May it Be By Siren

Hey guys. I'm still not quite sure what a Mary-Sue is, but I'll try to stay as far away from that as possible. A girl's family is killed, and she is transported to Middle Earth. Filled with grief and despair, she is taken in by an elf prince. Despite his efforts to gain her trust and to find out what happened, she refuses to open up. With no place to go, she is forced to travel with the Fellowship. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May it be an evening star

Shines strong upon you

May it be when darkness falls

Your heart will be true

-"May it be" by Enya

She remembered smiling and laughing. She remembered being happy and surrounded by the people she loved and who loved her in return. But when she went home, her world was shattered. The sound of sirens filled the air as police cars and ambulances parked in front of her house. She watched with wide eyes as stretchers left her house with white sheets covering human forms.

She recalled rushing to the scene, begging to see her family. Strong arms held her back as police asked her for her name. She struggled against them, ignoring their voices. She screamed for her family until her throat was raw, and her legs gave out from beneath her. She fell to her knees and sobbed, burying her face in her hands. She was fifteen years old.

Four years later and now a student in college, she became detached from the world. One by one her friends gave up on trying to console her, leaving her to become lost within herself. She soon became an insomniac. Memories and nightmares haunted her whenever she allowed herself to sleep. Every now and than an old friend would say hello, but they never stayed for long. She was a loner now, unable to tolerate being among people, even those she knew.

She kept her grades up, but she didn't seem to care about school anymore. She was often found sitting in the library by herself, lost in a book. She didn't speak unless spoken to, and even than she didn't say much. She never talked about her family, or about the day she lost them. It was almost as though she didn't exist. She didn't date and she didn't go out. It wasn't as though she wasn't attractive. She was pretty, but her lack of emotion often pushed possible boyfriends away.

Her grey eyes skimmed the page of the book she was reading. She closed her eyes, imagining that she was there. She could smell the scent of fresh rain and the lush forests. Smiling softly to herself, she was torn out of the world at the feeling of something on her shoulder. She looked up to see the librarian. "The library's closing young lady. Would you like to check that book out?" She smiled and nodded.

Opening the door to her apartment, she stepped inside. It was small and somewhat dreary, but it was home. Taking off her coat, she put the book on her nightstand. She walked over to the window and glanced outside. People were scurrying about, trying to escape the rain. Her heart swelled with envy and regret at the sight of a mother holding a child's hand. She had that once. But now it was gone.

Feeling tears spring to her eyes, she turned away from the window and sat on her bed. Lying down, she felt her shoulders shake with sobs. Clutching the pillow tightly, she cried herself to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She awoke to the scent of damp earth and rain. Sitting up, she looked around. She was no longer in her apartment, and was sitting in a forest of some sort. Frowning, she stood up and brushed the dirt off of her jeans. The sun broke through the canopy of trees, and her eyes widened. Wherever she was, it was beautiful. A smile tugged at her lips, and she closed her eyes inhaling deeply. Maybe she had died and gone to heaven.

"Who's there?" She tensed and turned around. A man stood in front of her, dressed in green and brown. He had light blonde hair, fair skin, and striking blue eyes. She also noticed the bow complete with an arrow in his hands. She frowned when she realized that it was pointed at her. "Who are you and what are you doing in the forests of Mirkwood?" Mirkwood? She didn't recognize the name. Was she dreaming? "My name is Lily, and I don't know what I'm doing here. In fact, I don't know where here is."

The man took a step toward her, arrow still poised to kill her. "How can you not know where you are?" He saw her take a step back, her eyes never leaving his weapon. "I swear to you, I don't know where I am. I was asleep in my room, and when I woke up I was here." He glanced at her clothing and frowned. She wore pants of a strange material, and a sleeveless shirt. Her brown hair was exceptionally short, stopping just above her shoulders.

"I don't recognize your clothing. What kingdom do you hail from?" He saw the confusion cross her face. "Kingdom? I'm from New Jersey, but there is no kingdom there." He blinked. No kingdom? But how could that be? He took another step toward her, and saw her eyes widen. "Please, I mean you no harm and everything I've told you is the truth. Do you have to point that thing at me?" Never taking his eyes off of her, he put the arrow back in his quiver and lowered his bow, noticing the relief flooding her eyes.

