Heart's Perplexity

Disclaimer: I did not make the characters, nor do I own them, from this series. I simply made a fanfic of my favourite yaoi couple from Inuyasha. Thank you. ^^ Enjoy!

NOTE: I used Japanese words in here just for effect. If you don't know the words I made a little dictionary right here:

youkai = demon

shine = die

nani = what

baka = stupid

Chapter 1

"Yup, this is definitely a good day!" Inuyasha said proudly right after another another demon was destroyed by a swing of the Tetsusaiga. Another shikon shard was recovered.

"Don't get too discouraged Inuyasha," Miroku started saying. "We're still far from collecting all the shikon shards and Naraku still has a whole batch that we need to get."

"You don't have to tell me things I already know. Feh, another swing with my Tetsusaiga and Naraku will be begging for mercy. Hahaha!"

The sun was almost ready to set. The whole group (Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo) was ready to find a good place to rest. It wouldn't be long until they would have to be ready for another attack from Naraku's strong youkai army. The group was able to find a small shack-like house where they would be able to regain their energy and wake up nice and early for the next morning. Everyone said a good night and in almost an instant everyone was fast asleep.

All of a sudden, Inuyasha found himself in a dark area, where the grass was moist and a mist of purple and black fog made it unable to see anything past five feet. Where am I? How did I get here? Where are the others? Inuyasha was thinking to himself. Then all of a sudden, looking out of the corner of his eye, a dark-shadowed figure came forward from out of the mist, slowly coming towards Inuyasha. It was Naraku. Naraku stood there a couple of feet distance from Inuyasha. He wore his normal baboon pelt, but he let down the top of it like a hood, showing his face and his long black hair.

Without even another slight thought, Inuyasha took out Tetsusaiga (which transformed now) and swung it forward, pointing it straight at Naraku. Naraku stopped, and didn't do anything afterwards.

"So, you've finally seen yourself as the coward you are." Inuyasha started. "Just stand right there, and I'll finally kill. This is for everyone. For Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo….. for everyone!!" Inuyasha darted towards Naraku, ready to take one final swing.


Then, all of a sudden, everything became so slow. There was no sound. All Inuyasha saw was the thick mist and the half-shadowed Naraku only a few feet in front of him. Inuyasha was still running, but extremely slow, almost as if it was in slow motion. What was happening…..

Inuyasha was so close to Naraku, and took a strong swing with his sword at his body, but the sword went right through him. NANI?? What happened??? Inuyasha kept running slowly for some reason. He couldn't stop. Inuyasha was only a few inches away from Naraku. He was so close. That was his biggest chance to kill him, but something was wrong. Why did the attack not work? Was Naraku plotting something?

Inuyasha's body (completely out of his own control) finally came to a stop. He was so close to Naraku at the moment. Naraku stood before him, he was taller than Inuyasha by quite a bit. Inuyasha couldn't move, he just stood there with a million thoughts and questions in his head. What the hell is going on? Why can't I move? This is Naraku's doing. This is some kind of trap. He's going to try and kill me and take the rest of the shikon shards. Baka. I don't have them with me. Kagome and the others are not here. But then if he kills me the others are easy prey. Naraku no baka. I hate you. I hate you so-

His thoughts stopped dead. His mind went completely blank. The next thing that happened made Inuyasha's heart stop and made him completely out of breath. He couldn't breath.

Naraku brought up his right arm slowly and placed his hand on Inuyasha's left cheek. Everything froze. The two of them. Standing there. Inuyasha still couldn't move. He couldn't think. There was nothing he could do…

Then Naraku opened his lips….. calmly….. gazing into Inuyasha's eyes….. ready to say something to him…

Inuyasha……….. I-


Inuyasha brought his eyes into focus. Inuyasha was back at the small shack. Kagome stood straight up from where she was sleeping, staring at Inuyasha. So were the others. Inuyasha screamed so loud that Shippo was running around. Miroku grabbed his tail and calmed him down.

Kagome was the first to ask Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, what's wrong? What happened?"

Everything was silent once more. Inuyasha was thinking to himself again. Yeah, what was wrong? Why did I scream? Did I have a nightmare? Inuyasha thought back to his dream, remembered what Naraku did, and covered his mouth. "Eep….."

Sango made her turn. "Eep? What do you mean? Is there something outside?" Sango looked outside and checked around. Right when she came back in, Miroku shook head head and smirked.

"Nah. I'm sure Inuyasha just had a bad nightmare. Right?" Miroku poked Inuyasha who seemed to be out in space at that moment with his own thoughts.

"Wha? Oh….. yeh….. that's all it was. A nightmare….."

Inuyasha made a sigh of relief. Yet, questions in his mind kept troubling him. Why did I have that nightmare? What was Naraku doing? Does this have some kind of meaning?

"What was it about?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha started at her for about a minute.


"Uh….. what?"

"The nightmare, Inuyasha! What was your nightmare about??"

Inuyasha looked down. What was he going to do? He couldn't possibly tell them about that nightmare with Naraku and what he did to him. He had to make a substitute….. a PERMANENT substitute….. what else was scary….. what else was scary…

"Uh….. uh….. I dreamt that….. uh….. y…..you died."


"That….. I died?" Kagome looked a bit surprised.

"Uh yeh… it kinda startled me for a bit." Inuyasha finally got up and grabbed everything he needed. "But it was just a nightmare that's all. I feel much better now. Come on guys, let's go."

Everyone slowly got up, getting their stuff. Kagome was still looking at Inuyasha. Inuyasha was noticing this and tried to look away. Damn….. that was really stupid….. now Kagome will be asking me stupid questions….. why….. why did I have that stupid dream? In that matter, why did stupid Naraku had to be in it? Damn Naraku…..

All of them got out of the shack and headed through the clear path between the forest. That nightmare would be stuck in his head all day.

I hate him…..