Chapter 1
A new game: Alternate Take.

AN: This is an alternate take on the Gamer Overmind unlike the other this one has some simple changes that would impact the story a lot.

Also while some may take this as a rewrite of the Gamer Overmind I still plan to continue both this and the other one, with the Gamer Overmind taking priority.

Anyways enjoy the chapter.

I, 10 year old Hyoudou Issei did not know how to respond to the word in front of me in a bright blue box.

You have slept and are fully rested.
You're HP and MP has
been fully restored.

Not believing my eyes I looked to the mirror and then I saw words hovering above my head.

Issei Hyoudou
Lvl.1 'The Gamer'

It was strange seeing this and for a moment I thought I had finally gone crazy. Ever since Iri had left, I had tried to do anything and almost everything to keep myself from been sad. I tried to make new friends but no want wanted to be my friend, I tried to read manga but none caught my interest, then I finally tried all kinds of games.

Many did not catch my interest but the few that did were ones I could truly say I loved them.

Games like Mario, Fire Emblem and Sonic were quite good, with Star Fox and Pokémon been something I really liked. StarCraft, Warcraft, Dawn of War and Warhammer and the Age of Empires series were also quite good even if it hurt my brain trying to play them in their highest difficulty. I won't be the best strategist or tactician but I'm no slouch either. The Final Fantasy games were really great in their own right, not to mention Tactics really exercised my brain. In short thy were such good games and so many more out there like the Legend of Zelda series that I had wished my life was a game. Now, I know why they say 'Careful what you wish for, you might get it all and then some you don't want.'

Now many would really be happy and might just roll with their life changing into a game but it was from the games that I have learnt that all things come at a price even if one must pay for it later.

But for now let's just check what I've got. Trying to bring to see my stats and if my assumption is right I said "status" and a large blue box appeared in front of me.

Name: Issei Hyoudou Age: 10
Level: lv.1 Exp: 0%
: The Gamer Race: Human
HP: 60 Regeneration: 1 HP per 12 min
MP: 10 Regeneration: 1 MP per 11 min
STR: 3
VIT: 2
AGI: 3
INT: 5
WIS: 5
MAG: 1
LUK: 10

Not knowing what they really mean, I muttered "help" and the screen changed.

Name: What your name is. Age: What you age is.
Level: What level you are. Exp: how much experience you need till next level.
Class: What class you are. Race: What race you are.

HP: Represents your life force. Once this reach zero you will face certain death.

MP: Represents your magical reserves. Used for casting spells and use abilities and skills.

STR: Governs brute force. The higher your strength the higher your physical output will be, in attacks, movement speed or defence.

VIT: Governs the health and one's life energy and physical endurance. Increase HP Capacity and regeneration, also increases resistance to disease and poisons. Also high vitality is required for advance physical skills.

AGI: Governs reflexes, speed, agility, coordination and accuracy. Increases base critical rate, dodge rate, speed and accuracy.

INT: Governs the ability to store and process information, increases mana control and efficiency, high intelligence reduces mana cost and increases chances of acquiring and creating new and unique skills by a little bit. Also high Intel is required to control and use certain branches skills.

WIS: Governs sensibility, willpower, perceptiveness and the ability to make information useful. Increases mana regeneration, also increases dodge, critical rate and accuracy by a little bit. May also increase rate at which skills develop.

MAG: Governs magical power and mana. Increases mana pool, magical power and magical resistance and comprehension of the supernatural concepts.

LUK: Determines how lucky you are. This stat randomly affects many things for good or the bad. Increases drop rate, chances of critical hit and chance of getting higher grade gears, does not increase naturally unless you experience good luck.


[Gamer's Mind]- Passive-

Description: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through in most circumstances. Allows a peaceful state of the mind. Immunity to psychological and metal status effects, prevents possession.

[Gamer's Body]- Passive-

Description: Grant's a body that allows for the user to live the world like a game. Pain form damage does not last more than a few seconds. Sleeping restores HP, MP and heals all temporary status effects.

[Fiction Adaption]- Passive-

Description: This ability allows the user to adapt fictional knowledge and skills to your life and use them as if they were 'truths'.

