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"Normal talking"



Walking in the dark woods of the feared forest of death was a young boy with bright blonde hair and ice blue eyes wearing a pair of tattered black shorts, Ruined red shirt and a pair of worn out shoes. Know most would find it odd to see a young boy barely 6 years old to walk in a place with such a name but this boy was different. This boy went by many names Naruto-Uzumaki-Namikaze to those who knew nothing of his family life, just Naruto to the few that did, but they mostly used the name demon the scorn of the village.

"Why is this village filled with such idiots, I mean come on this is the sixth time this week that those dumb-asses chased me into here and for what 'to get revenge' bunch of morons" Naruto yelled in frustration at the sheer idiocy of the villagers.

Walking further and further into the forest Naruto sees his one safe haven in the entire village a large cave to most it would be strange to call a cave a safe haven but to Naruto, it was like paradise since no one knew about it but him. Walking inside the large cave Naruto walked until he reached a large open area with a few things that he used to train like a couple of practise dummy's and some stray kunai and shuriken and a few scrolls here and there.

"It's good to be back here, sometimes I wonder why I ever go back to that village" Naruto muttered to himself before shaking his head getting rid of the thought "Not the time to think of any of that today's the day I explore some more of this cave who knows I might find something of worth.(Oh you have no idea)

Grabbing a flashlight and some rope Naruto heads towards further into the cave. After hours of exploring Naruto was starting to get frustrated "Rocks, Rocks and look more Rocks kami why can't I find anything in this stupid cave!" Venting his frustration Naruto kept kicking a wall until he hears two different sounds.



"Fuck I think I just broke my foot" Cried Naruto holding his injured foot whilst looking at the now broken wall in hate "Stupid wall hurting my foot like that why I oughta wait a wall finally I found something yatta!" Forgetting about his injured foot Naruto starts walking down the new path "I swear if I find nothing but more rock I'm going to flip" Naruto whispered to himself.

Walking for what felt like hours(Was actually 10 minutes but he is six and has short legs) Naruto found something he didn't expect to find Right in front of him were two massive metal doors covered in rust with a large circle in the middle with a faded image of a dragon's head.

"What the hell is something like this doing in a cave" Walking closer to get a better look at the doors Naruto became curious as to what could be on the other side of the doors, so he placed both of his hands on the door using all the strength his 6-year-old boy had to try and open the doors but they didn't budge at all "Stupid doors won't budge" walking away from the door in sadness that it wouldn't open Naruto turns on his heel and runs at the door hoping the added speed would help him, only to trip and go face first into the door causing his head to bleed which splattered on the door as he fell on his back.

As the dripped down the door, the blood stopped moving and began flowing upwards to the centre of the door making it glow before stopping. Still dazed from his trip to the floor Naruto held his head in pain, using the door to hold himself up Naruto wiped blood from his head with his free hand still not noticing the door glow slightly until it flew open sending Naruto to the floor once again pissing him off.

"Okay I have had it with this fucking cave first my foot, then my head and now I'm being made to eat the dirt by a door A fUCKING DOOR!" Ranted Naruto but stopped when he looked at the room he fell into with wide eyes.

The room looked ancient and was covered in ice from the floor to the walls, The only wall still viable through the ice had faces carved into it reminding him of the Hokage mountain. The most shocking part was a large blue orb floating in the centre of the room surrounded by pillars of ice and stone.

"What is something like this doing here," Naruto asked aloud. Walking closer to the orb being careful so not to slip on the icy floor Naruto got a clearer look at the orb and saw a shadow floating in the middle of the mysterious orb, wanting to find out what it was he carefully edged closer to it but almost fell when a voice boomed around the room.

"So someone with the blood of the past has finally found this place though I didn't think it would be one so young, why are you here boy?" Boomed the voice scaring Naruto.

"I found this cave years ago when my family locked me out of the house and the villagers chased me into the forest of death and I have been coming back ever since this is the only safe place I know of" Answered Naruto scared he had trespassed and was about to die for it.

"Why would your family lock you out and for what reason would these villagers chase you?" The voice asked in a slightly gentler voice.

"My family don't care about me my 'father' thinks I'm a waste of space that isn't worthy of breathing and my 'mother' doesn't even look at me" Naruto had tears gather in his eyes think about it "but the worst is my 'sister' Mito she knows that they don't love me and rubs it in my face every chance she gets" Wiping the tears away Naruto continues "As for the villagers they see me as a demon because my 'father' sealed the chakra of the Kyuubi into my sister and the soul into me" Finished Naruto with anger in his voice.

