Never Forget

Chapter 16

We decided to start walking to the coast again. Amanda and Paul were talking behind us and Eric came up beside me. "What's up Eric?" I asked, letting my dirty hair out of my pony tail.

"That woman you called. Who was she?" He asked Dad. Me and Dad looked at each other.

"My wife."

He nodded, "Will she help us?"

"She has a friend called Mark who she works with, he works in the state department part time."

Eric stopped all of a sudden. "Shhh. You hear that?" We stopped too aswell as Amanda and Paul. We heard distant sounds.

"Is that the ocean?" I asked, a grin coming on to my face.

"Yes, come on!" Eric shouted and took off running. We didn't get very far as Raptors came out of nowhere from the bushes. I gasped, and fell backwards onto the floor. They started to surround us one by one. Paul and Amanda grabbed a hold of Eric. "Dad." I said as the panic settled in. I started to get up.

"Stay down, Katie." Dad warned, and looked at the creatures around us. They were snarling at us. He placed a hand on my shoulder. "They want the eggs, otherwise we'd be dead already. Everybody get down. She's challenging us."

The biggest one and the most terrifying one came slowly toward us as the others knelt down beside me. We bowed our heads as she came closer to us. "She thinks you stole the eggs." Dad said to Amanda, as the Alpha Raptor sniffed her.

I was quite surprised she never started screaming.

"Get behind me." Paul started to move in front of Amanda only to be snarled at by the Alpha. The other Raptors started getting restless.

"Give me the eggs." Amanda whispered, looking at the Raptor.

"What?" I whispered. They will kill us but saying that they will kill us anyway.

Dad unzipped the bag slowly and the Raptors started making noises and they seemed like they were ready to pounce. He handled them with great care as he slowly passed them to Amanda.

"Do it Mom." Eric encouraged. I kept my head down, but I could still see what was going on.

Amanda shakily pushed them toward the Raptor. "Dad, get the resonating chamber prototype."

He put it to his mouth and blown. The Raptors looked confused and started talking. "No no, call for help." Paul directed.

The raptors weren't as clever as we thought as they started making noises back and they raised their heads for a second. The Alpha female picked up an egg and looked at us one last time before taking off. The other Raptor took the other, along with the other Raptors following.

"Oh my God, did we really just survive another Raptor incident." I said releasing a breath. It was a helicopter sound that was becoming closer and closer.


"DR. GRANT?! DR. ALAN GRANT?!" A voice on a horn like the one Amanda had when we first came echoed on the beach. We shook our heads.


All of a sudden water vehicles come out of the water, plus army helicopters and ships are around us. Eric smiled. "Wow, you have to thank your wife for this. She sent the army and the navy."

"Thank you Mom." I whispered smiling. "God bless you Ellie." Dad said, and we rushed to the nearest helicopter.


"Dr. Grant is this man with you?" The soldier asked us as we boarded.

"What?" He asked, and the soldier pointed to a young man in a stretcher. I went closer to him and it was Billy!

"Oh my God, Billy!" I rushed to him, falling on to my knees. Dad rushed to him. "Hey, Katie." He whispered to me overjoyed to see me. I was so happy he was alive. "How are you alive?" I whispered, a tear slipping from my eye.

"They found me on the side of a river bank, I lost a lot of blood." He touched my hand tenderly. I couldn't touch him properly because of how hurt he was. He turned to Dad. "Hey you made it. I rescued your hat."

"Well that's the important thing." Dad took it and smiled.

"I forgive you and about that question you asked my answer is yes." I said to Billy. He looked so happy when I said that and Dad ushered me up. "Come on Katie, we have to take off."

I nodded, "Okay, I'll be just over there. Get some rest." I kissed his lips lightly.


A little while after we took off, the pilot swore. "What the hell is that?" I looked to where they were looking. "Dr. Grant look!" I lifted my head off his shoulder so he could look to.

It was two pterodactyls flying past. "Where do you think they're going?" Eric shouted over the copter noise.

"I don't know probably looking for new nesting grounds. It's a whole new world for them now." Dad said.

"I dare them to nest in Oklahoma." Amanda said, sternly but jokingly. I laughed knowing her luck they probably would. Paul placed a hand on her knee. "Let's go home."

Eric smiled, and I looked at Billy from my seat, he was grinning at me and mouthed, I love you.

I mouthed it back to him. I put my head back on Dad's shoulder drifting off to sleep knowing we were safe and would never have to go back on to the Islands ever again.



"You sure you want to do it today?" Billy asked me, as we parked outside. It had been two months since we escaped the island, Ellie was so emotional when we arrived back home a day after we got back. We had to spend hours in the hospital and Billy had to stay in hospital for five days. The Kirby's went back home to Oklahoma. Amanda and Paul decided to give their marriage another go.

"Yeah, I mean we told my parents and they are okay with it. So why shouldn't we?"

He leaned in and kissed me passionately. Me and Billy had some issues to work out when we got home and now we were okay. I leaned back breaking our kiss. "Come on let's check it out." We got out of the car. I went around to the boot and grabbed some boxes of my stuff out.

Me and Billy were getting our own place together, not too far away from Dad's but away enough. When Billy asked me the question a couple of months ago, I needed a lot of time to think about it. After the island I realised that I wanted to and now we were getting our own place together.

We got on with our lives and we were happy, but we could never forget what happened on Isla Sorna. I couldn't never forget that I had lived the same experience twice.


Jurassic Park: Isla Sorna is done! I really loved writing the story, and I have been struggling with Depression for months so I am proud that I got this done. I hoped you all loved reading it as I have loved writing it. I will be focusing on An Adventure To Remember, the next chapter should be up this week for the new Star Wars movie!

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