"Honey? Where are you?" A soft female voice asked, looking around in a train wagon. Receiving no answer she tried again. "Danni, honey, come out now, please. We need to practice for tonight's show. Dick is also searching for you and your dad is already in the practice tent, waiting for us." Still receiving no answer, she crossed her arms and smirked. "I'm going to call them if you don't come out now."

A small girl, about nine years old, quickly came out of hiding from under the closet that was in the circus wagon.

"No mommy, don't tell Dickie where I am. We're playing hide and seek." The girl begged standing up.

"The game is over. Now go change and come to the tent." the girl's mom said turning around to leave the girl to change in private. Glancing back and seeing that she hadn't moved, she decided to taunt the little girl.

"If you don't start changing now, I'm declaring Dick the winner of the game." She said with an amused voice. Danni paled a little at the thought of losing the title as the ultimate winner in hide and seek, she always found Dick easily and he never found her.

"No no no, that won't be necessary mommy. I-I'll start changing now." Danni said waving her hands and shaking her head, running to get her suit.

Her mother watched her run towards the closed and smiled victoriously. "Good. Be in the practice tent in five minutes." She ordered with a sweet voice. When Danny nodded, her mom left to leave her to change.

Danni quickly took off her clothes and started putting on her suit. It was a white sleeveless spandex suit with purple boots, belt and collar. She wore her raven black hair in a ponytail and had little bird earrings in.

Her mom went to where she last saw Dick searching for Danni. When she arrived just outside their train cart, she saw that he was still searching for his sister. "Honey, you can stop searching for her." She said. Dick turned around to face his mother with an annoyed look on his face.

"Don't tell me you found her so easily. That way I'm never going to win." He said annoyed crossing his arms.

"Why do you always want to win?" she asked, even though she knew the answer. Dick looked at her like she just asked the dumbest question he ever heard.

"It's a twin thing, you wouldn't understand." He stated as if it was obvious.

His mom smiled in amusement. "Oh, but I think I would." She said.

He signed and looked away as if he was ashamed. "It's because she is the younger one, but she always beats me in games, comforts me and helps me when you guys can't." He confessed. "I'm supposed to be the older brother who takes care of his younger sister but I feel like it's the other way around."

His mom placed a hand on his shoulder. Dick looked up to see his mom smiling at him. "You're only older by a few seconds. She just has a kind heart and can't stand to see you upset. But you also forget the times when you comfort her, make her happy again and help her. Do you remember the time that she was playing with her friends form the city we lived in, before we went back to the circus, and she came home crying?" his mom asked with a knowing smile.

Dick nodded his head. "She went to play with her best friends at the fair. But after an hour she needed to leave 'cause she had to perform with her dance studio. But there was a mix-up by the studio, and she only needed to dance in the final. 3 hours after she left the performance was over so she went back to her friends. But they weren't happy that she left them only to dance in the final, so they said really mean thing to her and said they weren't friends anymore. Danni was so heartbroken, 'cause they were her only friends she had and the only ones in her class at school that didn't hated her except for me, that she ran home crying her eyes out. When she came home you and dad weren't there so I had to cheer her up." He said.

"Do you remember what you had to do to cheer her up?" She asked still smiling. He chuckled at the memory.

"I had to sing to her the rest of the day to cheer her up and keep her thoughts off of what happened. But it was fun, she even joined me when I started singing her favorite songs." He said barley containing his laughter.

"She has a beautiful voice, you know? One that can always make you forget all the bad things. I wish I could sing as good as she does." He said in all seriousness.

His mom looked amused at his wish. "You can sing as good as she does. You're just too stubborn to admit it." She said and started laughing as Dick blushed and looked away. He knew she was right but he would never admit it though.

His mom remembered why she came to tell Dick to stop looking for her. "Now, go and change. She's probably already waiting in the practice tent with your father." She told him. Dick nodded and said that he'll be there in a minute.

He then changed quickly into this white sleeveless spandex suit. It was pretty much the same as his twin's, only his had blue instead of purple.