"These people foolish to think such things about you I can sense you potential to become a strong fighter and even theses old eyes can see you are no demon" Naruto wasn't sure but he swore he heard the anger in the voices voice.

"Child do you wish to prove them wrong, show them the power you hold within you?" Not expecting the voice to ask anything Naruto could only say one thing.

"Hm, you say something?"

Somewhere in Konoha

" 'Achoo' Why do I suddenly feel a sense of pride?" Asked a white-haired man before shrugging and went back to reading an orange book "'Giggle' oh Hitomi you naughty girl" the poor bastard never noticed the group of kunoichi behind him.

Back with Naruto

"I said would you like to prove everyone wrong about you?" Asked the voice again a little irritated at what Naruto said.

A shocked look appeared on Naruto's face but was soon replaced by one of confusion "Um no offence Mr voice but how can you teach me your a voice?" Asked Naruto was not understanding how a voice could teach him how to be a strong badass fighter.

"Hahaha I suppose that this is my fault for not introducing myself face to face look at the orb child and you will see how" Looking over to the blue orb Naruto was shocked to see the shadow start to move and walk out of the orb revealing an old man with long grey hair and chilling blue eyes with a scar going from his eyebrow to the bottom of his eye.

"My name is Kuai Liang or better know as sub-zero but starting from now you will be calling me master" Stated Kuai with a smirk on his face at seeing the look of awe on Naruto's face.

After announcing Naruto as his student Kuai expected many things like a small bow or a cheer of excitement he was not however prepared for the bombardment of questions the little blond kept asking him.

"What will I be learning?" A small tick mark appeared on Kuai's head.

"Will I be able to blow stuff up? The tick mark got bigger.

"How did you get that scar?" Kuai's balled his fist

"Will I learn cool fighting styles" Left eye beginning to twitch in irritation

"Will I-" "SHUT UP!" Shouted Kuai in irritation at the constant questions.

Seeing that he pissed off his new teacher already, Naruto bowed "Sorry sensei It won't happen again" Promised Naruto getting a nod for Kuai "See that it doesn't but since you are so eager to learn I will tell you what this place is.

"Millennia ago there were many worlds but two were in a constant war they were this world know as earth realm and the other was know as outworld to stop this war the elder gods created a competition that pitted the best worriers from both worlds against each other in mortal combat. Earth realm won but the leader of outworld Shao Khan attacked anyway, we won but it cost us greatly as punishment the elder gods destroyed him.

Looking to Naruto to see if he was still paying attention he was happy to see the amount of attention Naruto was paying to his story.

"It was later discovered That Shoa Khan had been manipulated into attacking earth realm by a sorcerer called Quan chi to lower the earth's defences making it easier for Shinnok a former elder god to invade earth realm. Fortunately, he was was stopped by Johnny cage and Sonya blade who trapped him inside an amulet where he was kept a prisoner for 25 years but was released by his followers. After his release, he tried to gain the power of the jinsei which is the life force of earth but was stopped by Cassie Cage the daughter of johnny and Sonya.

After Shinnok was defeated and Earth safe once again I returned to the Lin kuei temple as the years went by and the world began to change my people began to die out with only me left standing I asked Raiden to allow me to stay here in the jinsei and wait for a person worthy of my teachings and that is you young Naruto you will be my legacy to this world" Kuai looked over to see Naruto shed silent tears.

"What is wrong my student?" Asked Kuai not sure why Naruto would start crying at his words.

"I-i-it's just that you're the first person to actually acknowledged me" Stuttered Naruto wiping away his tears of joy. Smiling at his student Kuai ruffles his hair "When I am done teaching you Naruto everyone one will know exactly who they have wronged.

Smiling at his teacher Naruto starts bouncing on the balls of his feet "So sensei what are we going to do first?" Asked Naruto barely containing his excitement.

"First you are going to write a letter to your family and I will place it in your bedroom for them to find and after well let's just say you're going to going to be rather busy for the next ten years hahaha" Laughed Kuai scaring Naruto about what plans his sensei had for him.