"I do not know of a 'New Jersey'. Are you sure you did not hit your head?" Lily sighed. "I'm not injured. I'm just lost." Seeing that he didn't believe her, she looked away. Nothing she said was going to make him believe her. The man noticed the sudden change in her attitude. He had watched her when she woke up. She had been in awe at the forest's beauty, and he had even seen her smile. But now it was as if she had never smiled at all. "If you are truly lost, than I can offer you a place to stay in Mirkwood."

She looked at him with grateful eyes. "I don't have any money with me. I can't pay you for a room." He only smiled slightly. "That's alright. My father has plenty of rooms to spare. Come, it's only a day away from here." She gaped at him. "A day?" The man nodded. Suddenly she wasn't so sure about following him. What if he was lying? What if he had other things in mind other than helping her? He noticed her hesitation and his eyes softened. "I will keep you safe, don't worry. My father may be able to help you find a way home as well." That did it. Lily quickly ran up to him and followed him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After a few hours of traveling, she was tired. "Um, I never did get your name," she said, breaking the silence. The man smiled. "My name is Legolas." She nodded. "I've never heard of a name like 'Legolas' before," she admitted. Legolas shrugged. "That's all right. I've never heard of a name like 'Lily' before either." He looked over at her and smiled slightly.

"So Lady Lily, do you have any siblings?" She stopped walking for a moment. It had been a while since anyone had asked about her family. Legolas stopped walking and turned to her. She averted his gaze, fighting the memories that were beginning to surface. "Lady Lily?" She snapped out of it and continued walking. "Um, no I don't have any siblings." 'Not anymore,' she thought to herself. "What about you? Do you have any siblings?" she asked. Legolas studied her for a minute before answering. "I have an older brother, Enevire."

Lily nodded, pretending to listen. Inwardly though, she continued to keep her memories at bay. The last thing she needed was to have a nervous breakdown. "Are you well?" His voice brought her out of her thoughts and she nodded quickly. "I'm fine." Legolas gave her a disbelieving look, but didn't prod. Lily was thankful for that. She wasn't sure that she could keep her tears at bay if he asked her any more questions.

The sun soon fell and darkness spread over the sky. Legolas stopped walking, and looked around. "We'll make camp here. I'll go make a fire." She watched him walk into the darkness and disappear. Wrapping her arms around herself, she waited. She could hear water running somewhere, and found herself very thirsty. She didn't have anything to drink all day. Following the sound, she came to a stream. She cupped the water in her hands and drank it greedily. Once her craving for water was filled, she looked at her reflection. Her face had traces of dirt on it, and her shit was a bit torn from traveling.

But it was her eyes that caught her attention. She recalled a time when her eyes were bright with life and happiness. But now that she looked at them, she couldn't help feeling disgusted. Her eyes were empty, hollow. They held no life or spark. They were lifeless. Everything that she used to be, happy, full of life, careless....was gone. Feeling anger swell in her heart, she splashed at the water, distorting her reflection. What had she become? She was a stranger to herself. Running her hands through her hair, she tried to calm herself.

"You're in pain." Startled, she turned around only to see Legolas behind her. His piercing blue eyes were studying her intensely. She looked back at her reflection. "I'm fine. I'm not hurt." Before she knew it, he was kneeling beside her, looking at her reflection. "They say that sometimes, you can see things in the water. What do you see?" Lily shook her head. "Nothing. Just my reflection." Legolas skimmed the water with his hand, barely causing a ripple.

She watched his hand for a moment. It was flawless. There were no visible scars, no marring, nothing. She closed her eyes. Her body held no visible scars. You had to look deeper to find them. "You're in pain, I can see it," Legolas repeated. Lily shook her head. "I'm not hurt." She opened her eyes only to see his an inch away from her's. "No, not physically." He frowned for a moment, and touched the skin right above her heart. "You're hurting here."

Lily looked at him with wide eyes, before taking his hand and gently pushing it away. "I'm in no pain." Legolas frowned but nodded. "It's late. We should get some rest." She stood up and followed him back to the clearing. She watched Legolas lay down, and did the same. She didn't know how he knew that she was in pain, but it didn't matter. She kept her pain to herself. There was no need to burden him with it. Drawing her knees to her chest, she closed her eyes for a moment. Images of her family flooded her mind and she quickly opened her eyes, studying the fire instead. No, she would get no rest tonight. Blinking back the tears, she watched the fire burn.