He got to the practice tent at the same time as his sister. During Danni and Dicks practice Dick heard a lady say that they are a 'real twin wonder'.

After finishing, Danni and Dick went out and started playing with an elephant when they overheard Mr. Haley yelling at Tony Zucco, who was trying to convince him to hire him for 'protection'. Mr. Haley told him he ran an honest business and wouldn't pay 'two-bit hoodlums' protection money. He demanded he get off his property and proceeded to threaten him with a whip. Zucco warned he would regret his decision and backed straight into Danni and Dick, knocking them over, before leaving.

"Mr. Haley, what was that about?" Danni asked in an innocent and sweet voice, as she and her twin stood up with the help of Mr. Haley.

Mr. Haley glared at the retreating form of Zucco and then smiled at the twins. "Nothing you should worry about. Now go have some fun before the show starts at 8 PM." Mr. Haley reassured before leaving.

Danni and Dick watched Mr. Haley retreat to his train wagon/ office. Seeing that they won't get any information, they shrugged and went to play before the show starts.

Shortly before the family's benefit performance, Zucco pretended to be a worker at the circus so he could cut part way though one of the ropes of the trapezes the family would use during their act.

Mr. Haley's voice could be heard, seemingly coming out of nowhere.

"Mesdames et Messieurs. Ladies and gentlemen."

A flash of light erupted from the center of the stage and colorful smoke filled the small stage. When the smoke vanished, walked to the front and began the show.

"Welcome, to the Haley International Traveling Circus! Where the world of the center ring is your oyster. Before we start the show, please give a round of applause for the event's benefactor, Bruce Wayne!"

Bruce stood up 'accidentally' spilling his popcorn and drink.

"And here with the opening act of the evening, The Flying Graysons!"

Before going on, Danni and Dick noticed Zucco leaving. They tried to warn their parents but they didn't listen. "Mom, dad you-" Danni and Dick's unison talk was cut short by their mother. "Come honeys, time for the show."

Mr. and Miss. Grayson walked into the spotlight on the platform, waving their hands as a welcoming gesture, jumped of the platform on the trapeze as his name was called.

"John Grayson!" Mr. Haley introduced.

John swung to the platform on the opposite side of the tent.

"Dick and Danni Grayson!"

Dick and Danni jumped off of the platform, Dick grabbing the first trapeze while Danni grabbed his ankles. Coming closer to the second trapeze, Dick swung his legs up so that Danni could grab the second trapeze. Once Danni grabbed it Dick let go of the first trapeze and grabbed Danni's ankles. Instead of landing on the same platform as their dad did, they did the same routine as they went back to the platform where their mom was waiting for them. They smiled and waved at the cheering and applauding crowd.

"And Mary Grayson!" Mr. Haley finished introducing.

Mary did the same as John did and landed next to him. John jumped on the trapeze, while swinging he changed his grip on the trapeze form his hands to his legs. Once he came back he grabbed Mary's waiting hands.

"You've never seen another trapeze act like this folks! And all this is done without a safety net!" Mr. Haley said right when the rope was about to snap. Danni and Dick saw this and they tried to warn them but it was too late.

The rope snapped when Marry was 4 feet away from their platform. Cries and gasps of horror and disbelieve could be heard from the crowd, but the twins didn't listen.

"Mom! Dad!"

Danni and Dick watched their parents fall to their death with tears in their sapphire eyes. When they hit the ground, the twins fell through their knees and hugged each other for comfort.

"You will be adopted by a new family, but you will be separated. Richard, you will go with Mr. Bruce Wayne and live in Gotham City. Danielle, you will go with Jack and Maddy Fenton and live with their older son, Jake Fenton, in Amity Park." The lady from social services said before she walked away.

"Wait, so we aren't going to be with each other anymore?" Danny and Dick asked in unison.

"I'm afraid so." An approaching tall man with black hair and blue eyes said. He was wearing an expensive looking suit. He was being followed by a big man in an orange jumpsuit. Next to the jumpsuited man was a smaller woman in a light blue jumpsuit, probably the orange jumpsuited man's wife. Danni and Dick immediately recognized the man who spoke.

