The world is doomed.

I sit here, recounting my first few days with the new Slayer, and it is the only thought resounding in my head. As Watcher, I am required to keep an accurate account of the events surrounding the Slayer. They, who she vanquishes, and those whom she encounters. I have already set aside a journal in which I shall record the enemies the Slayer faces with astute observations on how they were vanquished and what any weaknesses they may have, for future reference.

As such, this diary is to primarily be used to understand the Slayer, and by extension, my thoughts on her and this new Slaying world she inhabits. For, I have read the histories of previous Watchers and their Slayers, and never have I encountered a Slayer quite like her . . . like Buffy Summers.

For one, she is ostentatious. She contains this confusing desire to maintain a private life. A private life, it should be noted, that exists entirely outside of her duties as a Slayer. Never before, have I read of this desire. Slayers are born to duty and purpose. They know nothing outside of training, studying and Slaying. Yet, Miss Summers has interests outside of these three realms. That it perplexes me would be a severe understatement. It should be noted that her interests include three other realms: boys, spending time with boys, and looking well in front of boys. Tedious.

When I first encountered her, she expressed her steadfast desire to "retire" from Slaying. As if one can truly divert from one's destiny. I attempted such a course once myself, and it required a loss of life and a lifetime's supply of guilt to guide me back to the correct path. The destiny of the Slayer is a tad more abrupt and crucial. Try as she might, Buffy will always be the Slayer, and as such she is compelled to help the innocent. She cannot deny this part of her any more than I can deny the Union Jack. This principle she appears to understand, but as she stated to me earlier tonight in the din known as The Bronze, her personal life comes first.

I had to leave Miss Summers at The Bronze when she divulged a particularly interesting bit of information. Something called The Harvest. I have been searching for information regarding this ritual whilst writing this entry. There are a few selections on it in the Histories of Vampires and Vampiric Rituals, but further study is required. I'm not sure if Miss Summers was successful with her hunt of the vampire in The Bronze, or not, but I am not as concerned as perhaps I ought to be. For, though she may rebel against her destiny, Miss Summers' list of successful Slayings is, to put it mildly, impressive. During her time in LA, before I met her, she triumphed against her enemies there. Though, the incident regarding the school fire in her gym could have been handled with a tad more discretion. I write this up as a mistake attributed to her former Watcher's loose grip, and not on Miss Summers' modus operandi.

She has yet to accept me as her Watcher. It's troubling, but I must attempt to put myself in her shoes. I was a troubled teenager once, and so this unique empathetic view might allow me to train her in a manner beneficial to us both, provided I give enough time to understanding her. I am hopeful. There is something in Miss Summers that mystifies me . . . and I think, for the world's survival, that is a rather good thing.

Perhaps the world will not be so doomed, after all.

-Rupert Giles