Entering the clinic Ichigo scratched at the back of his head, he had met with Rias earlier that morning and had set out to find the Fallen Angels in the city. Karin had been right he wasn't able to find them since he couldn't trace the magic that they used. He couldn't even feel Rias' magic when she had been standing right next to him and she undoubtedly had power. Closing the door behind him he headed into the clinic with his usual scowl as he couldn't sense his Dad's spirit energy, not that that meant he wasn't there. He usually hid it for his surprise attacks.

"Dad!" Ichigo shouted in annoyance, the times when Ichigo needed the old man's help, he was never around. Go figure. Heading out of the clinic into the house he entered the kitchen going about making himself a cup of tea. "So, Karin's a Devil now... I guess her story is just beginning to start." He breathed out softly before he let out a small chuckle. "Let's just hope it's nothing like how mine went."

"Looks to me you still need the assistance of picking up on a suppressed spirit energy when so close to you." A familiar masculine voice spoke from behind Ichigo making his eyes widened slightly as he turned around. His eyes laid on the form of the small black cat situated on the dining room table with a grin only a cat could give.

"You almost gave me a freaking heart attack!" Ichigo growled at the cat. "What the hell are you doing here Yoruichi?" He asked, his annoyance clearly visible, Yoruichi had to chuckle lightly to herself, she loved startling Ichigo something of a perk for being his teacher. However there was always a better reaction she could get out of him that made it all worth wild. Her form began to glow a vibrant blue as her silhouette began to grow bigger as light enveloped the room.

Once the light died down, Ichigo immediately averted his gaze from the drop dead gorgeous form of Yoruichi Shihouin naked. Yoruichi couldn't help but gain a Cheshire grin.

"Still so shy I-chi-go." She purred out his name, dragging out every syllable as she watched Ichigo's face turn red even as he was glancing away.

"Damn it Yoruichi, every single time!" Ichigo snapped. "Would you put some damn clothes on!" Yoruichi laughed lightly in response as she sat on the edge of the table, crossing her legs as she sat. "What, you don't like what you see?" She pouted laughing as Ichigo sputtered out several excuses. "Forever the prude, I'll crack him one of these days." Yoruichi thought to herself as she got off the table bending over with purpose to pick up her clothing she had arrived in that she had placed beneath the table, Yoruichi however missed the orange haired man risking a slight glance over his shoulder to glance at her rear before he quickly turned away once more.

"I'm dressed gaki." Yoruichi stated having once more gotten dressed in her usual orange and black attire, her long purple hair done up in a ponytail. Ichigo sighed as he turned back to face her, the Flash Goddess winking at him making his scowl increase.

"Tea?" He asked.

"Please." Yoruichi nodded as Ichigo went on to continue finishing his own cup of tea while he made one for Yoruichi as well. Placing a cup of tea down in front of her he moved around the table taking a seat opposite her, his scowl still present as he glared at her from over the top of his cup. "Oh come now, it's not like you haven't seen it before. You're a doctor after all." She winked. "Plus all the times you've seen me, we did bathe together once." She added sipping at her own tea, Ichigo's scowl only increasing however the blush on his face made it seem less threatening.

"I thought the childish games would stop after I got out of my teens." Ichigo admitted with a sigh.

"But they're so fun to play." Yoruichi laughed lightly before she tilted her head to stare at him, her feral yellow eyes focusing solely on him. "It's still such a wonder that I can only sense the tiniest bit of Spirit Energy from you when in truth there is so much surrounding you." Ichigo ran a hand through his hair as he placed his tea down on the table knowing full well what she was talking about.

"I never used the Final Getsuga, so the training I did in the Dangai was permanent. Kisuke said that my body should have reverted back, but since Zangetsu is still present he stopped the power I gained from leaving me. As 'he' called it, transcendence." Yoruichi frowned slightly, three years ago it was hard for Ichigo to even speak that man's name and now he still found it difficult to do so. Aizen had really turned Ichigo's life upside down in more ways than one.

"Whenever I see you I expect to be hit with a wave of spirit energy." Yoruichi chuckled lightly. "Now, I barely know if you're around." Ichigo smiled in return as he sat back in his seat leaving his cup of tea on the table in front of him. "Most people now days just think Karin-chan has more spiritual energy than you do, speaking of your sisters has Yuzu-chan been developing abilities?" She questioned warily knowing full well Yuzu was the most protected person in the Kurosaki family. Ichigo shook his head.

"Not that I'm aware of, is it possible that she won't develop any powers or is that just my wishful thinking?" Ichigo questioned a smirk tugging at Yoruichi lips, spirit powers don't just skip a generation. "I would have wanted nothing more for Yuzu and Karin to live just a normal life, it's all I ever wanted at the beginning..." Ichigo breathed out softly.

"Have you been keeping up with your training?" Yoruichi questioned with a raised eyebrow, intent on changing the subject. The two had grown close over the past three years, Yoruichi still teased him but he had grown up a lot since he had been that Ryoka boy she taught Bankai too. She didn't want him to wish for a life he could have had instead of the life he has now. Ichigo sighed but nodded slightly.

