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"Isn't he beautiful Severus?" Bellatrix said in wonderment as she looked at their newborn baby boy.

Severus smiled proudly at his son. "He is. He looks like you." He said, kissing his wife on the cheek.

"He looks like you too." Bellatrix smiled up at her husband. She was tired from giving birth but so happy. She had not thought she could be this happy. She had gone against her parents' wishes for her to marry Rodolphus Lestrange and instead had married her soul mate. She and Severus had known each other a long time but it wasn't until their fifth year that they started dating. They were both in Slytherin, both advanced in the art of dueling, and both were top students in Potions although Severus really had a special gift for the subject. This was why the Dark Lord had recruited them to join the Death Eaters. They had joined thinking they could make a difference in the way wizarding children were treated by their muggle parents. They had known of too many of their classmates who had been beaten by their parents because of their magic. Severus's father had been such a parent. Bellatrix had also thought if she joined that her parents would accept Severus as her husband, though in the end it had made no difference. They only saw him as a half-blood and nothing more.

It had not taken long before joining the Death Eaters for Bellatrix and Severus to realize that it was not a world that they wanted to be a part of. Their meetings consisted of being tortured by Voldemort when he was bored and attacking muggles for no other reason than the Dark Lord hated them. Bellatrix wasn't fond of muggles, especially knowing how Severus had been treated by his muggle father but that didn't mean she wanted to spend her time killing them. Bellatrix's family were supporters of the Dark Lord and her sister Narcissa and her husband Lucius had joined as well, but Bellatrix was not happy and neither was Severus. To leave could mean instant death so Severus had suggested going to Albus Dumbledore, that he would be able to help them. Then Bellatrix had gotten pregnant and they decided to just lay low until their baby was born.

"Have you finally decided on a name Bella?" Severus asked as he looked down at his son who was sleeping peacefully in his mother's arms. They had been going back and forth on names for months.

"Well, I decided on Kaiden for his first name." Bellatrix said. The name meant warrior and she thought it was a fine name for their son. "I still say his middle name should be Severus."

Severus shook his head and snorted. "I'm sure we can come up with something better than Severus." He gazed at his son. "Have you noticed his birthmark?" He asked suddenly.

"Hmm?" Bellatrix looked at Kaiden's right shoulder where there was indeed a birthmark of what looked like a bird, and not just any bird. "It looks like a Phoenix." She commented in surprise. "It reminds me of Fawkes." She added thoughtfully.

Severus grinned slightly and nodded his agreement. It did look like the Headmaster's familiar. A phoenix was named after a powerful and rare bird but it also is a minor constellation in the sky. "Perhaps this is a sign that we are doing the right thing in going to Albus for help." He mused out loud. He did not want to be a death eater anymore and he did not want Voldemort anywhere near his son.

"Kaiden Phoenix Snape," Bellatrix announced proudly.

Severus smiled and nodded. "Yes, a fine name indeed."

Bellatrix leaned into Severus. "Everything is perfect."


"You will slip this potion into Bellatrix's drink. After she falls asleep you will take her baby and kill him. That child is costing me two of my death eaters and they have too much potential to lose!" Voldemort seethed. He glared at Narcissa Malfoy. "Do you understand me?"

"Yes, of course Master." Narcissa said though inside her heart was racing. How could she do this to her own sister? Her own nephew? "The potion won't hurt her will it?"

"Of course not Narcissa, it will merely put her to sleep and jumble her thoughts a bit." Actually the potion, along with losing her son, would put her on the path to insanity and that was something he could work with. That would leave Severus, who would likely become angry and bitter, and he could work with that as well. They were both powerful and useful to his cause and he wasn't going to let their love, Voldemort shuddered at the word, and annoying baby ruin it. He could feel he was losing them and was determined to keep them loyal to him. He didn't worry about his other followers with their children, such as Lucius and Narcissa, as they were too afraid to try and leave the death eaters. But Bellatrix and Severus were stronger and braver, and they had too much to offer to just kill outright.

"When would you like this done?" Narcissa asked timidly.

"As soon as possible of course, and if you could make the death look like Bellatrix fault all the better." Voldemort purred.

Narcissa looked away. She couldn't do this to Bella and Severus! And how could she kill her sweet nephew? "I don't know if I can." She said finally. She screamed as the Cruciatus Curse was cast on her.

Voldemort lifted the curse and glared down at her. "You will do this for me Narcissa. Or else not only will I have someone else kill their child, I will also have someone kill yours!"

Narcissa paled. Draco. Her dragon. She couldn't let that happen. "I'll do it tomorrow night." She said shakily, still feeling the effects of the curse. "Severus will be away at a potions conference and Bella has already invited me over."

Voldemort gave her a cold smile and handed her a vial. "Somehow I knew you would see it my way." He said mockingly. "Here is the potion. Keep this between us; you are not to tell anyone. Not even Lucius. Do not disappoint me Narcissa." He warned. "Or your child will pay for it."

