"Danny!" Korra bellows in Danny's left. "You're crazy! Put me down!"

"No, can do, Korra," he smugly replies. "The wormhole to your world is closed now. We can't go back. We can only go forward. Get ready for adventure!"

"But I have to go back! I have Avatar duties to do!" Korra wonders how Danny could just rip her out of her own world, especially when she has a very important job to maintain.

"Relax. You need a vacation."

"But I have to go back!" It is of absolute importance. Does Danny not understand?

Danny stops flying mid-air and looks sternly into Korra's eyes. "The wormhole is closed. There is nothing we can do now, okay? Just enjoy your vacation. It's free. All the best stuff in the world is free. Take air for example."

Korra still feels tense and a little miffed, but knows Danny is right. She relaxes a bit and smiles, "You know this is called kidnapping, right?"

Danny laughs. "Report me."

Korra was too busy yelling at Danny and calling him names to realize the shockingly green environment surrounding her. It hits her all of a sudden and Korra blinks. The place is green. There is no other way to describe this area. It is just GREEN and it is everywhere, which unnerves Korra because she is not used to all this greenness. Whiteness, yes, but not greenness and now she knows, there is such a thing as too much green. The color is attacking her eyes and making her a bit nauseous.

"Welcome to the Ghost Zone," Danny says.

While Korra is trying not to focus on the green, a ghost passes them by. She glances at it. It looks like a generic purple blob. It is so different from the glittery spirits from her world, which she is beginning to really miss and which she now considers to be gorgeous. She begins to wonder how unappealing Danny's home might be.

"It's so...green like boogers," Korra replies. Danny laughs. Korra's honesty takes her by surprise. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"Nah, don't worry. You weren't insulting me," he brushes it off. "I have to admit that coming back to the Ghost Zone is quite a disappointment." He looks around a bit. "Doesn't compare to the Spirit World." His eyes roam over the place. Korra wonders if he is trying to figure out if something has changed here and if it could give him a clue to how long he was away.

"Anyway, ready to visit my home? Meet my family and friends?"

"Let's go!" Korra readily agrees. "Anything to get away from this creepy place."

Holding his passenger tight, Danny zooms away, trying to find the portal to the human world. They fly quickly for miles and miles. Korra notices more ghosts, but they appear blurry due to Danny's speed. Korra can tell that Danny is anxious to get home.