"I do a bit every day, however it's difficult not having a willing partner to train with. The old man refuses, Karin's just not capable of training on my level at the moment and I haven't fought a single hollow since I arrived in this city." Ichigo sighed. "Now that I think about it, it's probably because of Rias that there are no Hollows around." He mused silently to himself before turning his attention back to Yoruichi. "What brought you all the way out here anyway?"

"What, I can't come see my favorite student now?" Ichigo gave her an irritated look making her grin.

"If I'm your favorite, then why are you always teasing me like you do? You know I hate it." Ichigo sighed.

"Because it gives me some entertainment, but if you want me to stop, we could always play tag." Ichigo caught the glint in her eyes and shuddered slightly.

"Why is it, that whenever you say something it feels way too ominous for my own good?" Yoruichi simply laughed as Ichigo sighed. "So, the real reason you stopped by?" Ichigo questioned.

"I came to see Isshin, I stopped by to see how you were doing with everything, and it's been a couple of months. I figured you were getting little to no attention from the ladies, so I popped in to say hello." Ichigo nodded in response. "But so far, your Dad's not home so you can entertain me for the mean time."

"I'd really rather not." Ichigo muttered slightly. "But, now that I have you hear I have something I want to ask you."

"Oh, well if I'm being honest, most people think that they're double D's but they're really just D's." Ichigo blinked once, then twice before his entire face went red and Yoruichi laughed her ass off as Ichigo tried to regain his composure. "Now that's out of the way, go ahead and ask." She smirked making Ichigo glare in response.

"What do you know about Devils and Fallen Angels?" Ichigo questioned, Yoruichi raising an eyebrow slightly at the sudden left hook of a question. "I was going to ask Dad, but he's not here and you're probably a better source of information than him to be honest."

"Kisuke would really be the one to talk to, but your Dad has had a few run ins with them back when he was in the Soul Society." Yoruichi admitted as she kicked her feet up onto the tabletop and leaned back in her chair. "I know for sure, getting involved with any of the three factions is bad news. It's all political crap with them, I was a Shihouin Princess for the majority of my life and half the crap I dealt with didn't even come close to what those guys do. They're still in the stage of pure blood lines, create the perfect child, we're better than anyone else. It's like World War Two all over again, mini Hitler's everywhere." Ichigo snorted in amusement at the comment as Yoruichi grinned.

"I met a few Devils when I was the Shihouin Heiress, Central Forty six wanted to make marriage arrangements between Soul Society and the Underworld, keep things civil between us and them. Old man Yamamoto quickly but that to rest before it got off the ground. Not that the old man has anything wrong with the Underworld, the Devil's kept the Sinners of Hell inline and managed the Fallen Angels. The Angels themselves are much more pleasant to deal with, but if you ask me, too high strung."

"To you Yoruichi, everyone is high strung." Yoruichi grinned before she continued.

"The Devil's are capable of reincarnating humans, that's true and was a major factor at the beginning. The war that happened centuries ago threw the Underworld out of balance to the extent the Devil's couldn't keep Hell in check. They needed help, so Yamamoto gave them the permission and Squad Twelve, at the time under Kisuke's reign, helped them develop the Evil Piece system. Each High Class Devil had the ability to reincarnate Fifteen beings into devils be they human or otherwise. This way, it wouldn't throw off the balance of Souls and Soul Society wouldn't have to eradicate them."

"Like the Quincy." Ichigo stated making Yoruichi nod softly.

"The Quincy were capable of eradicating tens of thousands of Soul's across the entire world in a single day, Fifteen Souls across a Devil's life span? There is a big difference." Ichigo nodded in understanding. "We're unsure if the Fallen Angels can grow their numbers since originally, an Angel had to fall to become a Fallen Angel."

"Understandable, what about the Angels, how are they created?" Ichigo questioned as he rose to his feet, moving to pour them both another cup of tea.

"Simple." Yoruichi shrugged as Ichigo placed the two cups back on the table, Yoruichi nodding her thanks. "The Biblical God." Ichigo's eyes widened slightly. "But, as Kisuke's puts it these days." She sighed softly. "God's not in his heaven and everything is not ok, there is going to be a hell of a lot of commotion when word actually spreads. For now, his death is only known between a select few."

"You mean to tell me, God is dead?" Ichigo questioned. "The God."

"The biblical God isn't the one true creator Ichigo, there are higher powers then that God. There are gods all across the world, all religious beliefs have a god behind them." She explained sipping her tea.

"The Soul King for one?" Ichigo asked.

"Let's not open the can of worms now shall we?" Ichigo nodded in agreement. "The Heaven Faction is now lead by the Archangel, Michael." Yoruichi explained. "Kisuke helped them develop a similar system to the Devil's Evil Piece's. He never helped the Grigori, they didn't want his help." Ichigo nodded once more. "So Ichi-boy." Yoruichi grinned. "My question to you is, why are you so interested in them all of sudden and where did you hear about them?" Ichigo ran a hand through his hair before letting out a sigh.

