May We Meet Again (Somewhere Along the End)

Luck doesn't even begin to explain the cause of Clarke's happiness. The whole night feels like a cotton-candy infested daydream, something made out of pure magic in fairy tales. She can't even remember a time her heart held so heavy in her chest.

The wedding is surprisingly small, or smaller than what she first imagined, but its private nature is just what she loves about it. Sure, there are people she doesn't quite know, but its just enough that the intimate feeling still resides. They're there, celebrating Octavia and Lincoln's devotion for one another surrounded by the most important people in their lives and each other. And through the haze of strung-up fairy lights, and slightly buzzed embarrassing toasts, that's the only thing that matters, family. She finds herself wanting to hold onto every sweet moment of absolute certainty. Doesn't think about the fact that in six days she's leaving on a plane, doesn't think about the hellish weeks they'd all been through, instead, she resides in the fact of how lucky she was to be surrounded by the people she loves most in this world.

"What?" Bellamy's voice suddenly ventures her back to reality. There's a deeming smile present on his face paired with a questioning glance of surprise. "What is it?" He's smiling now as they're swaying on the dance floor to the tunings of some somber, sweet song.

Clarke finds herself shrugging, not knowing what he was talking about exactly. "Nothing."

Maybe it was that stupid look on her face she tried to hide so well. And noticing the playfulness in her tone of voice, he wasn't taking that for an answer. "I'm just really happy." Her reply is nothing short of endearing and once again, Bellamy reminds himself how lucky he was. He grins taking in a deep breath. His eyes scanning the room, finding his sister engulfed by an echo of laughter as Lincoln spun her around the floor, and back to Clarke before him. He takes a moment to properly capture her in his view, the lights bounce around playing off the features on her face.

"Me too."

They sway for a moment or two in the comfortable lingering silence around them. She closes her eyes, resting her head in the space against his chest. Steps falling to place, fingers brushing against skin in the soft rock of their movements remembering the series of moments that took place that night. "I loved your speech…" She whispers softly into his shoulder.

She watches as Bellamy comes in view, graciously taking the mic, making his way back to the bridal table. He shoots her a look, winking, waiting as everyone gathered back to their seats in anticipation of his speech. Clarke can't help but chuckle in response to the look paired on his face.

"Now for me, I'm in a very tough spot here." He begins staring out into the crowd before him. "As many of you know the bride just happens to be my little sister."

Light chuckles enlighten around the room.

"So when Lincoln approached me with the intent to make me his best man, I was like; 'Me? Really?', now it's clear he was just trying to get me on his good side so his intentions were good. Clear, but good." Laughter ensues as he turns to face the groom. "But uh, all in all, I've known Lincoln a long time — long before he and Octavia were a thing and long before we caught them falling around behind our backs." Octavia blushes in her seat, remembering the simpler times years before when they snuck around in fear of Bellamy's disapproval. Funny how the tables had turned.

"He's a stand-up guy and has been a good friend to me all these years." He takes a moment before continuing. "I-I thought today was going to be hard and granted it was at times. I've never had an easy time letting go, especially when it comes to my sister. But seeing the two of them together, I have no doubt he'll love and care for her more than I ever could."

He raises his glass in the air waiting for everyone to follow suit. "So, here's to a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations man, I wouldn't have it any other way."

She doesn't open them until she hears the familiar chuckle that can only register has her mothers. She's dancing with Kane not too far away, smile overpowering every emotion on her face. Watching Abby dance around like that she can't help but think of her father. It's strange how he can pop up like that, out of nowhere and unannounced like as he's somehow stepped in front of an alternate universe. The image of him is clearer now than ever, especially here in the element of happiness.

"My father would've liked you." She decides aloud, looking up at Bellamy. "What makes you say that?" He's both amused and surprised by her sudden declarement. Clarke shrugs. "Maybe not at first, he would've liked his little girl to be hanging around with someone with such a reputation."

"Such a reputation, huh?" He teases, repeating her words. "And how would he know about that?"

"You're charm gives it all away… but he would've definitely come around." She jokingly reassures. "Does it now?" She nods, unable to bring the words to her lips anymore. "And tell me, what caused this sudden proclaiming?"

"Nothing, he just crossed my mind is all."

"I see." And before he has the chance to continue his train of thought, Clarke's quick to cut it off. "It's so strange, everything changed so much…" She mumbles out the almost overwhelming thought. Octavia and Lincoln were starting their lives together, her mother was moving on, Finn was on talking terms with her, she'd found someone who made her feel a way she never thought possible.

"Good, I happen to like exactly where I am now."

They're starring the giant entrance of the Seattle-Tacoma Airport a week later. The smell of wet asphalt is in the air, car tires slush through the gathered puddles in the streets. There's a lingering, guilty feeling in the pit of Clarke's stomach which she'd spent the whole morning trying to shake off.