Sitting in front of a piece of paper and pen in hand Naruto wasn't sure what to say in the letter but then thought of all the things that they have said to him over the years.

"I wish you weren't my brother!"

"Your such a disappointment"

"Why can't you be more like your sister"

Filled with a newfound rage Naruto began to write his letter to his ex-family.

"Done already I see well pass it here and I will deliver it" Said Kuai

passing the letter to his teacher Naruto had a thought pop in his head "Um sensei Will I be learning how to use chakra at all during my training?" Asked Naruto making Kuai think for a moment.

"I will gather material for you to learn from later during your training since I want you totally focused on my training" Since He did not know of the powers people had in this era.

"Okay, sensei, when the time comes I would like some stuff on elements and sealing, would be great and maybe some scrolls on Genjutsu" Listed Naruto making Kuai nod before letting himself fall backwards and disappear into the ice floor leaving a starry-eyed Naruto behind.

"I am so leaning that" Muttered Naruto in awe.

Outside the Namikaze house

"It's been a while since I have done that" Said Kuai breathing slightly heavier than normal. Regaining his Kuai looks around for the best place to break in from but sees weird black marking along most of the walls and window that for some reason sent off his warning senses.

Looking around the house once more, Kuai sees one small window that has no markings on and decides that would be his entry point. Climbing to the window with relative ease even at his age Kuai silently opens the window to the room and finds himself inside a small plain bedroom with white walls and bed "Must be Naruto's room" glad he found the room so easily Kuai places the letter on the bed so it is easy to see and was about to leave again when he heard people talking on the over side of the door.

Outside Naruto's room

"Are you sure this will work Minato-kun," Asked a beautiful redhead with worry in her voice looking at the blond Hokage.

"Trust me Kushina-chan this seal will work fine once I place it on Naruto all his chakra will be absorbed into it leaving only the minimum to live then we place the seal on Mito and give it to her" Said Minato making Kushina frown

"But this seems wrong I know I said I didn't want my baby to have to fight for a living but to steal his chakra is too much" Said Kushina making Minato sigh in annoyance.

"It is for the good of Konoha" Said Minato making Kushina's eyes glaze over and nod in agreement.

"See you agree but I want to make sure the seal ki-I mean works properly first so I'll leave it for later" Walking away from the door Minato headed towards his office leaving Kushina to stand there with glazed eyes and a single tear rolling down her face.

With Kuai

"Well shit just hit the fan better get back to Naruto but I mustn't tell him about this yet it could get him killed" Said Kuai before falling backwards and disappearing into the now frozen floor.

At the jinsei

Appearing from the frozen floor, Kuai looks to see Naruto asleep atop of a small rock. Staring at his students sleeping form but remembers there is still things to do before they can start his training.

"Naruto wake up" Ordered Kuai hearing his teachers voice Naruto opens his eyelids "Morning sensei are we going to train now?" Asked a sleepy but excited Naruto. Gaining a serious look on his face Kuai folds his arms over his chest "Naruto before we begin your training you need to do one more thing" Stated Kuai confusing Naruto about what he would have to do.

"Um, sure sensei I'll do whatever it takes to become stronger" Promised Naruto.

"Very well before we begin your training you need to become a cryomancer so you can use ice as I do, to do this I will place my blood in you this should allow you to become a cryomancer" Looking at his sensei with no small amount of worry "Um sensei you said should what else could happen to me?" Asked Naruto making Kuai sigh.

"You could freeze from the inside out" Stated Kuai making Naruto go wide-eyed at the risk he was about to take.

Thinking over the pros and cons for a few minutes Naruto had his answer "Let's do this sensei!" Naruto shouted surprising Kuai with his bravery, not being one to be told twice Kuai creates a syringe out of ice and takes his blood and injects it into Naruto.

"Huh I don't feel any different maybe I need mo-AHAHAHAHAHAHA" Naruto began to scream as he felt the blood in his veins freeze, he continued to scream until ice started to cover his body hiding it from view. Having nothing to do but wait in worry Kuai sits down and meditates praying for his new student to survive.

After an hour of waiting for the ice surrounding Naruto cracked making his body fall to the floor but didn't shatter like Kuai had feared it would. Walking over to his unconscious student Kuai noticed some differences his once blonde hair had turned white with hints of icy blue, his once tan complexion turned pale.

"Sleep, for now, my student because when you wake you are going to go through hell.

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