How to even describe the recent phenomenon at Sunnydale High? There was a killer lunch lady and Buffy had telepathy.

I think that about sums it up. Good lord, I live in a very odd place. Let's begin with Buffy's telepathy. She developed it after fighting a new species of demon that had made its way into Sunnydale. Scaly, pointy and without mouths, she killed one but touched it in the process. Afterwards, she complained to me that her hand—where she had touched the demon—was itching horribly. After finding the demon in one of my demonology books, I found the cause for her irritation. This species of demons infected their host with an aspect of the demon.

Buffy thought that might mean she might grow a tail or scales. I wasn't entirely too worried, as the biology between this species and Buffy was so very different, that I was sure her immune system would fight against whatever foreign infection was attempting to spread through her system. We were both wrong. Instead, Buffy developed telepathy. It was a gradual development. The thoughts came one-at-a-time at first, but she was able to hear everyone's thoughts. Even the most fleeting and errant. For example, I was making some idle remark on her enslavement to fashion trends. Just a tiny thought that was there and then gone, but Buffy heard it. In fact, she took some pleasure in letting me know that she had heard it.

At first, this seemed like an excellent gift. Hearing her opponents' thoughts would give her an edge in battle. She'd be able to have her counterattack ready before they even moved. The possibilities were fantastic!

And then the trouble began. Since Buffy did not know how to control her telepathy, she began to hear everything. Her friends—and to a degree myself—became uncomfortable being around her. It's difficult surrendering one's most private inner sanctum to someone. Our thoughts are our own private little bubble, usually impregnable to all outside forces. In our minds, we are safe and free to think as we like. However, Buffy—though she didn't wish to—invaded this area that was supposed to belong solely to us. She knew any secret she could want to know, deceit was impossible.

Thankfully, I was able to mentally discipline myself whenever she was around for the most part. I kept my mind focused on silence. The strain was quite considerable, since I'm used to thinking quite a lot and quite often. However, I could see that it was beginning to gradually cause Buffy pain. Her power grew, and she was able to hear more and more thoughts over long distances. It was this point where she heard someone in the cafeteria claim that they were going to kill everyone the following day—which was yesterday, now.

So, whilst Xander, Cordelia, Oz and Willow began to work through who the culprit may be, I took Buffy home and started working on some sort of solution that might negate the telepathy. It was a longshot. Wesley aided me, I must admit. Together, we worked through some possible theories, and then decided to work with what seemed the most plausible. We only had one chance at it, as it required the original demon's heart. Luckily, there was still one running about, and Angel was good enough to kill it and bring us the heart. With the heart, we were able to concoct a sort of antidote mixed with a neuron repressor.

We gave it to Buffy . . . and waited. I'm starting to wish that we had made the cure earlier . . . as Buffy happily intimated later on that she knows about Joyce and my . . . brief . . . tryst. I had rather hoped Joyce might not think about that particular event, but as wonderful as our minds are, they do so love to betray us. She was likely trying to repress it so much, that it came out anyway. The fact that I ran into a tree after Buffy's little exclamation I think speaks to my shock of her knowing. It's going to be horribly awkward with her for the next few weeks.

In regards to the evil lunch lady—yes, I actually wrote that—Xander found her dumping rat poison into her food. Though no one was harmed, Buffy had to fight her. From what I understand, she put up quite the fight, too. The cure worked for Buffy. She is sound in her own mind, and more importantly, out of ours.

Before I bring this entry to a close, Buffy did mention one thing in regards to her telepathy. When she tried to read Angel's thoughts, she was unable to. Though I find this quite interesting from a researcher's perspective, I have to say . . .

Clearly, Angel must be brain dead.

-Rupert Giles