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Also, for those that play mortal kombat then just to let you know all brutality's will kill the people when used cause no way is someone surviving that kinda stuff I mean come on having your spine snapped and then have your skull caved in kills you.

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"Normal talking"



Opening his eyes, Naruto found himself laying face first on a solid block of ice but strangely felt no cold or even a chill from it, groggily getting up from the ice block Naruto felt a dull pain go through his aching body.

"Damn my body feels like I got hit by a train from snow country" Whined Naruto before Looking around the room Naruto sees his sensei meditating in the corner. Walking over to great his teacher Naruto catches his reflection in a wall of ice.

"What the hell happened to me!" Exclaimed Naruto looking at the unfamiliar face that was his reflection. His once sun blonde hair had turned a snow white with ice blue highlights, his tan replaced by a pale skin, but the strangest change was his eyes his once shining blue eyes had changed to a cold ice blue that would make most freeze with just a glimpse at him.

"I see you have noticed your changes, I must say you look more like a Lin kuai recruit now" Getting a look that demanded answers Kuai motions for him to sit.

"The reason for your new appearance is because your body had to change to become a cryomancer this came with some added bonuses like greater strength and speed, higher pain tolerance and a greater healing factor and trust me that last two will help during your training bwahaha" Said Kuai ending with a small evil laugh sending a shiver down Naruto's spine.

"Now that is out of the way we can talk about your training" Kuai could see Naruto's eye light up at the mention of training "To start with you will learn the basics of dragon kung fu until I deem you ready to learn any of it's advanced techniques, whilst learning that I will teach you how to control ice and how to use it like a weapon, these lessons will continue until I say then you will move on to the advanced things" By this point Naruto was jumping on the balls of his feet in excitement.

"Will I get to learn that badass ice teleport?" Hope evident in his voice.

"It is called the tombstone teleport and yes in time you will learn and hopefully, improve it since it is far too predictable in most combat situations" With those words a fire light in Naruto's eyes.

"I promise sensei I will improve it and any other technique I learn" He promised causing is sensei to smirk.

"That is quite the promise Naruto and one I hope you fulfil. But back to our earlier talk your training begins today so prepare yourself because after we start there is no turning back" And with that he walked towards the training ground leaving his student there to think for a few moments"Finally the start of my new life away from this village and my ex-family" And with that Naruto ran after his teacher to start his training.

Namikaze mansion

Kushina Uzumaki was sitting at home reading a book but felt a sudden pain go through her heart "Ahhhh why does my heart hurt, why do I feel like a just lost something important" She muttered to herself holding her chest in pain.

Still holding her chest in pain Kushina walks into the kitchen and sees Mito eating a sandwich "Hello Mito-chan" Said Kushina still holding her chest something Mito noticed.

"Are you okay kaa-chan?" Seeing that her daughter was worried she put on a false smile "I'm okay Mito-chan Just feeling a bit under the weather" Seeing no reason not to believe her mother Mito goes back to eating her sandwich.

Watching her daughter eat her lunch Kushina started to think about her family Minato was normally busy with his duties as Hokage and if he wasn't he would be teaching Mito or working on his seals, then there she Mito was a loud and energetic girl reminding her a lot of herself at her age especially with her red hair and finally Naruto the black sheep one of the family that being one of the nicer names she had heard Minato calling him, Naruto was a mystery and saying he was distant would be putting it mildly not that she blamed him for some reason no one seemed to care for him regrettably not even her.

"Mito have you seen your brother?" Asked Kushina making Mito look like she had just been slapped.

"Why would I know where that waste of space is?" Asked Mito shocking Kushina.

"Don't talk about your brother like that!" Yelled Kushina making Mito look at her like she was crazy.

"Why not it's the truth he is useless and should do everyone a favor and disapp*slap*" Holding her red cheek Mito looked up to see her Mother look at her in anger something that scared her.

"Don't ever say that ever do you understand!" Yelled Kushina getting a nod from Mito Kushina bends down and wipes away her daughters tears "Now we are both going to Naruto's room to see him and you are going to say sorry understand?" Getting a nod the two head upstairs and stand outside Naruto's room.

"Umm, kaa-chan I can't remember ever going into Naruto's room before" Said Mito making Kushina think about the last time she went to kiss Naruto good night or read him a bed time story and she couldn't remember because she had never done it.