"Yesterday, something happened..." Yoruichi rose an eyebrow, it wasn't often you saw Ichigo being vague about something. "Karin was killed by a Fallen Angel and resurrected by a Devil that is a friend of mine and I had no idea she was a Devil." Yoruichi blinked several times as her mind worked over the information the orange haired Shinigami had just given her, yeah Ichigo was never one to be vague, and she should have expected that much. "That's about it..."

"No Ichigo, it's far more worrisome than that." Yoruichi told him, removing her feet from the table an air of seriousness in her voice. "The Fallen Angel's just didn't kill Karin, they killed a member of a Noble Family in the Soul Society. Whether you accept it or not, your Father was the head of the Shiba clan, meaning each of his children are nobles in the Soul Society. Yes, the Shiba clan no longer has the same status they once held, but now after everything has happened with you and when the truth comes to light. If anyone, and I mean anyone find outs that the Fallen Angels were the cause of Karin's death? I'm talking all-out war here Ichigo."

"Shit." Ichigo growled. "What do you suppose we do?" He questioned.

"We, deal with the Fallen Angels and you tell your Devil friend exactly what they have gotten themselves into and I mean everything. From here on out everything will be needed to be handled with complete delicacy, if Karin willing went to the Devil, nothing will happen. But should they investigate the truth, there will be blood." Ichigo leaned back in his chair with a grunt as he ran his hands down his face.

"Why does shit always hit the fan?" Ichigo questioned.

"Makes life more interesting." Yoruichi chuckled. "Have a talk with Karin-chan, explain everything to her as well. She'll need to keep up the facade that she went to the Devil herself if it's to work." Ichigo nodded his head. "Speaking of Karin-chan now, what are her full capabilities spiritual wise?"

"I haven't asked her about any of it figuring she'll come to me when she needs to but she's been quiet about it mostly." Ichigo admitted before he was flicked in the forehead making him scowl at Yoruichi who was leaning over the table.

"Did I ask you what your capability was when I taught you Bankai? No I had you show me your power, make Karin show you what she's capable of and she might just surprise you." Yoruichi instructed. "I'll even help out where I can, while you might want to keep your sister safe, Karin's special, and special people tend to find trouble." Ichigo frowned slightly. "Just Look at you, you're the biggest trouble magnet this past century."

"Thanks for the ever vote of confidence Yoruichi."

"You're very welcome." She grinned in return. "Kisuke helped Isshin build and underground training area here right?" Ichigo nodded. "Then, later tonight we can see what Karin is capable of."

"Sure." Ichigo nodded curious to know what Karin's power was, he just hoped to God, or whoever the hell was running the show now that she didn't have to deal with what he had to. No Inner hollow, no life threatening battles to become stronger. She would have her obstacles sure, but Karin would overcome them and she would have Ichigo's support the entire way.

Yoruichi seeing her students' thoughtful face as he drifted off in his thoughts gained an amused smirk as she pushed her empty cup away before crawling atop the table. Ichigo in truth was no longer her student, no longer the Ryoka boy that she had helped reach Bankai in a matter of days, he was a man now. A mischievous grin appeared on her face as she leaned down before Ichigo pressing a palm to his chest making his eyes snap up to her, completely unaware she had moved at all.

"I-chi-go." She purred, the simply sultry tone in her voice made Ichigo's cheeks heat up. Yoruichi was holding nothing back, Ichigo was a man now not some teenager. She could go a whole lot further than she ever had before. Her hand caressed his developed muscles beneath his shirt as she licked her lips leaning in close to the point their faces were inches apart. It was so hard not to do this when she got responses so easily out of him.

"W-What are you doing?" Ichigo stuttered out making Yoruichi's eyes lock with Ichigo's lips, his cheeks heating up to the point his face matched a certain devil's hair color.

"Ichi-nii, I'm home." Karin's voice called out before there was a clatter and Ichigo tumbled back as Yoruichi leapt, the chair hitting the ground, Ichigo groaning as Yoruichi straddled his chest an amused grin on her face as Karin and an unknown teen to the dark skinned beauty appeared around the corner. Karin stopped in her tracks seeing Yoruichi atop a flustered Ichigo. Issei's eyes widened seeing the drop dead gorgeous woman straddling Ichigo. Issei wasn't even aware he was seeing a spirit for the first time.

"This is what Karin meant when she said that Ichigo attracted older woman!" Issei cried mentally as he rose a hand to his eyes to hold back the tears. "Why do bad guys get all the ladies, this totally sucks!" He muttered causing Karin to smirk slightly beside him.

"I told you, beautiful woman are just drawn to Ichi-nii." Karin told him making Yoruichi grin as she jumped to her feet off of Ichigo who rolled to the side pushing himself up to his knees, a scowl present on his face as he tried to reign in his blushing cheeks. "Hello, Yoruichi-san."

"Karin-chan." Yoruichi grinned approaching. "Just look how much you've grown." She laughed going to pet Karin on the head however the dark haired teen batted her hand away with an annoyed scowl much like her brothers.

"As much as I hate it, Ichi-nii's the only one that gets to pet me." Yoruichi grinned knowing full well that Karin hated the gesture.

