Heart's Perplexity

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Chapter 3

The day was ending all too soon as Inuyasha and the group searched drastically for a new spot to rest for the night. Then, as they walked over a large green hill, they spotted a small village at the bottom of a valley. It was very small, but in tact, which meant it was presumably safe. Perhaps they would be able to have a more comfortable sleep tonight.

"This looks like a great place to settle in for the night," Miroku said as they entered the village.

"But how will we be able to sleep here? We have no more money," Sango said in a disappointed tone.

"Ah, don't worry dear Sango. I will definitely find us a good place," Miroku said, patting the woman's back. Sango gave him a deadly glare, which could be translated into a warning for him not to bring his hand any lower than where it was.

Kagome, listening to the two, could not help but giggle. It was a relief to have a peaceful walk with them rather than ruffling through the stress of getting the rest of the Shikon no Tama shards. Although her mission was clear, her current desire was to spend a nice time with Inuyasha and the others rather than fighting youkai.. or worse.. cramming for her school tests.

I know I failed that mathematics test last week... Kagome thought to herself. A heavy sigh followed as she did her best to keep her mind in the present.

All the while, Inuyasha stayed silent. He was not thinking about the dream anymore; there were definitely far more important things ahead of him and the others, and he finally realized that. As they walked through the village, the people would gasp at the red-clothed hanyou walking with the humans. Inuyasha was far too familiar with this action and brushed it off, yet feeling quite smug that even though he was not hurting anyone, he was still looked upon as a threat. Appearance was an important part of defense.

They stopped at a fairly large house that appeared to have many rooms. A middle-aged man with thin gray lines through his black hair slid the door open to greet them.

"Good evening," he said, "how may my people and I help you?"

"Good evening to you too, sir," Miroku spoke as he stepped out of the group. "My name is Miroku. I am a monk, and my people and I are in need of shelter and food for tonight and tomorrow morning. However, I'm afraid to say that we have no money."

"Oh, I am terribly sorry, dear monk, but even at your class we cannot accept people who have no change. Please accept our apologies," the man said, sounding saddened but did not seem to have that expression on his face. Inuyasha smirked in disgust at Miroku's failed attempt.

"Ah, I understand completely. And my apologies for wasting your ti-... Huh? What is that?" Miroku's tone of voice quickly changed as he looked to his left and then his right. He put his feat and arms in a defensive position, and took out a thin piece of spell paper.

The others, jumping at Miroku's sudden reaction, looked from left to right. There was nothing out of the ordinary, but afterwards they understood what the monk was up to.

"What is it?" the man asked, now looking very concerned.

"It is... a powerful youkai energy... a youki..." Miroku began. He slowly walked closer to the house and place one hand on the sturdy wood. "This place is filled with it... I can feel them moving... how strong it is..."

"What? This cannot be! Oh, how horrible! Youkai! Demons! In my own resting area! All my customers are in danger! Please, dear monk, you must do something!" The man said, easily falling for Miroku's trick.

"Of course," Miroku answered, placing the piece of paper on the wood. With his other hand, he put his index and middle finger together and began chanting under his breath. All that the others could do was wait until they would eventually get into the place. There was not doubt about it now.

Once he finished, Miroku looked back at the worried man. "Do not worry. If you let my crew and I stay here for just one night, I can guarantee you that the evil demon spirits shall vanish without any of your customers worrying or complaining."

"Oh, thank goodness!" the man yelled, literally throwing himself onto the ground. "You and your people are more than welcome to stay for the night, free of charge! And have all the food you want!"

The group smiled as they thanked the man and entered the house. All but Inuyasha, who simply marched into the area. As the man got up, he started at the half-demon. "Uh, uh.. is this a.."

"Do not worry," Miroku said, entering last, "he is a hanyou. I promise you, he is completely harmless.. he wouldn't hurt a fly if his life depended on it."

Jackass.. too bad you're not a fly, Miroku, Inuyasha said as he gave the monk an angered look. Nonetheless, they all had a lovely place to stay for the night, free of charge, and all the food they wanted. What more could they ask for?