"Come on." Bellamy smiles, encouraging her along.

A sea of people across along the open terminals around them. "Got all the bags?" Octavia calls out behind them in a rushed gruff. "Yes, we're good." Her brother replies, his eyes, however, don't leave the meandering Blond before him. She's overwhelmed and hesitant and it was his job to relieve her of all that.

"Alright, Seattle to Munich, terminal 4, gate 3." The Blake sister declares catching up to them, "Please tell me where relatively close to that." She questions, looking up from the tickets in her hand. "We are," Bellamy replies calmly. Clarke's eyes scan the crowd around, it seems as though everyone's anxious to get to where they're going and she doesn't blame them for airports are as close to hell as they come, but for once, she doesn't share their apprehension.

"And we grabbed everything?" She tugs Bellamy's arm, holding them in place, concern wielding her eyes. "Yes, you grabbed everything."

She nods, uncertainly but finds her footing and continues.

When they approach the terminal she finds herself once again, completely and utterly unconvinced. "I don't want to go." She pleads. Bellamy chuckles, holding her gaze in his. His arms around wrapped around her, in the midst of the havoc around them.

They're exhausted, to say the least. The wedding had been a long, fun but a grueling process and they're grateful to have a bed to catch them that night. "Did you have fun?" Bellamy mumbles out subconsciously. He's undressing at the foot of her bed, taking his time with the buttons. "What kind of question is that, Bellamy Blake?" She laughs, helping him along. She turns right after, letting him help with the high zipper on her back.

"You're right. It was awful." He teases through a chuckle. "I'm so tired." Clarke exhales, slipping into a random t-shirt before crashing to the bed before them. When he joins in beside her, her limbs carefully warp themselves around the warmth of his comfort. She's tucked in the cork of his shoulder, cozy and content.

She finds her hand tracing the deep scar across his chest that almost cost him his life when Bellamy whispers that he can't go with her, "let me finish." He continues quickly, noticing the sudden shift in her demeanor. Because this is something she was intended to do alone, and he needed the time to recover completely before embarking on something like that. She knew this already, just needed to hear it, and he, well, he was just struggling with putting that in words. "But I'm willing to come to a compromise."

"I don't want to leave you alone here." She stops, raising on her elbows to look at him.

"You're not leaving me alone — I don't think that term will ever apply to me anymore." He chuckles, attempting to illustrate that this was indeed, okay. "Not after what you put us through, and no, that's not an invitation for you to apologize again." Bellamy laughs, planting a kiss against her temple. "Don't worry about me."

"Easier said than done, Blake." She sighs, getting back in her position beside him. "I'm serious. I'm okay now, Clarke." She shrugs, hesitant for she doesn't like the idea of leaving for that long, especially after everything they're endured but finds herself entertaining the idea. "I want to hear about this compromise."

"Well, I was thinking of joining you, somewhere along the end."

"That's a nice thought." She inhales, focusing on the movement of his thumb running up and down her the length of her arm. "I still don't like leaving, after everything. It almost feels like I'm running away from my problems…"

"And what problems might those be?" He almost teases her, trying to raise her spirits up.

"Everything's just so unresolved here, Bell."

"And what? You waking up to make coffee and take me to physical therapy every morning for the next eight weeks is going to resolve all that? That's what Monty and Jasper are there for." She can't help but chuckle at the sudden image of Jasper and Monty playing the role of housewife, apron and all, that pops into her mind and Bellamy know's he's succeeded.

"I guess you're right…" Clarke signs, giving in. There wasn't much on her side to argue anymore. "Clarke, it's okay." He whispers, holding her tight. "Then why doesn't it feel like it is?" She mumbles into the darkness. "Because you're scared, and have a right to be."

"You'll be back before you know it." He replies, taking her in. She nods, knowing he's wrong, knowing she'll be counting the days until she's back in the city — or better yet, until he's there with her. Under normal circumstances, she'd be the first on the flight — no boyfriend or man was going to hold her back, but this was different, and Bellamy was not just any man. Not anymore.

"God, you're so wrong." She smiles, reaching into a deep kiss.

"Well, thank god I have you to correct me."

And the more she thought about it, the more it dawned on her how far away from 'normal circumstances' she really was. What did she even consider as such a thing, anymore? Before Bellamy? Before that night in October? Before she second guessed herself for getting on a plane? Nothing was normal anymore if it had ever been. The pretense of the whole idea was now laughable because there was a time — a long time, when it was just her and her job in her apartment, and her whole world revolved around her delicate work. And now, having something — someone to come back to, someone there to fill the overwhelming void that everyday reality creates, was truly something meaningful.