"I'll see you later tonight Karin-chan, we have a lot to talk about." Yoruichi smiled getting a nod from Karin, figuring that Ichigo told Yoruichi everything. Ichigo nodded to Karin as he placed a hand on Yoruichi's shoulder.

"A word." Yoruichi nodded, for the first time Karin seeing a serious look cross Yoruichi's face as Ichigo led her to the front door, Karin and Issei with their now improved Devil hearing could her muttering but couldn't make out what was being said, not trained enough to fully concentrate on a voice far away. Karin gestured for Issei to follow and both snuck to the wall peering around it to see Ichigo and Yoruichi talking quietly at the front door. They saw Yoruichi nod to Ichigo.

"I'll find out everything and get in touch immediately." Yoruichi stated. "Now, you just be a good boy and play nice until then, keep quiet on what we're up to until it's done alright." Ichigo scowled at her before Yoruichi smacked him on the butt. "I'll cya." She winked directly at Karin before she left the house.

"Ichi-nii and Yoruichi-san?" Karin thought to herself. "After all that's happened, I thought Rias-senpai and Ichi-nii were together... unless he's seeing both of them..." Karin added before coming to a stop. "Ichi-nii isn't like that... but Tou-san does encourage that for some reason." She sighed before she was poked in the ribs causing her to scowl and turn to Issei only to pause as she saw a look of admiration in the teen's eyes.

"Karin... your brother is a legend among legends, I want to be him one day." Karin sighed as she watched Issei look at Ichigo as if he was some kind of saint. Ichigo ran a hand through his hair before turning back seeing Karin and Issei watching him, he scowled in irritation. What was it with his family, and now apparently their friends, spying on him?

"Ah Ichi-nii..." Karin started stepping into the hallway. "For some reason, Rias-senpai asked for us to come get you and bring you to the Old School Building." Ichigo rose an eyebrow slightly before he realized just what time it was. He had been so caught up in catching up with Yoruichi he had totally forgotten to head to Kuoh Academy.

"Right, totally lost track of time." Ichigo stated a small grin on his face. "Just let me grab my jacket and we'll go." Karin nodded her head as Issei gained a perverted grin.

"I'd be distracted too-gah!" Karin's elbow crashed into his gut causing him to bend in half hands on his knees, completely winded from the strike. Ichigo simple rose an eyebrow from where he was pulling on his jacket, an amused smile on his face. The two's actions reminded him of Tatsuki and Chizuru back in high school. Chizuru would fondle Orihime while grinning perversely and Tatsuki would immediately make sure that Chizuru didn't forget what the pain of being hit in the stomach with an elbow or a foot was like.

"Alright Karin, lead the way." Ichigo stated making Karin raise an eyebrow slightly and Ichigo gestured for the door. "This is the start of your adventure Karin, you lead the show. I'm just here to help when I can." He added in thought as Karin and Issei headed outside. Ichigo locked the door behind the two teens before stopping and turning to Karin. "Where's Yuzu?"

"She went to Karaoke with some of her friends, Katase-san and Murayama-san I think." Karin explained. "She said to get takeout for dinner." Ichigo nodded in understanding.

"Yuzu-chan hangs out with the Kendo club girls?" Issei questioned surprised as the three began to walk down the street.

"From time to time." Karin shrugged. "She hangs out with everyone at school, she's trying to get onto the student council this year too but is having a hard time convincing the student council of her application." Karin explained with a shrug before she stopped, an orange, black and purple blue appearing at her side, too fast for Issei to even notice before Karin's hair was tousled slightly and the blur was gone. Karin turned back to Ichigo, the orange haired Shinigami biting his lip in amusement having seen the entire thing. "Damn it Yoruichi!"

The walk back to Kuoh Academy was rather uneventful, Ichigo on constant alert, one hand always on his substitute badge ready to beat the ever loving sense out of a Fallen Angel should they even think of attacking. When they reached the Academy, a few clubs were still going on and the three passed them without much notice, however Ichigo noticed he was getting dreamy looks from all the girls they passed by. This made him scowl for two reasons, one was the obvious distaste of all the attention and secondly Issei was admiring him even more now.

"Heh, maybe I could turn the kid around and stop him from being such a pervert." Ichigo muttered to himself as they headed towards the old school building, Ichigo surprised that it was still standing. It had been abandoned for the new school building when the school had turned co-ed. Leaning against the entrance to the old school building was a blonde teen in the male school uniform, a small smile on his face as the three approached.

"Karin-chan, Hyoudou-kun." The blonde youth smiled kindly at the two before turning his attention to Ichigo who raised an eyebrow at him as recognition passed through the blondes' eyes. "Kurosaki-senpai, it's an honor to meet you." Kiba bowed to Ichigo.

"You know Ichi-nii, Kiba?" Karin questioned surprised.

"Yes, of course." Kiba smiled as he rose his head. "When Kurosaki-senpai was a senior here, he helped gain the Kendo trophy for the school, the male Kendo club had only been recently formed and wouldn't have won without him." Kiba explained as Ichigo sighed slightly, he knew he shouldn't have joined the male Kendo club when he had been a senior but the money was too good to pass up.

