Per usual, an apocalypse rears its ugly head, and I find myself barely able to use any of my limbs.

Oh, and I was requested by Buffy personally to state: I was wrong about the earthquake. Buffy was right. I do not know everything in the universe, and so I should listen to my Slayer more often. Especially in regards to earthquakes.

In my defense, we do live in California, where an earthquake is not uncommon. Just because the ground shakes, it doesn't mean evil is about to sprout forth with a massive army. Though, in this case, I was in the wrong. The earthquake was a portent of evil. The breed of demon this time around is called a Vahrall demon. Ugly things, really. Strong, too, especially when working in a pack. I speak from personal experience.

Their sole interest rested in opening up the hellmouth. Yes, the one underneath the destroyed library in the equally destroyed high school. To enact this, they needed to perform The Sacrifice of Three. It requires the blood of man. They obtained this by killing a college student and draining him of his blood, whilst carving a symbol onto his chest. Willow discovered the body. She managed to describe the symbol to us in between fits of incredulity about being called a nerd by a former student she tutored in high school. Really, I don't understand her consternation about it. In my humble, biased opinion, all should endeavor to be nerds.

The ritual also required the bones of a child. Buffy reported that she saw one of the demons obtaining this from a crypt that bore the same symbol that had been etched into the boy's skin. The last item they required was a talisman called The Word of Valios. The fault here rests with me. I didn't realize that I had the Word of Valios until I saw a picture of it. A few summers ago, I went to an estate sale. The estate was owned by a sorcerer, and so naturally, I went in the hope of purchasing a few rare ingredients, perhaps an unique paperweight or something.

I found this little talisman and asked the sorcerer about it. He told me that it The Word of Valios and spoke so grandly about it, that I was sure he was just giving me a sales pitch. I haggled the price, and bought it, thinking it was just a knock off. It was not a knock off. Just as I came to that realization, I was attacked. Three Vahrall demons stormed into my home and gave me a sound beating. I did punch a few times. I rather like to think I weakened them a tad for Buffy and the others.

But they certainly won the battle. Let's see, my arm is sprained. I have bruises everywhere. Oh, and a fantastic set of claw marks slashed across the side of my face. If I scar over, I'll look quite intimidating . . . but I don't think the scratches went deep enough to scar, unfortunately. All the same, despite my wounds, I survived to tell the tale. The demons must have been in a hurry, or else I'm certain they would have finished me off. Xander, Willow and Spike discovered me at home first. They helped me off of the floor and rest on the sofa. Willow was even kind enough to make a pack for my head, which as I'm sure you can imagine, was pounding from all the pounding it received.

Once Buffy joined us, I informed them that the ritual was to open up the hellmouth, which would bring about the apocalypse. Since I was too injured to fight, I remained at home, and the four of them—Buffy, Spike, Willow and Xander—went off to put a stop to it. Once more, they kept another apocalypse from occurring. The world owes them their thanks yet again, but the Scoobies shall never hear it. Just as the world shall never know how grateful it ought to be to this band of misfits.

Excuse the short and succinct entry, my arm is barely allowing me to write as it is. I shall simply end with—

Giles was wrong, and Buffy was right.

Buffy, please, get your own journal.


Stop crowding, you're going to upset my tea. Stop this nonsense.


Actually, it's more accurately, Watcher-350, Slayer-3.

Aww, is someone getting too old to do math these days? Hey, what else is in this diary?

. . . It's a journal.

Diary. It's totally a diary.

Buffy, go away.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer here. Rupert Giles keeps a diary. Happy New Years Eve!

If we survive the night to make it into the new millennium. But yes. A Happy New Year Eve to all.

-Rupert Giles

(and Buffy Summers!)