[Observe]- Active- Level: 1 EXP: 0%

Description: A skill to observe, objects, situations and beings that allows the user to quickly gather information. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained. The higher the level of skill, the grater the data obtained. The greater the amount of knowledge and insight the user has, the more information can be displayed. Also affect by INT and WIS.

Passively increases INT by one per level.

Now that was more helpful than I thought. Hmm, going through my skill list I could say I had pretty good ones, especially [Observe] which will be handy in almost all situations, and it must be the [Gamer's Mind] that is preventing me for freaking out to much, quite the OP skill, that one.

Though what really got my interest was [Fiction Adaption] if it did what the description said to a 'T' then it was probably the most broken skill I have ever heard of, period. It was in the class of reality warping and other Omni-ability type powers.

To test it I took my StarCraft game disk and tried it. As soon as I grabbed the disk the message box appeared.

You have acquired a skill disc.

Would you like to learn about the [Blizzard-verse StarCraft Science]?


Not believing what I was seeing I mentally said yes.

Then like a tidal wave of information I learn almost everything about StarCraft. The storyline a bit disjointed and scattered, but the information about the science behind everything in StarCraft was there in mind in crystal clear clarity.

The knowledge on how to create the massive Battleships of the Terrans to the Creation and trainings of the Dark Templars of the Protoss, even the knowledge on how to create the larvae and other creatures of the Zerg were there in my mind.

It was really terrifying to be honest but I still could not help but be in awe of the marvels they had achieved. Sure I had seen those marvels in the game but knowing what they would really looked like in real life and seeing them behind a computer screen was different. Totally different. Then a message box appeared showing what I had gotten form the disc.

[Blizzard-verse StarCraft Science]- Passive-

Description: Governs ones affinity with the science of StarCraft and all things under it, and updates itself for future add-ons in the StarCraft dominion. May work differently depending on the universe the user is currently at.

Seeing as I was successful in trying out my [Fiction Adaption] skill, I used it again on my Warcraft 3 game disc, my Dawn of War: Warhammer 40K- Dark Crusade game disc, all my Pokémon games and all my Final Fantasy games.

The plethora of info I had gotten from the game were really mind boggling and quite contradicting to the knowledge I had gotten form StarCraft in some aspects and I really did not need to know about the Chaos rituals, thank you [Gamer's Mind] or that knowledge alone would have driven me insane. Not gonna try them ever. Though necromancy form Warcraft has some potential and let's not forget the OP Paladin spell Resurrection or the phoenix down of Final Fantasy.

I was even able to learn how to create Poke balls and also learned how to create a bag with large item capacity without it becoming heavy. Who knew there was science included in making the bags, and the TM's, HM's, potions and herbs, well the knowledge of creating them was all there stuck in my mind. Not that I'm complaining but I could really do away with the massive headache.

While I was busy clutching my head in pain my skills seem to have sorted itself into a new one.

[Multiverse's Science and Magic- Passive]

Description: Determines the user affinity to use skills from the various universes in the multiverse. Skill may act differently depending on the universe the user is currently at.

Current universes known:

Blizzard-verse: StarCraft
Warhammer 40K-verse
Final Fantasy-verse

Blizzard-verse: Warcraft
Warhammer 40K-verse
Final Fantasy-Verse

Well that was something, though next time I not trying so many games at once. It was also a good thing that the discs did not disappeared or got destroyed in the process or else I would have gotten a massive scolding from mom.

Speaking of mom I better go down and have breakfast before she comes and scold me.

Going down I see mom preparing breakfast, so I took a seat at the dining table. Just to check out my [Observe] skill as I still hadn't tried it out yet I observe some of the things the house. I didn't know whether to be surprised or not on seeing the various things in the house considering my dad.

Cloak of Regilia- Master Class- Unique item
Durability: -/-

Description: An old cloak once belonging to the wizard Regilia, a not so famous alchemist who though had attained great mastery of alchemy, runes, enchanting, transmutation and creation magic remained unknown due to his hermit life style. This cloak has been enchanted by him to offer great defence and offence, while remaining almost weightless and enchanted to never be destroyed. Also passively increases alchemy, enchanting, runes, transmutation and creation magic and their growth rate when worn.