"Really Ichi-nii?" Karin questioned turning to her brother who gripped the back of his neck.

"They paid well." The three sweat dropped slightly before Ichigo gestured for Kiba to head inside making the blonde nod.

"Please, follow me." Kiba instructed for the three to follow as he opened the door to the old school building. Kiba led them through the building, most of the place seemed to be in need of several repairs or at least a good clean. They noticed that most of the classrooms were blocked off as Kiba led them up the stairs to the third floor. Kiba stood in front of a set of double doors made of wood before he smiled and pushed them open.

"Buchou." Kiba greeted making Rias raise her head to the doorway, she was seated behind a large desk holding a book having obviously been reading to pass the time, a set of glasses rested on her nose.

"I didn't know you wore glasses." Ichigo smiled softly, Rias cheeks heating up slightly as she rose her hands to the glasses frames and pulled them off, moving to hid them behind her back as she stood up.

"D-Do you not like them?" Rias questioned softly as Ichigo tilted his head a small smile on his face, Kiba leading Issei and Karin to the couches in the room, Karin sitting beside Koneko who gave the dark haired girl a small smile which was returned by Karin while Issei sat on the other seat beside the ever smiling Kiba causing Issei to scowl.

"I think they make you look cute." Ichigo admitted making Rias's cheeks heat up ever more to make her face resemble her hair.

"T-Then, I'll leave them on for now." Rias stated placing the glasses back on her face Ichigo smiling lightly in return, both not caring that they had seemingly fell back into their usual dynamics when they were alone with one another.

"Ichigo-kun, would you like some tea?" Akeno's voice reached Ichigo's ears causing him to turn to face the buxom dark haired Devil who was smiling at him happily holding a cup.

"Sure." Ichigo nodded as Akeno smiled, nodding as Ichigo moved to take a seat beside Karin. Akeno placed a cup of tea down in front of Ichigo, Karin waving her hand to signal she didn't want any and Issei doing the same. Akeno placed a cup of tea down in front of Kiba who smiled at her before Akeno moved back to stand beside Rias who had moved to stand in front of her desk.

"It's so nice to see you again Ichigo-kun, with all the stories Rias has been telling me, it's like I've been on every one of your dates with you." Akeno smiled at the oldest among them. "She really goes on and on abou-." Akeno stopped as Rias was currently pinching her arm out of view with little to no restraint causing Akeno to sweat slightly, her smiling almost faltering but she managed to hold it on.

"Forgive her Ichi-kun, she really doesn't know what she is talking about." Rias smiled darkly, Akeno knowing full well she had stepped over the boundaries in her teasing but she couldn't help it. Rias was too fun to tease and when it came to Ichigo, the girl was practically a giddy mess half the time. Karin had to sweat drop slightly at the not so subtle hints that Akeno was giving her brother that Rias obviously held more than just a little affection for him.

"Ichi-nii can't be that dense can he? I mean he picked up on the hints of other woman and such, so why is he not picking up on Rias' advances?" The dark haired teen thought to herself. Figuring it was best to move on away from Ichigo's love life and get to why they were here, she spoke up. "Rias-senpai, you wanted to discuss with us what our situation is now?" Karin questioned, unaware of the thankful look Ichigo gave her.

"Yes thank you Karin-chan." Rias smiled at her getting a nod from Karin. "Issei, Karin as of yesterday you two have been reincarnated as Devil's into my peerage, thus becoming treasured members of my family." Rias told the two. "We will get into your status later, but for now I want to completely assure the both of you that from this moment onwards, you are one of us." Karin and Issei glanced at one another before turning to Rias once more. "I'm not saying it will be easy, both of you have a power deep inside of you that will come to the surface, I will help you obtain these powers and grow stronger." Ichigo saw Karin shift slightly before he placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

"I will help you also." Akeno spoke up, raising her hand as lightning appeared around it causing Rias to smile. "I'll help you manifest your new magic potential, becoming a Devil has opened up an entire new world for you to explore. Magic is a possibility, you are capable of so many incredible things now and you only have to learn."

"You're a fellow Rook, Karin-senpai." Karin turned to Koneko who was smiling lightly at her. "I'll help you adjust to your new strength." Karin nodded her head in thanks, Koneko was a year under them in Kuoh Academy's middle school and they knew each other from their time there.

"Wait what piece am I?" Issei questioned raising his hand awkwardly. "Please tell me I'm something kick ass, like a Knight or something!"

"You're a Pawn Issei." Rias smiled making the teen slump his head in defeat. "By no means does this make you any less important, given the chance you are capable of advancing to any other piece, all the way up to Queen. But that will come in time, and you have training to complete first."

"Man this sucks ass." Issei pouted however Karin gave him a grin from opposite him making him smile slightly. "At least I'm not in this alone."