"I'm Bruce Wayne. I'll be adopting Richard. I'm sorry I can't adopt you too Danielle." Bruce said with a sad smile, putting a hand on Danni and Dicks shoulders.

"I'm Maddy Fenton and this is my husband, Jack. We'll be adopting you, Danielle." Maddy said. She and Jack both had a sad smile on their face and red, puffy eyes.

"Can't we stay with each other?" Danni and Dick asked heartbroken. They were still hugging each other while silently crying. After hearing each other's voice they started to cry even more and hugging one another closer, to the point that they were almost suffocating the other.

The sight before them made all 3 adults heart break in a million pieces, even Bruce's. These twins were not your usual twins. Even at the age of nine, when most twins would start to hate each other, these two, they had a really strong bond that would make it almost impossible to take them away after a small goodbye. No, they would need a longer period of time to say goodbye, even if they know it's not for ever.

Silently agreeing that taking them away from each other now would be a really, really bad idea, they came to an agreement that would give them enough time to say goodbye and get everything ready for when they separate.

"No, you can't, I'm sorry. But you will have till after the funeral in three days to be with each other." Jack said, his heart breaking more and more with every word.

"But you can keep contact. You can texts, call, mail or video chat with each other. And of course you can always come and visit, Danni." Bruce quickly but gently said as he saw that they were about to cry even harder.

Danni and Dick nodded as they stood up while never breaking up, refusing to let go of their twin.

The past three days were horribly sad and heart-breaking. Danni and Dick would be sitting in Dick's room in Wayne Manor the whole day, only coming out to change, shower, eat meals and if they were called. But never during these three days did the twins separate for more than five minutes and farther away from each other than seven feet, and that was only when the other needed to use the bathroom. And even then one would be right outside the door, waiting for the other to come out.

At the funeral, they didn't say a word. The only things they did were crying and hugging one another. Everybody's heart was broken at the amount of tears the twins shed. Though they were crying 'cause of the deaths of their parents, they were also crying 'cause they're going to be separated after the event.

Now it was time to say goodbye and head off to their new homes.

"I'm going to miss you so much Dick." Danni sobbed, hugging him tightly.

"Me to Danni, me to." Dick sobbed, hugging her tightly back.

"Promise to text me when you're back at the mansion." Danni whispered in Dicks ear.

"Promise me to video chat when you're in your home in Amity." Dick whispered back.

"Promise." They said in unison.

They broke apart and Danni started to walk away, only to be stopped by Dick grabbing her arm, pulling into one last hug.

"Danni, I promise that I will get our revenge on Tony Zucco for what he did." He whispered, so that only Danni could here, venom and pure hatred dripping off of his voice. She knew that the hatred and venom wasn't directed at her, but at Zucco.

"Dick, promise me one last thing." She whispered.


"Don't tell anybody that we are twins. Not even your future friends. I don't want fake friends, or people after me, to get to you. I want a normal life for us, or at least as normal as it could possibly get after this. Can you do that for me?" She asked.

"Yeah, I promise."

Danni nodded and started to walk away again, tears still running out of their eyes.

"Wait!" Danni yelled. Dick turned around and looked at his twin.

"What is it, sis?"

"W-want to sing one last song with me?" She asked nervously, hoping he would say yes.

"I was thinking the same thing." Dick said smiling at his sister. Danni walked over to Dick and grabbed his hands.

(Song: Flashlight by Jessie J. Danni/Dick / together)

When tomorrow comes

I'll be on my own

Feeling frightened of

The things that I don't know

When tomorrow comes

Tomorrow comes

Tomorrow comes

And though the road is long

I look up to the sky

And In the dark I found, I stop and I won't fly

And I sing along, I sing along, then I sing along

I got all I need when I got you and I

I look around me, and see sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night

Can't stop my heart when you shinin' in my eyes

I can't lie, it's a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night

Cause you're my flash light

You're my flash light

you're my flash light


I see the shadows long beneath the mountain top

I'm not the afraid when the rain won't stop

Cause you light the way

You light the way, you light the way

I got all I need when I got you and I

I look around me, and see sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night