"I won't." Narcissa took the potions and waited for him to dismiss her. She walked away and apparated home, desperate to figure out a way out of this situation. She didn't want to hurt her nephew but she could not put her own son at risk. She went into the nursery and dismissed the house elf that had been watching her son. She smiled at Draco who was sleeping in his crib. He was so precious to her. Watching him made her heart ache for what she had to do to Kaiden. Being a mother changed everything. She had even felt sympathy for the Potters when she had heard that their baby, who was the same age as hers and Bella's, was dying of an incurable wizarding disease. In fact, their son had been born on the same day as Kaiden. Suddenly her pale blue eyes widened. The Potters! Their son did not have much longer to live; in fact he may have already passed. They were losing a baby and she needed to hide one. She could fake Kaiden's death and give him to the Potters. She may not care for them but they would take care of him, she was sure of it. They were annoyingly good that way. She called her house elf back and ordered her to watch Draco and then quickly apparated to the Potter's home.


Lily Potter opened the door, her teary green eyes widening when she saw Narcissa Malfoy standing on her porch. "Narcissa? Why are you here?" She asked, her hand going to where her wand was. Narcissa had been a year younger than her at Hogwarts and they had never spoken before.

"Relax. I am not here to hurt you. I have a favor to ask." Narcissa said coolly, not showing her true emotions. She rarely did except with family.

Lily looked surprised for a moment. "What could you possibly want from me?" She sighed and wiped away a few stray tears. "This really isn't a good time." Grief was clear in her voice.

Narcissa hesitated. "Your son? How is he doing?" She asked finally.

A sob broke from Lily. "He passed away a couple of hours ago." She whispered brokenly.

Narcissa felt for the grieving mother but kept her emotions in check. "Yes, I had heard he was not doing well. I am sorry for your loss." She said stiffly.

Lily looked away. "What do you want?" She repeated.

Narcissa decided to be blunt. "The Dark Lord has given me a task. I am to kill my sister's child."

Lily looked at her in shock. She and Severus had been somewhat friendly in school but they had drifted apart as they had gotten older. "You can't do that! He's a baby, your own nephew!" She cried.

Narcissa raised her chin. "Yes, I am aware of that. I have no choice. The Dark Lord will kill my son if I do not do not do what he wants. However, I have thought of a way to make him believe I have done my task while still protecting my nephew."

Lily looked at her dully. "I still don't know what you want from me."

"You lost a baby and I need to hide one." Narcissa said impatiently. "I want you to take Kaiden Snape, glamour him and raise him as your son. Henry, was it?"

"Harry." Lily said softly as her mind tried to process what Narcissa had said.

"Have you told many that he has passed?" Narcissa asked, wondering how many she would have to obliviate.

Lily shook her head. "Just Healer Robbins at St. Mungo's who came by today." She shook her head. "I can't just replace my own son like that." She whispered.

"Of course your son will never be replaced. But this way you will still have a child and will also be saving a life." Narcissa stared at her. "If you and your husband do not agree, then Kaiden will have to die." She said coldly. Please say yes, Narcissa begged silently.

Lily stared back at her. Her arms still ached to hold her child. She couldn't believe her baby was gone. And James was just as devastated. Would he agree? Could they even do this? She did excel at charms, she could glamour the baby. And they would be saving a child's life. Narcissa was a death eater and would of course follow through in killing her own kin. "I have to talk to James." She said finally. "If he agrees then yes, we will take him."

Narcissa hid her relief. "I will bring him to you tomorrow night. I will take care of oblivating the healer. You and James cannot tell anyone his real identity. Do you understand?"

Lily nodded. She said goodbye to Narcissa and went to talk to James.


"Lily we can't do this. We can't just replace Harry and pretend we didn't lose our son." James shook his head, his face pale and his hazel eyes just as red as his wife's.

"The baby will die." Lily said desperately. "Narcissa will kill him."

"We can warn the Snape's." James suggested tiredly.

"Do you really think they would believe us over Narcissa?" Lily asked as she shook her head at the thought. "I doubt even Albus Dumbledore would be able to convince them in time."

"True." James admitted.

"And if she does not get rid of their baby, hers will be killed. We would be saving two babies lives." Lily said, her eyes falling on a stuffed animal that had been her son's. Tears leaked out of her emerald eyes. They had only had a short time with their baby. "If we do this, something good could come from losing our son." She whispered.

"We would be lying to everyone. The only person who knows Harry died is the Healer and she agreed not to say anything until we are ready." James said as he ran his hair through his messy hair.

"Narcissa will obliviate her." Lily told him. She looked at her husband pleadingly. "Please James. I can't handle this. It hurts so much." She reached out and grabbed the stuffed toy and held it close to her. "Please." She whispered.

James sighed. "He wouldn't really be ours; he would be Snape's." He said in disgust. It was hard to imagine raising Snivellus's son. They had been enemies from day one of Hogwarts.