"So the Evil Pieces, they're chess pieces right?" Ichigo questioned getting a nod from Rias. "If Kisuke helped develop them, I bet he did it like this for some stupid idea he had." Ichigo glanced at the others in the room, Koneko had said that she was a Rook, it was undoubted that Akeno would be the Queen in this since she was so close to Rias... Kiba could be a knight, it was hard to determine what the skill sets were required for each. "That would make you the King."

"Yes." Rias smiled at him. "The only Kings are High Class devils which are given a set of Evil Pieces to create their peerage." Ichigo nodded in understanding as Rias went into an explanation of the Devil class systems to both Issei and Rias explaining that they could become High Class devils one day and have a peerage of their own.

"You mean I could have serv-!" Issei was cut off as the sound of Ichigo's cellphone rang out in the room, Ichigo stood up pulling his phone from his pocket as he gave Rias an apologetic look as he stepped from the group. Akeno gave Rias a curious look however the red headed devil shrugged her shoulders but couldn't help but listen in to the conversation.

"Yoruichi?" Ichigo questioned as he answered.

"Heya Ichi-boy! You know that little side project we organized this afternoon?" Rias picked up the sound of a woman's voice causing her to pout slightly. "I may have just found us a way to deal with it all." Yoruichi explained.

"Already? It's only been two hours." Ichigo stated.

"I work fast, you should know me better than that." Yoruichi laughed. "How often have we worked in the past, speed is my forte."

"Yeah yeah, I get it. I'll be right there."

"I'll send the details to your phone on where to meet me, don't forget to bring that sexiness you always hav-" Ichigo hung up the phone in annoyance as he scowled, flipping the phone shut. Ichigo turned back to Rias, something clearly bothering the Devil now as she had her arms crossed and a frown on her face. Akeno was holding her hand up to her mouth in mild amusement.

"Is something wrong Ichi-nii?" Karin questioned.

"Just running an errand for Yoruichi is all." Ichigo told her. "Sorry about this Rias, I have to get going." Rias nodded her head softly.

"He gets a phone call from a woman and he immediately leaves? Is she that important to him?" Her mind was running rampant on who the woman might be.

"There is something I have to discuss with you later, but right now I have to go." Rias nodded once more as Ichigo turned to Karin. "I'll see you at home, I'll pick up something for dinner."

"Ah, ok..." Karin nodded before Ichigo left, leaving the entire room confused as to the sudden urgency of his leaving, they all thought that the Devil stuff was more important than a phone call. After Ichigo left, Akeno took over the explanation as Rias' mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of Ichigo's sudden departure. It was unusual, wouldn't he be more interested in hearing what was to be said? She was surprised when Karin sat beside her on the desk, Akeno showing Issei some magic and trying to teach him how to bring forth what was dormant inside of him.

"Don't let it get you down Rias-senpai." Karin told her. "Yoruichi-san is just a friend of Ichigo's, she taught Ichigo martial arts and stuff... they're just close is all." Karin explained making Rias smile as she turned to her.

"I'm fine Karin-chan, these Fallen Angels just have me in a mess at the moment." Rias smiled. "Now, let's see if we can teach you a thing or two about magic." Karin nodded her head with a smile.

Ichigo exited Kuoh Academy only to stop as Isshin stood a few feet from him, a serious gaze on his face as he stared at Ichigo. Ichigo could tell that the man already was aware of the situation, or had an idea that something was going on. Yoruichi's sudden activity in the city would be more than enough to tip off the Ex-Captain that Ichigo had asked her for help. Sure there were times that Isshin liked to pretend that he didn't know anything but the man never let anything slip by him. Underneath that goofy facade was a Shinigami willing to protect his family at all costs.

"Yoruichi told you?" Ichigo questioned as he began to walk, Isshin falling into step beside him.

"No, but it's easy enough to figure out something is wrong." Isshin stated. "What is happening with Karin?"

"She's been resurrected into a Devil." Isshin frowned slightly as Ichigo continued to explain. "Last night, a Fallen Angel attacked her, Rias Gremory reincarnated her and another into her Peerage." Isshin sighed slightly as he ran a hand through his black hair.

"Does this Devil know who we are?" Isshin questioned.

"No, but that won't be for long." Ichigo told him. "Yoruichi informed me of what could happen should Soul Society find out the truth, I had Yoruichi track down the Fallen Angels and I'm heading there to deal with it now." Isshin nodded. "But I'm not doing this because it might break out into all-out war, I'll be damned if those Fallen Angel's think that they can harm anyone in my family." Isshin clapped him on the back.

"I may not like it Ichigo, but I'm in the same spot as you but I'll let you deal with it." Ichigo nodded his thanks. "Now, about Karin." Ichigo rose an eyebrow slightly. "Do you remember what I told you about Masaki, your mother?" Ichigo nodded.

"That was a Quincy? It's hard to forget that bombshell you dropped on me." Isshin chuckled lightly as they continued to walk, their path leading to the clinic.

"The last three years, Karin's powers have been manifesting, but I think her becoming a Devil will kick-start her true potential, I felt it since last night, her spiritual powers are growing rapidly and it's not that of a Shinigami. It's her mother's blood awakening in her."

"Quincy stuff... man, I don't know half the crap to teach Karin enough to use it effectively. I could contact Uryu maybe?"