Can't stop my heart when you shinin' in my eyes

Can't lie, it's a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night

light light light

You're my flash light light light,

you're my flash light light light

You're my flash light light light light light ohhh-oh-whohhh

I got all I need when I got you and I

I look around me, and see sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night

Can't stop my heart when you shinin' in my eyes

Can't lie, it's a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're gettin' me, gettin' me through the night

You're my flash light

You're my flash light

You're my flash light

You're my flash light

'Cause you're my flashlight

When the song ended, they hugged each other like they were each other's lifeline, tears streaming down their faces.

Unbeknownst to the twins, the adults were watching the conversation with tears in their eyes. They knew that they needed one other the most now and they are taking them apart.

The drive back to the mansion was quiet, with an exception of some sobs from Dick. When the limousine stopped, they got out and went inside. Dick excused himself for being tired and went up to his room, where he started texting Danni.

After Danni walked away from Dick, she got on the private jet Bruce used to get her home safely. Bruce, knowing full and well how the Fentons drove, insisted that they'd take the jet to take Danni to Amity safely. Maddy got on as well and Jack drove the RV back to Amity.

When they were both seated, Maddy began explaining how thing are going to be from now on. She told Danni that they are ghost researchers/ experts/ hunters, that they have an older son, by 2 years, Jake, that they'd arrange a 'play-date' for her and Dick and that they will be there if she needed them.

After Maddy was finished explaining, Danni started listing to music, only to be interrupted by a text from Dick.

'Hey, you ok?' He asked.

'No you?'

'Nope, are you home yet?'


'What are you doing?'

'Listing to music, you?'

'Working at my computer'

'What for?'



'What? You wouldn't think that I would let my sis go with complete strangers without doing some research, would you?'

'Ok then, what'd you got?'

'Ok so the Fentons are ghost hunters/researchers/ experts, but they've never seen any. They make anti-ghost weapons and are seen as a joke to the world of science and the people of Amity. They also have an 11 year old son, Jake Fenton, who doesn't believe in ghosts. They're actually really famous. It looks like we're the only ones who didn't know this.'

'They told me. And it sure was nice living under that rock.'

'Hahaha Yeah, it sure was. I miss you sis'

'Yeah, I miss you too bro'

They kept texting until Danni was in Amity. She told Maddy that she wanted to video chat with Dick, so Maddy gave her a small tour of the house and showed her her bedroom. Thanking Maddy and telling her to thank Jack for her when he came home, Danny closed the door and went to the computer that was standing there and video chatted with Dick for a few more hours before going to bed.

It's been three years since the twins said their last goodbye to their parents. During those three years Danni and Dick video chatted everyday around 7PM till about 10PM and Danni got to go to Gotham every week-end to visit Dick. Dick told Danni how he worked with Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, to get revenge on Zucco and how he became Robin. He told her about his adventures and friends, heroes and non-heroes, such as Barbara Gordon, Kid Flash aka Wally West, Speedy aka Roy Harper and Aqualad aka Kaldur'am or Kaldur.

And Danni, on her turn, told him how stupid it was to have 'ghost experts/ researchers/ hunters' as adoptive parents and how everybody thought she was a loser and a freak because of them. She told him about her best friends; Samuel 'Sam' Manson, a Goth and Tina Foley, a techno geek. He easily guessed why she didn't have any other friends. She told him about all the bullying and other problems she had.

They taught each other new languages such as Esperanto, Latin, Spanish, Dutch and German. But also things like hacking a computer, making electronic devices and butchering the English language with words like 'aster', 'whelmed' and 'traught'.

One day Danni confessed to Dick that she still called her adoptive parents Maddy and Jack. When asked why, she only answered that they could never replace their mom and dad and that they actually tried to replace them, so she lost her respect for them. The same goes for Jake, even though he didn't really try to replace Dick, it sure as hell felt that way. Bruce on the other hand, she actually liked. He didn't try to replace their dad, he was fun to be around, he is Batman, he knew when to leave them alone for some sibling time and when to come back, he is Batman, he had an awesome butler/ old friend, he is Batman, he helped to get revenge on Tony Zucco for killing their parents, ow and did she mention that HE IS THE FRIKKING BATMAN? If anything, with Bruce in Gotham, she felt more comfortable and happy than with the Fentons in Amity Park.