+600- Physical Defence
+780- Magical Defence
+200- Physical Attacks
+600- Magical Attacks
[Legacy of Regilia]:+5 levels- Alchemy, Runes, Enchanting, Transmutation and Creation Magic. +300% Growth rate to Alchemy, Runes, Enchanting, Transmutation and Creation Magic.

The black cloak always had a mystical feel to it; ever since I had laid my eyes on it I knew it was special but not this special. After all it just had a simple design and had no distinct markings on it. It just looks like a plain black cloak. The [Legacy of Regilia] was a broken ability too.

Book of Creation- Master Class- Legendary item
Durability: 3243/4000

Description: An ancient tome containing extensive knowledge on Creation magic and its sub-branches that have been lost in history. Enchanted to have infinite pages, it automatically updates itself using subtle magic which scans the local area and records any new information on its chosen topic. Reading it extensively grants the person insight on creation magic.

Another surprise, who knew that the small book had infinite pages or was capable of using magic, I sure didn't.

Statue of Fortuna- Master Class- Legendary item
Durability- 2000/3500

Description: A statue dedicated to the Goddess Fortuna. Blessed by Fortuna herself it brings luck and protection to all near it.

[Divine blessing of Fortuna]: +40 LUK and gives protection against the supernatural forces.
Range: 2 KM

Even the statue was something amazing, though honestly it was a great piece of art given by a close acquaintance of my father. I would call a 'friend' but my father and the lady were quite adamant that they were not. For some reason my mom gets quite irritated whenever she comes.

All the items well quite High standard and hell OP by their descriptions. Items of these level were usually own by players who had max level in games and my family was collecting them like trinkets.

Now how did my family get all this great, cool stuff? Well my grandfather was an archaeologist and a collector in his youth and had passed on most of his collection to his extended family, even if he still has quite the collection of rare items.

Though my dad was not an archaeologist but a businessman, he inherited grandfather's hobby of collecting rare and unique items and brought them whenever he went on a business trip. Pretty sure he would bring more form his latest trip from Italy.

After breakfast I told my mom I would be out today, mainly to test my abilities and learn some new skills. Still can't believe what mom said.

"Oh, my son is going out to play and hear I was needlessly worrying that my son was becoming a hikimori at such a young age? Now I don't have to worry about saving money in case he started living a NEET lifestyle."

Seriously mom, just because I spent the last 4 months playing computer games, does not mean I would become a NEET. I'm still ten for God sake.

Now that I'm out, I'm starting to think whether it was a good idea or not. It too damn hot out here and this was just the first week of my summer break.

I still resolved myself to carry on, but where should I practice, can't risk others finding out. Hmm, I may just know the right place.

It was a small hilltop with bit open area and had plenty of room for practice. The trees nearby provided excellent shade, there an old rundown shack that had been overgrown with wild plants and overall it was abandoned for all purpose. It was also quite for form the city but near enough to quickly come and go between here. It was the perfect place to try out my new abilities.

I had found this place with Iri and we had come here a lot of times to play. Let's not get lost in memories shall we, we still have work to do.

While coming here I had taken to level up [Observe] as it cost me literally nothing in terms of mana and as the Grandmaster of the Anything Goes Style once said 'anything you do can be turn into training,' so why just walk when I could level up my ability while doing so.

The walk was nice and interesting and I leveled up my [Observe] by three levels. I also found some interesting things while I used it. I found that adults usually had levels around 16-22 with a policeman having the highest I observed at 33, must be due to all the crime he had to deal with.

I also found something interesting that many adults and kids alike had a MAG point of 5-10 at average with a passing by monk had 33 MAG points, which meant that I, who had a MAG point of 1 had very low magical potential.

To make matter worse and add salt to my wounded dream of being an Archmage I got 3 points in INT and WIS for deducing all that regarding my magical potential.

That was not going to stop me from becoming a fireball-flinging, teleporting Magical Bullshit Badass. Oh no, since I had gotten the confirmation that I could get stat points without levelling up I was going to grind the hell out of every magical training techniques I could get my hands on and any spells and potions and books that could up my stats to increase my MAG to become a fireball-flinging, teleporting Magical Bullshit Badass.

I even got a single point in WIS for that.