"No need." Isshin smiled as he reached into his pocket. "This belonged to your Mother." He explained pulling up a Quincy cross from within. "I've held onto it, in truth I was going to give it to you, to help you when you were younger but Rukia-chan appeared and everything happened and you became a Shinigami." Isshin explained as he handed Ichigo the cross. "Give it to Karin, teach her how to flow her spirit energy into it directly, Masaki will help with the rest. I'm sure." Ichigo stared down at the cross a small smile on his face as he felt a warmth he hadn't felt in years flooding from it.

"I will." Ichigo nodded gripping the cross, the two stopping outside of the clinic. "I told Karin I'd pick something up for dinner but I don't know how late I'll be, order a pizza or something." Isshin nodded with a smile. "Also, the hell were you today? I wanted to ask you about Fallen angels and all that, I had to put up with Yoruichi."

"Haha, my boy." Isshin laughed. "I was meeting a few old friends is all, and why do you say it like that? Yoruichi too much woman for you to handle?"

"I'm so not getting into this with you right now." Ichigo sighed as he walked off. "I'll be back later."

"Stop being a prude! Give Yoruichi some! Don't wear protection, I want grandchildren!"

"You're a horrible parent!" Ichigo shouted back in annoyance before making his way to the meeting spot with Yoruichi. Heading to outskirts of town where an old church was located he found Yoruichi lounging in a tree. Upon spotting him she jumped to the ground without even the slightest of sounds. Gesturing to the church with her head Ichigo turned to face it as Yoruichi stood beside him. "How many?"

"I counted three inside, I think there is a fourth but haven't been able to locate them." Yoruichi explained. "So, what's your play here?"

"Wait outside, I'll deal with this." Yoruichi pouted having wanted to get in on the action as well but nodded. "Plus, I need someone to look after my body while I'm inside." Yoruichi raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Please don't do anything to my body."

"No promises." Yoruichi grinned as Ichigo rose the substitute badge up to his chest. Yoruichi caught the falling body and set him down beside the tree that she had been lounging in. Ichigo nodded his thanks as he adjusted Zangetsu on his back before heading towards the abandoned church. Closing the door gently behind him Ichigo could hear three voices arguing within the darkness of the church.

"Dohnaseek, I thought you and Raynare got rid of the boy!" A petite blonde spoke up, Ichigo taking in her appearance. She was a petite girl dressed in a Gothic lolita style dress.

"Not only that, but you also killed some random human!" Another woman hissed, she was a tall and buxom woman with long, navy blue hair that obscured her right eye revealing she had brown eyes. Her attire consisted of a violet, trench-coat like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes. The trench-coat top was open at her chest, giving view to her breasts and cleavage. She also wore a gold necklace around her neck.

"She was there to witness us Kalawarner, we simply dealt with her." Dohnaseek stated with a scowl of his own. "Both of them were lying in a pool of their own blood, the Devil in control of this territory must have gotten to them." He continued.

"As it is, we weren't even supposed to kill the boy, Azazel-sama's instructions were clear!" Kalawarner continued with a scowl. "We're all rogue now because of you two, because of Raynare's stupid lust for power."

"We will just have to fix the mistake you and Raynare made." Mittelt growled. "It's better the boy being dead then being a Devil, Azazel-sama will appreciate that at least." The blonde muttered, Kalawarner nodding her head in agreement. Ichigo cleared his throat making the three Fallen Angels turn to the church entryway, Ichigo standing in the Centre as he grabbed the hilt of his zanpakuto and drove it into the ground, the floorboards splintering upon impact.

"So which one of you murdered my sister?" Ichigo asked, the look in his eyes put the three Fallen Angels on edge but none of the three backed down.

"And who might you be?" Kalawarner questioned.

"I'm the guy who is about to kick all three of your asses if you don't tell me what I want to know." Ichigo growled a burst of reiatsu pulsing from him the very foundations of the church shaking in response.

"I find this human amusing to say the least, he has some power but nothing to worry about." Dohnaseek smirked as he tilted his fedora upwards revealing his face. Kalawarner shook her head in annoyance at the comment that was more than just 'some' power.

"Whoever you are, turn around and leave." Kalawarner told Ichigo. "I don't want to have to kill someone as eye pleasing as you, it'd put a bad taste in my mouth." She explained.

"Last night, one of you Fallen Angels killed my younger sister." Ichigo stated, their eyes widening as he lifted the large cleaver onto his shoulder as if it weighed nothing. "I don't care about who didn't, I know that there were two Fallen Angels there. I want those who weren't there, to piss off." Dohnaseek narrowed his eyes slightly, Ichigo catching the movement.

"Bingo." Ichigo stated before vanishing in a shunpo the Fallen Angels stared at the spot he had vanished from in surprise before Ichigo appeared between the three.