Dick responded by confessing he did the same with his adoptive parent but for a different reason. He did that 'cause he was afraid that if he did call Bruce 'dad', he would forget his real dad. But Danni reassured him that she'd never let that happen.

It was 6AM when Danni woke up because of Jack's overenthusiastic, booming voice. She wondered why he was so happy and woke her up at such a god-awful hour until she checked her calendar. Today was the day they'd turn on their 'ghost portal'. Groaning she got up and got ready. "This is going to be a long day." She said to herself.

Walking to her closet, she picked a white hoody, faded blue skinny jeans and a pair of blue and white convers. Seeing as it was Saturday and she wasn't planning on leaving the house, she didn't put in earrings or wore her necklace. She put her hair in a high pony-tale that still made her hair reach her mid-back.

After breakfast she called Sam and Tina to come over 'cause they wanted to see the ghost portal being turned on. Jack and Maddy said it was OK as long as they wore jumpsuits to protect them, and they agreed to do so.

So here they are now. In the basement, no wait scratch that, they're in the 'lab', all wearing jumpsuits except for Danni who hadn't put it on yet.

Jack didn't notice and plugged in the portal, turning it on, with a loud "BANZAI" for the 'effect'. Or so they thought, instead of a portal appearing there were some sparks but after that, it went dead.

Jack, Maddy, Sam and Tina had disappointment, disbelieving and sadness written all over their bodies. Danni stared in shock and disbelieve at her foster parents. Did they not see that she didn't have her jumpsuit on yet? Was her safety so unimportant that they didn't even check? What kind of parents are they if they first lecture me about the safety rules for three hours and then don't even check if everybody is ready? Jake just had an annoyed look on his face and crossed his arms.

"I told you it wouldn't work." He said.

"All that work, for nothing. Come on Jack, let's eat some fudge" Maddy said brokenly.

"Yeah, that sounds good." Jack said between sobs.

Danni looked back at the portal and studied it, only to see a lose wire sparking dangerously. With her knowledge on electronics, thanks to Dick and Bruce, she knew it was going to explode if the electricity isn't turned off within the next ten seconds.

"Maddy, Jack you have to turn off the electricity otherwise the portal is going to-" Danni's warning was cut off by the explosion of the portal. Green energy started to fill the room along with burning hot flames. Danni make it to the kitchen before the green energy and flames caught up with her. Danni was engulfed in the green energy. The green energy and flames making it feel like she was being electrocuted and burned at the same time. She screamed out in agony, begging for it to stop.

When the pain stopped she felt as if she was about to faint, but she ignored the feeling and started running out of the burning house. She wasted no time and ran to a nearby alleyway and hid behind the dumpster, finally letting herself slip unconscious.

When she woke up, it was already dark. She decided that she'd go to Gotham to find Dick 'cause she didn't want another stupid foster family, she wanted her real family, she at least liked Bruce and would be happy to be adopted by him and not that creepy old college friend the Fentons*COUGH COUGH JACK COUGH COUGH* couldn't shut up about. She started walking in the direction of Gotham, hoping she'd make it there before something of someone happened.

Dick was close to having a panic attack because a few days ago Danni started to not call for their daily video chat, and when called, she didn't answer either. She also didn't answer her phone or the landline. The Fentons were just as unreachable as she was. He told Bruce about it and that she NEVER misses a call, but Bruce told him to relax and that they probably had a reason for not answering. So he was watching TV with Bruce before getting ready to go on patrol. As their movie just ended, Dick turned the TV to the newscast as he usually did. Only this time there was no usual thing on the news.

Dick watched in horror after he read the title 'Fenton Works Exploded', unconsciously leaning closer to Bruce. Bruce also read the title and prayed it wasn't what he thought it was. He noticed Dick leaning closer to him, so he put an arm around his shoulders.