So the first order of business to read the only magic book in my possession before anything else.

Taking out the 'Book of Creation' from my inventory which I had found out about during breakfast, I started reading it, I mainly read it due to me not wanting to use such a valuable book like a normal skill book, in case it go destroyed though I did get that option and if its description was correct it was more valuable existing instead of been destroyed.

I tried to read it but I could not make out the words or language and after an hour of reading I got really bored and put it back in my inventory, though it was not without its reward.

Through reading the 'Book of Creation', you have gained the skill [Creation].
MAG has increased by 4.

[Creation]- Passive/Active Lvl.1/100 MP: 250

Description: Allows the caster to create anything using his magic. The higher the skill level the better the created item.
Passively increases MAG by 3 per level.

That was quite a good skill. But even with the newly increase magic I still did not have the required mana to cast it, even once. Curse you low magic potential.

Anyways seeing as how I would have to wait a little while to increase my Mana poll and MAG stat to use it, I decided to check out my other skills in the meantime.

Looking at my skill list, I focused on the [Multiverse's Science and Magic].

[Multiverse's Science and Magic]- Passive

Description: Determines the user affinity to use skills from the various universes in the multiverse. Skill may act differently depending on the universe the user is currently at.

Current universes known:

Blizzard-verse: StarCraft
Warhammer 40K-verse
Final Fantasy-verse

Blizzard-verse: Warcraft
Warhammer 40K-verse
Final Fantasy-Verse

I decided to create skills based on the knowledge I had gotten from the games. Since I had mana problem I decided to focus mainly on the Magic portion. I knew which skill I had to create first to solve my mana problem as well as how handy it would be in the future.

By making a wise decision for your current problem as well as thinking about your future, your wisdom had increased by 4.

Thank you for giving me free points but does that mean that every wise decision would give me free points. Hmm, just wise should not cut it; it would also have to be efficient and one that should give me the most benefits too.

By deducing a point form given information your wisdom has increased by 1 and intelligence had increased by 2.

Now this is just mocking me.

Well taking shelter in the shade of the tree I began to draw upon the memories and knowledge of the Archmage from Warcraft. They were some of the best magic user in the game and even though there were some who were just better than them, they had one skill that I really needed right now.

[Brilliance Aura] that was the skill I needed right now. In the game even at level one it restores 1 MP/per sec, so for me who had an MP regen of 1 MP/11 minutes, it was quite needed.

Drawing upon the memories I learned how the Archmage were able to produce such aura, the intricate details on mana and its fine control and also the addictive properties of the arcane and how to subvert it, though I thanked [Gamer's Mind] again as it would prevent it.

I knew I had succeeded when I heard the familiar ping of the message box. Can't believe that I already familiar with such a thing when I got it just this morning.

You have successfully created the skill [Brilliance Aura]
By drawing upon the memories of the Archmages you now have intimate knowledge of mana, gained [Mana Efficiency], [Mana Control], [Mana Potency].
By drawing upon the knowledge of the Archmages your intelligence has increased by 50, magic has increased by 65.

That was a lot of boost to my Intel and magic stats. Not to mention the three extra skills [Mana Efficiency], [Mana Control] and [Mana Potency].

I immediately checked what their descriptions were.

[Brilliance Aura]- Passive/Active Level: 1 EXP: 0% MP cost: 0/40
Description: Allows the Archmage to channel an aura of brilliance around them that increases mana regeneration of all nearby allies.
Passively: Increases Mana Regen by 1 per sec.
Actively: Increases Mana Regen by 2.5 per sec.
Range: 10 m (Passive)/25 m (Active).
Passively increases MAG and INT by 2 per level.

[Mana Efficiency]- Passive Level: 1 EXP: 0%
Description: This skill determines how efficient you are with mana. Passively reduces skill cost by 10%.
Passively increases MAG and INT by 2 per level.

[Mana Control]- Passive Level: 1 EXP: 0%
Description: This skill allows you to freely control you mana and construct items made of pure mana.
Passively increases MAG and INT by 1 per level.

[Mana Potency]- Passive/Active Level: 1 EXP: 0% MP cost: 0/0
Description: This skill allows you to determine potent your mana is, at higher level reduces mana cost of all spells.
Current conversion: 1 MP = 1 MP.
Passively increases MAG by 1 per level.