Knocking at the door a couple of times and getting no response the two silently opened the door and frozen at what they saw. Naruto's bedroom was as plain as a prison cell a single bed a small desk in the corner and grey walls without a single poster hell, not even a drawing.

looking around the room for something to tell them where Naruto had gone to Kushina sees a small slip of paper sitting on the bed. Feeling her heart beat quicken Kushina walks over to the note and starts to read.

Dear ex-family

Instead of writing about all of the horrible things I have had to go through like the beating from the villagers and the neglect from you I choose to only write three words to you.

Goodbye forever.

Finished reading the note Kushina drops the note and breaks down sobbing on her knees so followed by Mito who picks up the fallen note. And so joins her mother crying on the floor.

"This is my fault I wanted him to go" Cried Mito as she held the note to her chest.

"No Mito-chan don't blame yourself blame me, Minato and this village" wept Kushina

Staying in Naruto's room for hours crying over the loss of Naruto the two red heads heard the front door close.

"Kushina-chan, Mito-chan I'm home" Called Minato from downstairs.

Hearing their husband/father's voice the two rush downstairs and hug the life out of him surprising him.

"Calm down you two and tell me what's the matter" Said Minato trying to comfort the two.

"It's Naruto he's gone" Cried Kushina tightening her hold on Minato making him wince.

"I'm sure he will be back soon from where ever he is" Said Minato who was panicking on the inside "Shit did the little runt die in the forest" For the first time in his life Minato wished Naruto wouldn't be dead.

"No, he won't he ran away he, left a note" Said Kushina passing the note to Minato who read it quickly his anger rising with each word he read.

"Shit this ruins my plan for the seal" Muttered Minato was not expecting Kushina or Mito to hear it. Unfortunately, for him, he forgot that Kushina being an ex-Jinjuriki and Mito being the a current one their senses are more advanced then normal humans so they heard his whisper like it was a shout. Controlling their anger at Minato the two red heads release Minato from the hug and watch as emotions flash across his face from anger to annoyance.

"Kushina the ink on this note looks a day old at best I need to gather the Anbu to go and track him down" And with that Minato was gone in a yellow flash leaving two angry redheads.

"Kaa-chan I get the feeling that tou-san hates Naruto-nii" Said Mito with a confused look on her face not understanding how Her tou-san could hate her brother.

"So do I Mito and I plan to find out why" Said Kushina as she walked towards Minato's study followed closely by Mito.

Reaching Minato's office Kushina notices the alarm seals on the door "Mito run and get me a brush, some ink and paper" running to get the supplies Mito returns shortly after holding everything Kushina asked for.

Quickly re-writing the seals on the door to the study, Kushina followed by Mito start walking in and towards the desk but stops in the middle of the room as a sudden sharp pain appears at the back of both their neck, Ignoring the pain Kushina and Mito keep walking over to Minato's desk and sees a folder named: Project chakra.

Opening the folder Kushina reads details of the project.

Project chakra created by Minato Namikaze and Danzo Shimura and assisted by Orochimaru

This project was created for the purpose of creating the ultimate weapons for Konoha.

Entry one

I have had Orochimaru experiment on the use of bloodlines for the weapons, so far only one as survived and has gained the ability of Mokuton which is a step in the right direction hopefully soon Konoha will have an army of bloodline users at it's beck and call.

Entry 5

We have concluded that bloodlines though powerful are very hard to integrate into the human body as it is just rejected resulting in the human death. So instead we have needed to use something far more powerful and easier to integrate with humans, the answer is simple Jinchuuriki!

Entry 14

By orders of Danzo, I have 'rescued' Kushina from the 'Kumo' ninja resulting in her falling for me increasing the plans for the Jinjuriki army.

Entry 20

I have been stealing the chakra from the Jinchuuriki for months now to test on to see the best ways to use it. Orochimaru has come up with several possibility so far but nothing major at the moment.

Entry 28

I have impregnated the Jinchuuriki this could be the breakthrough we have been waiting for whilst giving birth the seal will weaken giving us the chance to reseal the beast inside the child from there we can train it to become Konoha's weapon.

Entry 29

It was all going so well but my plans have failed the Jinchuuriki had twin something I didn't foresee coming this resulted in both children getting bits of the Kyuubi's chakra in them normally this would be a plus to have two children with tailed beast chakra but it isn't the chakra that should have gone to one was split weakening are weapon this won't do.