"A few days ago Fenton Works, located in Amity Park, Illinois, exploded. Destroying the whole block the house was on. It is believed that the explosion came from the basement of the building. The residents of Amity Park state that the Fentons where to test a new invention. Researchers think that the experiment is the cause of the explosion, taking several lives. The Fentons, Jackson Fenton, Maddiline Fenton, Jake Fenton and adoptive daughter Danielle Fenton, along with Samuel Manson and Tina Foley are believed to have died in the first explosion. The only thing found were six jumpsuits in the basement. DNA results conclude that they were in the lab when it exploded and were killed in the first explosion. In other news-" A news reporter said.

Dick felt his heart break into a million pieces. His only living family member, his twin sister, the other half of his soul, was dead. He started to cry his eyes out, wishing that it wasn't true, that it was only a sick joke. But it wasn't. Danni really was dead. Gone. Because of THEM. Those stupid Fentons with their stupid ghost obsession KILLED Danni!

Bruce watched in horror and disbelieve as the reporter told the story. He heard Dick starting to cry so he pulled him close in hope to comfort him. But he knew it wouldn't matter, Danni was the only one that could comfort Dick during times like this. And now, there was nobody left to comfort him.

Bruce made the decision not to go patrolling for the night as he silently cried and mourned over the death of Danielle Grayson.

Danni made it. She made it to Gotham City. During the few days it took her to get here, some weird stuff has been going on with her. She kept becoming invisible and could walk straight through things. She could also fly and shoot green stuff out of her hands, but only when she changed into her other form.

A white ring would form around her, changing her black hair, that was of the length of her back, to snow white and her sapphire eyes a glowing emerald green. Her clothes also changed to their opposite color.

Currently she was walking through the streets of Gotham. She looked around, searching for any sings or clues from Batman or Robin. She knew it was time for them to start to patrol the city, but there was no sight of that. 'Come on Dick, where are you? You should've been on patrol half an hour ago.' Danni thought.

A tall man with green hair and clowns make-up creeped out of the shadows. He made his way to where Danni was standing, and patted her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me miss, but what are you doing here at night, on the streets of Gotham? A fine young lady as you shouldn't be out now." the man asked with a sinister smile on his face.

Danni only needed a second to recognize who the man was. The Joker.

"Well, you gonna answer the question or what?" The Joker asked.

"I-I'm here to search for my twin brother." Danni answered with a shaking voice.

"And who might this twin brother be?" Joker asked in an amused voice.

"Eem…, what do you got behind your back?" Danni asked, trying to avoid answering the Jokers question. She couldn't just say that she was searching for Robin 'cause that would result in her abduction and Dick would most certainly die if the Joker gets his hands in him and she couldn't let that happen. But she also couldn't say she was searching for Dick Grayson 'cause that would also end up in Dick being in the hands of the Joker as well. She hoped that he would take the bait and forget the subject.

"Oh, this thing? Just something I stole from a guy named Freakshow or something. Thought it looked cool so I stole it. Said it controls ghosts." The Joker answered taking the bait. He took a read staff with a bat on top and atop of the bat was read glowing crystal ball the size of a fist out.

While Danni was staring at the crystal ball, her eyes started to change slowly from sapphire to glowing emerald green and in the blink of an eye, her eyes were glowing blood red.

"Now this is interesting. I wonder… Change to your ghost form." The Joker commanded, and Danni did just that. She let the white rings appear to change in her ghost form.

Danni's blue skinny jeans turned green, her white hoodie turned to black, blue and white shoes turned green and black and her black hair turned snowy-white, pale skin tanning a few shades. Her eyes stayed red.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, this is most interesting! HA!" Joker laughed maniacally, starring at Danni.

"Now go have some fun and cause some havoc." Joker commanded.

"No." Danni said crossing her arms.

"Excuse me?"

"I said: no."

"And why not?" The Joker growled, really annoyed.