That is really something and I began to wonder how many more skills I would get form others, this really had me felling really giddy inside.

I can't help but think of all the possibilities, skill like Divine Shield, Inferno, Death and decay, Mass teleportation or Star fall, I could learn them all, not to mention if I could learn some Pokémon moves like Earthquake, Hyper Beam or Draco Meteor. Though unlikely whether I could learn them but may be the Zerg could learn them.

Hah, now that's a funny and scary picture of Zerglings using Flamethrowers or Thunderbolts, Ultralisks using Earthquakes and Hyper Beams, Mutalisks using Brave Bird or Air Cutter, Hyralisks using Venom Bombs or toxic and the Zerg Queens using Psychic and Shadow Balls. That's really a scary thought, not gonna go there. Can't deny that I want to see it though.

It seems like I got a new quest while I was musing.

You have received new quest.
Title: Rise of the Zerg
Objective: Find a way to create a Zerg hatchery.
Time limit: No Limit.
Reward: Gain control of the Zerg, Gain title 'Overmind of the Zerg', 1,000,000 EXP, 1.000,000,000 YEN.
Failure: Fail to become the Overmind. 5000 EXP.
Cannot Decline Quest.

You know even if there was an option to decline this quest I might not have declined it at all, seeing the quest reward and such. The fact that I would be able to control real life Zergs did play a part as I even though mostly played as the Protoss, did play the Zerg as my second race and naturally the Terrans as the third, since there were just three races.

There was also no time limit on the quest so I was not pressed for time, this was quite helpful since it would allow me to properly think this though with all the pros and cons. I wonder would I be able to create races like the Tyranids, Protoss, Necrons and the likes. Just thinking about it gives me quite a headache.

If I did complete the quest and was able to create more races, it would just be a huge undertaking, not to mention responsibility ruling and controlling them. The fact that some of them could wipe out an entire galaxy was not lost to me. Even if I may not know much about the background and full history, I knew that these races were ones which ruled the Galaxy at one point or the other; I would be way over my head if I went without planning this through.

Well I would tackle it a bit later, for now let's start with the experimentation.

Firstly as a strategy player, my play style was usually mostly defensive and then late game, game ending tactics by sheer force of numbers or high level units and game-enders. Thus my first priority was defensive spells and abilities.

Taking out a notebook I began to list down some abilities which would be helpful.

Naturally, [Divine Shield] was going to be one I would focus on first and foremost. Being invulnerable for even a few seconds was invaluable in any fights. If it could last for minutes or hours this spell would be my foremost priority.

Next, was the Arch Druid [Thorn's Aura], even though it did not give me defensive bonuses like the Paladin's [Devotion Aura], it's return damage against melee attackers might keep them away for my ranged spells to take them down. I had to see if the Auras staked or not, if they did then both [Thorn's Aura] and [Devotion Aura] were very solid combo Auras for defensive purposes, when I did not need to use [Divine Shield].

I would have to see some Knockback spells and the types for situations like when I am surrounded or want to disrupt enemy formations. The Eldar Seer [Ethereal Slash] seems to be a good one, the sword requirement if it had it might prove problematic. But hey, who said that I can't go the Mage-Knight route to become a Magical Badass. So that's that. Still have to see more CC spells.

I think that would do for defensive spells for now, I would have to check if I can find some defensive skills in the form of martial arts, can't become too dependent on magic in case someone had access to anti-magic spells, stupid Golems and their Magic Immunity and absurd defence.

Looking into offensive spells and attacks, I resolve to train myself in the bow, some melee weaponry like swords and war-hammers and pole arms, and some hand-to-hand combat. This was to ensure that I had several options apart from my magic.

Melee weaponry was quite obvious as it gave me several options not to mention if I could enchant them then the possibilities were quite endless. Bows were to have some physical range option, guns were out since I doubt I would even get the permission to get one and making excuses of why I had them in the first place was much more harder to explain than bows, also there was a thing call enchanted arrows which were much more reliable and easier to make than enchanted bullets.

Some physical training and hours of practice and then I was set on the physical attack side.

