and My Lizzy cuts the cake and gives me a very generous slice. And then a very weird thing happens. All the girls gather and My Lizzy throws her bouquet. I've been eyeing those flowers for a while now, the spring colors look so yummy. From the corner of my eye, I see The Orange Crow shove a girl in front of her in an attempt to get the bouquet. Why is she even here? I jump forward and manage to grab the bouquet a second before it reaches her boney fingers. Score!

"Look at her, you'd think she's eating a steak or something, she's so excited."

"I think it's thwarting Caroline Bingley that makes the flowers even more delicious. Don't you agree, Mrs. Darcy?"

"I am still amazed by how well you know my dog, Mr. Darcy."

"Hey, she's our dog now, and she was on my side from the very beginning. I adore her almost as much as I adore you."

"I know, and I love you for it. Now shut up and kiss me."

"Your wish is my command."