"'Cause I look like crap." Danni stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, rolling her eyes and gesturing to her appearance. That moment, the Joker noticed the condition her clothes were in. Her white hoody was torn in several places and was covered in dirt, her jeans was equally torn and covert in dirt, her shoes were missing half of their laces. Her raven black hair was lose once again, 'cause during her accidental periods of intangibility she lost her hair tie, and looked like a crow's nest. Danni had very pronounced dark circles under her eyes from the lack of sleep. She was so concentrated on getting to Gotham as fast as possible, she sometimes forget to sleep.

'Hhmmm, I should be in full control of her, but I'm not. Well at least I changed her a little bit. Better something than nothing.'

"Then we're going to have to fix that, won't we?" Joker asked amused by her attitude.

"Now you're talking." Danni said with a smirk. She grabbed the Joker, made them invisible and flew to a nearby mall.

"Let me go, NOW!" Joker ordered.

Danni smirked and said "Ok." Letting go of the Joker.

The Joker, realizing what she just did, begged "NO! Please hold me?! PLEASE?!"

Danni smirked and flew down to catch the Joker right before he made contact with the ground.

"Thank you." Joker muttered, scared half out of his mind. Seeing Bats was just as scary as falling to the ground at 175 m/h with no parachute.

"Now THAT was FUN! HAHAHA!" Danni laughed maniacally. Her laugh send chills up Jokers spine. Who knew that was possible?

The rest of the flight was in silence. After finally arriving at the mall, Danni phased them through the roof. After hours of discussion over what she would look like, Danni settled down with purple knee high boots with a 4'5 inch heels, a neon green and vibrant pink skirt ending mid-thigh, green fishnet tights under it, a purple crop top with a hood and a crying clown on the front of it, a leather jacket that has a pink bottom half and faded into a green top half with the sleeves pushed up to her elbows, a green and red fingerless glove on her right hand and a purple and pink one on her left. She wore a red stereotypical ghost symbol on a necklace with a matching ring on her left hand and ear rings. Her hair was curled and dyed with streaks of blond, black, pink, green, red, purple and electric blue, with some parts left uncolored adding snow white into the colorful mix, to the extent that you couldn't see what her naturel color was. She wore a green and red domino mask to cover her eyes. But she refused to wear any make-up.

All in all, a pretty inappropriate appearance for a twelve-year-old girl.

"Now we're going to have some fun." Danni said with a smile on her face that made the Joker proud. She grabbed his hand and flew them out of the mall, headed straight for the bank of Gotham. Yes, they were going to have a lot of FUN.

That night the Joker and his partner, Poltergeist, robbed four banks, two museums and eight jewelry stores. With each crime, the Joker could feel his control over Danni getting stronger. The inhabitants of Gotham were all wondering where the dynamic duo was.

While the Joker and Danni were committing crimes, Bruce Wayne tried to calm down and comfort a heart-broken Dick Grayson. That night Dick decided to keep being a twin a secret for ever, even from his friends and the League. Only for one sole reason, he promised her.

For a year long, Danni and the Joker had a lot of 'fun', making them the perfect criminal team/family. Danni knew the Joker wasn't her real dad, but he was the closest thing she's got to one. And the Joker was, surprisingly, good at pretending to care greatly about her. The only thing he wanted was the information to finally defeat Batsy and Bird-brain.

While they were running around in Gotham having 'fun', they were a team. When they're caught Joker always took the hit for her, making sure she escaped. When they're just at home, better known as an abandoned building, relaxing, they'd act like a 'real' father and daughter would.

Danni also got new powers, which were a little hard to control at first. She kept a list with all her powers because she would sometimes forget which ones she mastered and which ones needed more practice. She mastered flying, intangibility, invisibility, ecto-rays, duplication and overshadowing. While she still needed to practice more with others like telepathy, teleportation, cryokinetics, ghostly wail and the shape shifting of ectoplasm; making things such as shields, swords and silhouettes of people because they were still draining a lot of energy. Using her duplication to their advantage, Danni made duplicates to spy 24/7 on each and every member of the Justice League and their sidekicks. The thing about her duplicates is that even though it's still a little bit draining, she could keep the up for 5 days strait and then she'd need to rest a little before she could make new ones, she'd get all the memories of the duplicates when they were absorbed back into her body. She knew all their dirty little secrets; like secret identities, what they really thought about each other, what their combat tactics where, etc., but she never told the Joker about those. They were her little secret.