Now for spells, I was mostly focused on summoning spells and the likes, hey I like swarming tactics and Zerg rushes, so summons. Thus the Archmage [Summon Elemental], the Blood mage [Summon Phoenix], the Orc Farseer [Feral Spirit], the Necromancer [Raise Dead] and the Dread lord [Inferno]. I would have gone with the other summon spells but these were the most familiar. I was especially good with the Skeletons summon by [Raise Dead] and while playing as a non-Undead race I usually get Dark Ranger for her [Black Arrows] or get a Book of the Dead from the Goblins or creeps.

Being mainly an Undead and Human race player in Warcraft, I was very partial to [Summon Elemental], [Inferno] and [Raise Dead], the first one [Summon Elemental] was a no brainer along with [Feral Spirit] for force multiplier. [Raise Dead] was only useful if I had corpses so that was on hold, but I noted down [Black Arrows] for the skeletons, not to mention the extra damage to my arrows. [Inferno] was useful for both disrupting and summoning but being an Ultimate I probably would use it against huge mobs or high level opponents, not to mention it's like a meteor and summoning spell combo wrapped in one. [Summon Phoenix] was out since I did not know how I was going to take care of a Phoenix in case it did not dispel.

For some direct offensive spells I noted down [Chain Lightning], the Fire, blizzard and thunder spells of Final Fantasy. I had to review the FF spells again if I wanted to get the full benefits. Then I noted down [Death Coil], unless I face undead or zombies it was a great damage spell. [Mana Burn] for magical units and spell casters, [Blizzard], [Frost Nova], [Flame Strike] for area of effect. [Searing Arrows] and [Frost Arrows] were another great addition for my Archery skills. [Storm Bolt] would have to wait till I get a proper War-Hammer. Two Ultimate that I noted were [Death and Decay] and [Star fall], army killers if used properly, their obvious weakness aside.

The other Hero Abilities were good to but [Slow], [Purge], [Inner Fire], [Cripple], [Dispel], [Healing Wards], [Polymorph] and [Blood Lust] were some that would be really helpful in all situations so they were noted.

Spells like [Halve-Mana] and [Turbo-Mana] would really be helpful alongside my [Mana Efficiency] and [Mana Potency], FF really had some OP spell casting in all its games. When I think about it, creating materia from FF XII would be a great idea.

Ideas and spells aside I should really start grinding them and testing them, can't simply keep planning for spells and tactics if I'm not really sure whether they would work or not.

I sat down and focused my memories on the Paladin [Divine Shield], it took some time but I was able to get the spell and the intricate knowledge behind it. The standard [Divine Shield] was fuel by faith and the Holy light which the Paladin worshipped but some variations of the spell did not need that but were still almost the same as the ones used by the Paladins.

You have successfully created the skill [Divine Shield].

Huh, no extra Bonus from that. Well I did not go much into the memories other than the spell but I was sure I would get something out of it.

[Divine Shield]- Active Level: 1 EXP: 0% MP Cost: 20 Duration: 30 Seconds
Description: Creates a shield of holy light around the user that renders them invulnerable to all damage, magic and spells. Once active the skill can be manually cancelled before the time limit runs out.

That was pretty neat, now that I had enough mana gained due to the bonus form the Archmage memories, I would be able to use it now.

"[Divine Shield]" I shouted and then felt the shield form instantly around me. It was just like in the game the yellow golden glow of the shield surrounding me circling in a manner like clockwork gears. The shield, I saw was made up of five circles each covering my body, one floating above my head, one just below my neck, one near my waist, one near my knees and one on the ground below me, moving with me as I moved.

Unlike what might have been exposed areas the circles covered the remaining parts of my body in light which would protect me.

Just as I was admiring and playing around, the shield disappeared, instantly as it came into being.

I casted it a few more times and even tried mentally activating it, it worked which either meant that I could activate all my spells mentally or it was one of the selective one that I could mentally activate, even got a point in WIS for that deduction, so it could be either one.

I experimented with the shield more, so far I felt nothing like a cool down or the likes which prevented me from casting the spell. I even de-activated and re-activated and found there was almost no delay between the two.

That meant that the only problems I could see with the spell was my mana and status spells that prevented me from using it. It was almost OP in that regard.