"He would be charmed to look exactly like our Harry. And we would raise him, he would be ours." Lily insisted. "You hate Severus so much that you don't care if an innocent baby dies?" She asked incredulously.

"Of course I care!" James exclaimed. He shut his eyes. When he opened them back up he took in the grief and exhaustion on Lily's face which no doubt mirrored his own. He nodded slowly. "All right. When will we get him?" He asked finally.

Lily's eyes lit up for the first time in a long time. "Tomorrow night. Oh, thank you James." She threw her arms around him and sobbed, crying for their baby and for the deceit they were about to commit. In her grief, all she could really think was that tomorrow they would have their baby boy back again.


"Cissy!" Bellatrix greeted her sister while holding Kaiden. "Did you bring Draco?"

"No, he was a little fussy so I thought it best to leave him at home." Narcissa said and she couldn't help smiling at how happy her sister looked. And Kaiden was really a beautiful baby. She held back the guilt and disgust she felt for what she was about to do.

"Well, they will have plenty of time to spend together." Bellatrix said as she put Kaiden down in his bassinet. "How are you Cissy?"

"I'm doing fine Bella. I am enjoying being a mother." Narcissa said honestly.

Bellatrix smiled. "Yes, me too. It's amazing the love I feel for him." She gazed fondly at her son.

Narcissa needed to get this done before she lost her nerve. "I would love a cup of tea. Would you mind if I made some?"

"I'll make it." Bellatrix offered. She gave an airy laugh. "Well, I'll have Thistle make it." Thistle was her and Severus's trusted house-elf. "She is at Severus's old home in Spinner's End, but I can call her back."

"No, I'd like to make it. It's strange; ever since Draco was born I just want to do things myself. Strange isn't it?" And a total lie, Narcissa thought.

Bellatrix gave her a bemused look. "For you? A little. Go ahead and make us some tea if you would like." She watched her sister head to the kitchen with amusement. She got up and looked at Kaiden who was falling asleep. "Your Aunt is acting strange, my little snakeling." She wondered if Narcissa and Lucius would be interested in leaving the Death Eaters as she and Severus were planning to do. She didn't want her sister to be a part of that group either, it was too dangerous. She was sure Lucius wasn't happy either; he valued power. Not being someone's servant.

Narcissa re-entered the sitting room and placed the tray she had prepared down on the coffee table. "Here Bella." She handed her sister the poisoned cup. I'm so sorry, she thought sadly. So sorry.

"Thank you Cissy. Are you sure that you are okay?" Bellatrix asked as she took a sip.

"Yes, don't worry about me." Narcissa said as she took a sip of her potion free tea. After a moment she put her cup down. "I love you Bella. You know that right?" She asked softly.

Bellatrix looked at her in surprise. "Of course I know. I love you too. What is wrong Cissy? And don't tell me that there is nothing the matter." She looked at her sister in concern.

Narcissa shook her head and picked her cup back up. She needed to get this done. "Let's finish our tea and then talk. I've been feeling sentimental lately."

Bellatrix smirked as she continued drinking her tea. "Hmm. So since you had Draco you want to do the housework yourself and are feeling sentimental? How is dear Lucius handling that?"

Narcissa gave a forced laugh. "He's hoping it will pass soon, of course."

Bellatrix rolled her eyes as she finished her tea. "Of course." She smiled over at her son. "Did you see his outfit?"

"Little green and silver snakes all over it?" Narcissa smirked herself. "Already thinking Kaiden will be a Slytherin?" She teased.

"Don't you think the same about Draco? Where else would our children end up? Ravenclaw, perhaps," Bellatrix yawned. "I'm sorry. I don't know why…" She slumped over on the couch and Narcissa quickly grabbed her and helped to lay her down more comfortably. "Sleepy." Bellatrix mumbled.

Narcissa put a blanket over her. "Make sure you put the candles out Bella." She whispered. She waved her wand and lit Bella's favorite candles that she would sometimes have burning. Narcissa even added more and the room was quickly growing warm from all of the candles being lit.

"Candles? I didn't…" Bellatrix slurred as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

"Yes, you lit your candles. A fire will start if you do not put them out. Make sure you put them out." Narcissa said over and over as Bella fell asleep. "I'm so sorry Bella." She whispered as she took Kaiden in her arms. "I'm so sorry Kaiden." One little detail she had not mentioned to Lily was that she would be using their son to replace Kaiden. They would need to find a baby's body and she had already recruited a house elf to find the real Harry and bring him here. She had already oblivated the Healer who had taken Harry's body. The house elf popped in carrying Harry wrapped in a blanket. "Thank you Joffy. Put him in the bassinet." Once Joffy had obeyed, she handed him Kaiden and then cast a strong undetectable protection spell to surround her sister and with a wave of her wand she made all of the candles fall over. She took Kaiden back into her arms and she and Joffy disapparated away.

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