How Trump killed Obama

Trump POV

Oh how I love the feeling of Obama's soft, fluffy dick. It tasted just like weed. Weed. That's how Obama and I met. Over weed and sex at the gay bar. We fell in love, and had teh sexes for five million days. After that, we got teh stds and Obama died. It was very side. I made out with his corpse, only because it looked so sexy. I was alive with teh stds and he was ded. Like if u cri every time. I do.

John Cena likes the Trump's man bun

John Cena POV

I cried as I watched the fap juice slide down my hand. I had pushed my hand in to far, and had killed Beyonce. That's when I decided I was done with women. I needed a man who I could fist without getting fap juice on me. Well...I guess I couldn't fist Trump, but his sexy fucking man bun.
"COME GIVE ME SOME OF THAT GIZZ" I walked toward him, my boner erect from my pants, as cum fell down.
"FUCK YEAH" Trump jumped on top of me.

"Donald...what a fucking sexy name. Donald...oh...Donald...augh...Donald...mmmm...Donald...I think...I think I'm gonna cum..."

"Mmmm so sexy. I hope you cum some blood that I can drink."

"BILL FUCKING CIPHER" Shit. Something wasn't right.

"What...did you just say?"


John Cena was eaten by Donald Trump.

The fucking end.

BFFS (best fucking friends) The three some

Obama, Trump, and Cena stood naked in a circle. Their dicks were all very erect. The were having a contest. Whoever came first had to suck the other's dicks. This was the kind of thing they did at sleepovers. Soon, a white, milky liquid pooled out of Trump's dick. It was over. Cena and Obama looked forward to the pleasure. Soon they all did the sexes while Makoto and Mr. Fitz watched in amazement.


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