I then move on to the next abilities and spells.

Instead of the Auras first I went with the [Halve-Mana] and [Turbo-Mana]. Like [Divine Shield] I got nothing else except the skills themselves.

You have successfully created [Halve-Mana]
You have successfully created [Turbo-Mana]

[Halve-Mana]- Active Level 1 EXP: 0% MP Cost: 400 Duration: 30 min
Description: This skill cuts the cost of all skills that use mana by 50% for the duration of this skill.

[Turbo-Mana]-Active Level: 1 EXP: 0% MP Cost: 600 Duration: 30 min
Description: This skill increases the power and duration of the spells at the cost of doubling their mana cost for the duration of this skill.
Actively: Increases the power and duration of all skills by 1.5X.
Increases cost of all skills by 2X.

Those two skills while mana intensive, were quite powerful in their supporting roles. I can really see why they were game changers against opponents who needed nuking type spells or mana intensive CC spells.

I currently could not use [Turbo-Mana] too much as even with the Archmage Bonuses I got earlier I only had a total of 650 MP. Using it once would drain most of my mana pool leaving me unable to use my spells unless I had mana recovery items like mana-regen items or potions.

Even with [Brilliance Aura], my total MP regen, was not much just 1MP/s which while impressive would not be able to keep up with the increase mana cost of the spells. Even in Active mode it gave only 2.5MP/s, which while great, would still not help me spam spells by the dozen or use nuking spells too much.

I would really have to invest in [Brilliance Aura], [Mana efficiency] and [Mana Potency] and increase my overall mana pool and regen to make up for it.

Looking at the list again I decided that I would forgo spells and skills for now.

Thus I focused on the physical aspects and weapons that I had listed down.

For now I had no sure way of increasing my physical stats apart from the basic exercises so I would have to look into some martial arts training methods to get the best benefits.

I did not have weapons or any training equipment with me but looking at my skill list I knew what would solve the problem.

[Creation], a spell which in its description said that it could create anything; I had yet to try it out but if it could it would certainly be worth the mana cost.

I activated [Brilliance Aura] which increased my MP regen then focused on [Creation].

I focused on the shape of the item I wanted to create, a bow. I was a simple one, like the ones I had seen in clubs. I then created some arrows and then created some targets to practice namely a target board.

I did not see any imperfection with the bow, thus it was only when I pull the string I felt that I was too loose. I tried shooting some arrows form it but the just fell flat and one even hit my foot.

It was thanks to [Gamer's Body] that there was no visible wound but I still received some 8 point damage form it, which might kill me if I kept going like this, since I made the arrows steel tipped.

I made some blunt arrows with no tip, and began practicing while I store away the steel tipped arrows.

I had to create some six, seven bows using creation till I found a suitable one to use for now.

It was a good thing I had [Brilliance Aura] active or else I would have needed to wait hours and days to wait for my mana to regenerate, thus for now I only had to wait minutes to get back the required mana, which also gave me time to properly map out the blueprints for my bows.

It seemed that for [Creation] to truly work properly I needed blueprints or needed at least some basic knowledge of the item. The more knowledge I had the better the item it seemed, though I have to think that the spell level also plays a part on the creation of the item.

I practiced some few shots and see that the arrows at least flew towards the target, I began to practice earnestly. After some 20-25 shots I was truly beginning to hit the target and even got a confirmation for it.

You have gained the skill [Archery Mastery]

[Archery Mastery]- Passive Level: 1 EXP: 0%
Description- A skill that allows you to use to use the Bow freely and shows your mastery in it.
Passively Increases Accuracy with bows by 10%.
Passively Increases damage dealt by bows and arrows by 10%.
Passively increases AGI by 2.

That was a really good skill, I even instinctively felt myself shift into a stance that allowed for easier grip, aiming and shooting with the bow.

I kept shooting for some time again, watching and noting the increasing EXP bar of my Archery skill.

I thought about my [Mana Control] and began to wonder if I could create arrows made up of mana.

Seeing no harm in trying I focused and gathered mana in my hand. My mana responding to my will began to gather slowly in small wisps of blue light the condensing and began to take shape as I visualise an arrow.