Driving Zangetsu into the ground he kicked back at Kalawarner his kick connected with her stomach sending her barreling back, the Fallen Angel colliding with the already broken altar before crashing through the back wall of the church and into the forest. Next Ichigo turned to Mittelt who barely had the time to raise a spear made of light before Ichigo punched straight through her light weapon slamming his first into her gut sending her flying across the church, crashing into rows upon rows of church benches. Ichigo's eyes then drifted to Dohnaseek who had watched Mittelt and Kalawarner be defeated in mere seconds. Ichigo slashed upwards from where Zangetsu was buried in the floor but the Fallen Angel managed to jump back, dodging the sword strike.

"You're no ordinary human!" Dohnaseek shouted black wings forming from his back as a blue spear of light was created in his hand. "What are you!?" Ichigo's hardened glare locked with the Fallen Angel and the winged man saw the full intent to kill in the Shinigami's eyes. The Fallen Angel did the only logical thing he could, he turned throwing the spear of light through the ceiling causing it to explode outwards and took flight with all the speed he could muster. Ichigo scowled as he watched the silhouette of the Fallen Angel against the moon as he gathered reiatsu.

"If the other Fallen Angel is much of a coward as you are I'll end up feeling bad for killing you both" Ichigo growled as he gripped his Zanpakuto with both hands and pulling his blade to the side the ground shaking with the raw power originating from Ichigo. Dohnaseek had heard what Ichigo had spoken but didn't turn around, he was frightened of the monster below. There was no way he was a human. He had dealt single blows to Kalawarner and Mittelt had thrown the two out of commission in seconds. Ichigo waited for a few more moments before he slashed upwards with Zangetsu.

"Getsuga Tensho!" The crescent blue wave shook the very ground as it shot forth from the Zanpakuto, large enough to slice the roof of the church more so then what the Fallen Angel's light spear had. The wave of blue spiritual energy lit up the sky as it sailed towards the Fallen Angel, every single spiritually aware being in the city and surrounding suburbs would be able to see it. Dohnaseek cried out in fear when the Getsuga engulfed him while splitting the clouds, clearing the night sky. Ichigo let out a sigh before tilting his head to the left, Kalawarner standing with wide eyes in the hole her body had made when Ichigo had kicked her. Ichigo simply sheathed his blade on his back.

"Tell the other one, I'm coming for them." Ichigo growled as he headed for the entrance of the church, the blonde Fallen Angel completely petrified as he walked past her and outside. Heading outside the church he found Yoruichi with a smirk on her face.

"A Getsuga? Really." The ex-captain questioned.

"I wanted to make sure there was nothing left." Ichigo stated as he bent down and grabbed his body, scowling slightly as he saw that Yoruichi had used a pen to draw on his face. Turning to Yoruichi who twirled the pen between her fingers he scowled. "Let's just go." Yoruichi nodded as Ichigo hefted his body onto his shoulder.

"I'll race ya." Yoruichi winked before both disappeared in a shunpo.

Rias stood leaning over the railing as she watched Karin and Issei leave for the night, Akeno was with her simply enjoying the breeze. The two devils were standing on top of the Old School building, Rias moping slightly at the prospect of Ichigo possibly having a girlfriend. True their relationship had never been defined between the two but it still hurt that Ichigo might be in love with someone else when she herself was deeply in love with him.

"Karin-chan didn't say that they were dating, only that they were close." Akeno spoke besides her making Rias pout even more as the two newly stated Devils left her vision.

"But he should have said something right?" Rias questioned. "I mean, we've been getting really close recently, I even held his hand a few times..." She continued, blushing slightly at all the times she had been with Ichigo. "I don't even know where we stand at the moment!" The crimson heiress cried as she turned to her friend.

"You could always ask him Rias." Akeno smiled gently, offering her encouragement. "There is no harm in that is there?"

"Ask him if he has a girlfriend?" Rias sighed. "I probably already seem like a stalker to him, he's twenty one years old, and he probably just thinks I'm some kid." She folded her arms on the railing resting her chin on them. "He said I looked cute in my glasses, shouldn't it be sexy?" Akeno sighed gently as Rias went into analyzing mode.

"Why not just tell him how you feel Rias?" Akeno questioned as she folded her arms across her chest. "I know why you don't want to, but letting these emotions simmer beneath the surface isn't going to help you get through this. Telling Ichigo how you feel will also open up new opportunities, you will be able to tell him about Riser and it will help you in the long run. You'll regret not telling him." Rias pouted slightly.

"You have a point." Rias told her childishly making Akeno smile down at her.

"I am most of the time." Both girls giggled as they turned their attention to the sky, seeing the gathering clouds. "It might rain tonight." Akeno commented before a dense pressure pushed down on both of them before a blinding flash of blue seemingly split the sky, both girls raising their hands to block the light. Rias and Akeno watched as the blue light disappeared from the night sky, not a single cloud in sight any longer revealing a star filled night sky.

"What the hell was that?" Both Devils questioned aloud.

Hey everyone I'm here to answer some reviews.

1: Ichigo won't be telling Rias probably until chapter 4 or 5 I have it that way for a specific reason.

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3: Yes the three factions and plus some are aware of the Shinigami and Hollows or to be specific the older angels, devils, know about them for example Sirzechs, Azazel and Lord Gremory.