Once the sky reached the limit of darkness, everyone in the village was asleep. However, across the fields and many mountains away, one hanyou did not dare to rest. Naraku, Inuyasha's worst villain, leaned on the wall of his home, the youki mist filling every corner of the area. He breathed it in as he contemplated on his next plan. Suddenly, Kagura came into the room, breaking the silence.

"Naraku, I found Inuyasha and his company. They are currently sleeping in a small village many mountains by. It is a distant travel, but I believe I can return and take a chance to retrieve the Shikon shards.." Kagura said in one breath. Although she did not enjoy being loyal to the hanyou, she had no other choice. Her very life was on the line, and if she could finish off Inuyasha and bring the Shikon shards to Naraku, then maybe she had a chance of freedom.

"Going all that way again is pointless," Naraku pointed out straight-forwardly. "I have my own plans and I will not have them intercept with your own. As of now, we have a special target to focus on."

"Hasn't our target always been Inuyasha?" Kagura asked, but then felt quite empty-headed. The answer was obviously yes. Now, the tables were turning.

"Kagome," Naraku said in a silent tone. "It is not only her own significant power, but also Inuyasha's affection towards her."

"...affection?" the wind goddess tried to say. What did Naraku know that she did not?

"He loves her," Naraku continued, "but only subconsciously. However, it only seems obvious to me. Kagome is the perfect bait for my next plan."

There was an awkward pause. Kagura wanted to say something, but she was not sure of what. She never heard Naraku talking about love, but there were certain things she knew that she would never dare speak of in front of him. Things such as Kikyo. Naraku's goal was to vanquish the woman so he would be in complete control. But didn't Inuyasha always foolishly love Kikyo? she said to herself. Kagura certainly did not enjoy being held in the darkness like this.

"Kagura, the plan will be set out as followed," Naraku spoke once again, standing up and moving towards her.

She did nothing but stand there, waiting to hear her master's newest scheme.

A gust of wind flew past Inuyasha, temporarily distorting his senses. When the mist disappeared, he saw a blurred figure standing in front of him. He instantly suspected it was Naraku and drew out Tetsusaiga. He began running up to the figure, ready to chop his head off. And then, the figure grew into full clarity.

It was Kagome.

Inuyasha stopped in his tracks and gradually brought his sword down. "Kagome? What are you doing?"

Before she could respond, the ground began to tremble violently. Inuyasha almost lost his balance, but managed to stay in control. He looked up, seeing that Kagome was in danger. "Kagome! Wait there! I'm coming!"

The ground was beginning to shatter. Through the cracks emerged large forest green vines that surrounded Kagome. She tried to run away from them, but the vines quickly wrapped around her arms and legs, holding her in the sky and continuing to grow from the ground.

Debris was flying everywhere as Inuyasha ran as fast as he could to Kagome. The vines continued to lift her high into the sky. Once he got to the large vines, he slashed Tetsusaiga against them. However, the green roots did not take any damage. Losing time and ideas, his best chance now was jumping as high as possible to save her.

The blocks of ground were getting larger around him, trying to hit Inuyasha as he looked up to where Kagome was. The surface seemed to be either disappearing or lifting upwards. He took one large leap into the air, using the blocks to guide him to the girl.

"Kagome! I'm coming!" Inuyasha yelled at the top of his lungs. Kagome was reaching one hand down to Inuyasha. She appeared to be shouting something, perhaps his name, but there was no sound going past her lips.

With one more block, Inuyasha jumped and made a dive towards her. He was so close. He was going to rescue Kagome and she would be safe from harm.

Suddenly, Kagome's image began to fade. Inuyasha only blinked once, and Naraku took the girl's place. What! the half-demon said in his mind and he uncontrollably flew towards him. He tried to bring his sword up, but a large piece of debris hit his hand, causing Tetsusaiga to float far away.