I felt my MP drain as I created the arrow almost 40 in its creation, this would most probably mana intensive if that was the case but at least I won't run out of arrows if I had a decent MP regen.

The arrow unlike the ones I had been using had a sharper tip like a traditional one, appearing like a normal arrow in shape, it was almost mist like with its blue white glow.

I fire off the arrow from my bow and I notice that it did far more damage than the other arrows, even the steel tipped ones.

I created a few more arrows fire them off one by one. I even experimented and tried firing them without using the bow and found that I could do so but at the cost of reduce damage.

The arrows even turned into a new skill all on their own after some tries.

[Mana Arrows]- Active Level: 1 EXP: 46.2% MP Cost: 20 per arrow
Description: Arrows made of pure mana that can be launched at the users will or shot using a bow.
Deals a base 30 DMG and a Base 45 DMG when shot from a bow can be used against spectral, energy and phased beings. At higher level multiple arrows can be created at lower cost.

That was a really great skill to have especially the use against spectral, energy and phased beings, which meant that I might be facing ghosts and dimensional beings if the description is anything to go by.

It was getting a bit late so I simply thought of being done for today and head home. Opening my inventory I put in my bows and arrows and the book and deactivated my [Brilliance Aura].

It felt odd now that the effects of the [Brilliance Aura] receded, it was still there and increasing my mana regen. But it felt subdued and simply asking to be activated, I wonder is this the reason Archmages keep their Brilliance Aura always active.

You know thinking things through this is probably a dream, I don't know when I would wake up from it but it does feel good doing something this incredible.

With that thought in mind I headed home for the day, had dinner and went off to bed.

You have slept and are fully rested.

You're HP and MP has been fully restored.

I kept staring at the blue screen that kept floating in front of me.

Sigh, that just confirmed that it was not a dream and it was all real. And here I was thinking of it just as a pleasant dream. If I was not careful enough it might become a nightmare that I had to live with.

I read enough mangas and novels to know that, not all power is free and often came at a price. And no matter how much I like some characters I would not want to live out their life.

This meant that I would have to go through grinding mode and take advantage of my summer break; hmm, it might even be like a beginner's grace period that some games offer to prepare for the dangers and train properly so that they could at least stand a chance.

I really am lucky to have found the Book of Creation and learn the [Creation] spell that would really help me stock up my supplies for better or for worse.

But still I could not really keep relying on it for all my supplies; I would have to get some crafting skills in my repertoire. Enchanting and blacksmithing as well as some rune craft would really help me gain boosts and prolong my longevity not to mention that I wouldn't have to even buy most material and items since I could just use [Creation].

Sigh, I really have a lot of work to do and I don't even know when the first incident might occur, better start grinding and look for spots that would make a great base.

AN: As you can see from the changes Issei is a whole lot different from my other story. Mainly due to the absence of one particular item, without it Issei cannot relatively increase his skills and stats willy-nilly and thus has to prioitise on specific skills and stats.

Mind you in both fics Issei is paranoid but unlike the other this Issei does not have the required strength to survive and spend his time at a leisurely pace, thinking of things to distract his mind from or even train himself that much as with the Locket of Skills and his array of other skills he can simply level them up at a ridiculous pace and even hit a cap on skills and stats in mere days.

The Issei in this fic would have to spend months to reach that level, while months may seem a small time remember the other Issei reach it in a single day. There is also going to be issues like racial traits, class skills and god specific blessings and alingments that is going to really cause him trouble. Again those are not issues for the other Issei due to an OP item.

Wow I really did not think that it would have been possible for one item to be so broken and game changing.

As an example the Locket of skills negates any and all requirements and restrictions to use an item, what does that mean you ask? It's simple really.

It means that you want to use Excalibur but are not King Arthur no problem, want to use it to one-shot an enemy but have not fulfilled the conditions, no problem. Want to use the anti-life equation but are not a level 12 intellect being, nah that's only a minor thing, go on use it and recreate the universe but be sure not to mess things up to much.

Not worthy of the hammer of the Thor, hah restrictions such a minor thing.

Locket of Skills, baby, is one broken item that is really on the level of Omni-items. Good thing this fic does not have it but since the other fic have it I can really think of so many situations I can use it for.

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