Entry 44

I have designed a seal that should take all of the beasts chakra and absorb it now all I need to do Is wait for the right moment to use it.

For the second time that day Kushina cried in sorrow. Seeing her mother start crying once again Mito Picks the dropped folder and reads it herself, not a minute later joins her mother crying in pain and of them noticed the seal on the back of the folder start to glow.

Calming herself down Kushina looks at her crying daughter "Mito-chan go and pack your things we aren't staying her with that monster a second longer" Getting a nod from Mito the two wiped their eyes and ran to their rooms to pack.

Quickly packing their things Kushina and Mito walk out of the Namikaze door never to return.

With Minato 10 minute earlier

Sitting in the Hokage office was Minato who had just sent off a squad of Anbu to track down his wayward son.

"I know you're there you can come out Sensei" Said Minato smiling slightly as he saw his sensei step out of the shadows

"I see your time as Hokage hasn't dulled your senses like my old rival Hiruzen" Praised Danzo with a slight smirk looking at his best student.

Taking a seat across from Minato Danzo gained a serious look "Is it true that your son has left the village?"

"Don't call that thing my son, but yes it is true he has run away but I have sent a squad of Anbu to retrieve him" Answered Minato causing Danzo to sigh in annoyance and frustration.

"I will never understand your hate for your son, but never mind that I will send out 2 squads of Root Anbu to help with the search, have you finished the seal?" Asked Danzo getting a nod from Minato.

"Good if he is found by my Root Anbu then I will have him taken to one of the underground bases for safe keeping until we can proceed with the plan.

"Agreed send me a message whe-Shit the alarm on project chakra just went off I have to go" Disappearing in a yellow flash leaving a worried Danzo.

Namikaze manor

Appearing in outside his home Minato sprints inside his office only to see it empty with the project chakra folder on the ground and covered with tear stains. In this situation, Minato could only say one thing.


WithKushina and Mito

"Kaa-chan where are we going to go now?" Asked Mito

"Since I am still a registered kunoichi we can't leave the village so we will be staying with my friend Mikoto"

"Yay, I haven't seen auntie Miko in ages" Exclaimed Mito excited she could see her favorite auntie after so long.

Walking down the dark streets of Konoha drawing weird looks from passersby who wondered why the Hokage's wife and child would be walking this late at night with suitcases.

Ignoring the looks they were getting the two red heads made it to the Uchiha compound and knocked on the clan heads home.

As the door opened Kushina and Mito smiled seeing Sayuri standing there "Hey Sayuri-chan remember me?" Said Kushina confusing Sayuri.

"Hey, kaa-chan there are two tomato heads at the door" Yelled Sayuri not seeing the two red heads eyes twitch in annoyance at being called a tomato.

Hearing her daughter shout Mikoto walked to the door to great her long time friend "Hey Kushina what are you doing here at this time? did you get into a fight with Minato?" Asked Mikoto

"Can we put these two to bed then I will explain" Getting a nod the two kunoichis took the girls into Sayuri's room to sleep.

Walking back into the sitting room Mikoto looks at Kushina with a serious look "Okay Kushina what happened?"

With that Kushina started to explain what had happened and what she had discovered, by the end of the story Mikoto was livid "THAT BASTARD!" Yelled Mikoto

"So is it okay to stay here for a bit just until I buy an apartment for me and Mito"

"Of course, it's okay for you to stay and you can forget an apartment you can have one of the houses here in the compound"

"Thank you but I don't think Fugaku will like that very much" Said Kushina causing Mikoto to laugh.

"Don't worry about him he won't do a thing trust me" Seeing the sweet smile on Mikoto's face Kushina just nodded.

"Good now its time for you to get some sleep you have had a long and stressful day" Agree with her friend the two headed off to sleep.

As Kushina tried to fall asleep she couldn't take her mind off of Naruto and how badly she had failed him.

"I'm sorry Naruto where ever you are I hope your happy" Whispered Kushina before falling to sleep.

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With Naruto's eyes think of sub-zero's the white of his eyes is blue

I will think of different ways to improve on the techniques since most are easy to predict or counter if faced with multiple enemies. For example, to tombstone teleport will work a bit like Haku's ice mirrors.

And no I didn't forget for Kushina to look for a seal on her she won't need to as she had Mikoto with her so If Minato tries anything he will have to face both of them (Shiver in fear)

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