Prologue: Shili

The young Togruta found herself immensely surprised and exited to find out that she had the ability to move rocks and stones with her hands, whenever the tiny things moved she jumped up with joy and glee as two older Togruta's watched on and as a Kel Dor watched in awe.

"And how long has she had this ability?" Asked the Kel Dor, this was none other than Jedi Master Plo Koon, he was currently on a mission to bring food and water back to the planet Shili as their supply lines had been running out, due to the cult activity and growing akul population these days "your daughter certainly is impressive"

"And we are very proud of her, so how long do you think it'll be before she can become a Jedi?"

"Well if she passes the trials" said Plo Koon proudly "I am sure she will be an excellent Jedi" the little Togruta squealed again as she raised another stone as it flew in the air

"Look" she said excitedly "I did it again, I moved the rock!"

"Well done dear" said the mother and master Plo Koon looked at the little Togruta with the utmost curiosity he then walked forward to the Togruta and said

"Hello my dear, my name is master Plo Koon of the Jedi Temple" the little Togruta was not paying attention as she was clearly fascinated by the moving rock "it appears you are quite strong in the force" this got the Togruta's attention she turned and said with a kind voice

"What's the Force?"

"The force is what enables you to move that rock."

"How do you know that?" asked the Togruta and at this Plo Koon laughed and demonstrated the same ability to impress the Togruta, in fact he succeeded as the Togruta stared eyes wide in curiosity

"Whoa!" She gasped "you're like me?"

"Yes" said Plo Koon "how would you like to hone in on these abilities? Learn them as I have" at this the Togruta jumped at the chance and said

"Yes!" She said very excitedly she then looked at her mother and asked "mommy can I go with the Jedi, can I grow up to be like him?" At this the Togruta's mother laughed and said

"I don't see why not, you are strong in the force after all" she then looked at the male Togruta who stood watch in the background "what do you think dear?"

"Very well"

"Tell me my dear" said Master Plo "what is your name?" the little Togruta was about to introduce herself and then her mother did it for her

"Ahsoka" said the mother "our daughter's name is Ahsoka Tano" master Plo then looked at Ahsoka and smiled at her through his mask

"Well then Ahsoka" he said proudly 'I think you will do many great things as a Jedi" at this al, Ahsoka could do was smile right back at the experience Kel Dor as this was the best day of her life.

Present Day

Ahsoka Tano found herself flashing back to the day she was discovered by master Plo Koon, wow what made her think of that all of a sudden. She then found herself back in the TARDIS console room having no idea what her bomyfriend Avatar Aled was saying.

Avatar Alex was tall and had black hair, he was dressed all in back which matched his hair perfectly and he was wearing black glasses that helped him see better. It was clear despite what had gone on the last few days that he was actually enjoying himself explaining some distant planet in the distant future. It was nice to see him like that considering these things so rarely happened.

"So how about it?" Alex said walking down to face her

"I'm sorry?" Ahsoka said "I wasn't listening"

"Is something wrong?" Alex said "you normally enjoy listening to me describe a distant planet in a distant future".

"No" Ahsoka sighed "it's just with everything that's been going on lately"


"Darlene dying, Sky leaving" how could she forget that day it was something you didn't easily forget "I've been thinking more of home, and I miss it"

"Shili you mean?"

"Well what other planet is there?"

"Coruscant" Alex said smiling and then he hugged his girlfriend "I get the message, my girlfriend wants to visit home" he then bounded towards the familair TARDIS console and set the coordinates for Shili "and I suppose you want me to meet your parents"

"How did you know?"

"I read a manual" Alex said "on this sort of thing." Ahsoka wasn't sure whether Alex wasn't joking or not but Alex laughed and aid "coordinates set for Shili and my girlfriend wants me to meet her folks" he bounded down the steps and took Ahsoka in for a kiss "what could possibly go wrong?" Alex asked when they pulled away and Ahsoka wished he didn't ask that question, knowing him and being part his life, it meant that everything could go wrong at some point...