Chapter 1: Back at Camp

Mulan was in her tent sleeping away. She had been sent back to camp only a couple days ago because word was out that Mongols were in China. The Emperor requested that every man be sent to the camps to train.

He also wanted for Mulan to go back into the army. Even though it really only was a month or two that she had returned home from the last time. She didn't mind it much other then she rather be at home with her family then being sent off into the army to get beat up while doing practices for martial arts.

" Mulan! Mulan wake up you're going to be late!" Mushu said as he screamed into one of her ears. Mulan moaned and motioned him to go away.

" Go away!" She responded in a sleepy tone of voice.

" Mulan you're going to be late, get up!" He tried one more time. Mulan sat up and stretched " Alright I'm going, I'm going." She hurried putting on her training outfit.

As Mulan walked out of the tent she saw Ling, Yao, and Chien Po with her other comrades talking to one an other. She walked quickly to them. But she was already late, Shang came out and everyone got into a single file line. He took his shirt off and grabbed his bow and arrow, and started walking down the line of men.

" Now, today I don't want any..........." Shang stopped talking when he saw Mulan come into the line of men. She was late again. He walked swiftly over to her and looked at her straight in the eyes.

" Why are you late?" He said with stern look on his face.

" I woke up late, I'm sorry..." He walked up closer to her and he didn't look happy one bit.

" Make sure it doesn't happen again got it!" He then turned around and began once again with the procedures of what they were going to be doing today.

During the work out she was being watched every so often by Shang. She pretended to not even see him there. She worked with Yao on her on her martial arts moves. Ling and Chien Po worked together on their moves.

Mulan moving ever so swiftly blocked almost every single move that Yao brought to her. After endless moving around and swift moves both of them grew tiered. Yao then bring his fist into action, was blocked by Mulan. She then quickly placed herself on the ground, and kicked Yao off balance making him fall to the ground.

Mulan out of breath got up and lendded Yao a hand. " I don't think I will ever be able to beat you?"

Mulan just shrugged her shoulders. Later on that after noon Mulan went though many practices.

" Mulan, may I use you as an example?" Shang said catching Mulan off guard.

" Ah... sure." She got up and got into a fitting position. Shang did the same. Mualn started off with a high kick, but it was blocked. Shang flipped her over but she landed on her feet. They continued fighting, until Shang brought his foot underneath hers that made her fall hard onto the floor.

Everyone clapped for him, the gang surprised that she fell on that move. She rolled to her side and saw from the corner of her eye, Shang now getting ready for any move that she was going to place on him. With out notice she brought her foot to him but he caught it. Leaving her with her other foot to nock him down and she did so. She then got up and brushed the dirt off herself.

Shang now sitting up placed his hand on his forehead. Mulan placed her hand in front of him to help him up. He looked at her, and took her hand and stood up.

" Thank you Mulan.... For your assistance." He said trying not to make a fool out of himself. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly other then having some bruises here and there.

When it was time for a break, and to have their meals. Mulan and the gang sat by the fire eating their dinner. " You showed him whose boss." Yao said with a mouth full of food.

" Yeah, I knew you could take him down!" Ling added.

" Now guys I did what I had to do." Mulan said trying to be far about it.

" What ever you say." Yao said still eating with his mouth open.

" You think he's mad at me?" Mulan said with uncertainty of what their response would be.

" Ha! Are you serious, why would he be mad at you, its Shang were talking about here." Ling said. Mulan then kept to herself the rest of night.

As she walked to her tent she heard a voice behind her, she turned around it was Shang. " Hi."

" Hi" " Shang are you mad at me, for kicking you down to the ground?"

" No why would I be?"

" I don't know? Just...."

" Mulan you only did what you had to do for defense purposes." He said placing a hand on her shoulder.

" Oh by the way Chi Fu is coming tomorrow."

" What for?"

" To check up on me and see how well I've trained you guys."

" Oh!" There was a moment of silence between the two of them. " What if the Mongols do attack and have a large army?"

" We'll be ready for them I a sure you."

" But what if were not, what if they go to little villages and destroy everything?" Shang figured what she was trying to say. She was worried about her family.

" Mulan, I will make sure nothing like that happens and I promise you nothing bad will happen to your family." He said trying to calm her down and make her feel better.

" I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped like that."

" It's ok, I know you want to go home, I don't blame you." They then glanced at each other and smiled.

" Good night Mulan, oh and try not to be late this time."

" I won't I promise, good night Shang." She then turned around and headed for her tent. Once inside she saw Mushu who was staring straight at her like she did something wrong or something. " What?"

He then smiled really big and stared to giggle. " I know what you were doing." Mushu said.

" What?"

" You and the Captain, He likes you and you like him." " What you're out of your mind!" She said as she started changing for bed. " Oh come on, It's so obvious."

" Mushu, Shang and I are only friends and that's it." She got under the covers and blew out the flam on the candle.

" Fine, but you will find out that I'm right and you're....."

" Good night Mushu!"

Mushu let out a sigh, " Good night Mulan." Mushu then curled up into a little ball and snuggled under the covers right next to Mulan.


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