Today is the first day of School. Coraline is really excited but Wybie, is a little nervous.

"Wybie! Hurry up!" Yelled Coraline for Wybie.

"Im coming, Coraline-san"

Wybie finally come to Coraline. He was the same geeky boy than ever. Coraline and Wybie are now six-teen. Wybie is more taller and Coraline have more curves.

"Ur late, Baka!" Coraline gave a little punch on Wybies arm

They walked into the School.

"Such a nice school huh"

"Yeah, i cant wait to see our class" said ironically, Wybie.

Coraline looked at Wybie with a beautiful Kawaii face.

"C'mon, dont be like that... Onii-chan"

Wybie blushed a lot.

"O-Onii-chan?!" said suprised, Wybie.

"Im just kidding, baka" said coraline with her same tsundere personality

"Hey, i have ice cream here. Want some?" asked wybie.

"Of course" Coraline blushed a little "Baka"

Coraline starts licking the ice cream and Wybie turns red.

"T-that moviment..." whispered Wybie. Coraline starts licking the ice cream more faster. Suddenly, Wybies have a nosebleed.

"Huh?" Coraline looked at Wybie "Baka"

Wybie gets up "dont call me a baka ( TДT)"

"but ur one" said Coraline "lets go you-"

"Let me guess, Baka?" Said Wybie

"BAKAA!" Coraline punched him on the arm "Let's go,baka" she blushed a little and taked his hand

After class, a bunch of boys were making fun of Wybie

"H-Hey, pls stop" screamed Wybie

"HEY!" yelled Coraline "LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

"What ur going to do, little girl?!" Those dicks laughed and then punched Wybie

" .ALONE" Coraline punched hard on those boys face.

"Thanks Coraline-san" said Wybie

Coraline blushed. "Ur welcome... Baka"

"Hey Look!" Wybie pointed at Valentine's Day poster "Tomorrow is Valentine's day!"

Coraline rolled her eyes "It's just a dumb day... I dont have nobody to give a kiss or something and i dont like it. Hmpf!"

"W-Well u can kiss me if u want..." said Wybie.

Coraline turned red. "Dont joke with that things you baka, I'll never gonna kiss u"

"Oh, i see..." Wybie taked his backpack "See you later Coraline-san" said Wybie while sitting on his bike.

"See ya, baka" Coraline taked her backpack and walked away.

*********Next Day**********

Today is Valentine's Day. Coraline wasn't excited, but she writed a card for Wybie.

"hurry up, baka!" yelled Coraline

"Im coming!" Wybie writed a card for her too but he is too shy to gave her.

"So, today is Valentine's Day huh?" said Wybie nervously

"Its such a dumb day, nothing more... " Coraline taked her backpack "let's go, baka"

They enter to the school. It was with hearts on the walls and a bunch of cards on the floor.

"Hey baka..." Coraline taked a card from her backpack "This is for you... Baka!" Coraline blushed.

"From me?" Wybie opened the card.

"Dear Baka,

I know i said this day is dumb and everything, but just be my Valentine... BAKA



Wybie blushed a lot.

"Say something! Baka!" Yelled Coraline

"Of course i will be your Valentine" Wybie gave her his card.

"Can i do this? Baka" Coraline hugged him and kissed him on the lips.

"Happy Valentine's day, Baka"

"Happy Valentine's day, Coraline-san"