A positive of shutting down the entire electrical grid of Sunnydale: Rescuing our old friend Oz. A negative of shutting down the entire electrical grid of Sunnydale: My loo has been reverted to a Roman "latrina."

It all began with a meeting I held to touch base with Buffy on how her patrols were going. It has been some time since we last encountered Adam, and the fact that he is still out there maintaining a low profile is extremely worrying. Adam is an intelligent adversary, and every second he remains free, is a second for him to plan and countermeasure any attack we might plan to use against him. The meeting informed me of more or less the same—that there has continued to be no sight of Adam. Furthermore, Buffy informed those in attendance—myself, Xander, a useless Anya, Riley, Willow and her friend Tara—that she hadn't Slayed a demon or a vampire in quite a period of time.

Riley, on the other hand, informed us that the Initiative was capturing demons left and right. More than that, it seemed as though they were making it easy for themselves to be caught. Something is occurring behind the scenes, and I fear that it will soon be coming to a head. I just haven't the foggiest as to what is going to happen. The demons are being kept in secure facilities. Perhaps Adam has convinced them to turn themselves in? But for what purpose? Does he seek to be the only demon/machine/human left in existence? Or does he perhaps benefit from the information the scientists at the Initiative uncover from the demons? Either way, I can't piece together what his ultimate goal might be, though I'm sure it's detrimental to the health of humankind.

During this meeting, Oz appeared. He has returned from his travels to better understand his condition. Considering the heartbreak he caused—and we had to help Willow through—one can understand that everyone felt a bit thrown at his sudden appearance. Indeed, I was equal parts wanting to give him a good sock in the face for injuring Willow as he did, and embracing him as a long-lost friend. Oz, after all, was with us for a great deal of our adventures in Sunnydale High School.

His purpose was to speak to Willow, which is hardly surprising. I was able to speak with him before he went to call upon Willow. He informed me of his travels, that he had been sent to Tibet by a Warlock and spent some time meditating and learning to control oneself. He even explained the herbal mixture he takes to control the wolf—wolfsbane, some stalks of sage and cloves. I've made note of this and intend to research each ingredient separately. Though Oz later turned into a wolf anyway, I am curious to know if those herbs helped him at all, or his transformation—and all transformations—are caused simply by emotion.

For that is eventually what became his downfall. Oz discovered that Willow was seeing Tara romantically. Yes. This is news to myself as well. I thought they were just good friends. Though I support all of my Scoobies in their endeavors and identities, I do hope that Willow hasn't fallen into this relationship as a result of the fallout with Oz. That she was so hurt and injured by it, that she has chosen to close herself off from the male population entirely. One wonders if she even believes that that part of her, that Oz loved, can only truly be loved by Oz, and so to be okay with herself, she has sought connection with someone who does not threaten that. Or, quite simply, perhaps she's tired of the drama involved with men. After all, Oz wasn't her first traumatic event. Xander did his share to shake her confidence in men.

All the same, I wish Willow and Tara the best. Love isn't easy to come by. I know this quite well. If they've found it in one another, then I am glad they've chosen to seize it and cherish it. I also look forward to getting to know Tara and seeing if she's fit for our Willow, just as I would any prospective romantic partner for one of my girls.

Oz, as one can imagine, did not take the news lightly. He transformed—in daylight—and attacked Tara. Fortunately, the Initiative tranquilized him before he could harm Tara. Unfortunately, Oz was now a prisoner of the Initiative, notorious for running experiments on its occupants. A rescue mission was in order. We discussed the how-to's, and to our surprise, Spike came calling to offer his aid, as he had broken out of the facility.

Whilst Buffy, Xander, Spike and Willow went to find and rescue Oz, Anya and I were put in charge of disrupting the electrical grid. This required the computer, my old nemesis. Apparently, it takes one ancient vengeance demon and a retired librarian to even figure out how to access the hacking system. I'm still not entirely sure we put everything back where it's supposed to be. However! We were successful; clearly, since I'm sitting here writing by candlelight and feeling quite like Voltaire or Byron.

Everyone has split off since then. Xander stopped by to pick up Anya and told us that Oz had been rescued. Even more so, that Riley had attempted to free him himself, but was now facing a court martial. The boy is now in hiding. As for Oz . . . well . . . I'm sad to say he is leaving once more, and this time likely for good. It would be too painful for both Willow and himself to remain. Too dangerous what with the Initiative searching for him as well. It's a painful parting, even for those in the rafters like myself.

Oz is a rare soul, and I shall miss him.

-Rupert Giles