Before he knew it, his body was touching the vines that were wrapped around Naraku instead of Kagome. The scenery began to move very slowly. Inuyasha tried to have his mind digest what was going around him, but time was now against him.

The roots were now beginning to wrap tightly around Inuyasha. He tried his best to resist, but his arms and legs were completely out of his power. All the while, Naraku stared at him.

"What is this Naraku? What are you doing to me?" Inuyasha yelled in anger. Naraku drew his head closer to Inuyasha's. He had a disturbing smell that the hanyou could not stand. He wanted to be far away from him as possible. No, he wanted to kill him.. kill him right there. He wanted to.. so badly..

Naraku brought his lips right near Inuyasha's ear. The scenery broke, and everything was turning white. Inuyasha could feel his body breaking up from beneath him. Perhaps this was all a...

"Inuyasha, I l-"


Kagome, Miroku and Sango woke straight up, fairly startled at Inuyasha's cry. Outside of the door, they could hear other people waking up with a surprised tone in their voices.

"Inuyasha! You just woke everyone up! What's the matter?" Sango asked, annoyed that the half-demon had disturbed their slumber.

"Ugh! Nothing, okay?" Inuyasha shouted, closing his and scratching the back of his ear very hardly. He ignored everyone's anger and concentrated on his own. After all the difficulty he went through trying to forget his previous dream, another one with Naraku in it rises and refuses to leave his thoughts alone. Why was he having these dreams? What did they mean? What was Naraku trying to say to him?

"Just go back to sleep!" Inuyasha shouted. Perhaps that was enough to make them leave him alone.

"None of us can get back to sleep now! You're just lucky the sun's about to rise," the irritated Sango continued to yell as her eyes shifted to the nearest window. The sun was, in fact, making its way above the horizon. All the while, Kagome and Miroku exchanged awkward glances, not wanting to be part of the argument. The only ones who did not awaken were Shippou and Kirara, who continued to rest peacefully in the corner of the room. Kagome quickly glanced at them, wondering how on earth such creatures could have slept through that.

Continuing to ignore anyone and everything in his path, Inuyasha stormed out of the house so he could be alone. The villagers were still in their own homes, so solitary time was definitely possible in the area; he was glad for that. He crossed his arms and watched the sun rise until his eyes could not bare to watch the sharp rays of light anymore.

Considering how he was, Inuyasha was doing a good job of containing his fury deep within himself. He knew it was just a dream.. and the other one was just a dream as well.. they were all dreams.. nothing else. But, they left a strange feeling in Inuyasha. He could not name this feeling, or even describe it.

Dream. A series of pictures and emotions experienced in the mind when sleeping.

He remembered that definition very well. He was definitely feeling a new emotion, but it only seemed so clear to him in his dream, not in reality, which made this all the more irritating for him to think about. He wanted to know what this feeling was... and if it was possibly Naraku who caused the strange emotion.

Inuyasha pushed away his thinking process as someone slid the front door open. When he turned around, he saw Kagome standing in the opening with a concerned look on her face. Then he remembered, Kagome was in his dream. She was in danger in his dream, and he did whatever he could to save her. He could not understand why she suddenly changed into Naraku, so he ignored that for a moment. The point was, that feeling also had something to do with her.

"Inuyasha," she began, "I'm sorry if I did anything that made you this way. I don't know what you dreamed of, but you know I'm willing to help whenever I ca-"

"I'm sorry, Kagome," Inuyasha interrupted her. Kagome did not continue, so he did. "I didn't mean to storm out like that."

There was a long pause, and then Inuyasha began to walk towards her. She slid the door shut, waiting to see what he would do.

"You don't have to worry about me, Kagome. Just... let me protect you whenever you're in danger..."

"Inuyasha.. what are you-"

He brought a hand against the wall at Kagome's side. His thumb gently touched the girl's silky black hair. "It's nothing, okay? Just let me protect you no matter what the cost."

Kagome smiled at Inuyasha. Although the tone of his voice was strenuous, she could still feel the kindness of his soul.

"I always do."