While Danni lives the life she thinks she wants, Joker was just using her to get what he wanted. After every time they had fun, he would get a little more in control of her, getting more and more information out of her.

After watching a movie together, Danni leaned closer into Jokers chest. Joker wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug.

"You know, I never answered you question, did I?" Danni asked.

"What question, honey?" Joker asked sweetly, knowing he wouldn't get the info if he didn't.

"The one you asked me a year ago." She said, a little messing with him.

"And witch one would that be?" Joker asked, trying and failing to hide the annoyance in his voice.

"The one where you asked who my twin brother is. And it's really, really important." She said with a huge smile on her face, barely containing her laughter. Joker's eyes widened, he would finally get the answer as to why she was in Gotham a year ago, searching for her twin where Bats and Robin always start their patrolling. It was a little suspicious but she couldn't be the twin of Birdy, could she? Joker silently chuckled at the thought. No, of course not, he doesn't have a twin.

"And?" he asked eagerly.

"And, what?" she asked innocently, playing dumb.

"And who is your twin brother?" he asked playing along with her game.

"Oooww. Why didn't you just ask that immediately?" She asked in all innocence looking him in the eye.

"Danni..." He said in a playful but threatening way.

"…Kill joy." She said narrowing her eyes and an amused smile on her face.

"Just tell me."

"…" Danni didn't answer 'cause she didn't hear her magic word.

"Please?" He sighted.

"Just 'cause you said 'please'."


"Ow yeah hehe, haven't told you yet. Richard Grayson, although he preferred you'd call him Dick." She said.

"And how is this of any importance?" Joker said tiredly.

"He's Robin." She stated casually.

"WHAT?!" Joker exclaimed, shooting in a sitting position causing Danni to fall off of the couch they were lying on. He couldn't believe she knew who Robin was all along or that she is his twin sister!

"OW! WATCH IT!" Danni sat up rubbing her head. "Yeah, he's my twin bro. I-is that something b-bad?" she asked fearfully, thinking that her 'dad' wouldn't love her anymore because she's Robin's twin. She knew how much he hated Batman and Robin, but now that he knows that she is his twin, does that make him hate her too?

"No, honey! It's great! Now we can start our revenge on good old Batsy and Bird Brain!" Joker laughed and hugged Danni tightly lifting her from the ground. Danni sighted in relief and hugged him back.

"Now, to plan our revenge."

Danni blinked in surprise at him. Did he just say 'our'? Does that mean that she can help? "Our?" She asked in a nervous and barely noticeable voice, trying not to get her hopes up. Usually when he says 'our' he is just talking to one of his personality's and forgot that she was still there.

The Joker looked at her nervous and uncertain form, a small smile appearing on his face. Even though he knew she wasn't important and just plain just fun to mess with sometimes, she somehow found a way into his small and insane heart. But he would never tell anyone that, of course. They might think he's gone soft, and the Joker doesn't do soft. "Yes, ours. Didn't you say you hated him and wanted revenge on him for abandoning you?"

THAT was true. Danni did hate Dick for not searching for her, abandoning her for a year! But there was still that small voice in her head that said that she didn't was to do this, that she is making BIG mistakes. Telling her that all she really wants is her brother back and be a family with him and Bruce, not kill them and take over Gotham with the Joker. But that was one of the many problems with that voice, it wouldn't shut up about how she loved her brother and being around Bruce and Alfred. How much she wanted to work WITH Batman, and not fight against him. But if Batman really was the 'World's Greatest Detective', how come he still hasn't found her? The voice usually replied saying that maybe they didn't know she was alive, but she usually ignored the stupid voice.

"Does that mean that I can help?" She asked hopeful and excited.

"Of course."

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